YEAR: 1917


Ern worked as a public horse trainer most of his adult life, in 1917 he trained and drove Olive L to win the Dominion Handicap.

The same year his Brother-in-Law Manny Edwards (husband of Ern Berry's sister, Nell) trained and drove the winner of the NZ Trotting Cup, Adelaide Direct.

Erin Berry was the youngest son, Alfred and Mary-Ann Berry emigrated from Somerset, England to ChCh in 1862, they had a large family. Alfred and the sons were involved in Trotting in Christchurch from the early days. The eldest son was one of the first stipendiary stewards.

He won several races with Apex, Aid de Compt, Our Lady, Carisbrook and Pirouette.

Ern Berry had the registered colours of French Grey, Brown Sleeves, Grey Cap.

Credit: Lesley Glassey writing in the Berry Family History


YEAR: 1916


The opening of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting of 1916, the most important trotting fixture of the season in the Dominion, will long be remembered by those who were present at Addington yesterday.

The Club's position as the premier organisation of its kind in New Zealand is unquestioned, and the Spring Meeting, which forms one of the strong attractions of Carnival week in Christchurch, helps to bring visitors from all parts of the Dominion. The attendance yesterday was thoroughly representative of both Islands, and though the weather was somewhat sultry at the start of proceedings, and a good deal of dust was flying, the enjoyment of the large crowd present did not seem to be materially affected. Everything promised well for a great day's sport. The appearance of the grounds spoke volumes for the care which had been bestowed upon them; the track was in capital order, and the fields engaged represented the best horses in commission.

Everything was going along swimmingly until after the second race, when it was discovered that the stewards' stand, the finest builing of its kind in the Dominion, was on fire, and as the services of the Fire Brigade could not be obtained until the position was hopeless, the stand was quite destroyed. The fire is referred to at length in another portion of this issue, and need not be dealt with here, but there were many expressions of regret at the destruction of a building which could easily have been saved had the Fire Board's regulations permitted the Brigade to be sent out earlier.

The building was still burning fiercely when the horses went out on the track for the big event of the year, the New Zealand Cup, but after consideration the stewards decided to postpone that event, which was set down to start at 1:50pm until 3:15pm by which time the fire had largely burnt itself out. The delay in the proceedings kept the last race back until just on 6:45pm, but the majority of the crowd stayed until the end, having had with their racing more excitement than they anticipated. Naturally, the business of the Meeting became somewhat disorganised, but the best possible was done under the circumstances, though the officials were at a disadvantage in having to carry out their duties in the weighing enclosure.

It was not surprising to find that the totalisator investments had been seriously affected, and the total at the end of the day was 37,433 10s, as compared with 48,278 10s on the first day last year. The racing generaly was full of interest, though once again the Cup race was largely spoilt by mishap. The distance system of starting came through the day's trial successfully.

...The totalisator investments at Addington on Tuesday did not show such a large falling-off as was at first thought. The total was 37,433 10s as compared with 40,251 10s on the first day last year, not 48,278 10s, the figure supplied to the Press representatives and published yesterday. The latter sum was the amount invested on the third day last year. The investments on the New Zealand Cup on Tuesday amounted to 10,529 10s, a record sum for that race.

The Press 9 Nov 1916


The Spring Handicap, which opened the proceedings, brought out a field of ten unhoppled trotters, Parkfield, Eruption and Albertoria being best backed. Parkfield was never dangerous, and though Eruption showed a lot of pace at different stages of the race, he could not reach the leading division. Albertoria began well, but found the distance a little beyond her, and Miss Salisbury, who went steadily throughout, won comfortably from Jessie's Dream, who, as usual, put in one or two breaks in the course of the race.

Hannah M was made favourite forthe Empire Handicap, a two-mile saddle race with Young Tohu and QuennnTracey next in demand. Young Tohu was quickly in a good position, and won with something to spare from Hannah M, who was ridden out to beat Irvingwood.

At this stage the racing was interrupted by the fire, and when the New Zealand Cup candidates took the field it was found that the back-marker, Our Thorpe, had been withdrawn. J Bryce's coupled pair, Cathedral Chimes and Admiral Wood, were made just a little better favourites than R McDonnell's bracket, Emilius and Evelyn, with Erin's King also solidly supported. St Ursula was fourth and Tommy C fifth in request, but there was a very big drop in the investments as compared with those on the three favourite selections. The field got away fairly well, though Frandocia did not begin kindly, and Emilius early spoilt his chance by breaking. Eccentric, always a qick beginner, made the most of the early running, and he was still in the leading division with a lap to go when he became concerned in the mishap that brought Succeed, Brown Bell and Erin's King to grief. The accident left Manderene momentarily in the lead, but he was soon overhauled by Cathedral Chimes, who, running out wide, had been lucky enough to escape the smash.

The Southland-owned horse quickly established a good lead and, after passing the half-mile post, had the result safe, winning comfortably in the fast time of 4min 31 1/5th sec. Evelyn left the mark well, and soon secured a good position but she was doing her best work at the finish to beat Admiral Wood, who was putting in solid work over the final stages, while Manderene ran a good race in fourth place. The accident robbed the race of a lot of it's interest, for just before he came to grief Erin's King was showing a fine turn of speed, and he would probably have kept the winner extended.

Cathedral Chimes scored a popular victory, and there was a good deal of cheering when the cup, given by the president of the club, Mr C Louisson, was presented to his driver, J Bryce. Cathedral Chimes, who was purchased at quite a moderate price by his present owner, Mr J B Thomson of Invercargill has proved a remarkably good investment for among his victories last season was the Auckland Cup, worth 700 sovs to the winner. He did not qualify for nomination for the New Zealand Cup until August last, whe he won the August Handicap at Addington in 4min 34sec. He was turned out in splendid condition by his trainer and driver, J Bryce, and the time registered for the two miles was only a fifth of a second outside the record for the race.


The extensive brick premises of Thompson and Co, wholesale merchants, were gutted by fire this morning. The bulk of the stock was destroyed, and only the walls remain. The insurance are 29,000, in the Guardian office. The loss is almost total.

Mr J B Thompson, owner of Cathedral Chimes, the winner of the New Zealand Cup, hurried through to Invercargill today, on account, on account of the fire which destroyed his firm's large premises.

The Press 9 Nov 1916


With the big race out of the way the Middleton Handicap, a two mile harness race for unhoppled trotters, claimed attention. Syrie and Eruption were withdrawn, and the coupled pair, Woodchild and Commander Bell received most support with El Carbine a good second favourite. The race was not a very exciting one for Olive L was quickly in front, and trotting very steadily throughout, she won nicely from El Carbine, who showed some great bursts of speed but lost ground by breaking at a critical time.

The Lyttelton Handicap furnished another victory for Mr J B Thomson, whose mare, Soda, paced solidly throughout, and beat Capriccio without much difficulty. Irvar ran a good race for over a mile and a half, but failed over the final stages and was beaten for third place by Oinako, who might have been closer up had he not broken in the straight. A protest entered by E McDermott, driver of Capriccio, against J Bryce, driver of Soda on the ground of interference was dimissed.

The smallest field of the day was that in th Riccarton Handicap, for which Author Dillon and Sir Fulham carried more than half the money invested. Sir Fulham quickly put himself out of court by breaking, and though Author Dillon, after beginning slowly, displayed a lot of speed over the last half-mile, he could not reach Sherwood, who had taken charge at the end of the first lap.

The mile races, which brought the programme to a close, were not particularly exciting events. In the saddle race, the St Albans Handicap, Ariadne was quickly out in front, and was never caught, winning easily from Quincey Maid. The Hagley Handicap, in harness, produced a similar result, for Rose Dillon led from the start, and lasted long enough to win by a couple of lengths from Colmena, who finished very well. The following are details of the racing:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second horse 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from the stake. For unhoppled trotters only. 5.0 or better. Two miles.

Geo Paul's b m Miss Salisbury by Young Salisbury-Queenie, aged, 40yds (W Orange) 1
A Gallagher's b m Jessie's Dream, aged, scr (Owner) 2
Wickham Sister's b m Albertoria, 6yrs, 10yds (M Edwards)3

James Madison scr, Havana 10yds, Craibwood 30yds, Parkfield 40yds, Bow Bell 40yds, Mokau 70yds and Eruption 100yds also started

Havana would not leave the mark, but the others got away well. Jessie's Dream began smartly, and led for three furlongs, but at the stand Albertoria had taken charge, with Jessie's Dream, Miss Salisbury and James Madison next in order. Going along the back, Jessie's Dream and Miss Salisbury ran past Albertoria, and with a lap to go Miss Salisbury was in front, while Albertoria took second place from Jessie's Dream, who was not going very steadily. Over the final lap Miss Salisbury held her advantage, and won by six lengths from Jessie's Dream, who was four lengths in front of Albertoria. Bow Bell was fourth and James Madison fifth. Time, 4min 53 3/5th sec.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second horse 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from the stake. 4.50 or better. Two miles.

E Thompson's b g Young Tohu by Tohu-Colema, aged, 20yds (E McDermott) 1
M Moran's ch m Hannah M, scr (C Tasker) 2
Black & Steele's blk g Irvingwood, 5yrs, scr (A Butterfield) 3

Irvwin scr, Huia scr, Gold Drift scr, Queen Tracey 10yds, Sceptre 30yds, Galindo Lou 30yds, Moorland 40yds, Granger 50yds, Submarine 120yds & Bellflower 120yds also started.

Irvwin and Irvingwood were quickest to begin, and at the end of half a mile they were followed by Young Tohu and Sceptre, with Queen Tracey at the head of the rest. Going along the back, Irvwin broke, and Young Tohu took charge. A lap from home he has Sceptre and Irvingwood as his nearest attendants. Over the last half-mile Young Tohu drew away from the field. Hannah M and Huia being second and third as they passed the tanks. In the run home Young Tohu held his lead, and won comfortably by three lengths from Hannah M, who was two lengths in front of Irvingwood. Bellflower was fourth and Huia fifth. Time, 4min 43 2/5th sec.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 2500 sovs and silver cup; second horse 500 sovs, third 300 sovs and fourth 200 sovs from the stake. For horses that have done 4.36 or better. Two miles.

J B Thomson's b h Cathedral Chimes by Four Chimes-Jean Armour, 5yrs, 36yds (J Bryce) 1
R McDonnell's b m Evelyn by Rothschild-Imperialism, 6yrs, 24yds (A Pringle) 2
Mrs A M Seymour's b h Admiral Wood, 6yrs, 72yds (F Holmes) 3
J G Lecky's b h Manderene by Norval-Eland, scr (J Clarke) 4

I M Thompson's br m Brown Bell, aged, scr (W R Thomas)
S Chambers's ch m Succeed, aged, scr (L O Thomas)
R T Reid's gr g Eccentric, aged, scr (J Brankin)
Hall & Black's br g Frandocia, aged, scr (N L Price)
J D Piper's b h Jewel Chimes, aged, scr (D Nyhan)
W H Young's b m St Ursula, 6yrs, scr (A Fleming)
R McDonnell's b h Emilius, 5yrs, 12yds (Owner)
M Edwards's b h Wallace Wood, aged, 12yds (Owner)
H W Kitchingham's b h Jingle, aged, 24yds (H Gaskill)
T Roe's br m Steel Bell, aged, 24yds (H Kinnimont)
J D Parker's b h Erin's King, 5yrs, 24yds (A Hendricksen)
J Henderson's b g Tommy C, aged, 48yds (R Reay)
R Allen's br g Don Caesar, 6yrs, 84yds (Owner)
Manderene and Wallace Wood, Brown Bell and Succeed, Emilius and Evelyn, Catherdal Chimes and Admiral Wood were bracketed.

Frandocia did not begin well, and Eccentric, leaving the mark smartly, showed the way over the first two furlongs to Manderene, Succeed and Evelyn. Passing the stand the first time, Eccentric had a three lengths lead from Evelyn, after whom came Manderene, Succeed, St Ursula and Steel Bell, with Cathedral Chimes next, while Emilius broke badly and dropped to the rear. Turning to the back stretch, Eccentric was followed by Manderene, Evelyn, St Ursula, Steel Bell and then after a gap of three lengths came Catherdral Chimes, with Brown Bell and Erin's King next. Rounding the turn to the straight, there was not much change in positions, and entering the last lap Eccentric, Manderene, Cathedral Chimes, succeed, Evelyn and St Ursula were racing in close order, while Erin's King was putting in a good run on the rails. Just after passing the judge's box, Eccentric made a slight skip. Succeed ran into him, and Brown Bell and Erin's King also came down. This accident left Manderene in the lead, followed by Cathedral Chimes, Evelyn, and St Ursula, the quartette being well clear of the rest of the field. Half a mile from home Cathedral Chimes went to the front and won easily by six lengths from Evelyn who was two lengths in front of the fast-finishing Admiral Wood. Manderene was another two lengths away followed by Jewel Chimes, Frandocia, Wallace Wood and St Ursula. Time, 4min 31 1/5th sec

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second horse 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from the stake. 4.52 or better. for unhoppled trotters. Two miles.

Mrs J Lawrence's br m Olive L, by Wallace L-Cissie Wood, 6yrs, 10yds (E Berry) 1
J Porter's br h El Carbine, aged, 20yds (A Pringle) 2
A Quigley's b h Norval King, 6yrs, 20yds (E McDermott) 3

Paul Huon scr, Miss Vivian 10yds, Treasure Seeker 10yds, Wild Tree 10yds, Flamingo 20yds, Imperial Crown 20yds, Woodchild 30yds, Commander Bell 50yds, Auckland Girl 40yds, Truganini 60yds, Galician 70yds, Quincey 100yds and Electrocute 120 yds also started.
Woodchild & Commander Bell were bracketed.

Olive L, Wild Tree and Flamingo were the leaders over the early stages, and with half a mile gone Olive L was three lenghts clear of Flamingo and Norval King, with Wild Tree and Miss Vivian next. Along the back, Norval King took second place behind Olive L who was still in charge six furlongs from home, while El Carbine was making up his ground fast. A break in the back stretch lost El Carbine a lot of ground, and though he finished well he broke again near the post, and Olive L won by four lengths. Norval King was eight lengths back, and then came Miss Vivian and Imperial Crown. Time, 4min 44 3/5th sec.

LYTTELTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second horse 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from the stake. 4.45 or better. Two miles.

J B Thomson's b m Soda by Harold Dillon-Franca, 6yrs, 10yds (J Bryce) 1
E McDermott's b m Capriccio, 5yrs, 20yds (Owner) 2
G Booker's ch h Oinako, 5yrs, 60yds (R W Franks) 3

Waitchie 10yds, The Bronzewing scr, The Whip scr, Gold Crest scr, Irvar scr, Lindetta 10yds, Reggie Huon 20yds, Red Mac 40yds, Sir Fulham 50yds and Huon Drift 50yds also started.

Irvar and Lindetta showed the way past the stand where Sir Fulham had run into third place, but broke, and lost a lot of ground. Soda was closing on the leaders fast, and in the second circuit was just behind Irvar, who was still in front six furlongs from home. Irvar led along the back stretch, but before reaching the tanks Soda and Capriccio had run past him and a little further on Oinako took third place. Soda was first into the straight, and won by six lengths from Capriccio, who was eight lengths in front of Oinako, the latter breaking at the finish. Irvar was fourth, Lindetta fifth and The Whip next. Time, 4min 37 3/5th sec.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness)of 350 sovs; second horse 70 sovs and third 35 sovs from the stake. 3.27 or better. One mile and a half.

W D Lemon's blk g Sherwood, by Kerrwood-Jessie B, 6yrs, 36yds (A Bright) 1
J Knight's b h Author Dillon, 4yrs, 30yds (B Jarden) 2
H Herrick's b g Persuader, aged, 48yds (J Bryce) 3

Sungod scr, Little Tib scr, Sir Fulham scr, Franzalena 12yds and Stanley's Child 36yds also started.

Sungod and Little Tib made the early running with Sir Fulham next, but the last-named, though showing a lot of pace, broke, and dropped right back. With half the distance covered, Sherwood had taken charge from Sungod, who was followed by Little Tib, Persuader and Author Dillon. Going along the back, Author Dillon put in a fast run, but though he cut down the others, he could not reach Sherwood, who won easily by six lengths. Persuader, who was eased up, was eight lengths back, just in front of Stanley's Child, with Sungod next. Time, 3min 26 1/5th sec.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second horse 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from the stake. 2.20 or better. One mile.

Dalton & Forbes's b g Ariadne by Lord Althorpe-Sweedy, aged, scr (E Redman) 1
W D Lemon's b m Quincey Maid, 6yrs, scr (H Frost) 2
W E Simes's b m Law Chimes, aged, 24yds (F Holmes) 3

Quinaldine scr, Blackness scr, Rothanic scr, General Link scr, OIC 12yds, Dalwhinnie 48yds, Nance O'Neill scr, Bacchus 36yds, First Alarm scr, Seychelles 12yds, Promotion 12yds, Ottawa 12yds, Flora Tracey 12yds, Bellis 48yds also started.

Ariadne had a good lead before the field had gone a couple of furlongs, and he held his advantage throughout, winning by eight lengths from Quincey Maid, who was ten lengths in front of Law Chimes. Bellis was fourth and Ottawa fifth. Time 2min 14 3/5th sec

HAGLEY HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second horse 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from the stake. 2.19 or better. One mile.

A Rice's ch m Rose Dillon by Harold Dillon, aged, scr (Owner) 1
F Johnston's ch g Colmena, aged, 12yds (R Dunn) 2
J Parkinson's b h Sungod, 5yrs, 12yds (E McCann) 3

Lady Theckla scr, The Whip scr, Seychelles scr, Louie Drift scr, Bright 12yds, Brown's Nugget 12yds, Mountain Rose 24yds, Ben Dillon 24yds and John Dillon 36yds also started.

Rose Dillon, beginning smartly, was four lengths clear of Seychelles as they passed the stand, Colmena being at the head of the others. Going along the back, Colmena moved up into second place, but Rose Dillon kept the lead, and won by a couple of lengths. Sungod was six lengths away third, just in front of Seychelles, with Mountain Rose next. Time, 2min 16 4/5th sec.

Credit: The Press 8 Nov 1916


YEAR: 1916

Just as the horses were going out of the enclosure to warm up for the Cup, a lady leaned over the members' balcony and called out that the stand was on fire. At first it was thought to be a false alarm, but it was only too true and the whole building was soon blazing.
On account of a ridiculous regulation the fire brigade would not come to save the building for some time and when they did arrive it was a hopeless case. It is presumed that the cause of the outbreak was the same old thing, fused wires.

The officials stuck gamely to the programme and though a damper was put on everything the day's racing was finished as previously arranged. Our Thorpe was the only scratching for the Cup. The champion is not quite himself, so his people decided to pull him out. Cathedral Chimes ran up to his track form and won very easily, but an ugly accident at the beginning of the last lap made things much easier for him. At the beginning of the final round for the Cup the field bunched and things looked good for a fine termination of a grand race, but, unfortunately, Succeed put her foot through Eccentrics wheel and down she went with Erin's King and Brown Bell piled on top of her. Tommy C. and Jingle were saved by being swerved to the outside rails, but their chances were settled. Eccentric had to be pulled up on account of a bucked Wheel.

Ashburton backed Emilius as if he could not lose and, of course, saved their money through the stable's second leg, Evelyn, running into a minor but dividend paying place. They are still satisfied that, taking a line from Evelyn's performance, that her brother should have won the Cup. Writer is of the opinion that on the day nothing could have beaten Cathedral Chimes. Admiral Wood paced a great race and but for the accident certainly would have finished in front of Evelyn.

Wallace Wood, Frandocio, St. Ursula, Steel Bell, and Don Caesar never gave their supporters any reason to think they might get a dividend. W. R. Thomas's pair, Brown Bell and Succeed, were both going well when they fell and looked to have a chance of getting some of the money as they stay well. Thomas was unfortunate enough to break a collarbone.

Manderini got fourth money, but he fluked it. Eccentric made all the early running, but he was gone when the smash occurred. Hendricksen was driving a great race on Erin's King. This horse did not get going very smartly, but his driver got on the rails and never left them. Always creeping closer to the leaders he was on the fence just behind Thomas's pair when the smash occurred.

Writer was very pleased to see E. Berry turn out two wlnners in Miss Salisbury and Olive L. This young trainer until lately has always had to do with horses that other trainers could not do any good with, and such is not a profitable business. It is only during the last few months that there has been anything decent in his stables. Berry is delivering the goods with them . Erln's King got some skin knocked of when he fell.

Trotting In great style Olive L. never left the Middleton Handicap in doubt. The little mare got over the two miles in 4.44 3-5. which is much her best time to date. She was handicapped on something like 4.51. El Carbine might have won the Middleton Handicap if he had attended to his work properly. He would not go steadily for any distance and so had to remain content with second place. The bracketed pair, Woodchild and Commander Bell, did not get away properly and were never near the leading division. Once again Treasure Seeker and Norval King showed themselves to be poor stayers.

The pony Soda paced a great race in the Lyttelton Handicap. It was a fine performance for one of her inches to get to the end of two miles in 4.57 1-5. A protest was entered against her by the owner of Cappriccio for foul driving on Bryce's part but it was not sustained. Irvar, ran like a non-stayer or else he is a rank quitter. Sir Fulham is not to be relied upon at the start. He has got undoubted pace. The Whip is both looking and pacing well. Messervey deserves credit tor the condition he has the chestnut in and deserves to win shortly. As usual, Cappriccio went a great race, but the pony had too many guns for her. Huon Drift still has got a great objection to leaving the mark properly.

On account of a great go over twelve furlongs, Author Dillon was made a hot favorite for the Rlccarton Handicap. He broke at the start and lost a lot of ground. In consequence of which he could hot catch Sherwood. Persuader is getting over his cold and should be capable of showing very good form before long.

Ariadne, ridden by the hurdle rider, Redmond, made an exhibition of his field In the St. Alban's Handicap, getting to the end ot the mile in 2.14 2-5, a smart performance. Brown Nugget is not to be depended upon to leave the mark. Louie Drift was whispered about as a good thing for the mile harness, but she lost her chance at the start. Rose Dillon came out of her shell and paced the mile in 2.16 4-5. She never gave the back markers a look in.

Gold Bell was too sore to show his best form at this meeting, and he looked as if it will take some time for him to get right. Jessie's Dream is improving. Her effort m the Whiteleigh Handicap, when she went 4.53, was much the best she has ever gone. Hula was produced at the meeting, but he was much too lame to do anything properly. Albertoria has not improved a second during the last twelve months.

Andy Pringle has no superior as a relnsman or rider either with a pacer or trotter. Tom Annett was in far too great a hurry to hit the front on Commander Bell. It cost him the race, for she was too tired to struggle home. In Cappriccio, McDermott has got one of the most solid pacers in commission. As she has only got two legs and a bit it was good business for her to go 4.57 3-5 in the November Handicap. Golindo Lou gave Free Holmes a sickener in the early part of the meeting and her owner got up behind her on the last day. She is very sour and, would do nothing but try to buck.

The much boomed Moorland did not answer expectations. Grainger is not ready yet. George Hard was patched up and sent to the post for the Courtney Handicap, but he was far too sore to pace and finished last. He is to be blistered and spelled. Black Erie is a fine pacer. It was bad luck for his owner (who was over from Australia to see him run) that be should break down m the Courtney Handicap. Stanley's Child went an ugly "seven" when Black Erie swerved across her after he broke down. Sherwood and Emilius ran very bad races in the Courtney. Emiliuus does not shape as if he will ever stay.

Hal Zolock, like many horses that have done stud duties, does not race well at this season of the game. St. Ursula is looking in great buckle and she should make some money for her owner soon. This mare does not begin very well, but she stays like a boy in a lolly shop.

Notwithstanding the fact that the burning down of the stewards stand at Addington quite upset the totalisator turnover for the day, there was 335 10s more invested on the New Zealand Trotting Cup than there was on the Cup at Riccarton. As expected, Agathos failed to stay out twelve furlongs. Raeburn will be benefited by the racing he had at the meeting. He is a good class pacer. Nance O'Neil who hails from Qamaru, is said to be very fast. She may be at home, but her showings last week were nothing to boast about. Once again Ariadne showed himself to be speedy, but a very poor stayer. Teddy McCann produced his charges in good condition for the meeting, but they were not good enough to catch a race.

Eccentric made the pace very solid in the Free-For-All. Beginning very smartly he got to the half mile peg in 1.4. once round in 1.37 1-5. Then Cathedral Chimes took up the running and flashed past the mile post in 2.11 4-5 only to bo collared by Admiral Wood in the run home and beaten by a narrow margin 2.45 for the mile and a quarter.

Tommy C. was not in one of his happy moods during race week. His displays were not as good as we have seen him give. The Bronzewlng was turned out in great condition for the meeting. She is not nearly as good as report made her.

Irvar is not at all a generous horse. Truganini and Electrocute were trotting well before the meeting, but they must have gone off, as their showings with the colors up and the money down proved. Norval King was stopping to a walk at the end of the Sockburn Handicap, and lasted long enough to win from El Carbine, who but for repeated breaks must have won. Flamingo does not improve. He is a seasoned trotter now and should be showing something better.

Young Freeman Holmes has been very successful on Law Chimes. When he won the Railway Handicap last week he rode her with the greatest confidence and judgment and she just strolled home. Cromstall is not himself. When right he can keep our best pacers busy for a bit.

Someone queried Soda's height last week, when the trainer claimed that as a pony she should be allowed to carry 9.0 instead of 10.0, the officials measured her, the writer being present. She is not more than fourteen hands and half an inch.

When Ben Dillon fell in the Railway Handicap, Ben Jardin looked to get an ugly fall, but he just hit the ground, gave a roll and a bounce and was on his feet again. Bob Allen has Yarravllle pacing well, but the big chestnut does not like the standing starts, Young Tohu, who won the Empire Handicap, the two mile saddle race on the first day of the Metropolitan meeting m 4.43 2-5, was put up to auction last Monday, but did not brlng a bid.

Sal Tasker, Vanquish, O.M.Y. and Gianella are amongst the well-bred matrons who have foaled to Logan Pointer and are to visit the same sire again. Sinado and Calindo Low were turned out in a section for a spell at the end of the meeting. They quarrelled about something and kicked holes in each other.

Anyone would fancy that a three-year-old colt by Wildwood Jnr, Myosotis would bring some money, but a youngster bred on those lines was passed in at twenty guineas last Monday. He was on the small side but was shapely enough.

Caretaker French had a strenuous time of it at the Metropolitan grounds last week. The place looked a wreck after the fire, but with the assistance of a gang of men he managed to have the building habitable for the two last days. The fire at Addington made a great difference to the totalisator turnover at Addington.

Andy Pringle rode a great race on Treasure Seeker when he won the Governor's Handicap on that gelding. It was a masterly piece of work. King Capitalist is very well, and he can go fast but he is not very solid when the pressure is on. Neither is Commander Bell. She is also a bad breaker. Eruption is not nearly at good as was supposed. Hardy Wllkes is a good trotter until be leaves his feet. Afterwards he cannot be depended upon for any distance. Mr. George Iles purchased him at auction for six hundred guineas last Saturday. It seems a lot of money.

The writer does not want to condemn the standing-start and yards handicapping until they have had a fair trial, but if they do not improve on last week's showing they will have to go out. To start with, to call the start standing was a joke, for in nearly every race some of the competitors were let away with a fly. In fact, in one or two oases contestants were racing when the flag dropped.

A regrettable incident which happened at the Metropolitan meeting was the disqualifying of Emilius for interfering with Cappricio in the Christchurch Handicap. The writer does not intend to express an opinion on the matter, but it seemed ridiculous to suggest that an experienced relnsman like Ranald McDonnell should interfere with a beaten opponent. McDermott, who drove Cappriclo was manly enough to do his best for McDonnell when giving his evidence to the stewards. It was on the stipendiary stewards' evidence that Emilius lost the race. Erin's King was one of the unlucky racers at the meeting. He got pocketed in the Christchurch Handicap and never got out until tho race was practically over.

Bellflower was a trotter amongst pacers in the Australasian Handicap, but she showed more speed over the first half mile than any of her opponents and was in front at the end of a mile. The race was never in doubt after that and she walked home in 4.38 2-6.

Red Heather gave a number of his supporters a severe heartache as he would not begin in the Dominion Trotting Cup. He finished a long way back in fourth place and could not have trotted much bettor than 4.50.

A. Fleming gave 1500 for Our Thorpe last week. This is the biggest price ever given in the Dominion for a pacer, and certainly the horse bought for it is the best we have produced. W. G. Abbott, the Auckland owner trainer, bought Brown's Nugget for 100 during the week. This pacer is on a mark from which he is quite capable of winning. Mr. G. S. Simpson arranged the sale of tho well-known sire, Harold Dillon, during the week. The Messrs Thorne Bros., who havo had a lease of the horse, have now purchased him right out, the price is said to have been 750.

Author Dillon did not race nearly up to his form during the week. He must have won the Enfield if he had gone the mile In 2.15. He did not manage to go 2.17. Desdemona is showing plenty of dash in her track essays but she is not staying on nearly as well as of yore.

Credit: The Looker On writing in NZ Truth 18 Nov 1916


YEAR: 1918


The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting was concluded yesterday, and although the rain held off until after the last race, the cold wind made matters very uncomfortable for spectators. As on the second day, clouds of dust were prevalent, and many of the spectators kept to the grandstand throughout the afternoon, and did not speculate at all. The weather in no small measure accounted for the paucity of the totalisator investments. The course was on excellent order, but once again the clouds of dust raised were all against horses in the vicinity of the scratch mark.

In the Christchurch Handicap Author Dillon, from scratch, found the handicap conceded to Willie Lincoln too much for him, and after pacing brilliantly for a mile and a half, he just failed to get up in the concluding stages. At one part of the journey Trix Pointer looked like being well up at the finish, while Sherwood put in a good run down the back. The good performance put up by B Jarden's representative was appreciated by the large crowd, and he was warmly applauded on returning to the birdcage.

The Governor's Handicap, for unhoppled trotters, opened the day's programme, and Haroldlander was made a very solid favourite. The Harold Dillon gelding quite justified the confidence placed in him, and won very easily from King Capitalist. Bundura was scratched for the Lyttelton Handicap, leaving a field of four to contest the event. Erin's Queen was in front at the commencement, and having a slight advantage throughout won very nicely. Joan of Arc paid a very good dividend in the Australasian Handicap, and, nicely handled by J Bryce, jun, she won in good style from Granger and Sir Fulham, who were piloted by F E Jones and F Gray, two horsemen prominent in flat racing circles. An excellent dividend awaited supporters of the winner.

In the Dominion Trotting Handicap J Wright, driver of Electrocute, and A Hendricksen, driver of Lord Roanchild, were each fined 5 for anticipating their bells, and at the finish Whispering Willie won a very good race from Red Heather, with Lady Patricia, who went solidly for a mile and a half, in third place.

Stanley's Child went very well from start to finish in the Hornby Handicap, and won comfortably. Though it was generally anticipated that Lord Minto would win the Enfield Handicap, nothing had a chance at the finish with Cora Dillon, who beat Huon Patch quite comfortably. The concluding event of the day, the Recovery Handicap, proved a good race, and after a good performance, John Dillon won comfortably from Admiral Wood, with the favourite, Adelaide Direct, last.

The totalisator dividends for the day amounted to 46,604 10s, as against 50,531 on the corresponding day last year, making a total for the meeting of 136,643 10s, as against 136,339 for the meeting last year. Following are details of the racing:-

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in saddle) of 225 sovs; second 45 sovs and third 22 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters. 4.54 class. Two miles.

M Friedlander's b g Haroldlander by Harold Dillon-Woodlander, 6yrs, 11sec, A Pringle 1.
A Smith's b g King Capitalist, aged, 6sec, H Barraclough 2.
E Berry's b g Mushroom, aged, 7sec, Owner 3.

Gay Wilkes 5sec, Treasure Seeker 5sec, Craibwood 7sec, chub 9sec, Sol 10sec, Billy Parole 10sec, Colonel Havelock 12sec and Albertoria 12sec also started.

Albertoria at once led from Colonel Havelock, Chub and Mushroom. At the stand the second time Haroldlander assumed command, while Mushroom was in close attendance. In the straight Haroldlander comfortably held his own, and won by two lengths, with a neck separating the second and third horses. Chub was fourth, Colonel Havelock fifth and Sol sixth. Times - 4m 49s; 4m 44 2/5s; 4m 45 3/5s

LYTTELTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 4.36 to 4.40 class. Two miles.

J D Parker's ch m Erin's Queen by Hal Zolock-BJN, 6yrs, 2sec, A Fleming 1.
R G C Munro's b m Stanley's Child, aged, 2sec, R Logan 2.
L Hazlett's ch g Hectorata, aged, 3sec, A Hendricksen 3.

Nancy Stair 3sec also started.

Erin's Queen went to the front shortly after the start, and led Hectorata by a couple of lengths. This order was maintained during the whole of the second round. In the straight Hectorata and Stanley's Child challenged strongly, but Erin's Queen stayed well and won by three lengths, with the third horse a similiar distance away. Times - 4m 42 4/5s; 4m 43 2/5s; 4m 44 4/5s.

CHRISTCHURCH HANDICAP (in harness) of 750 sovs; second 150 sovs and third 75 sovs from stake. 4.36 class. Two miles.

A Allen's b g Willie Lincoln by Lord Elmo-Mary Lincoln, 6yrs 12sec, A Fleming 1.
B Jarden's b h Author Dillon, 6yrs, scr, Owner 2.
S G Lemon & J Bryce's blk g Sherwood, aged, 8sec, A Hendricksen 3.

Jarden & Edgar's b h John Dillon, aged, 9sec, A Butterfield.
M Edwards's b m Adelaide Direct, aged 7sec, Owner.
C Channing's br g Agathos, 10sec, E McDermott.
J G S Holmes's b g Moneymaker, aged, 11sec, A Pringle.
W H Norton's b m Trix Pointer, 5yrs, 11sec, F Holmes.
R E Hall's b g Frandocia, aged, 12sec, W Smith.
Author Dillon and John Dillon were bracketed.

Willie Lincoln began smartly, and at the end of half a mile was showing the way to Frandocia, Trix Pointer and Moneymaker, with John Dillon at the head of the next bunch. There was no change in the order of the leaders over the next circuit, but with six furlongs to go Moneymaker was on terms with Willie Lincoln, while Author Dillon had made up most of his handicap. Racing to the back stretch, Sherwood moved up, and going along the back Author Dillon put in a brilliant run, and quickly cut down most of those in front of him. Willie Lincoln led into the straight, and lasting long enough to stall off a strong challenge from Author Dillon, won by half a length. Sherwood was a length away third, and then came Moneymaker, Agathos, and Trix Pointer. Times - 4m 36 2/5s; 4m 24 3/5s; 4m 33s.

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 4.44 class. Two miles.

J R Corrigan's b m Joan of Arc by Albert Chevalier, aged, 6sec, J Bryce jun 1.
H Wedmore's b g Granger, 6yrs, 5sec, F E Jones 2.
J R Blackie's b h Sir Fulham, aged, 3sec F Gray 3.

Irvar 4sec, Peter Mac 4sec, Bridgewood 6sec, Dillon Eddy 6sec, Rorke's Drift 6sec, Acushla Machree 7sec, Scottish Queen 7sec, Pax 7sec and Commander Bell 8sec also started.

Pax, Rorke's Drift and Commander Bell was the order of the leaders at the end of half a mile. Going along the back Rorke's Drift took charge, and with six furlongs to go was followed by Sir Fulham, Granger and Bridgewood. Rorke's Drift was beaten two furlongs from home, and Sir Fulham went on in front, but in the straight Joan of Arc put in a strong run and won by a length from Granger, who was half a length in front of Sir Fulham. Peter Mac, who lost a good deal of ground at the start, was six lengths aay fourth, with the rest strung out. Times - 4m 42s; 4m 41 2/5s; 4m 39 3/5s.

DOMINION TROTTING HANDICAP (in harness) of 600 sovs; second 120 sovs and third 60 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters only. 4.45 class. Two miles.

C Allington's b g Whispering Willie by Woodland Whispers-Gossip, aged, 5sec, G B Murfitt 1.
W R McNairn's b g Red Heather, aged, 5sec, A Cox 2.
W J Moir's br m Lady Patricia, aged, 7sec, A Fleming 3.

Leslie's b g Electrocute, aged, 5sec, J Wright.
Mrs J Lawrence's b m Olive L, aged, 5sec, E Berry.
A R Edgerton's ch g Lord Roanchild, aged, 5sec, A Hendricksen.
C James's b h Paul Huon, aged, 7sec, Owner.
Houston & Wilson's br g Galician, aged, 7sec, M Edwards.
T G Fox's b m Truganini, aged, 9sec, Owner.

Lady Patricia, Truganini and Lord Roanchild were the most prominent from the start, and going past the stand the first time Lady Patricia was leading from Lord Roanchild and Truganini, in that order, with Paul Huon and Red Heather following. At the end of a lap Lord Roanchild was called off for starting before his time. Running down the back and past the stand Lady Patricia still retained her lead, but then Truganini went on in front from Lady Patricia, while Whispering Willie made a forward move. Coming into the straight Whispering Willie had assumed command, and eventually won nicely by six lengths, while Lady Patricia was four lengths away in third place. Truganini was fourth, and Olive L fifth. Times - 4m 43s; 4m 45s; 4m 50s.

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 2.52 class. One mile and a quarter.

R G C Munro's b m Stanley's Child by Stanley-Lily, aged, 1sec, R Logan 1.
M Edwards & S Humphrey's blk g Vice-Admiral, 6yrs, 3sec, M Edwards 2.
A E Fletcher's ch g Ramitiari, aged, 4sec E J Smith 3.

Pitaroa 3sec and Bundura 3sec also started.

Pitaroa refused to begin properly, and Vice-Admiral and Ramitiari quickly established a good lead from Stanley's Child and Bundura. Although she had lost ground by a break, Stanley's Child closed on the leaders by the time the straight was reached, and won by two lengths from Vice-Admiral, who was a length in front of Ramitiari. Pitaroa was eight lengths away fourth, and Bundura last. Times - 2m 58 3/5s; 2m 56s; 2m 57 1/5s.

ENFIELD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 2.16 class. One mile.

A R Farrell's b m Cora Dillon by Harol Dillon-Gloria, 6yrs, 4sec, E McDermott 1.
E H Cucksey's b g Huon Patch, aged, 2sec, B Jarden 2.
A H Forbes's b g Ariadne, aged, 3sec, F Holmes jun 3.

Lord Minto scr, Beckom 1sec, St Kevin 1sec and Frank Tracey also started.

Frank Tracey was in front in the early stages of the race, but was soon displaced by Cora Dillon, and going past the stand Cora Dillon led from Ariadne, Frank Tracey and Huon Patch. Cora Dillon increased her advantage going down the back stretch, and led into the straight, eventually winning by five lengths, with Ariadne four lengths away. Beckom was fourth and Lord Minto fifth. Times - 2m 12 4/5s; 2m 12 3/5s; 2m 14 3/5s.

RECOVERY HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second 70 sov and third 35 sovs from stake. 2.48 class. One mile and a quarter.

Jarden & Edgar's b h John Dillon by Harold Dillon-Vivid Carlo, 3sec, B Jarden 1.
Mrs A M Seymour's br h Admiral Wood, aged, 3sec, F Holmes 2.
J Bryce's b h Cathedral Chimes, aged 2sec, A Hendricksen 3.

Adelaide Direct 2sec also started.

John Dillon commenced smartly, and going out of the straight was leading Adelaide Direct and Admiral Wood, with Cathedral Chimes last. John Dillon led into the straight and won nicely by three lengths, with Cathedral Chimes two lengths away third. Times - 2m 48 2/5s; 2m 49s; 2m 48 4/5s

Credit: The Press 9 Nov 1918


YEAR: 1918


A strong nor'-west wind which raised clouds of dust made matters distinctly unpleasant for visitors to Addington yesterday, when the second day's racing of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club was held. The wind prevailed throughout the greater part of the morning and afternoon, and, as a result, the attendance was considerably affected. The track was in excellent order, but the dust raised by the horses made matters uncomfortable for horsemen engaged in the different races. The club's water-carts were utilised throughout the day, and in a measure helped to lessen the nuisance, which was very pronounced. Towards the end of the day the wind moderated somewhat, and the last two races were run under ideal weather conditions.

The Free-For-All attracted a field of four, and betting on the totalisator was divided between Author Dillon, winner of the New Zealand Cup, and Cathedral Chimes. After the first half-mile had been covered, Cathedral Chimes never really threatened danger, but it was quite evident from his performance that he is not at his best, and he appears to have trained off. He seemed listless, and not anxious to race, and without detracting from the merit of Author Dillon's performance, which was a very fine one, it must be admitted that his task was somewhat lessened by the fact that Cathedral Chimes was not at the top of his form. The winner, nevertheless, gave an excellent exhibition, and the reception accorded him by the general public showed that the win was a popular one.

In the Courtenay Handicap, of two miles, Trix Pointer, on the strength of her first day's performance, was made favourite, but when it came to business she was not to be considered. Matchlight must be reckoned a high-class performer by reason of the fact that during the first mile he failed to pick up any of his handicap, and the pace and staying ability he showed over the last mile under adverse conditions proved him to be a performer above the ordinary. Willie Lincoln trotted solidly throughout, and it was only in the last stage, and as a result of a very brilliant run, that Matchlight ever succeeded in defeating him.

In the opening race of the day Craibwood, one of the outsiders of the field, was in front during the whole journey, and at the finish won somewhat easily from Mushroom. As an exhibition of straight-out troting the display by several of the competitors was by no means impressive, and continual breaking by one or two of the well-backed horses detracted from the display. Craibwood's win proved a very popular one, and rewarded his supporters with a very sudstantial dividend. He was nicely handled by his owner, Mr W C Angus.

Speculators were also astray in the November Handicap, in which F E Jones, better known in connection with his success in the galloping ranks, rode a very nice race on Granger, and won handsomely from Harold Child, who stopped almost to a walk in the concluding stages of the race. In this event Peter Mac appeared to have a very good chance, but was called off for anticipating his bell.

Erin's Queen and Nancy Stair fought out a great finish in the Metropolitan Handicap, and it was only in the last bit that Nancy Stair, who had made a brilliant run, succumbed to the consistent trotting of Erin's Queen. Nancy Stair, for some reason or other, was made a very pronounced favourite, but was well beaten on her merits.

Galician's win in the Sockburn Handicap was a popular one, and after losing a second or two in the early stages he finished well, and accounted for Imperial Crown in good style. Although favourite, Galician paid quite a good dividend, and won like a high-class performer.

F Gray, who scored at Riccarton on Monday in the hurdle race, rode Sir Fulham to victory in the Railway Handicap after a very patient race, and his handling of the gelding was in a large measure responsible for the win. His record in trotting events is now six mounts for five wins.

The Royal Handicap, of one mile, provided a great race, but at the finish Beckom carried too many guns for John Dillon, who came fast over the last quarter.

Although the attendance was not so large as on the opening day, speculation on the totalisator was decidedly brisk, and the sum of 37,947 10s was put through the totalisator, as against 38,473 on the corresponding day last year, a decrease of 795 10s. Following are details of the racing:-

WHITELEIGH HANDICAP (in saddle)of 225 sovs; second 45 sovs and third 22 sovs from stake. 4.55 class. For unhoppled trotters. Two miles.

Mr C Angus's br g Craibwood by Wildwood-Bonnie, aged, 12sec. Owner 1
E Berry's b g Mushroom, aged, 9sec. Owner 2
A Fleming's b g Chub, aged, 10sec. E McDermott. 3

Gay Wilkes 5sec, Sol 10sec, Billy Parole 10sec, Ohapi 11sec, Albertoria 12sec, Colonel Havelock 12sec and Succory 12sec also started.

Craibwood started smartly and passing the stand the first time was leading by several lengths from Chub, Ohapi and Succory, while Sol and Gay Wilkes went very unsteadily, both geldings breaking repeatedly. Mushroom was in second place with half a mile to go, but had no chance with Craibwood, who won easily by half a dozen lengths, with Chub forty yards away in third place, followed by Gay Wilkes, Sol, and Colonel Havelock. Times - 4m 50 1/5s; 4m 49 2/5s; 4m 54 2/5s

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 4.46 class. Two miles.

H Wedmore's b g Granger by Harold Dillon-Ivy Dean, 6yrs, 8sec. F E Jones 1.
J Payne's ch g Harold Child, 6yrs, 4sec. E McDermott 2.
R J Munro's ch g Rorke's Drift, 6yrs. F Holmes junr 3.

Peter Mac scr, Hannah M 2sec, Acushla Machree 3sec, Scottish Queen 5sec, Commander Bell 4sec, Bidens 5sec, Mahinga 5sec and Seychelles 5sec also started.

Seychelles was quickest to begin, followed by Bidens, but the latter broke and dropped back, while Peter Mac was called off for starting before his time. Going past the stand the first time Harold Child had run to the head of the field while Mahinga, Commander Bell and Granger were the most prominent of the remainder. Commander Bell broke going out of the straight and Harold Child piloted the field to the stand the second time with Mahinga next. Running down the back into the straight Harold Child increased his lead, but at the tanks Granger made a strong run, and with Harold Child tiring badly at the finish, Granger got up to win by two lengths with Rorke's Drift a length away third. Commander Bell was fourth and Scottish Queen next. Times - 4m 42 1/5s; 4m 43 2/5s; 4m 42 3/5s.

COURTENAY HANDICAP (in harness) of 600 sovs; second 120 sovs and third 60 sovs from stake. 4.37 class. Two miles.

Cross Bros and Bryce's b h Matchlight by Four Chimes-King Harold mare, aged scr. A Hendricksen 1.
A Allen's b g Willie Lincoln, 6yrs, 5sec. A Fleming 2
R G C Monro's b m Stanley's Child, aged, 6sec. R Logan 3

Jarden & Edgar's b h John Dillon, aged, 1sec. B Jarden
C Channing's br g Agathos 2sec. A Butterfield
C H Norton's b m Trix Pointer, 5yrs, 3sec. F Holmes
J Brankin's b g General Link, aged, 6sec. Owner
A R Farrell's b m Cora Dillon, 6yrs, 6sec. E McDermott

General Link struck a gait very quickly and at once led from Stanley's Child and Cora Dillon, while Matchlight was slow to begin. With six furlongs gone General Link was leading from Stanley's Child, Cora Dillon, Willie Lincoln and Trix Pointer in that order, while Matchlight had made no impression on his field. At the end of a mile the order of the leaders was the same but the field had closed up and passing the stand the second time Trix Pointer made a forward more, while Matchlight, though still well back, had improved his position. Going down the back the last time Willie Lincoln was in front followed by Trix Pointer, while Matchlight was putting in great work and running past his field. Half way down the straight Willie Lincoln was being proclaimed the winner, but Matchlight proved himself a brilliant stayer and won by half a length, while Stanley's Child was a couple of lengths away third, followed by Trix Pointer, General Link and Cora Dillon. Times- 4m 32 2/5s; 4m 37 4/5s; 4m 44s.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 3.47 class. One mile and five furlongs.

J D Parker's ch m Erin's Queen by Hal Zolock-BJN, 6yrs, 2sec. A Fleming 1
W Rankin's b m Nancy Stair, 5yrs, 2sec. W Warren 2.
J Burke's ch c Colenut, 4yrs, scr. R E Mills 3.

Bundura 1sec, Silver Quick 1sec, Proud Spring 2sec, Makomako 2sec, Miss Havoc 3sec, Ramitiairi 3sec, Lady Haldane 3sec, Rorke's Drift 3sec, Joan of Arc 3sec and Pax 3sec also started.

Going out of the straight Miss Havoc led Joan of Arc with Pax in third place, but at the back of the course Miss Havoc increased her lead to ten lengths, while Pax, who had momentarily lost his position, and Nancy Stair improved their places considerably. Miss Havoc led past the stand the second time with Joan of Arc, Pax and Silver Quick following in that order. Erin's Queen put in a good run down the back stretch and was in second place two furlongs from the post, with Nancy Stair and Colenut coming fast. A great race in the straight between Nancy Stair and Erin's Queen saw the latter win by a length, with Colenut several lengths away third, followed by Makomako and Joan of Arc. Times - 3m 46 3/5s; 3m 47s; 3m 47 2/5s.

FREE-FOR-ALL (in harness) of 500 sovs; second 100 sovs and third 50 sovs from stake. One mile and a quarter.

B Jarden's b h Author Dillon by Harold Dillon-Authoress, 6yrs, Owner 1.
M Edward's b m Adelaide Direct by Directaway-Honest Harry mare, aged, Owner 2.
J Bryce b h Cathedral Chimes by Four Chimes-Jean Armour, aged, Jean Armour, aged, A Hendricksen 3

Mrs A M Seymour's b h Admiral Wood, aged, F Holmes.

At the second attempt the field went away to a good start, and Admiral Wood at once drew half a length ahead with Cathedral Chimes on the rails and Author Dillon on the outside, racing on terms, while Adelaide Direct dropped a couple of lengths in the rear. Coming into the straight Cathedral Chimes and Author Dillon were on terms, and going round the bend into the back stretch Author Dillon gradually forged ahead, and at the tanks was clear of Cathedral Chimes where Adelaide Direct commenced a great run. The latter was a couple of lengths behind, coming into the straight and excitement grew as she appeared to be catching Author Dillon. The latter, however, pacing in great style, won very nicely by two lengths, while Cathedral Chimes was six lengths away in third place, with Admiral Wood beaten off. Times - 2m 45 4/5s; 2m 46 3/5s; 2m 48s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second 70 sovs and third 35 sovs from stake. 4.46 class. For un-hoppled trotters only. Two miles.

Houston & Williams's br g Galician by Galindo-Monica, aged, 10sec, M Edwards 1.
N L Price's b h Imperial Crown, aged, 7sec, Owner 2.
A Smith's b g King Capitalist, aged, 11sec, A Barraclough 3.

Electrocute 5sec, Olive L 5sec, Red Heather 5sec, Paul Huon 7sec, Norval King 11sec, Lady Patricia 11sec and Truganini 11sec also started.

Norval King at once established a lead of several lengths with Lady Patricia, King Capitalist, Imperial Crown and Galician following in that order. With six furlongs gone Lady Patricia had assumed command, while King Capitalist and Galician were next in order. In the back stretch Lady Patricia retired, and Galician putting in a fast run got to the front with Imperial Crown most prominent of the others. Galican increased his lead coming into the straight, and won by a length an a half with the third horse a length away. Truganini was fourth and Paul Huon next. Times - 4m 48 2/5s; 4m 45 3/5s; 4m 50sec.

RAILWAY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 2.17 class. One mile.

J R Blackie's b h Sir Fulham by Marvin Wilkes-Fulham Flower, aged, 8sec, F Gray 1.
E H Cuchsey's b g Huon Patch, aged, 1sec B Jarden 2.
R McDonell's b m Evelyn, aged, 1sec, A Pringle 3.

General Wilkes scr, Ariadno 1sec, and Fernleigh 1sec also started.

Sir Fulham started very quickly and soon had a six lengths lead from Fernleigh with Ariadno following. The order was the same going past the stand and down the back stretch Huon Patch travelled fast and got on terms with the leader. Both Huon Patch and Sir Fulham were under the whip a furlong from the winning post, and Sir Fulham, staying the better, won by three lengths with Evelyn ten lengths away third. Ariadno was fourth. Times - 2m 15 4/5s;2m 14 4/5s; 2m 16s.

ROYAL HANDICAP of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 2.16 class. One mile and a quarter.

F Johnston's blk g Beckom by Pert Huon-Pearl, 3sec, A Hendricksen 1.
Jarden & Edgar's b h John Dillon, aged, B Jarden 2.
R G C Munro's b m Stanley's Child, aged, 3sec, R Logan 3.

Lord Minto scr, St Kevin 1sec, Frank Tracey 4s also started.

Frank Tracey was the first out and led past the stand with Beckom next. In the back stretch Beckom assumed command and won by two lengths, with half a length between second and third. Lord Minto was fourth. Times - 2m 49 4/5s;2m 47 1/5s;2m 50 2/5s.

Credit: The Press 8 November 1918


YEAR: 1919


The popularity of trotting has never been more strikingly illustrated in Canterbury than it was yesterday, when the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting opened at Addington.

This fixtiure, at which 11,000 will be distributed in stakes during the three days, is easily the most important trotting Meeting of the year in Australasia, and the attendance yesterday must have been of record dimensions. There were visitors present from all parts of the Dominion, among them being his Excellency the Governor-General and the Countess of Liverpool, who took a very keen interest in the racing.

The weather was beautifully fine, but an easterly breeze made itself felt during the afternoon, and it was largely responsible for the dust that was flying on the track during the running of the earlier races. The racing track was in good order, but not quite so fast as it has been on other occasions, and there is nothing very striking about the times registered during the day.

There is no better equipped trotting ground in the Dominion than that at Addington, but large as are the stands there, they were quite inadequate to cope with the huge attendance, and if the crowds increase as they have done in recent years, the officers of the club will find it a very difficult task to provide sufficient accommodation for them. The grounds generally have never looked better, the well-kept lawns and bright flower-beds giving evidence of careful attention.

With such a large attendance, it was not surprising to find a record sum put through the totalisator, the investments for the day amounting to 76,291, the largest yet recorded at a trotting Meeting in New Zealand, as compared with 52,091 10s on the corresponding day last year. The investments on the New Zealand Trotting Cup were 16,147 10s which is a record for any single event, either trotting or racing in the Dominion. The management of the Meeting was of the usual high standard characteristic of gatherings at Addington, and it was unfortunate that an enquiry after the last race, resulting in the disqualification of the first horse, should have prolonged the proceedings.

The opening event, the Spring Handicap, a saddle race, over a mile and five furlongs, for unhoppled trotters, found Succory made a solid favourite, with Lord Roanchild next in demand. Succory began well, but did not go kindly, and a bad break lost him his place, and he could do no better than finish fourth. Miss Salisbury, who was third favourite, was always in a good position, but at the finish she was outstayed by Mushroom, one of the outsiders of the field, who paid a very substantial dividend. Colonel Havelock, as usual, was running on well at the finish, and finished third.

Schnapps was very solidly backed for the Empire Handicap, a two-mile event, in saddle, and he proved that his supporters' confidence was justified, for he paced solidly throughout, and, staying on well, won nicely from Dillon Eddy, with Will o' the Wisp close up third. Ouimet showed a lot of speed for over a mile and a half, but then left his feet, and was beaten into fifth place.

With these events decided, attention was centred on the New Zealand Trotting Cup, which with its stake of 2500 sovs, in addition to the silver cup presented by the president of the Club, the Hon C Louisson, is the most valuable trotting race of the year in Australasia. Practically ever since the nominations were taken Author Dillon had been favourite, and he retained his position in the betting right up to the start of the race, though Moneymaker was nearly as well backed on the machine. Matchlight, whose form last season was very consistent, was third in demand, and then came Albert Cling, Trix Pointer and Sherwood. They were a very well trained lot, and their prelininaries were closely watched.

The start was a very good one, but John Dillon, who was bracketed with Author Dillon, lost his chance immediately by failing to strike a gait, and took no part in the race. Moneymaker, always a good beginner, was quickly into his stride, and soon established a useful lead, but, as he has so often done at Addington, tired over the final stages and could not respond to the strong challenge thrown out by Trix Pointer, who won in convincing style. The winner, who is an American-bred mare, has been a very consistent performer since she first appeared on the track in New Zealand. She is on the small side, but thoughly genuine, and was driven a very well judged race by her trainer, F Holmes, who, it may be mentioned, purchased her on his last visit to America.

Erin's Queen rather surprised the public by her excellent showing, and it was not until she broke a furlong from home that she lost her chance of a place. Matchlight paced a good race, but Author Dillon's performance was very disappointing. He showed no dash at any stage of the race, and though he raced up to Matchlight he could not pass Bryce's representative and finished a good way back. Albert Cling was never really dangerous, and Agathos broke badly.

After the race the handsome silver cup attached to it was presented to Mr W H Norton by Lady Liverpool. In returning thanks Mr Norton said that it was one of the proudest moments of his life to be the owner of the winner of the New Zealand Trotting Cup. He did not deserve that position altogether, as his trainer, F Holmes, was really responsible for the win. He simply occupied the limelight as the owner, but Mr Holmes was the man who brought the horse to the condition to enable her to win. He thanked the president of the club for presenting the cup to the winner of the biggest trotting race in New Zealand.

The Riccarton Handicap was an interesting race between the placed horses, but in the final stages Cello Sydney Wilkes had no trouble in stalling off Dean Dillon's challenge, Admiral Wood finished strongly and took third place from Rorke's Drift, who had been responsible for much of the early running.

Olive L who was made favourite for the Middleton Handicap, a two-mile harness race for unhoppled trotters, did not go very kindly, and made three bad mistakes which probably cost her the race. Lady Patricia trotted very steadily, but Imperial Crown outstayed her at the finish, registering a very good performance. Beeswing, on the limit, went off with a big lead, but broke badly before going half a mile.

The Victoria Handicap was a very interesting race. Legacy led most of the way, but failed to see the journey out, and Dandy Chimes, well driven by J Bryce, beat him home. Jack Arrah did not get a good run, but showed a lot of speed. Capriccio and Nora Creina were left at the post.

The St Albans Handicap was not a very exciting affair, for Birdwood, who has so often disappointed his connections, was on this occasion on his best behaviour, and beginning smartly led throughout, and won easily from All Bell.

The Hagley Handicap, which brought the day's racing to a close, was a very solid betting race. Capriccio was a pronounced favourite with Pitaroa, Child and Sashwood well backed. Capriccio left the mark smartly, and though she broke six furlongs from home, she lost no ground and maintained her lead. In the straight she broke again, and galloped past the post, followed by Chid, Makomako and Pitaroa. The stewards were immediately called together, and after consideration disqualified Capriccio under Rule 293, which reads: "When any horse breaks from his gait, the rider or driver shall immediately pull him to the gait at which he was to go the race, and if any rider or driver shall fail to comply with this requirement the horse he is riding or driving, if it is placed, shall be disqualified for the race, and the rider or driver may be fined any sum not exceeding 20, or be suspended or disqualified for any term." The race was consequently awarded to Chid, with Makomako second and Pitaroa third. Details of the races are:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50, third 25. For unhoppled trotters only. 4.2 class. One mile and five furlongs.

E Berry's b g Mushroom by Young Governor colt, aged, 5sec, Owner 1.
W Orange's b m Miss Salisbury, aged, 8sec, Owner 2
C Davey's ch g Colonel Havelock, aged, 7sec, H Gaskill 3

Lord Roanchild scr, Balnamoan 3sec, Treasure Seeker 5sec, Ben Bell 6sec, Chub 7sec, Te Kuiti 7sec, Marvin Junr 8sec, Miss Lorna 9sec, Tonight 10sec, Succory 10sec, Jessie's Dream 10sec, Pieter Timmerman 10sec, Rita Rose 10sec and Dragoon Junr 10sec also started.

Dragoon Junr failed to get away at the start, and Succory led from Jessie's Dream, Rita Rose and Miss Salisbury. Passing the stand the second time Te Kuiti and Succory led and Lord Roanchild improved his position. Going down the back Mushroom went to the front and with Miss Salisbury led into the straight. The latter broke one hundred yards from the post, and Mushroom won by half a length. Colonel Havelock was six lengths away third, followed by Succory and Lord Roanchild. Times - 3m 52 1/5s; 3m 55 2/5s; 3m 57 3/5s.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50, third 25. 4.48 class. Two miles.

E G McCullough's b g Schnapps by Tom Sayers, aged, 5sec, E McDermott 1.
W Eddy's b g Dillon Eddy, 6yrs, 6sec D Bennett 2.
Mr Meorut's b g Will o' the Wisp, 6yrs, 8sec, A Butterfield 3.

Granger scr, Silver Nut 5sec, Mahinga 6sec, The Whip 8sec, Blue Chimes 8sec, Lady Wayward 8sec, Ouimet 8sec, Irvingwood 9sec and Calton 9sec also started.

Ouimet and Will o' the Wisp were quickest to strike a gait and the pair led round the top turn and going past the stand the order was Ouimet, Will o' the Wisp, Calton and Silver Nut, while Granger was called off for starting before his time. The second round was run in the same order, excepting that Schnapps considerably improved his position and Dillon Eddy was pacing seadily in fifth place. At the tanks Ouimet broke and lost his position, and by the time the straight was reached Schnapps had drawn level with Calton, who at once went to a break. Dillon Eddy finished fast, but Schnapps held his own and won by a length with Will o' the Wisp half a dozen lengths away. Calton was fourth and Ouimet fifth. Times - 4m 42s;4m 43 2/5s; 4m 49s.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 2500 sovs, and silver cup Presented by Hon C Louisson; second 500, third 300, fourth 200. 4.33 class. Two miles.

W H Norton's b m Trix Pointer by Demonio-Bally Pointer, 6yrs, 6sec, F Holmes 1.
J G S Holmes's b g Moneymaker, aged, 9sec, A Pringle 2.
Cross Bros & J Bryce's b h Matchlight, aged, 2sec, J Bryce 3.
S G Lemon's br g Sherwood, aged, 6sec, N L Price 4.

Exors J Knight's b h Author Dillon, aged, scr, B Jarden
N Green's br g Albert Cling, 6yrs, 5sec, A Hendricksen
A R Edgerton's br g Don Caesar, aged, 6sec, A Butterfield
C Channing's br g Agathos, aged, 6sec, J Cockerill
J D Parker's ch m Erin's Queen, aged, 8sec, A Fleming
F H Robson's b h Mintson,aged, 9sec, A G Wilson

John Dillon broke up at the start and was pulled up; his stable mate, Author Dillon, was travelling fast, but did not get away quite up to his bell, and Agathos skipped at the tanks. Moneymaker went off at a very solid pace and quickly established a considerable break on Mintson and Erin's Queen, and a six lengths gap separated this pair from Trix Pointer and Sherwood. Passing the stand the first time Moneymaker had a six lengths lead on Erin's Queen and Mintson, with Trix Pointer following. At this stage Author Dillon had closed on several of the field, but had made no impression on the leaders. Going down the back stretch the order was the same, but at this stage Albert Cling was pacing very solidly, and Author Dillon appeared to be picking up ground. Agathos again broke, and was not persevered with.
On commencing the final round Moneymaker led Erin's Queen by six lengths while Trix Pointer was in third position, followed by Don Caesar and Sherwood, who were pacing well and Mintson. Going down the back Erin's Queen raced up to Moneymaker, and Author Dillon, who was well beaten, left his feet momentarity. Erin's Queen and Moneymaker led into the straight, followed by Trix Pointer, who was hitting out in great style. Half-way down the running both the leaders were under the whip and Trix Pointer, staying on beautifully and pacing fautlessly, gathered them both and won a well-judged race by close on three lengths from Moneymaker, while Matchlight, staying on well defeated Sherwood by four lengths. Erin's Queen who broke in the straight was fifth, Mintson sixth and the rest pulling up. Times - 4m 30s; 4m 33 4/5s; 4m 27 3/5s.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 400 sovs; second 80, third 40. 3.44 class. One mile and five furlongs.

Mrs T L Morrison's b h Cello Sydney Wilkes by Harold Dillon-Cremona Wilkes, aged, 7sec, J McLennan 1.
Wootton & Fleming's b g Dean Dillon, aged, 8sec, A Fleming 2.
W H Norton's br h Admiral Wood, aged, 2sec, J Bryce 3.

Tommy C 4sec, Cora Dillon 5sec, Huon Patch 6sec, Hannah M 7sec, Nancy Stair 7sec, Bundura 8sec, Star Queen 9sec, Rorke's Drift 9sec and Captain Stanley 9sec also started.

Captain Stanley and Huon Patch refused to go, and Rorke's Drift at once went away with several lengths lead of Star Queen, Dean Dillon, Bundura and Cello Sydney Wilkes. This order was maintained all through the first round, but going down the back Cello Sydney Wilkes and Dean Dillon went away from the others. In the straight Cello Sydney Wilkes easily held his own, and won nicely by two lengths, with the third horse six lengths away. Rorke's Drift was fourth and Bundura fifth. Times - 3m 42 1/5s; 3m 43 4/5s: 3m 39s.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60, third 30. 4.48 class. For unhoppled trotters only. Two miles.

N L Price's b h Imperial Crown by Rothschild-Imperious mare, aged, 7sec, Owner 1.
W L Moir's br m Lady Patricia, aged, 10sec, A Fleming 2.
A Smith's b g King Capitalist, aged, 4sec, H Barraclough 3.

Red Heather 3sec, Whisht 4sec, Olive L 6sec, Gay Wilkes 7sec, Electrocute 7sec, Paul Huon 9sec and Beeswing 11sec also started.

Beeswing went off at a great pace, and soon had a big lead from Lady Patricia. The leader broke in the straight and lost all chances of winning, and Olive L also went very unsteadily. Imperial Crown and Lady Patricia carried on the running practically all the way, with Beeswing in third place. Imperial Crown stayed the better, and beat Lady Patricia by three lengths, while King Capitalist finished fast and beat Olive L by a length. Paul Huon was fifth. Times - 4m 42 3/5s; 4m 46 1/5s; 4m 41s.

VICTORIA HANDICAP (in harness) of 400 sovs; second 80, third 40. 4,41 class. Two miles.

W B Masham's br g Dandy Chimes by Four Chimes-Kentucky mare, aged, 4sec, J Bryce 1.
R McLeod's b g Legacy, 6yrs, 4sec, R Logan 2.
R J Stone's ch g Gleaming, 5yrs, 4sec W Warren, 3.

Sympathy scr, Capriccio scr, Jack Arrah 1sec, Norah Creina 1sec, Reta Peter 1sec, Brown's Nugget 2sec, Sir Fulham 3sec and George Hard 4sec also started.

Norah Creina and Capriccio stopped on the mark and took no part in the race. Legacy and Sir Fulham at once went off in the lead, with Gleaming, George Hard and Jack Arrah following in that order. These positions were maintained for a circuit when Brown's Nugget, with Legacy drew out from the rest. The latter broke, and Dandy Chimes improved his position. Legacy led into the straight, but Dandy Chimes came with a good run and won by two lengths, Gleaming, six lengths away, just beating Reta Peter. Jack Arrah was fifth. Times - 4m 41 2/5s; 4m 41 4/5s; 4m 42s.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50, third 25. 2.18 class. One mile.

J Jarden's blk h Birdwood by Wildwood Jun-Wattle, 6yrs, 5sec, B Jarden 1.
Paton & Fleming's blk g All Bell, 4yrs, 5sec, A Fleming 2.
C North's b m Pleasant Mount, 6yrs, 5sec, J Armstrong 3.

Cora Dillon scr, Ariadne 2sec and King Karri 4sec coupled, Lord Dillon 2sec, Captain Stanley 3sec, Frank Tracey 3sec, Xavier 4sec and Proudspring 4sec also started.

Birdwood hopped out smartly, and leading all the way, won very easily by four lengths. All Bell looked at one stage like beating the winner, but failed to sustain his effort. Pleasant Mount was six lengths further away, followed by Ariadne and King Karri. Times - 2m 15 1/5s; 2m 16 3/5s; 2m 18 4/5s.

HAGLET HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60, third 30. 2.50 class. One mile and a quarter.

W B Masham's blk g Chid by St Elmo-Lady Brentwood, aged, 4sec, J Bryce 1.
H W Kitchingham's b g Mako Mako, aged, 7sec, W Brown 2.
S Wootton's b g Pitaroa, 5yrs, 7sec, A Fleming 3.
E G McCullough's b m Capriccio, aged, 7sec, E McDermott disq.

Sashwood 4sec, Sungod 4sec, Vice-Admiral 5sec, Tamarisk 6sec, Bundong 6sec and Pax 7sec also started.

Capriccio commenced very smartly and led past the stand from Pitaroa and Tamarisk, with Chid handy. Along the back Capriccio was still in front with Pitaroa, Bundong following and Chid making a fast run. Capriccio led into the straight and appeared to be winning easily. She broke thirty yards from the post and galloped past six lengths in front of Chid. Maka Mako was three lengths away, followed by Pitaroa, Sashwood and Sungod. Times - Chid 2m 45 4/5s; Mako Mako 2m 50s.

After the race the stewards held an enquiry and disqualified Capticcio under Rule293, the race being awarded to Chid, with Mako Mako second and Pitaroa third..

Credit: The Press 12 Nov 1919

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