YEAR: 1962


A non-totalisator trotting club, to be known as the Christchurch Trotting Club, was formed at a meeting last week.

Application for registration will be made to the NZ Trotting Conference. The club will function in co-operation with the three Christchurch Trotting Clubs and the Canterbury Trotting Owners and Breeders Association.

The Club intends running an equalisator at matinee meetings and using the revenue to provide penalty-free races with stakes or trophies to a maximum value of 100. The rules of trotting were altered at the last annual meeting of the Conference to allow races with stakes of up to 100 to be penalty-free.

Several non-totalisator clubs in the Auckland district have already taken advantage in the change in the rules. The Club hopes to run several meetings each season with perhaps one during the off-season between the end of June and the middle of August.

Officers elected were:- President, Mr W E Desmond; Vice-President, Mr E T Hubbard; Honarary treasurer, Mr B J Wilks; Committee, Messrs M Andrews, A V le Roi, A Chinnery, H Rogers, C L Rhodes, F S Ball, A E Laing, E McDermott, L S Smart; Stewards, Messrs L Barnard, H B Kay, L J Eden, O J Watson, A McDonald, C E Hoy, R Kennedy, C E Watkins, L R Clark.

Credit: NZ Trotting Calendar 19Sep62

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