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Harness Racing in New Zealand is one of the most popular forms of equestrian sport. There is nothing more exciting than owning and racing a harness horse.

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NZMTC SPRING MEETING: Tuesday 8 November 1904


The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club Meeting commenced at Addington today. The investments on the totalisator amounted to £10,460 10s. Results:-

NOVICE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 100 sovs; Two Miles - Ciss, 12sec 1; Sondonio, 10sec 2; Austrez, scr 3. Veneda was scratched. Won by four lengths. Time 5min 25sec. Dividends - £7 12s and £1 6s.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; One mile and a half - Nabocklish, 11sec 1; My Mistake, 15sec 2; Sunol, 15sec 3. Scratched - Myrtle Dean and Wildflower. Won on the post. Time 3min 51 3/5sec. Dividends - £9 2s and £4 16s.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 115 sovs; Two miles - Cinders, 11sec 1; Viewmont, 15sec 2; Bushman, 14sec 3. Scratched - Karryall. Time 4min 54 1/5sec. Dividends - £2 6s and £2.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 220 sovs; Two miles - Factory Boy, 14sec 1; Lottie Derby, 14sec 2; Viva, 8sec 3. All started. Won by two lengths. Time 4min 47 4/5sec. Dividends - £2 6s and £1 8s.

SPRING HANDICAP of 100 sovs; Two miles - Vangeline, 14sec 1; Miss Vera Capel, 11sec 2; Havelock, 24sec 3. Also started Revenue, 9sec; Lone Hands 16sec. Won by a length. Time 5min 3sec. Dividend £7 14s.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP of 100 sovs; One mile - Discoverer, 5sec 1; Robert Emmett, 3sec 2; Velvet, 3sec 3. Also started Cinders 2sec behind scratch; Sweet Marie 1sec; Kozie 4sec; Beautiful Bells 1sec; Electioneer Belle 6sec; Gertie 6sec. Won by two lengths. Time 2min 27 2/5sec. Dividends - £17 2s and 14s.

IRWELL HANDICAP of 100 sovs; One mile - Lord Elmo, 12sec 1; Hettie H, 2sec 2; Galatea, 8sec 3. Aslo started Sunol 2sec; Jewels Heiress 4sec; Ivy B 3sec; Dearest 6sec; Sondonio 7sec; Darling 11sec. Time 2min 30 2/5sec. Dividends - £3 6s and £1 4s.

RICCARTON HANDICAP of 100 sovs; One mile - Elsie T, 7sec 1; Wild Wave, 7sec 2; Pygmalion, 5sec 3. Also started Lottie Derby 3sec; Lady Elmo 6sec. Won easily. Time 2min 27sec. Dividend - £2 14s.

Credit: Evening Post 8 & 9 Nov 1904

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