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HAROLD LOGAN - Bargain buy

HAROLD LOGAN - Bargain Buy

Harold Logan 1924 £100, 36 wins (including match races) £11,500.

Harold Logan was probably the most popular pacer to race in New Zealand but while he provided only triumph for his later owners, an earlier one experienced only a sadness that led to tragedy.

Harold Logan was bred by Jack Coffey, then in the Springfield hotel, his dam Ivy Cole, a good looking but slow performer, and another mare were sold cheaply to Percy Brown of Waimate, a drover. Coffey was shifting to a hotel with less ground but it still turned out the bargain of the ages for Brown.

The other mare's foal turned out to be the near champion, Roi L'or, for Brown but he passed Harold Logan on to Fred Legge a Livingstone(Otago) trainer and shearer - virtually as a gift.

In his first racing season Harold Logan won a maiden by several lengths, ridden by his owner at a Waimate Hunt meeting but could not find that form again. He didn't win at all in his second season(he was then six!) and in his third, after one sale fell through on a vet test, he was sold to Miss Effie Hinds of Christchurch.

After professional treatment for various problems and some straightening out of his attitude by old-school trainer, Dick Humphreys,(he trained where Jack Smolenski, Jim Dalgety etc would follow), Harold Logan then won 8 of his next 10 starts and became a hero horse.

Besides winning two New Zealand Cups and driving Addington crowds into frenzies of enthusiasms with some amazing performances he had a personality few horses could match. He won the NZ Free-For-All as a fourteen-year-old and was lucky to have a hair in his tail when he finally made it back to his stall. The crowd just went berserk.

But Fred Legge watched his charge's progress in despair from his little hut near Duntroon. After racing an unplaced horse at Forbury one day in 1930, unable to pay even his travel bills and broken hearted over Harold Logan, he went to bed, put two extra pillows behind his head and shot himself.

Credit: David McCarthy writing in Harnessed May 2016

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