Horse Name
    La Mignon
    Lady Ajax
    Lady Clare
    Lady Eskay
    Lady Scott
    Lady Toddy
    Landora's Pride
    Last Link
    Last Sunset
    Lawn Derby
    Leading Light
    Leighton Hest
    Let Me Thru
    Lets Elope
    Life Of Luxury
    Light And Sound
    Light Brigade
    Lightning Blue
    Little Hero
    Lizzie Maguire
    Local Light
    Logan Count
    Logan Derby
    Logan Pointer
    London Legend
    Lord Burghley
    Lord Elmo
    Lord Module
    Lord Vicolo
    Loyal Nurse
    Luby Lou
    Lucky Jack
    Lumber Dream
    Lunar Chance
    Lusty Volo
    Luxury Liner
    Lyell Creek

    Lancaster Park
    Lancaster Park Trotting Club
    Lower Heathcote Trotting Club

    Laing A E
    Laing Charles (C M)
    Laing Rona
    Le Lievre Etienne (E X)
    Lee Ernest (E A)
    Lee Percy (P C)
    Leeming Vic
    Litten Jack (J D)
    Lochhead Bill
    Logan Robert (R)
    Louisson Charles (Hon C)
    Lowe Bill (W T)
    Lowe Ted (W E)
    Lye Tony (A J)

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