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Handicapper, Mr H Brinkman; starter, Mr H Reynolds.

The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting was commenced today. The weather was dull and threatening, and there was a large attendance. The track was in first-class order, favourable to fast times, and the grounds were looking at their best. The following are the details of the racing up to the time of going to press:-

INTERMEDIATE HANDICAP (in harness) of 60 sovs; second horse 6 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr J McConachie's gr g Atherton, by General Tracy, aged, 19sec (Owner) 1.

Mr F H Riddler's b g Logan, 4yrs, 12sec (W Lennard) 2.

Mr C E Fisher's b m Al F, 5yrs, 13sec (Owner) 3.

Bill scr, Rushlight 6sec, Van Wilkes 7sec, Little Albert 12sec, Silverwood 14sec, Impulse II 16sec, Whirlwind II 17sec and St Lawrence 19sec also started.

With a lap covered Atherton had run into first place, with St Lawrence, Al F and Logan as his nearest attendants. At the end of a mile the leader had increased his advantage, and thereafter had the race in hand, winning very easily from Logan by fifty yards, Al F seventy yards away third. Little Albert was fourth, and Silverwood fifth. Time 5min 12sec. Dividends - Atherton, £3 16s; Logan, 16s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) 0f 55 sovs; second horse 3 sovs and third horse 2 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mrs Newton's br g Weary Willy, by Kentucky Boy, 5yrs, 35sec (Mr H Newton) 1.

Miss E Fergusson's b m Katie III, aged, 40sec (Mr G Fergusson) 2.

Miss Hamilton's b g Spec, aged, 15sec (Mr W Hamilton) 3.

Nonsense scr, Lignite 12sec, Flash 28sec, Paddyfeldt 28sec, Diagram 32sec, Baroness 34sec, Silvertail II 34sec, Specify 35sec and Teresa 37sec, Vesta 40sec (coupled with Katie III), Premier Dick 40sec and General Star 40sec, Molly Reilly 40sec, Roulette 40sec and Bob M 40sec, Miss Brook 40sec and Imperieuse 40sec also started.

Molly Reilly, Weary Willie and Katie III led in turn, but in the last round Weary Willie got to the front for a second time, and lasted long enough to beat Katie III with Spec a dozen lengths away, and just in front of Molly Reilly and Silvertail II. Time 5min 33 2/5sec. Dividends - Weary Willie, £4 2s; Katie III, £8 4s.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 140 sovs; second horse 14 sovs, and third horse 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr G McClatchie's b g Velox, by Vancleve, 5yrs, 14sec ( M Albaugh) 1.

Mr A Dale's b g Lopp, 5yrs, 15sec (J Farrar) 2.

Mr J A Buckland's br g St Simon, 5yrs, 10sec (C Piper) 3.

Monte Carlo scr, Wild Bill 10sec, Albert 14sec and All Day 15sec also started.

Velox was in the lead before half a mile had been covered, with Lopp and Albert as his nearest attendants. At the end of a mile St Simon had closed up on the leaders,and he ran into third place a round from home. Lopp and Velox kept well together most of the way, the latter winning by a length, with St Simon twenty lengths away. Time 4min 55 3/5sec. Dividends - Velox £2 2s, Lopp £1 6s.


SPREYDON HANDICAP, of 65 sovs; Two miles - Lillian D, scr, 1; Auctioneer II, 6sec and Lignite, 8sec, dead heat 2. Time 5min 9sec. Dividends - Lillian D £4 10s, Auctioneer II 12s, Lignite £1 6s.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP, of 70 sovs; Two miles - Edna, 15sec, 1; Verax, 7sec, 2; Black Child, scr, 3. Time 5min 2sec. Dividend - £7 10s.

ADVANCE HANDICAP, of 60 sovs; One mile and a half - Coney, 16sec, 1; Wild Agnes, 16sec 2; Verice, 16sec 3. Time 3min 54 2/5sec. Dividends - £4 16s and 14s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP, of 65 sovs; One Mile - Coin, 9sec 1; Perewiti, 11sec 2; Explanation, 9sec, 3. Time 2min 30sec. Dividend - £3 10s.

Extract from Ashburton Guardian 12 Nov 1902.

DASH HANDICAP Mr R McDonnell's br g Hamlin, by Prince Imperial - Minnie, secured the Dash Handicap (in harness) of 65 sovs, one mile, in the fast time of 2min 27 4/5sec and returned a dividend of £4 18s.

Credit: Star 11 Nov 1902

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