Latest News from the Addington Hall of Fame

2016 Inductees:
This year’s inductees were announced at Addington Raceway on Friday 14 October 2016 – Service to Industry : Colin Berry; Horse – Blossom Lady.

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2015 Inductees:
This year’s inductees were announced at Addington Raceway on Friday 9 October 2015 – Horseperson : Colin DeFilippi; horse – Hands Down.

A certificate of achievement was awarded to long serving Addington timekeeper Alan (Al) Gibson.

In this day and age, not many individuals manage to achieve more than 40 years’ service undertaking one specific function. That is the achievement of Addington raceway employee Alan Gibson, timekeeper at Addington Raceway since 1974 who continues to undertake these duties even though he is now in his seventies.

Prior to officially taking over, Alan used to sit with the timekeepers learning all that was involved. Following a retirement in 1974, without interview, he was approached to take over the time keeper role, giving stirling service ever since.

In earlier days, timekeepers were required to be at the start of all races and then travel in the track car speedily back to the finish line being in place to record times as horses passed the winning post. In those days the two timekeepers would compare watches and synchronize the times recorded. He was partnered earlier in his career by Stewie Nicholls and then.

One prime example of hand held timing was the 1:54.9 time trial of Lord Module at Addington on 23 January 1980. For such time trials, three watches were required to record the time run.

One of the developments Alan witnessed over the past 40 years was the succession of the hand held timing method by electronic timing in 1983. In recent times, when advice to the public of sectional times (quarters) during a race commentary is required, Alan Gibson provides Addington commentator Matt McNamara with the relevant information.

Alan Gibson worked as a car salesman for a number of organisations, never marrying living with his sister in Hornby. His other main interest is as a tour guide for Stewarts Classic Cars Collection, where he oversees 300+ cars.

In earlier days, Alan raced horses with his great mate Wes (WR) Butt. Nandina Maestro (Poplar Dell/Menai gelding) was the winner of four races in New Zealand for trainer/driver Wes Butt and owner Alan Gibson. Nandina Maestro had a record of 60 : 4 – 3 – 7, $9,170 prior to being sold to North America in 1980. His four wins came at Motukarara, Forbury Park, Addington and Hutt Park with a best NZ mile rate of 2:06.5 and 2:01.2US.

A man proud of his work in particular its accuracy, a genuinely nice guy deserving of being presented with his long service certificate of achievement.
2014 Inductees:
This years inductees were announced at Addington Raceway on Friday 17 October 2014 - Horse Person: John Lischner, Horses : Lyell Creek, Sundon
Induction Ceremony 1 November 2013:
Janis Hartley (HOF), Ricky May, Ian Dobson (Christian Cullen) and Peter Craig (HOF).
2013 Inductees:
This years inductees were announced at Addington Raceway on Friday 1 November 2013 - Horse Person: Ricky May, Horse: Christian Cullen.
2012 Inductees:
This years inductees were announced at Addington Raceway on Friday 12 October 2012 - Jim Wakefield, Jack Smolenski, Johnny Globe and Lordship.
Planned Hall of Fame Area:
The Addington Harness Hall of Fame Memorabilia was previously located in the public stand at Addington Raceway. The Christchurch earthquakes of 2010/2011 resulted in the subsequent demolition of the public stand removing the Hall of Fames physical presence at the Raceway. Replacement options for the stand and consequently the Hall of Fames location are currently being considered. (May 2012)
Temporary Recess:
Following this years induction ceremony (July/August 2012), the Hall of Fame management committee will temporarily go into recess for approximately six months. This is as a result of the on going effects of the Christchurch Earthquakes. (May 2012)
2011 Inductees:
This years inductees are: Tony Abell and Cecil Devine (September 2011)
2008 Inductees:

Two men whose importation of quality, highly performed stallions transformed the standardbred breeding industry in the Australasia have been recognised by the Addington Raceway Hall of Fame. Bob McArdle and the late Wayne Francis, who established Nevele R Stud at Prebbleton in 1973, join Maurice Holmes, Jack Carmichael, Helen Pope, and Derek Jones as Select members. (2008)