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NZMTC SPRING MEETING: Thurs 31 October 1901


The great racing carnival of Canterbury was started yesterday with the opening of the NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting.

Although throughout the forenoon a strong nor'-westerly wind made matters very uncomfortable in town, by the time the first race was run it had lulled. This induced a fair number of spectators to visit the Club's grounds, which are just now looking at their very best. On all sides signs of recently-effected improvements were noticeable, and added considerably to the comfort of Club's patrons.

The racing was fairly interesting, but hardly up to expectations, for, though several of the finishes were close, in most of the events the fields were well strung out a long way from home. Favourites were successful in all the events except one, and the dividends were very small.

At the conclusion of the Dash Handicap several riders were requested to appear before the stewards to answer a complaint in regard to conversing with people on the course. The President and other stewards pointed out that if any rider required assistance on the course the services of one person would be allowed on application to the stewards. The riders of Utah, JH and Topsy Irvington were cautioned. H Shepherd, the driver of Amelia, who was fined £1 for driving the wrong way of the track, and then persisted in doing it, was called before the stewards and the fine was increased to £5. An enquiry into the alleged unfair use of the whip by M Edwards, the driver of Wild Wave, was adjourned until Tuesday.

The sum of £3699 10s was passed through the totalisator.

The following are the results:-

MAIDEN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 50 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

J Whelan's b g Vanguard by Vancleve, 5yrs, scr (R Day) 1.
A Curragh's Millington, 9sec (J Milne) 2.
A Atkinson's King James, 5sec (P Keith) 3.

Little Jimmie scr, Miss Victor 2sec, Little Dick 5sec and Reg 5sec also started.

Millington on settling down soon put a considerable gap between himself and the rest of the field, of whom King James and Little Jimmie were most prominent. Little Jimmie and Miss Victor went very unsteadily, and with a round gone, Vanguard had taken second place. With half the distance covered, Vanguard started to draw on the leader, and, catching him half a mile from home, went on and won comfortably by four lengths. King James finished over fifty yards away third, Reg being the only other one to complete the course. Time, 5min 19 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Vanguard £1 10s; on Milligton 18s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 8 sovs and third 4 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Cooper's blk c Phoenix by Imperious-Rita, 3yrs, 23sec (J Milne) 1.
G St Clair's Jingo, 16sec (C Piper) 2.
A Reid's Evelyn, 5sec (H Sheppard) 3.

Rushlight scr and Whirlwind II 23sec also started.

Phoenix went off at a fine gait, and was never approached, winning very comfortably by sixty yards. A good set-to between Jingo, Evelyn and Rushlight ended in them finishing in that order, two lengths separating second and third. Time, 5min 40sec. Dividends - On Phoenix £1 12s; on Jingo £1 10s.

HIGH CLASS HANDICAP (in harness) of 115 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. Two miles.

C J Coombes blk c Ribbonwood by Wildwood, 3yrs, 12sec (D J Price) 1.
G McClatchie's What, 12sec (Albaugh) 2.
M Edwards's General Grigg, 12sec (Owner) 3.

The Heir 6sec, Sam Slick 8sec and Rothschild Boy 12sec also started.

Ribbonwood was quickest off the mark, and before going a furlong was leading What by thirty yards, General Grigg and Rothschild Boy following in order. After passing the stand What left his feet, allowing General Grigg to take second place, but a little further on the Australian colt was again in second place. At a mile Ribbonwood was still six lengths to the good of What, who was followed at a greater interval by General Grigg, Rothschild Boy and Sam Slick, in order, The Heir having given up. No change took place through the third round, for though What showed great pace, and on several occasions looked like troubling the leader, he spoilt his chances by breaking. Passing the stand for the last time, five lengths separated Ribbonwood from What, and the last named, breaking again, just at a crucial moment, suffered defeat by four lengths, six lengths separating What from General Grigg, who was just heading Rothschild Boy. Time, 4min 54 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Ribbonwood £1 12s; on What £1 2s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 25 sovs, and a bracelet valued 30 sovs; second 6 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Mrs W A Scott's br g Xerxes by Dal Paso, 6yrs, 27sec (W Scott) 1.
Mrs Green's George L, 16sec (R Hill) 2.
Mrs Atkinson's King James, 27sec (P Keith) 3.

Lady May scr, Viotta 2sec, Queen Bee 7sec, Rarus 9sec, Gambler 10sec, Gracie M 14sec, Royal Tar 16sec, Miss Bank 19sec, Club Member 27sec and Roulette 27sec(coupled), Imperious jun. 27sec and Guy 27sec(coupled), Silvery 27sec and Miss Viking 27sec, Minus 28sec, Young Kentucky 28sec and Old Jack 30sec(coupled), Nita 30sec and Millington 32sec, Imperieuse 32sec and Dawn 35sec also started.

Before going half a mile Xerxes had passed those in front of him, and at the half distance he was well clear of George L who was followed by King James, Miss Bank and Royal Tar. George L then closed on the leader, but stopping at the stand entering the last round allowed Xerxes to again take charge, with King James a dozen lengths away. George L was now well beaten and Xerxes eventually won comfortably b six lengths, a length between second and third. Time, 5min 23sec. Dividends - On Xerxes £18s; on George L £4. King James was coupled with the winner.

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 80 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 8 sovs from stake. Two miles.

R Carr's b g Maniac by Young Diomedes, aged, 4sec (W J Taggart) 1.
G O'Grady's Galway, 12sec (R Day) 2.
A Muir's Bushman, 11sec (M Edwards) 3.

Millionaire 2sec, Daybeak 7sec, Whisper 12sec and Queen Bee 12sec also started.

Passing the stand Whisper was well clear of Galway and Queen Bee, Bushman following in fourth place. The leader maintained her advantage all through the first round, Bushman taking second place and Maniac third. Nearing the mile post Whisper compounded, leaving Bushman and Maniac in command. A little further on Maniac got to the front leading Bushman by three lengths, with Galway in third place. In the last round Galway passed Bushman, and, coming very well in the straight, just suffered defeat by a length. Then came Bushman, six lengths off, and Millionaire fourth. Time, 5min 2sec. Dividends - On Maniac £1 6s; on Galway £5 14s.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (in harness) of 60 sovs; second 12 sovs and third 6 sovs from stake. Two miles.

G McClatchie's b g Vaunt by Vancleve, 3yrs, 14sec (M Albaugh) 1.
P Devane's Harold C, 18sec (M Edwards) 2.
D Kennedy's Ocean Wave, 15sec (J Wright) 3.

Viotta scr, Strathconan 5sec, The Workman 13sec, Rushlight 13sec, Oswego 15sec, Streamlet 16sec and Ivywood 18sec also started.

Harold C refused to settle down, and lost his place to Oswego and Ivywood, with Vaunt third. At the back Vaunt had got to the front, and Harold C soon afterwards got into second position. With a mile gone Harold C had caught the leader, The Workman and Ocean Wave following, and the others strung out. After leading Vaunt for a furlong the favourite again gave place to Vaunt, and the latter, drawing away, won easily by fifty yards. Ocean Wave passed The Workman in the last half mile, and beat him home by two lengths, finishing a similar distance behind Harold C. Time, 5min 14sec. Dividends - On Vaunt £3 4s; on Harold C 8s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (in saddle) of 75 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 7 sovs from stake. One mile.

J West's br g The Boatman by Wilkin, aged, 18sec (Owner) 1.
J Moule's Te Kunie, 16sec (M Edwards) 2.
M J Doyle's Robex, 16sec (F Holmes) 3.

Valour 38sec and Whisper 17sec also started.

The Boatman and Te Kunie quickly singled themselves out and soon got right away from Robex and Whisper, with Valour making up his ground in great style. There was little to choose between the leaders all through the last round, and The Boatman, always having a little the best of it, won by two lengths. Valour took third place in the last quarter but breaking, gave way to Robex,who finished ten lengths behind Te Kunie. Time, 2min 33 2/5th sec. Dividends - On The Boatman £1 18s; on Te Kunie 14s.

DASH HANDICAP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 7 sovs from stake. One mile.

M Edwards's br f Wild Wave by Viking, 4yrs (Owner) 1.
J Jarden's JH, 8sec (J Wright) 2.
J A Buckland's St Simon, 8sec (C Piper) 3.

Utah 4sec, Bessie B 10sec, Amelia 15sec and Topsy Irvington 20sec also started.

Wild Wave quickly passed Topsy Irvington, Amelia following in third place. At the half distance the leader was well clear of JH and St Simon, but going down the back they drew on her. At the home turn Wild Wave was leading JH by four lengths, and just managed to last long enough to win by a length. St Simon who tired in the last two furlongs, finished six lengths off third. Then came Amelia and Utah. Time 2min 33sec. Dividends - On Wild Wave £1 6s; on JH £4 2s.

Credit: The Press 1 Nov1901

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