Horse Name
    Sal Tasker
    Scotch Notch
    Scotch Tar
    Scottish Command
    Scotts Grattan
    Scuse Me
    Sea Gift
    Secret Potion
    Shadow Maid
    Shania Patron
    Shez All Rock
    Shorty's Girl
    Simon Katz
    Sir Castleton
    Sir Lincoln
    Sir Michael
    Sleepy Tripp
    Sly Flyin
    Smoken Up
    Smooth Fella
    Smooth Performer
    Smooth Satin
    Snow Jane
    Sole Command
    Some Direction
    South Coast Arden
    Spangled Queen
    Spanish Armada
    Spark Gap
    Sparks A Flyin
    Spartan Prince
    Special Ops
    Speeding Spur
    Speeding Spur
    Spinster Scott
    Splendid Dreams
    Springbank Richard
    Springfield Globe
    St Swithin
    Staka Pride
    Stanley Rio
    Star Lady
    Stars And Stripes
    Steel Jaw
    Steve McQueen
    Stonewall Jackson
    Stormy Morn
    Stunin Cullen
    Stylish Monarch
    Sue Adios
    Sun Chief
    Sundees Son
    Sundees Son
    Sundon's Luck
    Sunny Action

    Saddle Races
    Santa Rosa Farm
    Scotsmen's Grandstand
    Stabling Complex
    Sulky: Early Developments
    Sulkys: American Speed Cart

    Sandston Arthur (Dr A S)
    Saunders R W
    Schwamm Ivan
    Scott Clem (C C)
    Scott Frank (F F)
    Scott Jeff
    Scott Karl
    Seaton John
    Selig Phineas
    Shand George (G D)
    Shaw Jack (J S)
    Shaw John
    Sheppard Alma
    Simes Walter (W E)
    Simpson J R
    Skinner Henry (H W)
    Small Geoff (G C)
    Smart Leslie
    Smith Fred (F J)
    Smith J D
    Smith Swanee (G S)
    Smolenski Dennis
    Smolenski Jack (J W)
    Smolenski Sam (S F)
    Stafford H
    Starkey Ian
    Steele Colin
    Stevens Glenis & Mike
    Stevens Hugh
    Stewart Sandy (Alexander)
    Stiven Noreen(N M)
    Stockdale Reg
    Strauss Henry
    Strong Taylor
    Sunckell Ted
    Sunderland R
    Sutherland Stewart

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