YEAR: 1909


Never since the famous Fritz-Ribbonwood match has the Addington course presented such an animated scene as that winessed yesterday. Long before starting time it was quite apparent the attendance would eclipse any previous first day's record, and as the crowd continued to pour in till well into the afternoon, the whole of the accommodation became taxed to its utmost.

Even before operations commenced race cards were at a premium, a circumstance that demonstrated how greatly the attendance exceeded the expectations of the management. A more perfect day for racing, both as regards onlookers and competitors, could not have been desired. What little wind there was failed to cause the least inconvenience, while the efforts of two huge watering carts kept the track in nice order, and minimised the dust trouble.

Visitors from all parts of New Zealand were present in strong force, and their numbers were augmented by quite a number of Australian sporting enthusiasts. Not so many years ago trotting as a sport was hardly counenanced by the general run of racegoers, but that this prejudice has quite died out was evidenced by the constitution of yesterday's crowd. The New Zealand Parliament was represented by Messrs J Colvin, T H Davey, G Whitty, A E Glover, W D S Macdonald and G W Russell, while from Australia came such well-known enthusiasts as Dr Slate, Dr Sime, Messrs F D Brown, T H Nolan, C L Russell, R Hungerford and W J Beckett. So dense was the crowd in the encloure that it was a matter of difficulty to note the many vistors from other parts of the Dominion, but their number included Messrs J B Harcourt, A E Whyte, K Duncan, R Turnbull, H Beauchamp, J H Coates, W Callender, J E Henrys, W Gardiner, A Samuels, W Mowbray, J Macdonald and E Davis.

The big attraction of the day's card was, of course, the New Zealand Cup Handicap, the richest stake of its class ever given for a trotting race in Australasia. It brought out what was undoubtedly the finest field of horses ever got together at Addington, for each of the eleven starters was handicapped to do 4.45 or better. They were indeed a classy lot, and demonstrated to what perfection the light harness horse can be developed. Nothing looked better than the three young stallions Wildwood Junior, Lord Elmo and King Cole, the last-named of whom carried the largest amount of the record sum of 3072 invested.

As a spectacle, the race was one of the most disappointing of its class ever run at Addington. Before going a furlong, King Cole and Durbar put themselves out of court by misbehaving, and for a circuit, John M, Verax, Imperial Polly and Master Poole formed the vanguard. A little further on, however, Wildwood junior got within striking distance of the leaders, and with a mile left behind, his great burst of speed had carried him to the fore. From this out the issue was never in doubt, as the further they went the further was Wildwood's speedy son in front. It was the contest for second money between Terra Nova, Lord Elmo, Revenue, and Master Poole that served to arouse the only enthusiasm engendered by the race, and with the winner out of the way it would have been a spirited finish.

The other races were all well contested, and provided plenty of excitement. Willowood, an elder brother to Wildwood Junior, captured the Au Revoir Handicap, and that after losing several seconds at the start. Unlike the Cup winner, his victory was well anticipated. An Australian-bred gelding in Barmaguie showed out in a favourable light by annexing the St Albans Handicap from a big field of saddle horse, while Franzie outstayed Marie Corelli in the Riccarton Handicap. The latter's chance was discounted by a collision with Lady Clare at the home turn, and a broken sulky resulted.

All the officials, though hard-worked, got through their duties with the utmost despatch, and for the first time the position of judge was filled by Mr W H Hartgill. No fewer than twenty bookmakers were doing business, but despite their strong opposition the totalisator receipts amounted to 16,291, as against 10,606 10s on the correponding day last year.

The following are the results:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; Second 22 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Robinson's br h Maori Child, by Maori Prince-My Child, aged, 7sec (M Edwards) 1
W T Lowe's Yankee Lass, 10sec (T Annett) 2
T G Fox's Adventuress, scr (Owner) 3

Troubadour 7sec, Sunny Boy 12sec, Glenroy 14sec, Lone Hand 14sec, Mine Yet 15sec, Miamot 15sec, Matariki 16sec, Rosadora 16sec and Silver Q 16sec also started.

Rosadora showed the way from Silver Q and Lone Hand for over a mile, when Maori Child and Yankee Lass closed on them. Half way through the last circuit Maori Child ran to the front, and just lasted long enough to win by a neck from Yankee Lass. Adventuress was third twelve lengths away, followed by Troubadour. Time, 5min 0 1/5th sec.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP(in harness) of 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Miss Begg's b h Lord Ashton, by Toronto-Katipo, 5yrs 6sec (Mr W Begg) 1
Mrs J S August's General Black, 4sec (Mr August) 2
Mrs W J Bryan's Lady Maid, scr (Mr F Amor) 3

Gold Lace scr, Nell Gwynne 4sec, Leonore scr, Silverette 2sec, Marilla 8sec and Ivy Dean 4sec (coupled), Little Toby 8sec, Gold Ribbon 2sec, Beetle Nut 2sec and Rexcodium 2sec (coupled), Navigator 2sec and Thelma T 4sec (coupled), Childe Beldon 4sec, Master Raymond 4sec, Rosemary 4sec, Ivy Woodburn 4sec and Wallace M 4sec (coupled), Sister julian 4sec, Bravo 4sec and Tiny Child 5sec (coupled), Gold Guard 6sec, Lord Rothschild 6sec and Prima Donna 7sec also started.
Lord Ashton took charge at the end of half a mile, General Black and Leonore being his nearest attendants. Half way through the concluding round General Black was in front, but he broke allowing Lord Ashton to go on and win by fifty yards. Lady's Maid was third three lengths further back, followed by Leonore. Time 4min 7sec.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 700 sovs; second 105 sovs and third 70 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Kerr's blk h Wildwood Junior, by Wildwood-Thelma, 5yrs, 5sec (Owner) 1
H Wells's Terra Nova, 5sec (J Messervey) 2
J Cooper's Lord Elmo, scr (J Milne) 3

Durbar 1sec, Revenue 4sec and Albertorious 6sec (coupled), Imperial Polly 8sec, Verax 9sec, Master Poole 9sec, King Cole 10sec and John M 10sec also started.

King Cole broke at the start and lost a lot of ground. At the stand John M had Verax, Imperial Polly and Master Poole as his nearest attendants, while Durbar was already in trouble. With a circuit completed John M was still in front just clear of Imperial Polly, Verax, Wildwood Junior and Terra Nova. Racing along the back straight Wildwood Jun. worked his way to the front and soon established a commanding lead. Entering the final circuit Wildwood Jun. was twelve lengths clear of Verax, Imperial Polly and Terra Nova, and easily holding his own to the finish, won by forty yards from Terra Nova, who was half a length in front of Lord Elmo. Then close up came Revenue, Imperial Polly and Master Poole. Time, 4min 39sec.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 soves from stake. Two miles.

M Allan's Bribery, by Prince Imperial-The Gift, 3yrs, 13sec (Owner) 1
W Witte's Phosprorus, 16sec (A Piper) 2
A Sydney's Kohine, 10sec, (M Edwards) 3

Laudervale scr, Pansy 5sec, Sonbrino 10sec, Gladsome 12sec, Slewee 12sec, Implore 12sec, Sir Joe 15sec and Troubadour 16sec also started.

Phosphorus and Sir Joe made play all through the first circuit, but then the latter lost his place. A little further on Bribery ran up to Phosphorus, and the pair cleared right out from the field. When well into the second mile Phosphorus broke, allowing Bribery to go on and win as he pleased by forty yards from Phosphorus, who was a length in front of Kohine. Then came Gladsome and Pansy. Time, 5min 4 3/5th sec.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs, and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

A Fay's b c Franzie, by Franz-Effie, 4yrs, 12sec (F Holmes) 1
F Macdonald's Lady Clare, 7sec, (J Brankin) 2
J Heseltine's Derringcote, 5sec (M Edwards) 3

Woodburn Lad 7sec, Tuxedo Chief 8sec, Miss Wilson 8sec, Little Arthur 8sec, Marie Corelli 11sec and Silver Cry 12sec also started.

Franzie showed the way past the stand, but in the back straight he was joined by Marie Corelli, Little Arthur heading the others. The leading pair ran almost on terms till well into the concluding circuit, where Franzie drew away and won by two lengths from Lady Clare. Derringcotte was third ten lengths back, followed by Miss Wilson. Time, 3min 42sec.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. Two miles.

G Addison's b m Welfare, by Rothschild-Farewell, aged, 13sec (J Messervey) 1
T G Fox's Adventuress, 6sec (Owner) 2
H Pain's Lord Ashley, 17sec (J Gaskill) 3

Electrocute 5sec, Te Kuiti 8sec, Lord Vivian 9sec, Mahanui 11sec, Lenape 12sec, Ravensdale 14sec, Effie Wood 14sec, White Rock 16sec, and Yankee Lass 16sec also started.

Lord Ashley was in front for half a mile, when he broke, and Welfare ran past him. With half the distance gone Welfare was three lengths to the good of Lord Ashley, and then at intervals came Lord Vivian, Mahanui and Adventuress. Welfare held her own all through the concluding circuit, and just lasted long enough to win by half a length in front of Lord Ashley. Then at close intervals came Electrocute and Lord Vivian. Time, 5min 11sec.

AU REVOIR HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

W Kerr's b h Willowood, by Wildwood-Thelma, 6yrs, 10sec (Owner) 1
R Sunderland's Wildflower, 12sec (J Messervey) 2
R D Petrie's Dan Tracey, 11sec (C Kerr) 3

Wild Duck scr, Hamlin 5sec, Little Arthur 7sec, The Middie 7sec, Plush 9sec, Huon Hue 10sec, Ella (A) 11sec, Mada 11sec, Piecework 12sec and Phosphorus 12sec also started.

Wildflower was quickest to begin, and at the stand she was well clear of Dan Tracey and Mada. As they turned into the back straight Willowood, who had been slow to begin, gradually overhauled the leaders, and two furlongs from home had Wildflower's measure. From this out the favourite had matters all his own way, winning easily by twelve lengths. Dan Tracey was third half a length behind Wildflower, followed by Mada. Time, 2min 24sec.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

W C Hird's b g Barmaguie, by Huon Junr, 6yrs, 8sec (J McLelland) 1
R Sunderland's Wildflower, 10sec (J Messervey) 2
J Heinzman's Queen Mab, 6sec (E McIntyre) 3

Ned Egan 3sec, Lucky Mount 3sec, Early Dawn 4sec, Ianto 4sec, Chatham 5sec, Joy 5sec, Cora Lynn 6sec, Wild Wave 6sec, Mambrino Akabah 7sec, Dusky Morn 9sec, Ruby S 10sec, DCL 10sec, The Ilobo 10sec and Miss Vera 10sec also started.

Wildflower showed the way from the start just clear of Miss Vera and Ruby S. At the stand Barmaguie was in third place, and in the back straight closed on Wildflower. Quickly having the latter's measure he went on, and won with ease by six lengths from Wildflower. Queen Mab was third a length back, followed by Early Dawn and Wild Wave. Time 2min 23 3/5th sec.

Credit: The Press 10 November


YEAR: 1908


Run on 8 August 1908 (in harness) of 60 sovs; second horse 6 sovs and third horse 4 sovs from the stake. One mile and a half.

Miss Cass's b c Silver Cry, by Boldrewood- Silver Call, 3yrs, 15sec (Mr J Cass) 1.

Mrs T G Fox's b m Adventuress, 4yrs, 14sec (Mr T G Fox) 2.

Mrs R Sunderland's b f Alice Maud, 3yrs, 11sec (Mr R Sunderland) 3.

Thicket 8sec, Clarewood 10sec, Dolly Wood 10sec, Agesemos 10sec, Lady Elf 12sec, Lord Rothschild 12sec, Imperial Kit 12sec, Master Pat 13sec, Agapanthus 14sec, Little Rothie 14sec, Dark Child 15sec and Prince Rothschild 15sec also started.

Silver Cry and Adventuress were in front all the way, Silver Cry winning by four lengths. Alice Maud was a hundred yards away, followed by Agapanthus ans Master Pat.

Time 4min 4 2/5sec.

Credit: Star 8 Aug 1908


YEAR: 1905


The weather was far from pleasant for the second day of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting, a strong southerly wind prevailing, accompanied at intervals by light showers. As the result of the rain that fell during the night the course, when proceedings commenced, was decidely heavy. It improved greatly, however, as the afternoon wore on, but at no time afforded first-class going.

The attendance was even larger than Tuesdays record, amongst those present being many notable visiting racing men from all parts of the colony. After the concluding event the stewards hald an inquiry into the running of Jewel's Heiress, but after hearing the evidence of those concerned accepted the explanation tendered as satisfactory.

Speculation was particularly brisk, the fine sum of 13,236 10s being invested, as against 11,002 on the corresponding day last year. The following are the results:-

HALSWELL HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

M Friedlander's blk c Kerrwood by Wildwood-Rosewood, 4yrs, 20sec (W Kerr) 1
R Sunderland's Wild Flower, 2sec (J Farrar) 2
J McDonnell's Impatient, 2sec (Owner) 3

Lady Elmo scr, Myosotis scr, Betty 8sec, Lenape 14sec, Alice Palm 15sec, Aurora 20sec and Richard E 24sec also started.

Richard E made play till well into the back straight, where Kerrwood took charge. From this out the favourite had matters all his own way, and won easing up by three lengths from Wild Flower, who finished a length to the good of Impatient, with Lady Elmo fourth. Time, 4min 26 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Kerrwood 1 10s; on Wild Flower 1 18s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

R D Petrie's br c Dan Patch, by Rothschild, 8yrs, 16sec (A Pringle) 1
W Trotter's b g Micklebrook, 24sec (J McLelland) 2
C Davidson's Elmwood, 18sec (Owner) 3

Bessie B scr, Highlander 5sec, Longfellow 8sec, Miss Eadir 11sec, LEA 15sec, Glenroy 16sec, Laughter 16sec, Larry II 17sec, Duly Elected 18sec, Ingonyama 18sec, Kalmea 23sec and Vesta 24sec also started.

Vesta led for nearly a circuit, when Dan Patch ran to the front and soon established a commanding lead. Half a mile from home Micklebrook took second place, but he could make no impression on Dan Patch, who won by four lengths. Elmwood was third, twelve lengths away, followed by Longfellow. Time, 3min 59sec. Dividends - On Dan Patch 1 10s; on Micklebrook 3 10s.

CHAMPION HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 37 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. Two miles.

E A Munro's b g Discoverer by Stanley, aged, 9sec (K Smith) 1
S E Tasker's Marian, 5sec (J Brankin) 2
Dr Thacker's Sir Hector, 7sec (J Mine) 3

Bolrewood scr, Verax 4sec, Darwin 4sec, Miss Vera Capel 6sec, Sal Tasker 6sec, Florin 8sec, McKinley 8sec and Master Poole 9sec also started.

Discoverer led past the stand well clear of Florin and Sir Hector, with Marian most prominent of the others. In the back Sir Hector ran past Florin and closed on the leader, the pair being almost on terms when the enclosure was reached for the second time. Marian was now in third place, well in advance of Florin, who was followed by Sir Hector, Verax and Miss Vera Capel. With half the distance gone Discoverer was still heading Sir Hector, the pair being closely followed by Marian. Going past the stand for the last time Discoverer had a slight advantage of Sir Hector, but in the back straight he lost his place to Marian. The latter gradually closed on the leader, and a furlong from the post was on terms with him. A great struggle to the post ensued, Discoverer by a final effort just gaining the judge's verdict by a neck. Sir Hector finished third forty yards back, just in front of Verax and Miss Vera Capel. Time, 5min. Dividends - On Discoverer 10 12s; on Marian 4 8s

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs, and third 15 sovs from stake. Two miles.

R Beckett's br g Sir Joe by Vancleve, aged, 18sec (B Edwards) 1
F H Lambert's Little Doctor, 7sec (F Holmes) 2
J Hempler's Vanclare, 13sec (M Edwards) 3

Miss Banks 13sec, Carl 13sec, Lena Bell 14sec and Bushman 19sec also started.

Bushman had a substantial advantage of Sir Joe and Lena Bell all through the first round, while Little Doctor was making up his ground at a great rate. With half the distance gone Little Doctor was in front. Sir Joe and Bushman heading the others. A break by the leader enabled Sir Joe to get to him in the last round, and the pair fought out a great finish, Sir Joe eventually winning by five lengths. Vanclare was third, nine lengths back, followed by Lena Bell. Time, 5min 9sec. Dividends - On Sir Joe 2 12s; on Little Doctor 16s.

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M Edwards's gr c Lord Althorp by Almont-Lady Thorp, 3yrs, 16sec (Owner) 1
C Kerr's Wild Arab, 15sec (Owner) 2
R Beckett's Sir Joe, 7sec (4sec pen)(B Edwards) 3

Cariola 12sec and Master Dudley 16sec also started.

Lord Althorp and Wild Arab soon established a long lead from their opponents, and though the latter repeatedly tacked the grey colt, he was unable to pass him, and suffered defeat by six lenghts. Time, 5min 10sec. Dividend - 3 8s.

SPEEDWELL HANDICAP (in harness) of 180 sovs; second horse 27 sovs and third horse 18 sovs from stake. About one mile and a quarter.

J Cooper's b c Lord Elmo by Rothschild-Judah, 3yrs, 4sec (J Milne) 1
J Hemplin's ch g Elector, aged, 3sec (M Edwards) 2
E Thomas's b h Boldrewood, aged, 3sec (M Albaugh) 3

Norice scr and Austerlitz 4sec also started.

Boldrewood broke soon after the start, and Lord Elmo went on from Austerlitz and Elector. At the end of half a mile Lord Elmo and Elector were out by themselves, while Norice was making up ground fast. Elector ran up to Lord Elmo in the second lap, but the latter drew away again, and won by a length. Norice broke badly in the last three furlongs, and Boldrewood secured third place, just in front of Norice and Austerlitz. Time, 2min 59sec. Dividend - 3 2s.

LINCON HANDICAP (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

F Holmes's b g Vascoe by Vancleve, aged, 2sec (Owner) 1
J Messervey's Lilly C, 5sec (Owner) 2
C Kerr's All Day, 6sec (Owner) 3

Two Up scr, Cocoanut scr, Little Doctor 2sec, Royalwood 5sec, Whisper 6sec, Fredrick 6sec, Bessie B 7sec and Victor Huon 7sec also started.

Fredrick was the first to show prominent, but before reaching the stand Lily C headed him, as did All Day and Whisper. Lily C entered the back straight eight lengths to the good of All Day, with Whisper and Vascoe at the head of the others. The leader held her own till within a hundred yards of the post, where Vascoe joined her, and in a splendid finish the latter won by a head. All Day was three lengths away in third place, followed by Whisper, Two Up and Cocoanut who were almost on terms. Time, 2min 22 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Vascoe 4 14s; on Lily C 4.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

R Powrie's blk m Jewel's Heiress by Heir-in-law-Nellie Gray, 6yrs, 6sec (L Robertson)1
A Brown's The Needle, 2sec (A Pringle) 2
J Lewis's Ben Hur, scr (B Edwards) 3

Hamlin scr, Amusement 1sec, The Heir 4sec, Satinwood 4sec, Almond 5sec and My Mistake 5sec also started.

Jewel's Heiress got away well, and at the stand was fifty yards to the good of Amusement and The Needle. From this out the leader had matters all her own way and won comfortably by ten lengths from The Needle. Ben Hur closed up in the last furlong, and finished three lengths in from of Amusement. Time, 2min 28sec. Dividends - On Jewel's Heiress 5 16s; on The Needle 1 6s.

Credit: The Press 10 November 1905


YEAR: 1903


Handicapper, Mr H Brinkman; Starter Mr H Reynolds.

Though savouring more of summer than winter, the weather experienced for the opening day of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's First Spring Meeting was fine. A strong nor'-wester made matters rather uncomfortable during the earlier part of the afternoon, but this did not affect the attendance, which was well up to the average of previous Spring Meetings.

The course was in excellent order, and the surrondings presented a very pleasing appearance. His Excellency the Governor arrived just before the decision of the High Class Handicap. He was accompanied by Lady Constance Knox, Lord Northland, Hon H F Wigram, MLC. Mayor of Greater Christchurch Mr & Mrs A E G Rhodes and Major Alexander and was welcomed by Mr G H McHaffie, the President of the Club.

Taken all round the racing was not as interesting as that normally associated with meeting of the club, most of the events being won with comparative ease. After the Electric Handicap had been run the stewards met and decided to disqualify Kerryall, who had come in first in that event, for galloping, the stake being awarded to Auchmithy. On the conclusion of proceedings the stewards assembled in the committee room, and drank the health of the new president, Mr G H McHaffie, who thanked those present for their good wishes.

The sum of 3741 10. was passed through the totalisator, as against 1610 10s on the corresponding day last year.

The following are the details of the racing:-

MAIDEN HANDICAP (in saddle), of 50 sovs; second horse 5 sovs and third horse 2 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Dr Thacker's blk g Wildberry, by Wildwood, 6yrs, scr (M Edwards) 1.
Mr M Brosnan's blk g Glenroy, 5yrs, 16sec (J Farrar jun) 2.
Mrs Mumford's b m Miss Viking, 6yrs, 14sec (R Mumford) 3.

Miss Victor II 6sec, Lord Rue 15sec, Mirth 15sec, Blacklock 15sec, Diamond 15sec and Little Irvington 15sec also started.

Glenroy led past the stand, followed by Miss Viking and Mirth. At the back of the course Miss Victor took third place, but passing the stand the next time round she broke, and Wildberry ran into the lead. From this point out the race was beyond doubt, Wildberry winning, pulling up, by eight lengths. A good finish for second place resulted in Glenroy beating Miss Viking by two lengths. Blacklock was a good fourth. Time - 5min 27sec. Dividends - Wildberry 1 10s, Glenroy 18s.

LINCOLN HANDICAP (in harness) of 60 sovs; second horse 6 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr R Hart's ch m Rowena, by Viking, 6yrs, 44sec (M Edwards) 1.
Mr J A Buckland's ch m Velvet, 6yrs, 22sec (C Piper) 2.
Mr H Day's blk m Wildflower, 5yrs, 36sec (J Farrar) 3.

Vaunt scr, Nonsense 18sec, Satanella 24sec, Ballot 25sec, Necklace 25sec, Dollar 28sec, Euchre 34sec, Thunderbolt 40sec, Alberta 43sec, Mount Palm 43sec and Burwood Bess 44sec also started.

Rowena left the mark smartly, and led all the way winning easily by a dozen lengths. Burwood Bess, Thunderbolt, Mount Palm, Euchre and Wildflower were her nearest attendants in the early part of the race, but half a mile from home Velvet and Wildflower singled themselves out, Velvet gaining second place by a length. Time 5min 28sec. Dividends - Rowena 2 14s, Velvet 7 18s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 60 sovs; second horse 3 sovs and third horse 2 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mrs Roberts's b m Alberta, by Albert Victor, aged 26sec (Mr H Harley) 1.
Mrs Gorton's b g Ben Hur, 5yrs, 19sec (Mr F McDonald) 2.
Mrs Mumford's b m Miss Viking, 6yrs, 25sec (Mr R Mumford) 3.

Auchmithy scr, Nonsense 2sec, Vanity Fair 4sec, Edward R 6sec, Strathconan 11sec, Eltee More 13sec, Mattie J 13sec, Paradise 14sec, Zeppa 14sec, The Manager 25sec, Struan 25sec, Lady Rothschild 26sec (coupled with Miss Viking), Vesta 26sec (coupled with Alberta), Mirth 26sec and Blacklock 26sec, General Tar 26sec, Little Irvington 26sec and Calais 26sec also started.

Alberta was in front at the end of three furlongs, and although Ben Hur caught her, Alberta held the lead and won by a dozen lengths, Miss Viking being fifty yards away, the others well strung out. Time 5min 27sec. Dividends - Alberta 2 8s, Ben Hur 1 10s.

HIGH-CLASS HANDICAP (in harness) of 115 sovs; second horse 11 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Dr Thacker's ch h Sir Hector, by Electioneer-Tracey Belle, 4yrs, 9sec (M Edwards) 1.
Mr J A Buckland's b g Verax, 5yrs, 8sec (C Piper) 2.
Mr J August's b h Black Child, 6yrs, 7sec (N Price) 3.

Monte Carlo scr, Boldrewood 1sec, General Lincoln 7sec, Lopp 10sec, All Day 13sec and Fredrick 15sec also started.

Passing the stand the first time Fredrick was showing clear of All Day, after whom came Lopp and Sir Hector. At the end of another round All Day had taken the lead from Fredrick, Sir Hector being third three lengths away, followed by Lopp. At the mile post All Day, Fredrick, Sir Hector, Lopp, and Verax were running in close order. Passing the stand, with a lap to go, Sir Hector took the lead, with Fredrick and All Day a length away, followed by Lopp, Verax and Black Child. Verax broke at the back of the course, but on settling down, he set off in pursuit of Sir Hector. The latter, however, held his own to the finish, and won by three lengths, Black Child being a dozen lengths away, then came Monte Carlo and All Day. Time 4min 53sec. Dividends - Sir Hector 2 16s, Verax 4 12s.

AUGUST HANDICAP (in saddle) of 85 sovs; Second horse 8 sovs and third horse 4 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

C Sheppard's b g Fleetwood by Wildwood-Trissie, aged, 22sec (C Kerr) 1.
J August's Perewiti, 11sec (Owner) 2.
C W Hammond's Bushman, 22sec 3.

Fichu scr, Michael Malone 3sec, Sydney 8sec, Lillian D 8sec, Vanity 15sec, Sierra 15sec, Big Jim 21sec, Blythechild 21sec and Valmond 22sec also started.

Bushman piloted the field past the stand, his nearest attendants being Fleetwood, Blythechild and Sierra, while of the backmarkers Perewiti was most prominent. In the back straight Sierra took third place, and Fleetwood drew up to Bushman. Coming to the stand Fleetwood had Bushman's measure, and Perewiti was only five lengths behind the pair. A little further on Fleetwood drew clear of Bushman, and entering the last round Perewiti was within a length of him. Before turning into the back straight Fleetwood broke, and Perewiti went on in front. Coming again, Fleetwood ran up to Perewiti, and the latter, tiring badly, enabled the favourite to win by twelve lengths. Bushman finished third, fifteen lengths back and then came Blythechild and Sierra. Time, 5min 2sec. Dividends - On Fleetwood 2 16s; on Perewiti 2 8s.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (in harness) of 70 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

R Sunderland's blk m Wild Flower by Wildwood, 5yrs, 13sec (J Farrar) 1=.
R Emerson's b g Bill by Vancleve, aged, scr (Owner) 1=.
A J Lawrence's Pygmalion, 9sec (A Fraser) 3.

Little Albert 5sec, Satanella 7sec, Bailos 8sec, Cashier 11sec, Royal Money 15sec, Exchequer 26sec, Lady Rothschild II 26sec and Autocrat 17sec also started.

After Lady Rothschild had made play for nearly a round, Exchequer took charge and piloted the field at a good pace, with Wild Flower in second place. Then came Pygmalion, Autocrat and Bill Close up. By the time a mile had been left behind Wild Flower had got to Exchequer, the pair being attended by Pygmalion and Bill. When well into the last round, Wild Flower was in front and in the back straight Bill was nearly on terms with Exchequer and Pygmalion. Passing that pair, he gradually closed on Wild Flower, and just got to her on the post, the judge giving it a dead-heat. Pygmalion was third, a dozen lengths back, followed by Exchequer. Times, Wild Flower 5min 19sec; Bill 5min 6sec. Dividends - On Wild Flower 3 14s;on Bill 8 10s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 3 sovs. One mile.

K H Smith's blk g Auchmithy by HaHa, 10sec (Owner) 1.
C Kerr's Fleetwood, 6sec(6sec Pen) (Owner) 2.
A J Keith's Kerryall, 4sec (disq)

Honest Jack 5sec, Sierra 5sec, Sweet Marie 7sec, Vanity 7sec, Nafferton 12sec, Archangel 12sec, Rickety 13sec and Eltee More also started.

Rickety was the first to show out, but with a furlong gone Auchmithy had got to the front, and a little further on Sweet Marie had taken second place. Coming to the stand, Auchmithy was two lengths clear of Sweet Marie, after whom came Rickety, with Kerryall in fourth place. Once into the back straight, Kerryall closed on the leaders, and at the home turn was on terms with Auchmithy. Going on, he beat the latter home by a length with Fleetwood in third place, a dozen lengths back. The stewards met after the race and decided to disqualify Kerryall for galloping, the race being awarded to Auchmithy. Time, 2min 30sec. Dividends - On Auchmithy 8 6s; on Fleetwood 6.
DASH HANDICAP (in harness) od 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. One mile.

W B Clarkson;s br m Al F by Charleston-Kitty Dexrel, 5yrs, 8sec (R Day) 1.
J A Buckland's Velvet, 13sec (C Piper) 2.
A Howard's Bessie B, 9sec (Owner) 3.

Velox scr, Naughty Girl 3sec, Onward 3sec, Verice 9sec and Wild Poole 10sec also started.

Velvet showed the way to the stand where she was closely followed by Al F the pair being well clear of their field. Before entering the back stretch Al F had drawn to the front and not afterward being troubled went on and won easily by half a dozen lengths. Velvet beat Bessie B for second place by a similar distance. Velox was left at the post and took no part in the race. Time, 2min 27 2/5sec. Dividends - On Al F 1 6s; on Velvet 1 6s.

Credit: The Press 10 Aug 1903


YEAR: 1894


Handicappers, The Committee; Starter Mr C O'Connor.

The summer meeting of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club is being held today. The weather is fine and the attendance up to the average. Results:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs; second horse 2 1/2 sovs. One mile.

Mr W Bell's b g Nipper, 5yrs, 12sec (Owner) 1.

Mr C Ringstead's b g Domino, aged, 12sec (R Hill) 2.

Seagull 3sec, Prince Victor 3sec, Doll 5sec, Searchlight 8sec, The Moor 8sec, Halkett Maid 8sec, Ruby 8sec, Imogene 8sec, Southern Queen 10sec, Rubina 10sec, Carnage 10sec, Watercress 10sec, Mungo Maid 12sec, Tit 12sec, Ballance 12sec, Autonomy 12sc, Cashmere 12sec and Venus Victrix 12sec also started.

Nipper got to the front in the second round, and, going on, won by forty yards.

Time 3min 4sec Dividend - 11 11s.

PARK STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr C Hendriksen's br m Rena, 4yrs, 35sec (Hamill) 1.

Mr C Harold's b m Maud V, aged, 13sec (Owner) 2.

Mr T Honeybone's b m Polly Plum, aged, 17sec (J N Munro) 3.

Pride of Erin 17sec also started.

Rena retained her lead for the first mile, after which Polly Plum and Maud V closed up. Maud V took second place in the last half mile, but failed to reach Rena, who won a good race by a length; half a length between second and third.

Time 6min 17sec Dividend - 2.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs; second horse 2 1/2 sovs. Two miles.

Mr E Clarkson's b g Dick, aged, 32sec (Manton) 1.

Mr W Bell's b g Nipper, 5yrs, 14sec (Owner) 2.

Nellie scr, Meliora 12sec, Sandy 28sec, Bloxwich 32sec, Jean 35sec, Obadiah 35sec also started.

Dick immediately took command, and establishing a long lead, held it to the finish, and won by a hundred yards from Nipper.

Time 6min 16 1/2sec Dividend - 3 4s.

CLASGOW HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 100 sovs; second horse 10 sovs, and third horse 5 sovs. Three miles.

Mr C Kerr's ch g Sonny, aged, 12sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W Rae's b g Three Cheers, 5yrs, 18sec, (Owner) 2.

Mr R Hill's gr m White Wings, aged, 34sec (Fraser) 3.

Bedale scr, Shamrock 23sec, Sapphire 23sec, Colonial 26sec, Maid of Cotherstone 28sec and Diplomacy 28sec also started.

White Wings held her advantage until the last lap was reached. Here Sonny caught her, and although Three Cheers made his effort, Sonny retained his position and won by fifteen yards from Three Cheers, with White Wings a similar distance away third.

Time 8min 29 1/2sec Dividend - 5 4s.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs. Two miles.

Mr C Pearce's b g Templeton, aged, 18sec (Johnston) 1.

Mr J Bawn's ch m Pride of Erin, aged, 8sec (Whitehead) 2.

Brown Bess 22sec, Meg 24sec, Beatrice 20sec, Weda 28sec, Cashmere 28sec, Eileen Alannah 32sec also started.

Templeton indulged Eileen Alannah with the lead for three-quarters of a mile, when he passed her, and going on won by one hundred yards from Pride of Erin.

Time 6min 2sec Dividend - 3 10s.

SYDENHAM HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs. Two miles. 5.50 limit.

Mr A G Holmes' b g Nilreb, 6yrs, 19sec (Harold) 1.

Mr J Merry's b m Tennessee, aged, 28sec (E Murfitt) 2.

Mr R Sunderland's b m Paulina, 6yrs, 12sec (Needham) 3.

Trissie scr, Beldale 6sec, Brown Duchess 8sec, Bobby Burns 30sec Peppermint 32sec also started.

Tennessee caught Peppermint at the end of half a mile, and carried on the running until the last round was reached. Then Nilreb commenced to move up, and the leader breaking two hundred yards from home, Nilreb went on and won by twenty yards from Tennessee, with Paulina one hundred yards away third.

Time 5min 23sec Dividend - 7 12s.

DASH HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr J Bawn's ch m Pride of Erin, aged, 10sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W Horner's gr m Harewood, 5yrs, 14sec (Rae) 2.

Colonial 2sec, Uncle Tom 9sec, Maud V 10sec, The Moor 14sec, and Kitty O'Shea 18sec also started.

Kitty O'Shealed for two rounds, and was then passed by Pride of Erin, who went on and won by five lengths from Harewood, who. after beginning very slowly, came strongly in the last lap.

Time 3min 2sec Dividend - 19 8s.

A protest against Pride of Erin, on the ground of inconsistent running, was dismissed.

SPRINT HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr W T Oliff's ch m Jenny Lind, aged, 19sec (A J Keith) 1.

Mr H Hookham's blk m August, 6yrs, 13sec (Owner) 2.

Brown Duchess scr, Paulina scr, Tennessee 8sec, Nellie 12sec, Maud V 13sec, Victoria 14sec, Dauphin 14sec, Doll 16sec and Dick 21sec also started.

Jenny Lind took the lead in the first few strides, and, going on, won as she pleased by twenty yards from August.

Time 2min 54sec Dividend - 3 12s

Credit: Star 27 Jan 1894


YEAR: 1893


Handicappers - The Committee; Starter - Mr H J Derrett.

The Autumn Trotting Meeting of the Plumpton Park Racing and Trotting Club was held on Saturday. The sky was overcast and the atmosphere cold, and these influences combined had the effect of making the attendance below average. The racing, however, was interesting, but speculation was not brisk, and Messrs Hobbs and Goodwin, who worked the totalisator, only succeeded in passing the sum of 1281 through the machine during the afternoon. The following are the results:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs, second horse 2 1/2 sovs. One mile.

Mr J Barnard's br g Opossum, aged, 11sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W B Hammond's blk m Holly, aged, 9sec (O'Reilly) 2.

Mr G Fergusson's br m Bilbah, 6yrs, 11sec (Farrar) 3.

The Whale scr, Lina 5sec, Ada 7sec, Kathleen 7sec, Mascotte 9sec, Rena 11sec, Milly 11sec, Glengarry 11sec also started.

Opossum led all the way, and won without much to spare by three lengths from Holly. Time 3min 11sec. Dividend - 3 4s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 20sovs. One mile.

Mr C Kerr's gr m Meliora, aged, 20sec (Owner) 1.

Mr J Martin's b g Toby II, aged, 25sec (Murfitt) 2.

Mr J Barrett's br m Lily, aged, 20sec (W Kerr) 3.

Miss Irwell 10sec, Empire 10sec, Lady Maud 20sec, Tit 25sec, Nipper 29sec, Princess May 29sec, Merlinda 29sec also started.

Toby II led for half a mile, when Meliora passed him, and going on won by two lengths. Time 3min 10 1/2sec. Dividends - 3 12s.

HANDICAP STALLION TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs, second horse 3 sovs. Two miles.

Mr H Mace's br h Berlin Abdallah, 6yrs, 21sec (Stace) 1.

Messrs Sunderland and Jardin's b h Kentucky, aged, scr (H Piper) 2.

Mr T Free's br h Young Irvington, aged, 10sec (Whitehead) 3.

Berlin Abdallah led all the way, and won by thirty yards from Kentucky. Time 5min 40 1/2sec. Dividend - 1 12s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr T Free's ch g Uncle Tom, 4yrs, 20sec (Owner) 1.

Mr A Jardin's b m Dorothy, 5yrs, scr, (C Kerr) 2.

Mr J Martin's b g Toby II, aged, 37sec (Murfitt) 3.

Iona 27sec, Tit 37sec, Icicle 39sec and Woodlands 39sec also started.

Icicle led for a mile and a half, when Uncle Tom passed her, and drawing out, won by three lengths from Dorothy. Time 6min 26sec. Dividend - 3 6s.

PLUMPTON PARK HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second horse 3 sovs. Two miles.

Mr H Lenhart's br m Locket, aged, 45sec (W Kerr) 1.

Mr J Wright's b g Le Corbeau, aged, 38sec (Owner) 2.

Stonewall Jackson scr, Nilreb 16sec, Fairchild 20sec, Tennessee 33sec, Bide-a-Wee 33sec, Mistake 35sec, Gipsy's Warning 35sec Sambo 36sec, Geordie II 40sec Lightning 40sec and Silver Grey 45sec also started.

Time 5min 52sec. Dividend - 1 15s.

MAIDEN HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs; second horse 2 1/2 sovs. One mile.

Mr J A Holmes' gr g Dennis, aged, 15sec (Murray) 1.

Mr W H Marsh's b g Ragamuffin, aged, 15sec (McGregor) 2.

Harlequin 9sec, Eclipse 9sec, St Elmo 10sec, Hollywood 10sec, Ballance 11sec, Eve 10sec, Vixen 15sec also started.

Time 3min 18 1/2sec. Dividend - 1 16s 6d.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr P McGregor's br g Pegasus, aged, 48sec (C Kerr) 1.

Mr W Lenhart's br m Locket, aged, 38sec (W Kerr) 2.

Mr J Gaskin's gr m J M, aged, 20sec (M Edwards) 3.

Time 6min 13 1/2sec. Dividend - 9 5s 6d.

RECOVERY HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs; second horse 2 1/2 sovs. One mile.

Mr J Wright's b g Le Corbeau, aged, 24sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W Lenhart's br m Locket, aged, 23sec (W Kerr) 2.

Time 2min 55 1/2sec. Dividend - 1 10s.

Credit: Star 6 & 8 May 1893


YEAR: 1893


Handicappers Messrs H Piper and H V Styche; Starter Mr H Piper.

The Spring Meeting of the Canterbury Trotting Club is being held at the Show Grounds, Addington to-day. The weather is showery, but the attendance is large. The following are details of the racing up to the time of our going to press:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Peacock's blk g Black Eagle, 4yrs, 10sec (Owner) 1.

Mr A Stewart's b m Iolanthe, aged, scr (Osborne) 2.

Olly scr, Fan scr, Mungo Maid 3sec, Harewood 7sec, Bay Tom 7sec, Blackberry 7sec, Merry Dancer 7sec, Prince Albert 10sec, Luxene 10sec, Prohibitionist 10sec, Weary Gleaner 10sec, Glengarry 10sec and Burlesque 10sec also started.

Bay Tom lead for a mile, when he broke, and Black Eagle taking command, went on and won by five lengths from Iolanthe. Time 6min 4sec. Dividend - 12 7s 6d.

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr W Rae's b g Three Cheers, 5yrs, 8sec (Owner) 1.

Mr C Harrold's blk m Black Duchess, aged, scr (Owner) 2.

Queer Fellow 8sec, Marshmallows 8sec, Beatrice 11sec, The Speaker 11sec, Risk 11sec, Bep 11sec, Templeton 11sec, Minnie 13sec, Marshlands 13sec also started.

Templeton made the running for a quarter of a mile, when Three Cheers passed him, and, drawing out, won easily by sixty yards from Black Duchess. Time 6min 3sec. Dividend 6 17s 6d.

ADDINGTON STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 70 sovs. Two miles.

Mr M Edwards' br g Sandgate, aged, 35sec (Owner) 1.

Mr H Fear's br h Emmerson, 5yrs 33sec (W Kerr) 2.

Time 5min 35sec. Dividend 7 9s.

SIRES' CUP HANDICAP TROT (in harness) Cup of the value of 10gns, with 35 sovs added. For stallions only. Two miles.

Mr H Fear's br h Emmerson, by Berlin-Queen Emma, 5yrs, 38sec (W Kerr) 1.

Mr A G Holmes' b h General Tracey, by Berlin-Jenny Tracey, aged, 5sec (C Harrold) 2.

Messrs Sunderland and Jardin's b h Kentucky, by Berlin-Jenny Tracey, aged, 5sec (C Kerr) 3.

Time 5min 52sec. Dividend 4 19s.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs. Two miles.

Mr H Reynold's b m Maid of Cotherstone, aged, 15sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W T Oliff's b g The Speaker, 5yrs, 18sec (Owner) 2.

Time 6min 25sec. Dividend - 6.
The winner was sold to Mr W B Clarkson for 20 10s.

STEWARDS' STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 70 sovs. Three miles.

Mr J McKewen's blk g Telephone, aged, 30sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W C Bridson's ch g Sonny, aged, 34sec (C Kerr) 2.

Time 8min 17sec. Dividend - 3 5s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 35 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr A Stewart's b m Iolanthe, aged, 18sec (Price) 1.

Mr J Piper's b m Marshmallows, aged, 18sec (C Kerr) 2.

Time 2min 49sec. Dividend - 9 10s.

FINAL HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 35 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Messrs Sunderland and Jardin's b h Kentucky, aged, 2sec (C Kerr) 1.

Mr A Keith's b h Specification, aged, scr (Owner) 2.

Time 2min 44sec. Dividend - 18s.

Credit: Star 11 Aug 1893


YEAR: 1891


President - Mr H McIlraith. Vice-President - Mr W Boag. Stewards - Mr H McIlraith, G W McRae, A L Myers, C Amyes, J S Williams, W Boag, W Tonks, G King, Jas. Jackson, Jos. Perkins, E Blake, MHR. Judge - Mr W Boag. Hon. Treasurer - Mr Geo. King. Time-Keeper - Mr D Barns. Starter - Mr H J Derrett. Clerk of the Course - Mr F Mulholland. Clerk of the Scales - Mr J Kerr. Secretary - Mr F Mills. Handicapper - Mr J Heslop.

A heavy mist hung over the Show grounds yesterday till the day was well advanced, but it cleared, and by the time the first race started the sun was shining, and though a cold wind was blowing during the afternoon, and some little inconvenience was experienced thereby, the afternoon's sport was so really good that visitiors were sent home highly pleased.

The attendance was the largest we have seen on the Show Grounds at any of the Canterbury Trotting Club's meetings, and speculation was very brisk, no less a sum than 2647 being put through the totalisators by Messrs Hobbs and Goodwin.

The fields were large, and the trotting on the whole of a most interesting character, and few more exciting races have been witnessed than that for the Association Ground's Cup, in which Kentucky, the standard bred son of Berlin and Jenny Tracey, covered himself with glory by lowering the New Zealand record for four miles in harness from 11min 17sec to 10min 57sec. This was not a winning record, but the actual time made by this brilliant young horse, and great was the enthusiasm of the spectators, who cheered him lustily as he came back to the judge's box. To be beaten a half length by a horse to which he was conceding a minute and thirty-three seconds start was no disgrace, when it is taken into account too that one of the tires of the sulky he was driven in came off in the early part of the race.

The concluding event of the day, unfortunately, was not brought off so satisfactorily as could have been desired. Director won the race, but Bedale and Billy were coming very fast at the finish, and Bedale was certainly interfered with by the crowd, and to an extent that he probably lost the race through it. The Stewards were appealed to, but after giving due consideration to the appeal they decided to award the stake to Director, at the same time expressing their sympathy with Mr Mace in his misfortune, a misfortune that could not have happened had the advice tendered in these columns to the Club to keep the crowd back from the running track been adopted. With this exception everything passed off pleasantly enough.


MAIDEN STAKES HANDICAP (in saddle)of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Brake's gr m Polly, 6yrs, 34sec (Owner) 1.
Mr T Webb's br m Victoria II, 6yrs, 30sec (E Price) 2.
Mr F Whitehead's b g Fairchild, 3yrs, 34sec (Owner) 3.

Ruth 20sec, Shrewsbury 26sec, Stable Boy 28sec and Pansy, aged, 28sec(coupled), Juno 28sec and Skipper 28sec(coupled), Little Fred 28sec, Hassan 28sec, Graham 28sec, Turk 28sec, Haricot 28sec, Kitty O'Shea 34sec, Ashton 38sec, Ribbonwood 38sec, Maxey Cob 38sec, Connemara 38sec and Balance 38sec also ran.

Polly assumed the lead at the start, and getting further ahead every round was nearly a round ahead of Victoria II at the finish. Time, 6min 5sec. Dividend - 2 18 6d.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr Jas Johnston's b g Waterbury, aged, 45sec (Owner) 1.
Mr E Price's b m Minnie, aged, 26sec (Owner) 2.

Silverstream 26sec, Sir Robert 26sec, Dorothy 30sec, Mountain Maid 36sec, Dick Turpin 36sec also started.

All except the two placed horses pulled up before half the distance was completed. In the two rounds Minnie rapidly overhauled Waterbury, but was not able to get quite up, a couple of lengths separating them at the finish. Time 6min 40sec. Dividend - 8 18s. The winner was sold for 13 10s for the owner. Johnston was fined 1 for disobedience.

ADDINGTON PLATE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles. (Handicap limited to 40sec)

Mr P Howard's blk g Shamrock, by Berlin, 6yrs, 40sec (Hamill) 1.
Mr H Mace's b g Inferno, aged, 40sec (Wright) 2.
Mr C Kerr's blk m Cygnet, aged, 40sec (Kerr) 3.

Victor scr, Joe 18sec, Butcher Boy 39sec, Pan-kan-che 40sec, Captain Russell 40sec, Medjidie 40sec also started.

Inferno was the quickest to get into his stride, and was at the head of affairs for the first round, but after going some distance broke and was passed by Cygnet and Shamrock. The latter, trotting in fine form, soon established a long lead, and won very easily by fifty yards. A poor third Cygnet close to Victor fourth. Time 5min 35sec. Dividend - 15 5s.

PONY HANDICAP TROT of 20 sovs; second horse 3 sovs from the stake; height 14.1 or under. Two miles.

Mr T Stewart's rn g Vanity, aged, 10sec (C Kerr) 1.
Mr A McRae's b m Farewell, aged, scr (Owner) 2.
Mr P White's b m Little Beauty, aged 50sec (Owner) 3.

Sambo 15sec, Eulalie 20sec, Cockney 20sec, Cliquot 20sec, Tamborine 35sec, Bobby Burns 35sec, Little Duck 40sec also started.

Little Beauty led for three rounds, when Vanity, who trotted well from the start, got in front, defeating Farewell, who passed Little Beauty in the last lap, by five lengths. Time 6min 36 1/2sec. Dividend - 18 1s 6d.

ASSOCIATION GROUNDS CUP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second horse 10 sovs, third 5 sovs. Four miles.

Mr A Goslin's b m Diplomacy, aged, 95sec (D Manton) 1.
Messrs Jardine and Sunderland's b h Kentucky, 5yrs, scr (Farrar) 2.
Mr A Duncan's blk g Black Hawk, 3yrs, 33sec (Owner) 3
Mr S Goodman's b g Joe, aged, scr
Mr H Mace's b g Sunlight, aged, 11sec
Mr W Hamilton's blk g Pan-Kan-Cha, 4yrs, 48sec
Mr McDonnell's b g Springfield, aged,70sec
Mr A Nicholas's br m HRH, 6yrs, 100sec.

HRH led off, but before completing a circuit was passed by Diplomacy, who had gone more than one lap before Kentucky and Joe were let off their marks. Kentucky soon passed Sunlight, travelling at a very rapid pace, and fairly surprising the spectators. In the second or third round one of the tires of the sulky came off, and this appeared to hamper the son of Berlin, who, however, passed his opponents one by one, and raised the hopes of his backers to the highest pitch as he sped on his way. Black Hawk was seen to be going well also, and in the fifth round there were only three horses left on the track. Diplomacy had a slight lead of Black Hawk, who was closing up, and Kentucky was as yet some distance away, but going well. The excitement ran high as the horses closed up, and on turning for home it looked doubtful what would win. Here Brown Hawk tripped, and Kentucky flew past him, and in a few more strides was up sides with Diplomacy, who amidst the greatest excitement got home by a half length, Brown Hawk between two and three lengths away third. Time, 12min 29sec: Kentucky's time 10min 57sec. Dividend - 6 8s 6d.

ELECTRIC STAKES HANDICAP (in saddle) of 20 sovs. One mile.

Mr Jos. Hicks' b h Miss Purau, 6yrs, 42sec (Lynskey) 1.
Mr P Howard's blk g Shamrock, 33sec (Owner) 2.
Mr J Brake's g h Polly, 6yrs, 37sec (Owner) 3.

Rebel 38sec, Tommy II 42sec, Timbuc 44sec, Parnell 44sec, Fairchild 44sec, Maxey 44sec, Fermanagh 46sec.

Miss Purau got to the front early, but Shamrock, after decreasing the distance, broke and after this the race was never in doubt, and though Shamrock and Polly both showed a good turn of speed, Miss Purau won by fifty yards. Dividend - 2 16s.

LINCOLN PLATE HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr R Brown's b g Director by Berlin, aged, 44sec (Moorhouse) 1.
Mr H Mace's b g Bedale, aged, 26sec (Wright) 2.
Mr J Farrar's b g Billy, aged, 22sec (Owner) 3.

Berlin Boy 17sec, Ellen 22sec, Capt Russell 32sec, Pan-kan-che 32sec, Stableboy 36sec, Nilreb 36sec, Ada II 38sec, Diplomacy 38sec, Ribbonwood 50sec also started.

Director was soon in front and was never headed, but Bedale, who went in places at a very fast rate, but who broke many times, came with a great run, and Billy also came fast at the same rate, and were close to the winner when the post was reached, and it is probable that but for the crowd having pressed in on the track Bedale would have won. Time, 6min 24sec. Dividend - 5 1s 6d.

Credit: The Press 15 August 1891


YEAR: 1888


The third meeting of the Canterbury Trotting Club was held at the Agricultural and Pastoral Association's grounds, Addington, this afternoon. There was a fair attendance, and the track was in good order.

The following are results received up to the hour at which we went to press. (NB - The handicaps are behind scratch):-

MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. About two miles.

Mr A Grimmer's blk g Mosquito, aged (F Angus) 1.

Mr F Horner's w m Snowball, aged (Owner) 2.

Shuttle, Lady Emma, Kitty, Bachlieu, Guida, Anger, Wildacre, Sutton, Emulation, Jack, Midge & Pat also started.

Midge and Bachlieu led for three rounds alternately, Emulation looking dangerous. At the fourth turn round Mosquito came out and won very easily by several lengths, the rest pulling up.

Time 6min 18sec. Dividend - 5 3s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 15 sovs. Height, 14h 1in. About two miles.

Messrs W & C Kerr's blk m Tiny, aged, 18sec (C Kerr) 1.

Mr J Keith's b m Emily, aged, 27sec (Owner) 2.

Mr H McBratney's blk m Maori Maid, 8sec (Owner) 3.

Fedora scr, Little Nell 5sec, Dad 8sec, Hero 10sec, Farewell 10sec, Brown Joe 20sec and Queenie 35sec also ran.

Tiny soon went to the front, Emily and Maori Maid next in attendance. Emily looked dangerous coming up the straight, but broke and was beaten by four lengths, the mare a fair third, the rest beaten off.

Time 6min 33sec. Totalisator dividend - 4 7s.

HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 35 sovs; second hors to receive 5 sovs from the stake. About three miles.

Mr A Grimmer's blk g Mosquito, aged, 11sec (Angus) 1.

Mr T Marr's b m Waikari, 5yrs, scr (J Milne) 2.

Mr D Barns' ch g Richmond, aged, 23sec (Owner) 3.

HANDICAP NOVEL RACE (in harness) of 20 sovs. The winner to be sold immediately after the race, the whole of the proceeds to go to the funds. About two miles.

Mr H Kibblewhite's b g Big Ben, 5yrs, 8sec (Farrar) 1.

Mr J Campbell's rn g Seldom Fed, aged, 5sec (Walker) 2.

Mr C Crooks' b m Midge, aged, 10sec (Owner) 3.

HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs. About three miles.

Mr T Marr's b m Waikari, 5yrs, 3sec (Owner) 1.

Mr J Barker's br g Dexter, aged, 30sec (Cox) 2.

HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 20sovs. About two miles.

Mr B Edwards' br g Lunatic, aged, 47sec (Owner) 1.

Mr J Barrett's ch g Bachlieu, aged, 15sec (Owner) 2.

Mr A Grimmer's blk g Mosquito, aged, 20sec 3.

HANDICAP NOVEL TROT (in saddle) of 20sovs. The winner to be sold immediately after the race, the whole of the proceeds to go to the funds. About two miles.

Mr R Sunderland's gr m Sedgemere Lass, aged, 27sec (Farrar) 1.

Mr V Harris' b g Emulation, aged, 20sec 2.

Mr F Lee's b m Kitty, aged, 20sec 3.

Credit: Star 23 & 25 June 1888


YEAR: 1888


[Per the "Star's" Pigeon Express]

Starter and Handicapper - Mr S P Andrews.

The Trotting Meeting of the New Brighton Racing Club was held today. The weather in the morning was overcast, and a drizzling rain falling before the commencement of the proceedings, the attendance was very small. The course was in capital order, and the arrangements as good as usual. The following are results received up to the hour at which we went to press:-

MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. No weight under 10st. About two miles.

Mr J Munro's ch m Kelsie, aged (Owner) 1.

Mr J P Horner's b m Gipsy's Warning (Owner) 2.

Mr T Lynskey's b m Banshee, 6yrs (Owner) 3.

Scot and Welcome Jack also started.

Kelsie went to the front immediately the word was given, and never being headed won by 300 yards.

Time 6min 53sec. Totalisator - Inside (1 tickets) 37 16s; Outside (10s tickets) 7 4s.

HANDICAP TIME TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. About three miles.

Mr J Farrar's b g Billy, aged, 40sec (Owner) 1.

Mr D Barnes' ch g Richmond, aged, 30sec (Owner) 2.

Mr H Piper's ch m Lioness, aged, 25sec (Owner) 3.

Nana 50sec also started.

HANDICAP SELLING TIME TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. The winner to br sold by auction after the race, and the proceeds to go to the Club. No weight under 10st. About two miles.

Mr R Sunderland's gr m Sedgemere Lass, aged, 30sec (Farrar) 1.

Mr Farrar's ch g Dick, aged, 40sec (Hammel) 2.

Mr G Duke's br m Blind Kate, aged, 45sec (Pearce) 3.

Emulation 35sec, Hero 40sec, Minnie 40sec and Locomotive 40sec also started.

HANDICAP SELLING TIME TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. The winner to be sold by auction after the race, and the proceeds to go to the Club. About two miles.

Mr J Munro's rn m Quida, aged, 30sec (Owner) 1.

Mr H Mace's ch m Kate, aged, 30sec (Milne) 2.

Mr R Sunderland's gr m Sedgemere Lass, aged, scr (Mehan) 3.

King Billy 20sec and Cobweb 30sec also started.

CONSOLATION HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 10 sovs. About two miles.

Mr B Edwards' br g Lunatic, aged, scr (Owner) 1.

Mr D Barnes' ch g Richmond, aged, 25sec (Owner) 2.

Dick 40sec, Nana 40sec, Minnie 50sec and Tandy 60sec also started.

Won by four lengths.

Time 6min 45sec. Totalisator - Inside (1 tickets) 2 3s; Outside no investors.

Credit: Star 25 & 26 Sept 1888

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