YEAR: 1932


Harold Logan & Roy Berry prior to the 1933 Cup

In summing up the performance of Harold Loganin winning his second New Zealand Cup it is sufficient to say that he is a class above the remainder of the Dominion's pacers, as he proved when he ranged alongside the leaders at the top of the straight in yesterday's contest to beat them soundly in the race to the post.

When the field had settled down Free Advice was showing the way to Royal Silk, Glenrossie, Red Shadow, Terence Dillon, Roi l'Or, Kohara, Regal Voyage, and Kingcraft, the last-named and Rollo having made bad beginnings. Turning out of the straight the first time Kohara broke and he was always afterwards at the rear. Royal Silk had a slight advantage from Free Advice at the end of seven furlongs, where Roi l'Or had improved to third position, with Red Shadow, Glenrossie, Kingcraft, and Terence Dillon closest of the remainder. At this stage Harold Logan had only Rollo and Kohara behind him.

Roi l'Or was just in front of Free Advice with six furlongs to go, followed by Glenrossie, Red Shadow, Terence Dillon, Kingcraft, Carmel, Rollo, Harold Logan, and Regal Voyage. Going down the back the last time Roi l'Or and Free Advice were on terms, but before the three furlongs post had been reached Free Advice cried enough and she stopped very quickly, and was soon in a rearward position. Roi l'Or was then left in front from Royal Silk, Red Shadow, Terence Dillon, Kingcraft, Glenrossie, Rollo, and Harold Logan. At this point it could be seen that Royal Silk was weakening and Harold Logan was getting to business.

Coming round the last bend Roi l'Or still had charge, with Red Shadow next, then Royal Silk, while Harold Logan had made a fine run to be fourth into line for home, followed by Rollo, Terence Dillon, and Glenrossie. Once straightened up for the run to the post the result was not in doubt as Harold Logan was not troubled to head the others and he went on to an easy victory by two lengths. If ever a Cup was won pulling up this was it. While Roi l'Or and Red Shadow were striving for second place Glenrossie came with a very strong finishing run on the outside to defeat them both, being a length and a half ahead of Roi l'Or, who narrowly beat Red Shadow for third money. Rollo was fifth, Terence Dillon sixth, Royal Silk seventh, followed by Kingcraft and Regal Voyage, Carmel and Free Advice.

Harold Logan returned to the enclosure amidst great cheering. Indeed, the ovation given to the popular horse has seldom been exceeded at Addington. The main points about his victory were his ability to begin fast, which factor enabled him to have a breather when he caught the tail of the field early in the race, and the great sprint he unwound from just inside the three furlong post to the furlong post in the straight. He ran his last half mile in 1min 2sec, but the quarter mentioned was his fastest in the race. A. Holmes drove him a very patient race and he said afterwards that Harold Logan was going easily at the finish.

Glenrossie created a surprise by finishing on again after he looked as if he would not take part in the finish when half-way down the back straight. Roi l'Or ran a fine race, but Red Shadow did not stay as he was expected. He had a good run all the way, and no excuses can be made for his defeat. His stable-mate, Royal Silk, felt the pinch a good distance from home. Rollo did well to finish fifth after a very bad beginning. He went away with Harold Logan. The big disappointment of the race was Free Advice who closed up completely after being very prominent in the early stages.

The leaders at the different stages of the race passed the different posts in the following times:- Half-mile 1min 8 1/5sec, mile 2min 14 1/5sec, mile and a quarter in 2min 45 1/5sec, mile and a half in 3min 18sec, and fifteen furlongs in 3min 49 2/5sec.

Credit: THE PRESS 9 Nov 1932


YEAR: 1932



Bettor's Delight in just about ready to make the list as a "Cups King"- the most influential stallion in the two major all-aged races on out calendar, the Auckland and New Zealand Cups. He already has three winners and given his domination that might grow rapidly.

But topping some of the "old timers" won't be that easy, even if he has gone past many already. Who are the best? My top 10, based on the following statistical model.
- 10 points for each winner of the New Zealand or Auckland Cup.
- 5 point bonus for each individual winner greater than one.
- 5 points for each broodmare sire win.
- 1 point for each winner sired by a stallion son.

1. U SCOTT 1932
(Scotland-Lillian Hilta-U Forbes)(Died aged 32)

You couldn't describe the brilliant, temperamental "trotter turned pacer" U Scott as an overnight Cups success. Highland Fling (two) was his first NZ Cup winner in 1947 and Cairnbrae the last of three an incredible 17 years later. But U Scott had a sensational run in the Auckland Cup in the 1950's winning five in six years starting with Caduceus and ending with Scottish Command. The lesser known Unite, Macklin, Prince Polka(a half-brother to Soangetaha) and Highland Air were in between.

Lordship, Delightful Lady and Robalan are his best known Cup performers as a broodmare sire and Young Charles and Scottish Command were his best Cup siring sons. Some record!

In a career spanning 25 years of stud duty U Scott won nine sire titles and ten broodmare titles. Remember too that as late as the mid 1960's only two stallions (both imports) served 100 mares in a season. In his heyday in the 1950's he was leaving around 60 foals a season. His stock won over 2000 races.

TRIVIAL FACT: For 27 of the 30 years U Scott lived in NZ he was cared for by one groom, Sandy Stuart. In spite of dealing with the bites and the kicks, Sandy would not leave except once when given a train ticket and ordered to go on holiday. He was back in a matter of a few days so that didn't work.

Credit: David McCarthy writing in Harnessed Nov 2016

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