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NZMTC SPRING MEETING Friday 15 August 1902


The third day's racing of the Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting was held to-day in fine weather, and there was a large attendance. The following are the results up to the time of going to press:-

INNOVATION HANDICAP (in saddle) of 60 sovs; second horse 6 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr J Hastie's b m Royal Money, by Rothschild-Beatrice, 3yrs, 28sec (B Edwards) 1.

Mr J MIlne's blk m Vida, 6yrs, 27sec (F Angus) 2.

Mr G Gray's br m Nellie D, 5yrs, 18sec (Owner) 3.

Avenal 22sec, Reg 25sec, Little Harold 25sec, Imperious Jun 27sec, Teresa 27sec, Starboro 27sec, Silvery 27sec and Bob M 30sec also started.

Passing the stand for the first time Bob M. was leading Royal Money, Little Harold having run into third place. Royal Money soon headed Bob M. and Little Harold, repeatedly breaking, lost his place. At the end of a mile Royal Money was leading Vida by a dozen lengths, Little Harold and Nellie D. the same distance away from Vida. There was little change in the positions thereafter, Royal Money easily maintaining her advantage, and winning by twenty yards from Vida, with Nellie D. a similar distance away, third. Starboro fourth and Imperious Jun, fifth. Time 5min 33sec. Dividends - On Royal Money £3 12s, on Vida £2 14s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs, with 40 sovs added; second horse 3 sovs and third horse 2 sovs from the stake.

Mrs M McKendry's ch g Young Beldon, bu Judge Beldon, aged, 35sec (M McKendry) 1.

Mrs A Howard's b h Foxhall, 6yrs, 38sec (A Howard) 2.

Mrs Heinzmann's b g Little Jim, aged, 30sec (J Heinzmann) 3.

Collector scr, Kalmea 20sec, Gipsy 28sec, Birchwood 33sec, Laughter 33sec, Strayshot 34sec, Woodbine Maid 34sec, Rowena 36sec, Weary Willie 36sec and Logan 38sec also started.

Foxhall immediately drew out and led Strayshot, Young Beldon and Rowena past the stand. At a mile Young Beldon displaced Foxhall, and Rowena ran into third place. The leader, trotting strongly, had the verdict in safe keeping for the rest of the journey, winning very easily by thirty yards fron Foxhall, who beat Little Jim by twenty yards for second place. Collector, who trotted the last mile very fast, finished fourth. Rowena was fifth and Gipsy next. Time 5min 32 2/5sec. Dividends - On Young Beldon, £6 16s, on Foxhall £1 10s.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 70 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr D Barnes's br g Nil Desperandum, by Wildwood-Zealandia, 5yrs, 20sec (Owner) 1.

Mrs F E Craig's b m Wild Rose, 4yrs, 19sec (Frost) 2.

Mr G McClatchie's B G Velox, 5yrs, (Albaugh) 3.

Black Child scr, Verax 1sec, Hamiln 1sec, Mambrino King 13sec, Carl 15sec and Baron Rothschild 17sec also started.

Wild Rose showed the way to Nil Desperandum and Baron Rothschild past the stand, and at the mile was two lengths in front of Baron Rothschild, Nil Desperandum breaking and falling back. Passing the stand the last time Wild Rose had increased her advantage to ten lengths, and Baron Rothschild tiring, Nil Desperandum went in pursuit of the leader whom he gradually overhauled. Entering the straight the pair were almost on terms, and after a capital struggle Nil Desperandum just got up and won by a head on the post, Velox thirty yards away third, Black Child fourth and Carl fifth. Time 5min 15sec. Dividends - On Nil Deperandum £20 4s, on Wild Rose £2 12s.

NEW ZEALAND HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second horse 15 sovs and third horse 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr E Thomas's b h Boldrewood, by General Tracy, 5yrs, 10sec (M Allen) 1.

Mr J A Buckland's The Heir, 11sec, (C Piper) 2.

Mr T Yarr's Monte Carlo, 5sec (M Edwards) 3.

What scr, Ribbonwood 1sec, General Lincoln 12sec, Trafalgar 12sec, Albert 14sec, The Needle 14sec and All Day 15sec also started.

Passing the stand All Day was three lengths in advance of The Needle. Albert coming next. Going down the back stretch The Needle overhauled All Day, the pair being four lengths in front of Albert. At the stand The Needle had drawn clear of All Day who was closely followed by Albert and Boldrewood. Shortly afterwards The Heir ran into third place. Ribbonwood was well away from What and at the half-distance he was within six lengths of Monte Carlo. With one lap to cover The Heir was ahead of The Needle, while Boldrewood was followed closely by Monte Carlo. In the back stretch the two latter drew on The Heir, and a great struggle to the post saw Boldrewood just get up and win by half a head from The Heir, with Monte Carlo a neck away third. Then came Ribbonwood four lengths back, followed by What and The Needle. Time 4min 49sec. Dividends - On Boldrewood £18 6s, on The Heir £1 14s.

SYDENHAM HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 85 sovs; second horse 8 sovs and third horse 4 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr M Price's ch g Michael Malone, by Chieftain, aged, 7sec (Owner) 1.

Mr R Rutherfors's br m Cling, aged, scr (G Grant) 2.

Mr J McKewan's b g Plan, aged 13sec (Orange) 3.

Gleniti 3sec, Bellman 4sec, Dexter 11sec, Vanquish 13sec, Comrade 15sec, Millionaire 16sec, Veto 17sec and Miss Warbeck also started.

Miss Warbeck was in front passing the stand from Vanquish and Millionaire, but with a lap gone Vanquish had taken command and was three lengths clear of Millionaire, after whom came Michael Malone and Plan. Running round the back Michael Malone took charge from Vanquish and Millionaire, and entering the last lap was fifteen lengths clear of Vanquish. Cling, who had trotted into fifth place, closed up round the back on Plan, Vanquish breaking and losing his place. Michael Malone entered the straight by himself, and won easing up by forty yards, Cling beating Plan for second place by a head, Vanquish fourth, Comrade fifth. Time 4min 53sec. Dividends - On Michael Malone £6 8s, on Cling £2 8s.

INTERMEDIATE HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 65 sovs; second horse 6 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr C Sheppard's b g Fleetwood, by Wildwood-Trissie, 5yrs, 20sec (C Kerr) 1.

Mrs F E Craig's b m Wild Rose, aged, 19sec (Frost) 2.

Mr J S August's b h Black Child, 5yrs, scr (M C Price) 3.

Zinska 6sec, Cincinatti 12sec Coney 20sec, Auchmithy 20sec and Edna 20sec also started.

Passing the stand Coney was just leading Edna, with Wild Rose and Fleetwood close up, and with a lap gone the positions were practically unaltered. Entering the last lap Fleetwood was on terms with Coney, and running out of the straight took command, Coney breaking and losing his place. Fleetwood was never afterwards troubled, winning easily by twenty-five yards from Wild Rose. Black Child, who finished fast, being third, three lengths away, and Edna fourth. Time 5min 12sec. Dividends - On Fleetwood £5 2s, on Wild Rose £1 6s.


Evening Post 16 Aug 1902

Results continued:-

SWIFT HANDICAP, of 80 sovs; One mile - General Lincoln, 9sec 1; Young Burlington, 9sec, 2; St Simon, 6sec, 3. The Needle, scr also started. Won easily. Time 2min 24sec. Dividends £8 and £2 6s.

FINAL HANDICAP, of 70 sovs; One mile - Dead-heat for first Honest Jack, 9sec and Lady Retford, 11sec, Harold C, 4sec 3. Onward scr also started. Time 2min 29sec. Dividends - Honest Jack, £3 6s; Lady Retford, £7 2s.

Credit: Star 15 Aug 1902

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