Horse Name
    Jacanti Franco
    Jack Cade
    Jack Morris
    Jack Potts
    Janetta's Pride
    Jasmyn's Gift
    Jay Ar
    Jewel Pointer
    Jimmy Brown
    Jo Anne
    Johnny Gee
    Johnny Globe
    Josedale Grattan
    Julie Hanover
    Jumanji Franco
    Just An Excuse
    Just Incredible

    Jackpot Betting

    Jarden Ben (B A)
    Jarden James
    Jarden William
    Jarman Frank (F W)
    Jarrett F A
    Johns James (J R D)
    Johnson Alby (A J R)
    Johnson Barry (B A)
    Johnston Fred
    Johnston John
    Jones Derek (D G)
    Jones Mark (M P)
    Jones Peter (P N)
    Julius George (G A)
    Justice John(J D)
    Justice Lance (L J)

In the event that you cannot find the information you require from the contents, please contact Colin Steele in the Racing Department at Addington Raceway.
Phone (03) 338 9094