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1919 SPRING MEETING: Second Day


Delightful weather favoured the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club for the continuation of its Spring Meeting at Addington, yesterday, and a good day's sport was enjoyed. The attendance of the general public was highly satisfactory, and though the crowd was not nearly so dense as on the opening day, it represented a big increase on the numbers present on the second day in previous years. The track was in excellent order, and the liberal use of the water-carts minimised to a large extent the dust nuisance.

Although backers of favourites did not enjoy a great deal of success, there was evidently plenty of money for speculative purposes, the sum of £58,748 being put through the totalisator. Though this sum falls short of the first day's total, it is a big increase on the investments on the second day last year, when £37,947 10s was put through the machines. The management was all that could be desired, and the arrangements, which were in the hands of Mr A I Rattray, went with a swing from start to finish.

The Stipendiary Stewards had a cpmparatively easy day, and nothing of importance happened to occupy their attention. W Smith, driver of Rearguard was fined £5 for starting before his time in the Metropolitan Handicap, and for a similar breach on Xavier, in the November Handicap, J Bryce junr was fined £10.

The Free-For-All, though contested by a small field, provided a very interesting race, and when Author Dillon flashed past the post a length in front of Cathedral Chimes, he received a great ovation, and the cheering was renewed when the champion returned to the birdcage. Although the Harold Dillon horse had been a bit off colour since running in the New Zealand Cup on Tuesday, he finished in such a manner as to leave little doubt as to his superiority over the other competitors. He was well handled by B Jarden, and throughout the race had a length's advantage of J Bryce's horse. At the entrance to th straight Cathedral Chimes was pacing in a manner that left his admirers quite confident of the result, but, under pressure, Author Dillon showed plenty of pluck, which carried him to victory.

'Cello Sydney Wilkes put up two sterling performances in winning the Courtenay Handicap, of two miles, in 4min 34 1/5th sec, and the Royal Handicap, of one mile and a quarter, in 2min 44sec. In both races the son of Harold Dillon showed speed and stamina, and his exhibitions prove him to be one of the best horses in training at the present time. This marked the third win attained by 'Cello Sydney Wilkes at the meeting, and on each occasion he returned his supporters a sustantial dividend.

Another double winner was the OYM mare Capriccio, who finished first in the Hagley Handicap, of one mile and a quarter, on the opening day, but who was disqualified for galloping. Yesterday she made amends by winning the Metropolitan Handicap in harness, over one mile and five furlongs, and later in the afternoon annexed the Railway Handicap, in saddle. On each occasion E McDermott handled his charge in the most finished manner. Both J McLennan, who drove 'Cello Sydney Wilkes in each of his engagements, and also won on Acushla Machree, and E McDermott, received ovations from the crowd on returning to scale, McDermott's victories in particular being well received.

The Sockburn Handicap provided one of the best races for unhoppled trotters seen at Addington for some time. The different competitors went very steadily, and half a mile from home the race was very open. Reta Peter from scratch registered a very fine performance in winning in the good time of 4min 35 2/5th sec. The Petereta mare made up her ground very steadily and staying on well, she beat Paul Huon, who led for most of the journey. Following are details of the racing:-

WHITELEIGH HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50, third 25. For unhoppled trooers only. 4.55 class. Two miles.

H McNaughton's b g Ivan Huon by Black Huon-Nettie, aged, 6sec, W Orange 1.
W C Angus's br Craibwood, aged, 7sec, M Edwards 2.
J D Piper's b m Grattan Chimes, aged, 3sec A Fleming 3.

Balnamoan 2sec, Treasure Seeker 4sec, Billy Parole 5sec, Ben Bell 6sec, Chub 7sec, te Kuiti 7sec, and Marvin Junr 8sec also started.

Craibwood broke soon after the start, and Balnamoan refused to leave the mark. At the stand Ivan Huon was leading, closely followed by Chub, who broke turning into the back stretch. Ivan Huon, Te Kuiti and Grattan Chimes led for a circuit, but going down the back the last time, Craibwood joined Ivan Huon, and the pair went right away from the rest of the field. In the straight Ivan Huon easily held his own, and won by two lengths from Craibwood, with Grattan Chimes twenty lengths away in third place, followed by Chub. Times, 4m 48 2/5s; 4m 49 3/5s; 4m 52 1/5s

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 275 sovs; second 54 sovs, third 27 sovs. 4.46 class. Two miles.

J Farrell's ch m Acushla Machree by Prince Imperial-Ferns, 6yrs, 6sec, J McLennan 1
J Payne's ch g Harold Child, 6yrs, 6sec, E McDermott 2.
W Eddy's b g Dillon Eddy, 6yrs, 5sec D Bennett 3

Granger scr, Captain Stanley 1sec, Xavier 3sec, Silver Nut 5sec, Mahinga 6sec, Will o' the Wisp 8sec, Irvingwood 8sec and The Whip 8sec also started.

Will o' the Wisp, Silver Nut and Mahinga carried on the running over the first circuit, with Acushla Machree in a handy position. Xavier was called off for anticipating his bell. Will o' the Wisp, Silver Nut, Mahinga and Harold Child comprised the leading division for the next half-mile, but approaching the tanks Acushla Machree improved her position. Harold Child appeared to be winning one hundred yards from the post, but Acushla Machree stayed the better and won by a length, with Dillon Eddy, who finished fast, six lengths away. Will o'the Wisp and Silver Nut were next. Times, 4m 44 1/5s;4m 44 3/5s;4m 44 1/5s.

COURTENAY HANDICAP (in harness) of 600 sovs; second 120 sovs, third 60sovs. 4.36 class. Two miles.

Mrs T L Morrison's b h Cello Sydney Wilkes by Harold Dillon-Cremona Wilkes, aged, 8sec, J McLennan 1
P McNeill's blk g Lord Minto, aged, 9sec, A Butterfield 2.
Edwards & Humphrey's blk g Vice Admiral, 6yrs, 11sec, M Edwards 3.

W H Norton's br h Admiral Wood, aged, 2sec, F Holmes.
C Channing's br g Agathos, aged, 6sec J Cockerill.
J Jarden's b h John Dillon, aged, 6sec, B Jarden.
S Lemon's blk g Sherwood, aged, 6sec, N L Price.
F H Robson's b h Mintson, aged, 9sec, A G Wilson.
W B Masham's br h Emilius, aged, 9sec, coupled with Admiral Wood, J Bryce.
R Reay's b g Asturio, aged, 10sec, W Warren.
L M Gregory's b m Sympathy, 6yrs, 11sec, coupled with Vice-Admiral, J Clarke

Sympathy broke up at the start, and Vice-Admiral went off at a smart pace from Lord Minto, Cello Sydney Wilkes, and Emilius, with John Dillon in a good position. Passing the stand the order was the same, and when a circuit had been covered Vice-Admiral still led from Lord Minto, while Sherwood had made a forward move, on commencing the final round John Dillon and Sherwood moved up to just behind the leading trio. Going down the back the last time Cello Sydney Wilkes tackled Vice-Admiral, and with Lord Minto led into the straight. In the run home Cello Sydney Wilkes held his own, and won by two lengths from Lord Minto, with Vice-Admiral three lengths away third, followed by the fast finishing Mintson. Emilius was fifth, and Sherwood sixth. Times; 4m 34 1/5s; 4m 35 3/5s; 4m 37 4/5s.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs, third 30 sovs. 3.47 class. One mile & five furlongs.

E G McCullough's b m Capriccio by OYM-Cappadocia, aged, scr E McDermott 1
R J Stone's ch g Gleaming, 5yrs 3sec W Warren 2
J Richardson's b g Jack Arrah, 6yrs, 2sec N L Price.

Pitarua 2sec, Norah Creina 2sec, Rorke's Drift 2sec, Pax 3sec, Proudspring 3sec, Legacy 3sec, Joan of Arc 3sec and Miss Rolfe 4sec bracketed, Rearguard 4sec, Pleasant Mount 4sec and The Whip 4sec also started.

Rearguard was the quickest to begin, and going past the stand led Gleaming, Proudspring, Norah Creina and Miss Rolfe. The order was the same for the first circuit, at the end of which Rearguard was called off. Gleaming went on in front from Jack Arrah and Rorke's Drift, with Capricco improving her position. Gleaming and Jack Arrah were the first into the straight, but Capriccio came fast and won by a length and a quarter, with Jack Arrah four lengths away in third place, followed by Norah Creina and Rorke's Drift. Times, 3m 41 2/5s, 3m 44 3/5s, 3m 43 4/5s.

FREE-FOR-ALL (in harness) of 500 sovs; second 100 sovs, third 50 sovs. Flying start. One mile and a quarter.

Exors J Knight's b h Author Dillon by Harold Dillon-Authoress, aged, B Jarden 1.
J Bryce's b h Cathedral Chimes by Four Chimes-Jean Armour, aged, Owner 2.
W H Norton's br h Admiral Wood b Wildwood Jun-DIC, aged bracketed with Cathedral Chimes, F Holmes 3.

N Green's b g Albert Cling by Young McKinney-Embrace, 5yrs, A Hendricksen

After two false starts, caused through Albert Cling failing to come up to scratch, the bracketed pair and Author Dillon went away together, but almost immediately Admiral Wood and Author Dillon went out in front, while Bryce dropped in behind the pair. Albert Cling was several lengths away. Admiral Wood and Author Dillon carried on the running down the back stretch, but at the tanks Admiral Wood faded out, allowing Author Dillon to lead into the straight a length ahead of Cathedral Chimes. The latter appeared to have the measure of the Harold Dillon horse, who responded gamely to the call of Jarden and at the finish had a length the better of the tussle, and won amidst the wildest enthusiasm. Admiral Wood was about twelve lengths away in third place, and Albert Cling a similar distance away last. Times, 2m 44 2/5s, 2m 44 3/5s, 2m 47 4/5s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in harness) of 400 sovs; second 80 sovs, third 40 sovs. For unhoppled trotters only. 4.46 class. Two miles.

F H Robson's b m Reta Peter by Petereta-Toto Huon, 6yrs, scr, A G Wilson 1.
C James's b h Paul Huon, aged, 9sec, Owner 2.
J R Corrigan's b g Whisht, aged, 4sec, J Bryce 3.

Red Heather 3sec, Galician 7sec coupled with Whisht, Olive L 6sec, Electrocute 7sec, Gay Wilkes 7sec and Lady Patricia 9sec also started.

Paul Huon at once went to the front, while Lady Patricia left her feet early in the race. Paul Huon carried on the running for the greater part of the journey, with Gay Wilkes, Galician and Olive L as his nearest attendants, and Reta Peter improving her position. The last-named came with a good run over the final bit and won by three-quarters of a length; the third horse three lengths away. Electrocute was fourth and Olive L fifth. Times - 4m 35 2/5s, 4m 44 3/5s, 4m 40 2/5s.

RAILWAY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs, third 25 sovs. 2.17 class. One mile.

E G McCullough's b m Capriccio by OYM-Cappadocia, aged, 2sec includes 1sec penalty, E McDermott 1.
S Wootton's b g Pitaroa, 5yrs, 4sec, R C N Reed 2.
J R Corrigan's b g Xavier, aged, 5sec, J Bryce jun 3.

Huon Patch scr, Asturio 2sec, Nancy Stair 3sec, Lord Dillon 3sec, Sir Fulham 4sec, Frank Tracey 4sec, All Bell 5sec coupled with Pitaroa, and King Karri 5sec also started.

Xavier was quickest away and led Frank Tracey, All Bell and Pitaroa past the stand, with Capriccio in a handy position. Going down the back Capriccio still further improved her position, and at the tanks Pitaroa lost ground through breaking. Capriccio and Xavier were in front in the straight, where Pitaroa came fast. The first-named, however, lasted long enough to win by a head; Xavier being a similar distance away third. Times, 2m 13 2/5s; 2m 15 3/5s; 2m 16 4/5s.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second 70 sovs; third 35 sovs. 2.49 class. One mile and a quarter.

Mrs T L Morrison's b h Cello Sydney Wilkes by Harold Dillon-Cremona Wilkes, aged, 1sec includes 1 sec panalty, J McLennan 1.
A R Edgerton's b g Don Caesar, aged, 2sec, A Butterfield 2.
A R Farrell's b m Cora Dillon, aged, 1sec, E McDermott 3.

Chid 1sec, Sashwood 2sec, Dean Dillon 3sec, Bundong 4sec and Birdwood 4sec also started.

After a false start Birdwood jumped out smartly and carried the field past the stand with Bundong, Dean Dillon, Sashwood and Don Caesar following in that order. The field closed up in the back stretch, and at the tanks Don Caesar drew level with Birdwood and led into the straight, with Cello Sydney Wilkes in third place. In a good finish the last-named got up in time to win by a length, with Cora Dillon two lengths away, just in front of Birdwood. Times, 2m 44s; 2m 45 1/5s; 2m 46s.

Credit: The Press 14 November 1919

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