Horse Name
    Cal Brydon
    Call Me Now
    Call You Later
    Callie’s Delight
    Caps Off
    Captain Peacock
    Captain Sandy
    Cardigan Bay
    Castleton's Mission
    Cathedral Chimes
    Cedar Fella
    'Cello Sydney Wilkes
    Champagne Party
    Charles Derby
    Chase Auckland
    Chase The Dream
    Cheer The Lady
    Chiola Cola
    Chris Riley
    Christen Me
    Christian Cullen
    Christopher Vance
    Christopher Vance
    Ciccio Star
    Citra Jati
    City Rogue
    Classic Cullen
    Coldstream Bells
    Colonel Grattan
    Commander Jewel
    Coo Doo
    Copa de oro
    Copper Beach
    Copy That
    Cora Dillon
    Coulson Phil
    Country Belle
    Country Ways
    Courage Under Fire
    Court Martial
    Courvy Kazi
    Cruz Bromac
    Curfew Bell

    Canterbury Business Award
    Canterbury Park Trotting Club
    Canterbury Trotting Club
    'Catch Drive'
    Christchurch Trotting Club
    City Offices
    Claiming Races
    Coldstream Lodge
    Compulsory Retirement Age
    Computerised Betting
    Cup Backmarkers
    Cup Trophy
    Cup: Trotters Eligible

    Caldow Reg (R N)
    Cameron George
    Campbell Colin
    Campbell Danny (D P)
    Campion Ron
    Cannan Dave
    Carmichael Jack (J A)
    Carter Ron
    Carter Russell
    Carville Dave & Katie
    Carville Dave (D T)
    Caskey Dick
    Cavalier Louis
    Christey Hubert (H J)
    Clark Tom (E A)
    Clarkson Dave (D B)
    Clinton William(W F)
    Cocks Peter (P D)
    Cooper Reuben (R G)
    Corcoran Robin (A R)
    Cotton Barry(B J)
    Court Murray (M F)
    Court Royce
    Cowan Peter
    Cox Arthur
    Craddock Bill (W A)
    Crofts Jack
    Cross J E W
    Cuff, Miss Julia
    Cummings Dan
    Cummings Family
    Cuningham Bill
    Curtin Jim (J F)
    Curtin Reg (R W)
    Cutts Dorothy

In the event that you cannot find the information you require from the contents, please contact the Racing Department at Addington Raceway.
Phone (03) 338 9094