Horse Name
    T K Victor
    Tact Lizzie
    Take A Moment
    Tan John
    Te Phyno
    Tempest Tiger
    Terra Nova
    Terror To Love
    Testing Times
    That's Life Lavra
    The Court Owl
    The Fat Controller
    The Reckoning
    The Tough Nut
    Thelma Globe
    There's A Franco
    Tight Connection
    Time To Fly
    Tintin In America
    Tobacco Road
    Tony H
    Toomuch to do
    Tough Monarch
    Trix Pointer
    True Averil
    Trusty Scot
    Tupelo Rose
    Turn It Up
    Twist And Twirl

    Telecasts: Live
    Totalisator Main Building
    Track Lighting
    Triple Dead Heat
    Trist & Small

    Tananbaum Martin
    Tapper Murray (M R)
    Tasker Clifford
    Tasker James (R J)
    Tatlow Edgar
    Taylor Bert (B W)
    Taylor Dean (D A)
    Teahen Dinny (D)
    Thomas Charles (C S)
    Thomas Fred (F C)
    Thomas LO
    Thomas Trevor
    Thompson Max
    Thomson John (J B)
    Thorn Nicole (N C now Molander)
    Thornley Craig (C D)
    Tisdall Barney
    Todd Andy
    Todd Dave
    Todd Doody (E)
    Todd Sandy (A)
    Tomkinson Bill (W J)
    Tomkinson Jim (J A)
    Tomlinson, Amanda(A J)
    Tompkins J H
    Toon Arthur (A J)
    Townley Bob
    Townley Doody
    Townley Kevin(K T)
    Townley Robert
    Trengrove Jack ("Sonny")
    Tyquin Darren

In the event that you cannot find the information you require from the contents, please contact the Racing Department at Addington Raceway.
Phone (03) 338 9094