YEAR: 1969


A 15 minute programme on trotting will be broadcast from 3ZB starting this Friday at 8.45pm. This new innovation is sponsored by Addington Raceway, and will be conducted by Ron Finlay.

The programme which is entitled "Hoof Beats and Harness," will consist of interviews, reminders, flashbacks, news items and the history of clubs and trotting in Canterbury. The programme will cater mainly for clubs between Cheviot in the north and Kurow in the south. Clubs that fall in this domain are invited to submit news items and any other important topics that may be of interest on the programme.

This latest invention by Addington Raceway should prove to be of immense benefit for trainers, owners and officials involved in trotting. It will also provide the general public, trotting followers and avid radio listeners with the most up to date information including previews for meetings throughout the country on the Saturday.

Undoubtedly this scheme will not only be to the advantage of clubs within Canterbury, but it should stimulate interest of a more extensive scale in trotting throughout the Dominion.

Credit: M W Grainger writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 30Jul69

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