YEAR: 1899


The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring meeting commenced today on their new ground on Lincoln Road. The weather was rather cold, but there was a fair attendance. The downpour of the previous day had benefitted the track, which, all things considered, was in capital order. Some extraordinarily fast times were registered, Vickery doing two miles in 4min 50sec. The totalisator investments for the day were 3369. The following are the results :-

TRIAL HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second horse 8 sovs and third horse 4 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr F McClafferty's gr h General Standish, by General Tracy 6yrs, 12sec, (T Cotton) 1.

Mr F Salt's blk m Jewel, 6yrs, 7sec (Fraser) 2.

Mr F Williams's b g Jefferson, 6yrs, 16sec (N Price) 3.

Annie Rooney scr, Lassie 10sec, Index 14sec and Prince II 14sec also started.

General Standish went to the front before the second lap had been completed, and going on won by about 200 yards, Jewel about 30yds in front of Jefferson. Lassie was the only other one to finish.

Time 5min 23sec. Dividend 2 1s.

A protest against the winner for inconsistent running was dismissed.

PONY HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs; second pony 6 sovs and third 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr W Hayward's br m Little Magpie, by Nimrod, aged, 17sec, (F Jones) 1;

Mr C Davidson's blk g Skipper, aged, 17sec, (Owner) 2.

Mr J Farrer's gr m Ken-I-No, 5yrs, 15sec, (Owner) 3.

Gladys II scr, Agnes 2sec, Eclipse 15sec, Cordelia 16sec also started.

Skipper led for two laps, but at the beginning of the last round he was displaced by Little Magpie, who went on and won by thirty yards, twenty yards seperating Skipper and Ken-I-No.

Time 5min 49sec. Dividend 22 5s.

SPRING HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr F Holmes's br g Vasco, aged, 7sec, (Owner) 1.

Mr J Pettie's ch m Moana, aged, 11sec (B Edwards) 2.

Mr G Keat's ch h Bellman, aged, 10sec, (L Robertson) 3. Shylock 5sec, Miss Annie 13sec also started.

Moana, closely followed by Vasco, took command during the first two laps. In the last round Shylock overtook Vasco, but on closing with Moana, broke and lost his chance. Rounding the turn for home, Vasco overhauled Moana, and after an exciting struggle won by three-quarters of a length, Bellman 30yds away third, and Shylock fourth.

Time 5min 2sec. Dividend 5 16s.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (harness) of 50 sovs. Two miles. - Mr Gibbs's Rimu, 12sec 1; Hazeldean, 7sec, 2; Protest, 12sec 3. Four others started. Time 5min 29sec. Dividend 3 6s.

PRESIDENT'S HANDICAP (harness) of 100 sovs. Two miles. - Mr Smithers's Vickery, scr, 1; Young Burlington, 5sec, 2; Monte Carlo, scr, 3. Two others started. A great struggle to the post ended in a victory for Vickery by a bare length. Time 4min 50sec. Dividend 5 7s.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP (harness) of 75 sovs. Two miles. - Mr Smith's Wandering Willie, 9sec 1; Sam Slick, 2sec, 2; Sing Sing, 9sec, 3. Time 5min 6sec. Dividend 2 1s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (saddle) of 55 sovs. One mile. - Mr Holmes's Vasco (5sec penalty) 4sec, 1; Shylock, 9sec, 2. Time 2min 50sec. Dividend 1 19s. As only two started the stake was reduced to one-half.

DASH HANDICAP (saddle) of 55 sovs. One mile. - Mr Robertson's Violetta jun, 9sec, 1; Amelia, 14sec, 2; The Baron, 9sec, 3. A fine race; won by a length. Time 2min 30sec. Dividend 3 15s.

Credit: Star: 6 Nov & Otago Daily Times: 7 Nov 1899


YEAR: 1899


Handicapper, Mr H Brinkman; Starter Mr C O'Connor.

The executive of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club has every reason to congratulate itself on the capital attendance on the second day of the club's spring meeting yesterday. The Premier was amongst the visitors.

Since the first day of the meeting the track has been considerably improved, the generally expressed opinion being that it is the best in the colony. The weather was fine, and better sport has seldom been witnessed anywhere, and the officials fully deserve the recognition given by the public.

The totalisator investments amounted to 7326 (a record for a trotting meeting), making a total of 10,695 for the two days, as against 12,955 for the corresponding meeting of the club on the old ground last year. The following are details of the racing:-

INNOVATION HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 50 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr F Williams's b m Diagram, by Specification, 5yrs, 20sec (N Price) 1.

Mr F Mulholland's b g Fleetwood, 3yrs, 18sec (Owner) 2.

Mr P Howard's br g Protest, 5yrs, scr (McMillan) 3.

Miss Chile 10sec, Wairuna 11sec, Royalwood 14sec, Lassie 15sec and Eladaret 19sec also started.

Diagram was in command throughout, and though several times threatened by the breaking Fleetwood, she won by about three lengths, half a length separating second and third.

Time 5min 44sec. Dividend - 3 1s

SPREYDON HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 75 sovs; second horse 15 sovs and third horse 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr J Vallance's b g Big Jim by Kentucky, 5yrs, 11sec (McMillan) 1.

Mr J Buggy's gr m Dora, 5yrs, 11sec (J Milne) 2.

Mr R Gibbs's b m Rimu, 4yrs, 2sec (M Edwards) 3.

Hollis H scr, and Rickety 10sec also started.

Dora, followed by Big Jim, drew out from the field, and when a mile had been covered this pair were well in advance of Hollis H and Rimu, Rickety tailing off last. Big Jim headed Dora early on the last round and running on won easily by forty yards, Rimu more than that distance away third. Hollis H and Rickety were pulled up.

Time 5min 30sec. Dividend - 3 1s.

PRINCE OF WALES'S HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second horse 24 sovs and third horse 12 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr W Wotton's br g Fleigher, by Berlin, aged, 21sec (I Price) 1.

Mr J Wheelan's b g Hassan, aged, 20sec (Cotton) 2.

Mr C Kerr's ch m Florrie, 6yrs, 9sec (Owner) 3.

Monte Carlo scr, Vasco 6sec, Shylock 9sec, The Joker 9sec, Lady May 15sec and Bellman 16sec also started.

Fleigher was attended by Hassan passing the stand, the remainder of the field following in their handicap order, except that The Joker had passed Shylock. With a mile covered Fleigher was still in command from Hassan and then came The Joker, Vasco, and Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo, The Joker and Vasco were trotting together some lengths behind Hassan, who broke when turning out of the straight for the last time, leaving Fleigher with a substantial lead. Approaching the home turn Florrie came very fast, but despite the efforts of the back division Fleigher won by four lengths from Hassan, with Florrie two lengths away third. Then came The Joker, Monte Carlo and Vasco in the order named. Bellman, Shylock and Lady May were never prominent.

Time 5min 12sec. Dividend - 27 16s.

A protest against the winner for inconsistency as compared with his performances at the Plumpton Park meeting was dismissed and the deposit money forfeited.

LINCON HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 45 sovs; second horse 9 sovs and third horse 4 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr C W Hammond's ch g Wairuna, by General Tracy, aged 23sec (Owner) 1.

Mr T Dixon's b g The Workman, 5yrs, 19sec (R Day) 2.

Mr J Douglas's b m Imogene, aged, 25sec (Owner) 3.

General Standish scr, Uncle Tom 8sec, Burlton 13sec and Arahura 20sec also started.

Imogene and Wairuna got well away, Arahura and The Workman soon joining these two, but Burlton refused to settle down. Entering the second round Wairuna was well ahead of The Workman, and won comfortably by fifty yards, Imogene a poor third.

Time 5min 28 1/2sec Dividend - 24 15s.

A protest against the winner, on the ground of inconsistent running in the first race of the day, was not sustained.

NOVEMBER HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 120 sovs; second horse 24 sovs and third horse 12 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr J McFarlane's br g J H, aged, 20sec (R Day) 1.

Mr V Harris's b h The Baron, 5yrs, 17sec (J Milne) 2.

Mr L Robertson's b m Motuiti, aged, 9sec (Owner) 3.

Vickery scr, Burlington (coupled with The Baron) 6sec, Sam Slick 8sec, Cling 10sec and Collector 17sec also started.

J H was four lengths in front of Motuiti at the end of a mile, The Baron, who had passed Collector in the first three furlongs, being well in front of Sam Slick, who was closely pressed by Young Burlington and Vickery. With one lap to travel J H was striding along comfortably in front of the breaking Motuiti, The Baron coming next, with Vickery and Cling close up. J H had no difficulty in securing the stake, defeating The Baron by five lengths, the same between second and third. Vickery was fourth.

Time 5min 2 2/5sec Dividend - 6 16s.

HALSWELL HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 75 sovs; second horse 15 sovs and third horse 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr E Gallagher's b g Pilot, aged, 27sec (Owner) 1.

Mr M Edwards's ns gr m Kalmea, 6yrs, 17sec (M Edwards) 2.

Mr J Whelan's b g Hassan, aged, 11sec (Cotton) 3.

Shylock scr, Budd Doble 23sec and Bonnie McGregor also started.

Pilot held his lead for a mile, when he broke badly, and allowed Bonnie McGregor to close upon him, but the former at once drew away again, and won in hollow fashion by one hundred and fifty yards from Kalmea, with Hassan thirty yards further away third.

Time 5min 20sec Dividend - 9 9s

TELEGRAPH HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 55 sovs; second horse 11 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr J Cooper's blk g Utah, by Kentucky, aged, 8sec (M Edwards) 1.

Mr L Robertson's b m Violetta Junr, aged, 6sec (Owner) 2.

Mr W McFarlane's b g J H, aged (6sec pen) 5sec (R Day) 3.

Judah 3sec, The Baron 11sec, and Fleiger (3sec pen) 10sec also started.

Utah drew to the front in the first furlong, and easily shaking off Violetta Junr, who was the only competitor to get near the leader, won easily by three lengths, Violetta being a similar distance in front of J H.

Time 2min 29 2/5sec. Dividend - 1 17s.

FINAL HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 55 sovs; second horse 11 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr V Samuel's b g The Member, by Electioneer, 5yrs, 10sec (B Edwards) 1.

Mr C W Hammond's b g Simon R, aged, 17 sec (Owner) 2.

Mr J Pettie's ch m Moana, aged, 10sec (L Robertson) 3.

Young Burlington 3sec, Eulalie 4sec, The Joker 7sec, Lady May 11sec, Hassan 13sec and Heather Dew 16sec also started.

The Member quickly obtained command, and, without being approached, won easily by six lengths, Moana two lengths away third.

Time 2min 30 1/5sec. Dividend - 1 15s.

Credit: Star 11 Nov 1899

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