YEAR: 1900


Handicapper, Mr H Brinkman; Starter Mr C O'Connor.

The conclding day's racing in connection with the Canterbury Trotting Club's Summer Meeting was decided in beautiful weather before a large attendance. The official efforts to ensure the successful issue of the gathering left little to be desired, and no one could complain of the general quality of the sport.

The principal event of the meeting, the Canterbury Cup Handicap, of 300 sovs, the largest stake ever offered by any trotting club in the colony, was secured by that consistent horse Sam Slick, driven by his owner, Mr W J Rae, and his supporters had the pleasure of receiving a sensationally large dividend.

Sam Slick was somewhat fortunate, perhaps, as th favourite, Almont, broke up during the early stages of the race, and in finishing second he registered a sterling performance. Dr Slate, who drove his mare Venus in the Canterbury Cup, complained to the judge that Almont had interfered with him, but nothing was done in the matter.

The sum of 5164 was passed through the totalisators, making a total of 9727 for the two days, as against 9942 for the corresponding meeting last year. The following are details of the racing:-

INNOVATION HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second horse 14 sovs and third horse 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr G Russell's b g Instep, by Quickstep, aged, 14 sec (Pringle) 1.

Mr H Craig's b g Roxolla, aged, 16sec (Owner) 2.

Mr A Mason's blk g Auctioneer, 6yrs 12sec (R Day) 3.

The Duke 8sec, Jewel 9sec, Little Irvington 14sec, The Fly 15sec, Maid of Domett 16sec, Jefferson 16sec, Royalwood 17sec, Eddie 18sec and Svengali 18sec also started.

Instep got to the front at the stand, and going on won easily by forty yards from Roxolla, who was well in front of Auctioneer.

Time 5min 24sec. Dividend - 1 10s.

PONY HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 50 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile and a half.

Mr C J Styche's br m Cordelia, aged, 33sec (J Munro) 1.

Mr J Pettie's br g Hamlet, 4yrs, 37sec (B Edwards) 2.

Mr C Davidson's blk g Skipper, aged, 23sec (Owner) 3.

Coral 17sec, Narragansett 20sec, Little Magpie 24sec, Gladys 25sec, Botany 28sec, Farewell 32sec, Stydes 32sec and The Duckling 34sec also started.

Cordelia passed Hamlet before a lap had been completed, and keeping her position, won by five lengths, Skipper eighty yards away third.

Time 4min 26sec. Dividend - 4 14s.

CANTERBURY CUP HANDICAP (in saddle or harness) of 300 sovs, second horse 60 sovs and third horse 30 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr W J Rae's b g Sam Slick, by Boston (in harness), aged 12sec (Owner) 1.

Mr H Mace's b h Almont, by Rothschild (in harness), 4yrs, 10sec (T W Price) 2.

Mr W Kerr's b m Thelma, by Kentucky (in harness), 6yrs, 17sec (C Kerr) 3.

Vickery scr (in harness), Young Burlington (in saddle) 8sec and The Baron (in harness) 15sec (coupled), Collector (in harness) 11sec, Sing Sing (in saddle) 25sec (coupled with Thelma), Moana (in saddle) 18sec, Venus (in harness) 19sec, Hassan (in saddle) 21sec, General Grigg (in harness) 22sec and Zepha (in harness) 26sec also started.

Hassan at once drew away from General Grigg and Zepha and passing the stand he was well in advance of Moana and Venus. Running out of the straight, Almont, who was running well out, broke and lost his position, whilst Thelma was pacing well just in front of Sam Slick. Hassan was still in possession when another lap had been completed, but Moana had deprived him of the lead at the bottom turn, and commencing the last round she was out by herself. Thelma, Sam Slick and Venus were all closing on the leader going down the back stretch, whilst Almont had made up a lot of ground. Moana tired badly over the last quarter mile and at the bottom turn she was only just leading Thelma and Sam Slick, Almont holding a bad position. Sam Slick had obtained possession a hundred yards from home, and though he broke opposite the stand he settled down and finished two lengths in front of Almont, a similar distance separating Thelma, the third horse. Venus was fourth, Moana fifth and Collector sixth.

Time 4min 56sec. Dividend - 165 6s

ADVANCE HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 80 sovs; second horse 16 sovs and third horse 8 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Dr G M Slate's br h Huon Prince by Huon-Lily G, 5yrs, scr (Owner) 1.

Mr R E Morrison's gr g Worthington, aged, 17sec (Owner) 2.

Mr W H Martin's br g Ricketty, aged, 15sec. (Owner) 3.

Elflock 2sec, Protest 5sec, Wairuna 6sec, Carolina 7sec, Irene 15sec, Dora 16sec and Miss Child 18sec also started.

Worthington and Ricketty were together at the half distance, with Carolina third, whilst Huon Prince, who broke going round the top turn, gradually overhauled the leaders. Entering the straight for the last time Ricketty retired and Worthington went on in front of Huon Prince, a great race home between the pair resulting in favour of the latter by a length and a half. Ricketty was a fair third.

Time 5min 15sec. Dividend - 3 16s.

LINCOLN HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second horse 30 sovs and third horse 15 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr W Hay's br g Premier, aged, 11sec (M Allen) 1.

Mr E Bowes's blk g Au Revoir, aged, 17sec (R Day) 2.

Mr A G Holmes's b m Lady Jane, aged, 16sec (N Price) 3.

Shylock 1sec, Moana 4sec, Venus 5sec, General Grigg 8sec, Lady May 9sec, Pilot 14sec and Miss Brownwood 17sec also started.

Au Revoir led Lady Jane for one lap, the latter passing the breaking leader at the top turn. Au Reoir was again in possession shortly after passing the stand the next time, with Premier, who broke early in the race, gradually overhauling him. Entering the straight for home, Premier was almost on terms with Au Revoir, and going on, easily defeated the last-named by eight lengths. Lady Jane one hundred yards away was third.

Time 4min 53sec Dividend - 2 4s.

INTERMEDIATE HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Dr G M Slate's ch m Silvie Hue, by Huon-Silvie, 5yrs, scr (Owner) 1.

Mr W W Forbes's gr g Occidental, 5yrs, 9sec (Owner) 2=.

Mr J Farrar's ch m Irene, 4yrs, 14sec (Owner) 2=.

Elflock 2sec, Wairuna 6sec, Honest Jack 6sec and Hazeldean 7sec also started.

Silvie Hue caught Irene in the last lap and won easily by about thirty yards from Irene and Occidental, who finished in a dead-heat for second place.

Time 5min 17 2/5sec. Dividend - 2 6s.

TELEGRAPH HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr J Pettie's b m Polly Huon, by Huon-Hettie Benton, aged, 10sec (B Edwards) 1.

Mr R Sutherland's br m Paulina, aged, 13sec (Needham) 2.

Mr W Hay's br g Premier, aged, 5sec (5sec pen) (M Allen) 3.

Young Burlington scr, Ophir 7sec, Hassan 9sec, Lady Jane 13sec, Spec 14sec, Vim 17sec, Kingston 18sec, Boswell 18sec and The Duke 19sec also started.

Paulina had established a commanding lead when passing the stand, but apparently tiring over the last half mile, Polly Huon caught her and secured the race comfortably by three lengths from Paulina, with the penalised Premier six lengths away third.

Time 2min 29sec. Dividend - 2 6s.

A protest against the winner for alleged inconsistent running was dismissed.

FINAL HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr C Thomas's b g Hollis H, by Electioneer, 5yrs, 14sec (D Price) 1.

Mr H Mace's br m Weary, 3yrs, 12sec (T W Price)2.

Mr J L Carls's blk g Collector, 5yrs (B Edwards) 3.

Judah scr, J H 5sec, Clifton 10sec, Manton 10sec, Zepha 12sec and Silvie Hue 10sec (3sec pen) also started.

Hollis H won easily by fifty yards from Weary, with Collector a similar distance away third.

Time 2min 36sec. Dividend - 2 14s.

Credit: Star 2 Jan 1900


YEAR: 1900


Most favourable conditions attended the opening of the Canterbury Trotting Club's Spring Meeting yeaterday, and as a result the attendance was very large.

Some excellent trotting was witnessed, additional interest attaching to the sport from the fact of the New South Wales sportsman, Mr Buckland, having several representatives engaged. One of these, a full brother to the champion Fritz, named The Heir, accounted for the Juvenile Stakes, after a great struggle with the Canterbury-bred Wild Wave. On returning to scale the winner was led to the lawn in front of the stand, and decorated with the badge by Mrs E C J Stevens. Complimentary remarks were made on the achievement of the victor, and cheers were called for Mr Buckland, who was not present, and C Piper, the geldings driver.

The Champion Plate saw great performances put up by most of the competitors, while the Ladies' Bracelet, in which a lot of interest was taken, was remarkable for the fact that the largest field ever seen on a trotting track in New Zealand contested it.

During the day the sum of 5646 10s was passed through the totalisator, a slight decrease as compared with the corresponding day's amount last year.


INNOVATION HANDICAP (in saddle) of 65 sovs; second 13 sovs and third 6 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W F Jackman's Mattie J by Cycle, 5yrs, 22sec (M Edwards) 1.
J Coop's Bess III, 24sec, (Owner) 2.
A G Holmes's Beppo, 15sec (T Price) 3.

Michael Malone scr, Protest 3sec, Darby 3sec, Veto 5sec, Mistake II 7sec, Mesmerist 14sec, Warrior 19sec, Florence 19sec, Miriam 22sec and Bangle(coupled), What Oh 24sec, Forsaken Child 25sec and DIC(coupled), Pretoria II and Ayrshire Lad 28sec also started.

DIC showed the way to Forsaken Child for the first half mile, when the latter gave place to Mattie J and Beppo. With half the distance gone Mattie J had got to the head of affairs, and from this out had the race in safe keeping, winning easily by a dozenlengths from Bess III, who had deposed DIC in the last lap. Time, 5min 27 1/2 sec. Dividend - 2 10s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 45 sovs; second 9 sovs and third 4 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

W Orange's g g Silver Grey, 17sec (Owner) 1.
J Hanna's Wild Wave, 14sec (A Binnie) 2.
J A Buckland's Daybreak, 3sec (C Piper) 3.

Lady Warbeck 7sec, Agnes 10sec, Skipper 15sec, Pansy Irvington 20sec, Specify 22sec, Rushlight 23sec, Lady Zetland 23sec, The Duckling 24sec, Mero 24sec, and Little Prince 24sec also started.

For the first half mile The Duckling and Rushlight were in command, Daybreak, the scratch mare, having gone very unsteadily. Silver Grey deposed The Duckling, and drawing away, eventually won from Wild Wave, by fifteen lengths. Daybreak made up a lot of ground in the last mile, finishing in third place just behind Wild Wave. Time, 4min 18sec. Dividend - 30 4s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (saddle or harness) of 15 sovs with 60 sovs added; second 12 sovs and third 6 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Miss J F Hardley's ch m Daisy, aged, 35sec (Mr W Lynsky) 1.
Mrs J McKewen's Cockie, 40sec (Mr J Leadham) 2.
Miss Dunn's Home Rule, 48sec (Mr J Laffrey) 3.

Spec 20sec, Dormin 25sec, Kalmea 25sec, Michael Malone 25sec, Kingston 20sec, Bonnie McGregor 33sec, Annie Rooney 38sec, Mesmerist 39sec, Mermaid 40sec, Vancliffe 40sec, Beppo 40sec, Narragansett 42sec, Peri 44sec, Florence 44sec, Novelty 47sec, Agnes 47sec, Mattie J 25sec (incl 22sec pen), General Power and Major Hopetown(coupled), Bess III(coupled with Home Rule), Screwjack 50sec, Gracie M 50sec, Melroy and Kruger 52sec(coupled), Eladarat 53sec, Jupiter and Glenmuick 58sec(coupled) also started.

Gracie M was first to show in front, but Bess III took the lead with half a mile gone, followed by Daisy. The latter assumed command soon after going half the distance, and eventually won by ten lengths from Cockie, who just beat Home Rule and Bess III for second place. Time, 5min 29sec. Dividend - 34 10s.

JUVENILE STAKES (harness) of 200 sovs; winner of race 100 sovs, second 25 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. Nominator of winner to receive 30 sovs and of winner's sire 30 sovs from stake. One mile.

J A Buckland's b g The Heir by Vancleve-Fraulein, 3yrs (C Piper) 1.
J Hanna's b f Wild Wave by Viking-Linton, 3yrs (A Binnie) 2.
W Jenkins's b f Wild Girl, 3yrs (T Price) 3.

Wild Girl hung at the post, and Wild Wave went away with a six lengths lead of The Heir. The leader kept in front, but breaking, allowed The Heir to range alongside. He, however, left his feet a quarter of a mile from home, but getting going again just got up in time to win by a head. Time, 2min 19 1/2sec. Dividend - 1 4s.

AUGUST HANDICAP (saddle) of 100 sovs; second 20 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

C Kerr's ch m Florrie, Johnny Faulkner, aged, 13sec (Owner) 1.
G Lane's Vauxhall, 25sec (B Edwards) 2.
W Hay's Premier, 12sec (M Allan) 3.

Shylock 16sec, Lauderdale 17sec and Lady May 22sec also started.

Vauxhall was going well in front of Lady May passing the stand, and was still in front with half the distance gone. Here Lauderdale passed Lady May and was drawing on the leader, when he broke badly. A skip by the leader enabled Florrie, who had taken second place at the start of the last round, to get within six lengths of him, and in a great struggle to the finish she got up and won by two lengths. Then came Premier, who beat Lauderdale in the last few yards, Shylock and Lady May some distance off. Time, 5min 1 1/5 sec. Dividend - 6 14s.

CHAMPION PLATE HANDICAP (harness) of 120 sovs; second 24 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Kerr's b m Thelma by Kentucky, 6yrs, 13sec (Owner) 1.
J Russell's Candidate, 9sec (Pringle) 2.
J Carl's Collector, 9sec (B Edwards) 3.

Vickery scr, Sam Slick 6sec, Prince Imperial 7sec J H 11sec, and The Baron 15sec also started.

The limit hore quickly lost his place to Thelma through going unsteadily, who with half a mile gone, had JH as her nearest attendant. So they ran for a mile, at the end of which the order was Thelma, JH, Candidate and Collector. The leader relinquished nothing of her advantage till well into the last round, where Candidate had passed JH, as had Collector, and although Candidate gained a little in the last half-mile, he could not get near the leader, who beat him by fifty yards. Thirty yards further off came Collector, Vickery and Sam Slick in a bunch, with JH and The Baron pulling up. Time, 4min 55sec. Dividend - 8.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (saddle) of 75 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 7 sovs from stake. One mile.

R Logan's b h Lexington by Berlin, aged, 13sec (J Taggart) 1.
M Friedlander's Miss Pool, 11sec (McCann) 2.
J Pettie's Polly Huon, 8sec (B Edwards) 3.

Jessie Palm scr, Utah 7sec, Moana 7sec, Amelia 11sec, Shylock 12sec, Ruahine 13sec and Bed of Stone also started.

Lexington quickly passed Bed of Stone, Ruahine dwelling at the mark. The leader had Miss Pool in attendance at half a mile, but going away again in the latter part of the journey he won by ten yards, Polly Huon a length behind Miss Pool. Time, 2min 30 1/2sec. Dividend - 2 18s.

DASH HANDICAP (harness) of 60 sovs; second 12 sovs and third 6 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Jeff's Peak by Berlin abdallah, aged, 21sec (McMillan) 1.
J A Buckland's Valour, 14sec, (C Piper) 2.
M Edwards's Bessie B, 14sec (Owner) 3.

Carolina 14sec, Miss Child 17sec, The Duke 18sec, Cockie 20sec, Vancliffe 20sec, Linwood 24sec, Hilda 25sec and Tonic 28sec also started.

Linwood momentarily showed in front, but at the stand Peak was well in front, Bessie B having made up a lot of ground. In the last half mile Bessie B got to within two lengths of the leader, but could not get past him, and Valour coming with a dash in the straight, just beat Bessie B by a head for second place, only suffering defeat by three lengths. Time, 2min 38 1/2sec. Dividend - 5 4s.

Credit: The Press 16Aug1900


YEAR: 1900


Favourable weather again favoured the Canterbury Trotting Club for the concluding day of their Spring Meeting, and although the attendance was hardly as good as on the opening day, it was still well above average.

Some most interesting racing was witnessed, the contest for the Canterbury Cup being one of the most interesting ever seen on any trotting ground in Canterbury. Almont's win was particularly well received, both horse and rider coming in for a great ovation.

Speculation was brisk, the totalisator investments amounting to 6671 10s, an increase of 247 on the amount handled at the corresponding meeting last year.


TRIAL HANDICAP (harness) of 65 sovs; second 13 sovs and third 6 sovs from stake. Two miles.

T Hancock's br g Linwood by Blackwood, 6yrs, 24sec (B Edwards) 1.
F C Parsons's Mermaid, 14sec (C Parsons) 2.
A Duncan's Nantes, 19sec (Owner) 3.

Veto 6sec, The Duke 12sec, Principal 12sec, Fleetwood 14sec, Cockie 14sec, Rosette 21sec, General Power 24sec, Pretoria II 24sec, Victor Hugo 26sec, Miracle Jack 26sec, Kruger 26sec, Ida Park 27sec and Tonic 29sec also started.

Ida Park showed the way, and with half a mile gone had Linwood as her nearest attendant some twelve lengths off, Tonic third. Towards the finish of the second round the leader broke badly, and passing the stand for the second time Linwood had taken command. From this out the leader had matters all his own way, for although Mermaid passed Ida Park, she could not get near Linwood, who won by a hundred yards, half that distance separeating second and third. Time, 5min 25sec. Dividend - 7 18s.

PONY HANDICAP (saddle) of 45 sovs; second 9 sovs and third 4 sovs from stake. One mile asnd a half.

H A Beatty's g g Tim, aged, 15sec (T Price) 1.
W Doyle's Specify, 26sec (Tudhope) 2.
J A Buckland's Daybreak, 3sec (C Piper) 3.

Silver Grey 6sec, Lady Warbeck 8sec, Farewell 15sec, Whokahe 16sec, Evelyn 16sec, Bessie 22sec and Hamlet 23sec also started.

Specify was quickly off the mark, and with a round gone had established a long lead from Tim and Hamlet, Daybreak being at the head of the others. Entering the last lap Tim had closed on the leader, and getting to the front at the home turn won by half-a-dozen lengths; Daybreak about the same distance of third. Time, 4min 15 2/5sec. Dividend - 5 2s.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (saddle) of 75 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 7 sovs from stake. Two miles.

C W Hammond's Rothschild Boy by Rothschild, 4yrs, 20sec (Owner) 1.
V Harris's Shylock, scr (J Miln) 2.
J Vallance's Kingston, 17sec (A Binnie) 3.

Wenlock 11sec, Daisy 16sec, Darby 17sec, Miss Brownwood 17sec, Roxolla 17sec, Mistake II 20sec, Little Jim 20sec and Flowerwood 20sec also started.

Rothschild Boy soon lost his place to Roxolla, Miss Brownwood having taken third position. At the half mile post Miss Brownwood ranged alongside Roxolla, but breaking badly fell right back, and Rothschild Boy, after settling down, took second place. With half the distance gone Rothschild Boy had caught Roxolla, and going away, won comfortably from Shylock, who had trotted steadily throughout, by fifty yards. Kingston a good third. Time, 5min 19sec. Dividend - 9 8s.

CANTERBURY CUP HANDICAP (saddle or harness) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J L Carl's b h Almont by Rothschild-Puella, 5yrs, 5sec (B Edwards) 1.
W Hay's Premier, 14sec (Pringle) 2.
S Tapp's Dictator, 17sec (M Edwards) 3.

Vickery scr, Sam Slick 6sec, Candidate 7sec, Florrie 10sec, Polly Huon 13sec, Occidental 13sec, Lexington 14sec, The Baron 17sec, G M Patchen 17sec, Manton 23sec, Victory II 23sec also started.

Victory II refused to leave the mark, and took no part in the race, leaving Manton to show the way, attended by Dictator for the first half mile. After these came Lexington and Premier, and this pair gradually drew on the leaders, till at a mile, Manton having broken badly, Dictator was running just ahead of Lexington and Premier, Candidate being in fifth place, and Almont most prominent of the back markers. The second mile was entered with Lexington in the lead, Dictator, Premier, Candidate and Almont following in order, only a few lengths separating the lot. Premier and Dictator passed Lexington half way through the last lap, Candidate and Almont running second and third separated by two lengths, but in the run home, Almont passed the Dunedin representative, and catching Premier a hundred yards from the post won by two lengths, Dictator beating Lexington for third place. Then came Vickery, Sam Slick and Polly Huon together. Time, 4min 51sec. Dividend - 3 10s.

INTERMEDIATE HANDICAP (in harness) of 80 sovs; second horse 16 sovs and third 8 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

W H Martyn's br g Rickety by Childe Harold, aged, 14sec (Owner) 1.
J Milne's Principal, 15sec (Owner) 2.
M Edwards's Rimu, 5sec (Owner) 3.

Worthington 6sec, Berlin Maid 7sec, Ebony 8sec, Bazaine 14sec, Cockie 15sec, Liberia 15sec and Miss Child 15sec also started.

Rickety got to the front early, and striking a sound pace drew away from Principal and Miss Child. At the end of the first mile he was fully fifty yards ahead of Principal and Worthington. No change occurred until nearing the finish, when Rimu headed Worthington and got into third place, Rickety beating Principal by fifty yards. Time, 5min 21sec. Dividend - 8 4s.

SPRING HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 20 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

D J Price's b g Victory II by General Tracey, 4yrs, 15sec (Owner) 1.
V Harris's The Baron, 11sec (Albaugh) 2.
G Russell's Candidate, 2sec (Pringle) 3.

Duke C 7sec and Manton 15sec also started.

Victory II led at the stand, and went down the back the second time clear of The Baron, but breaking, The Baron passed him and led for nearly a round, when Victory II again headed him, and keeping in front, won by nearly thirty yards. Candidate, who finished fast, about five yards away. Time, 5min. Dividend - 4 12s.
A protest was entered against the first and second horses for inconsistent running, but was dismissed. The owner of the second horse afterwards lodged an objection against the winner concerning his identity.

TELEGRAPH HANDICAP (saddle) of 65 sovs; second 13 sovs and third 6 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mrs Coxon's b m DIC by Young Irvington, 5yrs, 16sec 1.
H C Craw's Honesty (coupled with Peri 17sec) 18sec (Owner) 2.
J A Buckland's b g Valour, scr (C Piper) 3.

Rothschild Boy 5sec (inc 11sec pen), Kalmea 9sec, Michael Malone 10sec, Ebony 10sec, Daisy 10sec, Roxolla 11sec, Kingston 11sec, Victor 13sec, Eltee More 14sec, Dora 15sec, Albert 16sec, Home Rule 18sec and Forsaken Child 20sec(coupled), Screw Jack 21sec and Telegram 22sec(coupled), Lady Audley 22sec and Miracle Jack 22sec(coupled) also started.

After the horses had rounded the first turn DIC went to the front and stayed there to the finish, beating Honesty by forty yards, and Valour, who trotted very fast, nearly double that distance. Time, 2min 32 4/5sec. Dividend - 23 10s.

FINAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 7 sovs from the stake. One mile.

C Thomas's b g Hollis H by Electioneer, 6yrs, 12sec (W Price) 1.
M Edwards's Val, scr (Owner) 2.
G White's Amelia, 9sec (Owner) 3.

Collector 5sec, Utah 5sec, JH 7sec, G M Patchen 9sec, Sacramento 12sec also started.

Hollis H got smartly away, Amelia, however, steadily, and Val speedily overhauling him, all three being close together at the home turn, where Hollis H broke, Amelia getting in front, and a little further on Val, who, however, slackened his pace, and Hollis H coming again got up in the last few strides, winning by a bare length; Amelia the same distance off third. Time, 2min 34 1/5sec. Dividend - 2

Credit: The Press 18Aug1900


YEAR: 1899

1899 CANTERBURY TROTTING CLUB - Amalgamation Debate

In response to a requisition signed by seven members, a special meeting of the Canterbury Trotting Club was held last evening to re-consider the advisableness of joining the Lancaster Park Trotting Club in acquiring their new ground. There was a good attendance of members, and the President (Mr T Marr) occupied the chair.

At the opening of the meeting, the Chairman said he would refuse to put any motion that was proposed, as he ruled that, according to Rule 16, the matter, having once been decided, could not be re-opened during the financial year. This ruling caused a heated discussion, several members contending that it applied only to committee meetings. Finally, the Chairman, under protest, agreed to allow the meeting to proceed.

Mr W Tonks moved and Mr G Payling seconded - "That it is desirable for this club to join with the Lancaster Park Club in acquiring the land known as the Twigger Estate, situate at Addington, on lease for the purpose of erecting stands, fencing, etc, and forming a track for holding future meetings."

In the discussion, the supporters of the motion said they were not in favour of the clubs amalgamating to form one club, but wished to see the Canterbury Club join forces with the Lancaster Park Club in securing an up-to-date track.

Mr H Reynolds moved and Mr J H Thompkins seconded an amendment, expressing the desirableness of sending a deputation to interview the Colonial Secretary to ascertain whether, in the event of the clubs joining to secure a track, the permits would be granted as at present.

After a long discussion, the amendment was lost by thirteen to twelve; and on the motion being put it was lost by fourteen to thirteen, the Chairman exercising both his deliberative and casting vote against it.

Credit: Star 12 Aug 1899


YEAR: 1899


Handicapper, Mr H Brinkman; Starter, Mr C O'Connor.

There was only a moderate attendance when the Canterbury Trotting Club's Summer Meeting commenced at the Show Grounds, but it improved greatly as the afternoon wore on. The weather was delightfully fine. Some delay was caused in starting the first race through the vagaries of the starting clock, the subsequent events being got off without its aid.

Though some capital trotting was witnessed, most of the events were secured very comfortably. The two principal races - the Champion Boxing Day Handicap and Mid-summer Handicap - were won respectively by Cling and Collector, both showing inproved form, though many others, notably Vickery, registered sterling performances.

The sum of 4632 10s was passed through the totalisators, as against 4903 for the corresponding day last year.

The following are details of the racing:-

TRIAL HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 70 sovs; second horse 14 sovs, and third 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr A O Buckley's blk g Dormin, by Nimrod, aged, 17sec (M Edwards) 1.

Dr G M Slate's br h Huon Prince, 5yrs, scr (Owner) 2.

Mr J Milne's br h Principal, 4yrs, 17sec (Owner) 3.

Annie Rooney 5sec, Becky 6sec, Flowerwood 16sec, Jack II 16sec, St Lawrence 16sec, Roebex 19sec and Kilruth 20sec also started.

Dormin quickly took command, and, never being approached, he won pulling up by a hundred yards from Huon Prince, Principal being a poor third.

Time - 5min 29sec. Dividend - 1 14s.

PONY HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 50 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile and a half.

Mr T W Price's jun, ch m Mihi, aged, 18sec (T Price) 1.

Mr J Gaskin's blk g Botany, 4yrs, 22sec (Hamill) 2.

Mr R Hill's b m Jessamine, 6yrs, 3sec (Owner) 3.

Vanity Fair 8sec, Nita 9sec, Agnes 10sec, Farewell 16sec, Pansy B 18sec, Twiggezvous 22sec and Neglected 22sec also started.

Botany showed the way to Mihi over the first round. The latter, however, took command before reaching the half-distance, and, going on, won by ten lengths from Botany, Jessamine a poor third.

Time - 4min 16sec. Dividend - 5 16s.

CHAMPION BOXING DAY HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second horse 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr R Rutherford's br m Cling, by Vancleve-Ivy, aged, scr (G Grant) 1.

Mr J Whelan's br g Hassan, by Victor, aged, 9sec (R Day) 2.

Mr J M Thompson's b g General Grigg, by General Tracy, 4yrs, 9sec (C Harold) 3.

Florrie 1sec, Shylock 2sec, Vesta Nash 4sec, Thelma 7sec and Lady May 9sec also started.

Hassan, Thelma and Vesta Nash began well whilst General Grigg and Florrie were somewhat slow. Passing the stand the first time Hassan was leading Thelma by half a dozen lengths, after whom came Lady May, just in front of Vesta Nash, with Cling, trotting in great style, gradually overhauling her opponents. With half the distance completed, the breaking Thelma was alongside Hassan, this pair being about six lengths in advance of Vesta Nash, after whom came Cling. Half a mile from home Cling went to the front and won easily by eighty yards from Hassan who was about five lengths in front of General Grigg who trotted well over the last half mile. Vesta Nash was fourth and Florrie fifth.

Time - 4min 57sec. Dividend - 3.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 80 sovs; second horse 16 sovs and third horse 8 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr W Mead's b m Berlin Maid, by Berlin, aged, 13sec (R Day) 1.

Mr W W Forbes's gr g Occidental, 5yrs, 6sec (Owner) 2.

Mr J Vallance's ch h Kingston, 5yrs, 2sec (Binnie) 3.

Dora 11sec, Autonomy 15sec and Little Harold 15sec also started.

Berlin Maid won very easily by fully one hundred yards from Occidental, Kingston, a further eight lengths away third.

Time - 5min 33sec. Dividend - 2 12s.

THREE-YEAR-OLD HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr C Kerr's b g All Day, by Ha-Ha, 18sec (Owner) 1.

Mr F Mulholland's b g Fleetwood, by Wildwood, 14sec (Owner) 2.

Mr H Mace's b f Weary, by Brookholm, scr (T Price jun) 3.

Rothschild Boy 9sec (coupled with Weary) and Little Archie 18sec also started.

Passing the stand All Day was just leading Little Archie, but running round the top turn the latter, in trying to get up on the inside, broke, as also did All Day. Little Archie was the quickest to settle down again, and pulling to the outside, was in front at the bottom turn, and going on, won by three lengths from All Day, with Fleetwood a similar distance away third and Weary fourth.

Time - 2min 40sec.

A protest against the winner on the ground of interference with All Day was upheld. Notice of Appeal to the New Zealand Trotting Association was at once given, and the stake and totalisator investments were impounded. The dividend on Little Archie would have been 2 14s, on All Day 2.

MIDSUMMER HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 200 sovs; second horse 40 sovs and third horse 7 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr J L Carl's b g Collector, by Lincoln Yet, aged, 18sec (B Edwards) 1.

Mr W Kerr's b m Thelma, by Kentucky, 6yrs, 20sec (Owner) 2.

Mr V Harris's b h The Baron, by Rothschild, 5yrs, 16sec (Albaugh) 3.

Vickery scr, Cling 7sec (pen 5sec), Jessie Palm 12sec, Sam Slick 12sec, Venus 16sec and J H 16sec also started.

With one lap completed Thelma was leading The Baron and Collector in the order named. Passing the stand Collector had drawn nearer to the leaders, and when Thelma broke at the starting post Collector went to the front, and without being troubled, ran home a comfortable winner by five lengths from Thelma, with The Baron third, Sam Slick fourth, Vickery fifth and Cling sixth.

Time 5min 3 1/5sec. Dividend - 1 18s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr G Russell's blk g Ophir, by Calaban, aged, 7sec (Pringle) 1.

Mr C W Hammond's b g Simon R, aged, 7sec (Owner) 2.

Mr J Pettie's b m Polly Huon, aged, 5sec (B Edwards) 3.

Hassan 3sec, General Luck 5sec, Ascot 7sec and Foudroyant 8sec also started.

Ophir trotted to the front very early in the race, and at the half-distance he held a substantial lead, Simon R being his nearest attendant. Though Ophir broke several times he won comfortably by four lengths in front of Polly Huon.

Time 2min 35sec. Dividend - 2 14s.

DASH HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 100 sovs; second horse 20 sovs and third horse 10 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr M Friedlander's blk g Lancewood II, by Wildwood-Rosewood, 3yrs, 24sec (W Kerr) 1.

Mr W Hepworth's b g Honest Jack, 22sec (R Day) 2.

Mr P Howard's br g Protest, 5yrs, 22sec (McMillan) 3.

Clifton 14sec, Manton 14sec, Silvie Hue 18sec, Carolina 21sec and Wairuna 22sec also started.

Lancewood II was in front the whole way, and won comfortably by six lengths from Honest Jack, a similar distance separating second and third horses.

Time 2min 39 2/5sec. Dividend - 1 14s

Credit: Star 26 & 27 Dec 1899


YEAR: 1899


The annual meeting of the Canterbury Trotting Club was held at the rooms, Cashel Street, last evening. The President (Mr T Marr) occupied the chair, and there was a large attendance of members.

The Chairman stated that the first question to be consideredwas as to the advisableness of amalgamating with the Lancaster Park Club in the occupation of the ground acquired by that club on the Lincoln Road. The matter had previously been discussed by the members, but they had decided to leave its decision to the annual meeting.

After some discussion, a motion, moved by Mr E Clarkson and seconded by Mr D Ritchie - "That, in the opinion of this meeting, it is desirable that the Canterbury Club should amalgamate with the Lancaster Park Club," was defeated by sixteen votes to twelve.

The Chairman read the annual report, which was as follows:- Gentlemen,- My committee is again in the pleasant position to be able to congratulate members on the successful operations of the club for the past year. You will find from the accounts now in your hands that in every department of revenue a very considerable increase has taken place as compared with last year.

The sum of 3900 has been distributed in stakes this year, as against 3600 last year, being an increase of 300. The profit for the year was 397, and the cash assets of the club now stand at 2050, a financial position which no doubt members duly appreciate, the disbursements for the year amonting to 5462.

The programmes framed by your committee have always been issued with due regard to the encouragement of class and limit races, and the response from owners has been beyond our most sanquine expectations. The racing has been extremely good, and the animals competing at our meetings have been of an exceptionally high standard; amongst them may be mentioned Mrs Buckland's horse Fritz, who trotted an exhibition mile against time for a purse of 100 sovereigns in 2min 13sec, a performance which now stands as the record for the colonies. The fact of having induced Mr Buckland to visit New Zealand with such a horse as Fritz is not onlt highly flattering to the club, but to the colony as a whole. That the public have responded to our efforts in providing high-class sport is clearly shown by the substantial increase in our revenue.

Since we last met, I regret to say that one of our members has been removed by death; I refer to the late Mr Joseph Perkins (the Club's treasurer). That gentleman had been connected with the club from its infancy, and always took a deep interest in all matters relating to the club's welfare. He acted in many capacities, and filled the position of President for two years, the duties of which office he carried out with great credit to the club.

I have again to congratulate members on the fact that the past year has been the most successful and important since the club's formation. The balance-sheet showed that the total receipts from all sources, including a credit balance from last year of 604 9s 9d, amounted to 6497 9s, whilst the expenditure totalled 5462 10s 9d, thus showing a credit balance of 1034 18s 3d. The total estimated value of assets was 2221 1s 5d, whilst there were no liabilities. The Chairman moved the adoption of the report and balance-sheet, which was carried.

Mr Duke, who had recently resigned as a member of the club, was elected a life member.

The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows:- President, Mr T Marr (re-elected); treasurer, Mr J S Slade; committee, Messrs J Rallinshaw, H Mace, E Clarkson, H Berry, L Wilson, H Reynolds, R Morrison, J H Tompkins, H Hillyer, G Payling and J Hayward; stewards, the committee, and Messrs F Mulholland, H Thompson and H Derrett.

It was resolved that a letter of condolance should be sent to the widow and family of the late Mr J Perkins.

It was resolved, on the motion of Mr F Mullholland, seconded by Mr H Mace, to recommend to the incoming committee that financial assistance should be given to the Lancaster Park Club to erect the necessary buildings, etc. on the new ground.

Votes of thanks were passed to the out-going officers and chairman, and the meeting terminated.

Credit: Star 21 June 1899


YEAR: 1894


Handicappers - Messrs Brinkman, Duncan and White. Starter - Mr C O'Connor.

The Canterbury Trotting Club's Spring Meeting was held at Canterbuty Park on Saturday. Notwithstanding the stormy weather there was a fair attendance. The sum of 2675 was passed through the totalisator. The course was heavy when the proceedings began, but rapidly improved until it became excellent going. Results:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second horse 3 sovs. Two miles.

Mr P Manson's b m Geogrina, by Lincoln Yet, 4yrs, 15sec (Dewey) 1.

Mr E Bowes's blk m Vagary, aged, 12sec (Owner) 2.

Mr J Wright's b m May Be, 6yrs, 10sec (Owner) 3.

Silverwood 8sec, Tara 10sec, Domino 10sec, Imogene 10sec, Clifton 10sec, Makehi 10sec, Rimu 10sec, Nellie II 10sec, Bill Allen 12sec, Jeanette 12sec and Fairplay 15sec also started.

Georgina held her field safe from the start, and won easily by a dozen lengths.

Time 6min 4sec. Dividend - 2 16s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr G Pearce's b m Lady Audley, by Young Irvington, aged, 35sec (Johnson) 1.

Doris 6sec, Tit 26sec, Fly 28sec, Ruby 28sec, Miss Graham 30sec Woodlands 33sec and Worthington 38sec also started.

Lady Audley quickly established a long lead, and ultimately distanced a pulling up field, which was headed by Doris.

Time 6min 36sec Dividend - 2 10s.

SPRING HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Wright's b g Robin, by Victor, 6yrs, 30sec (Owner) 1.

Mr R J Whittle's gr m Lady May, aged, 35sec (Owner) 2.

Mr J Graham's gr m Myrtle, aged, 30sec (B Edwards) 3.

Paulina 20sec, White Wings 20sec, Dexterina 28sec, Blue Mountain 32sec and Jane Douglas 20sec also started.

Robin took the lead in the first half mile. Lady May, Blue Mountain and Myrtle following in close order. In the next round Myrtle took second place, Robin maintaining his lead. In the last half mile Robin tired, and Lady May headed him in the last chain, but breaking Robin got in front by a neck as the post was passed. Myrtle, Dexterina and Blue Mountain were close up in the order named.

Time 5min 36 1/2sec Dividend - 6 14s.

A protest was entered against Robin on the ground that by his rider having been handed a whip during the race Lady May was interfered with. The protest was not unheld.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs. Two miles.

Mr R Henry's b m Lily, aged, 6sec (Angus) 1.

Mr G Duke's b m Eileen Alannah, aged, 33sec (Owner) 2.

Mr F Mulholland's blk g Hollywood, 5yrs, 2sec (Owner) 3.

Energy 12sec, Tit 18sec, Domino 22sec, Iona 25sec, Beatrice 27sec, Miss Graham 27sec also started.

Won by two lengths.

Time 6min 5sec Dividend - 2 14s. The winner was bought in for 13.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second horse 3 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Graham's gr m Myrtle, aged, 8sec (B Edwards) 1.

Mr R Gibbs's ch m XYZ, 4yrs, 38sec (A Free) 2.

Mr J Parish's ch m Lily, aged, 3sec, (Owner) 3.

Black Oats scr, Ruby 36sec, Woodlands 42sec, Lady Audley 34sec (10sec penalty), Little Eva 45sec, Pippin 45sec also started.

Won cleverly by fifty yards.

Time 5min 34sec Dividend - 1 12s.

ADDINGTON STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 110 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J McKewen's b m Dexterina, by Dexer, aged, 25sec (Owner) 1.

JH scr, Rosebud 10sec, Lady Jane 14sec, Robin 17sec (10 sec panalty), Lady May 30sec and Peppermint 30sec also started.

Dexterina took the lead at the end of the first half-mile, and increasing her advantage in every round, won by ninety yards from Peppermint, JH and Lady Jane, who finished together.

Time 5min 33sec Dividend - 1 12s.

DASH HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 50 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr J G Seaton's br h Cleveland, by Berlin, aged, 25sec (Owner) 1.

Mr J McKewen's b m Lady Jane, aged, 7sec (R McKewen) 2.

Mr R Sutherland's b m Carolina, 4yrs, 22sec (Needham) 3.

JH scr, Colonial 12sec, Dexterina 2sec (12sec pen), Peppermint 15sec and Mallow 18sec also started.

Cleveland was never headed, and won by a length from Lady Jane, who made up most of her ground in the last quarter-mile.

Time 3min 6 1/2sec Dividend - 8 6s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 50 sovs, second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr B Edwards's gr m Peggy, by Izaak Walton, aged, 12sec (Owner) 1.

Mr J Anderson's rn g Sandy, 25sec (Needham) 2.

Mr J W Morland's b m Milly, 20sec (C Kerr) 3.

Dexterina 4sec (10sec pen), Black Angel 16sec, Miss Irwell 20sec, Orizaba 20sec and Mallow 20sec also started.

Sandy held the lead till rounding the last turn where Peggy, trotting in fine style, passed him, and going on won by a couple of lengths, Sandy making a game final effort. Milly and Orizaba were close up.

Time 2min 39sec Dividend - 2 8s.

Credit: Star 22 October 1894


YEAR: 1894


A meeting of the committee of the Canterbury Trotting Club was held at the A1 Hotel last evening (Thursday), when a large amount of business in connection with the forthcoming meeting was transacted.

It was decided that an assistant clerk of the course should be engaged for the National meeting, and that the starter's fee should be raised to four guineas a meeting. Two stewards were appointed to keep competitors in their places, and in the event of a rider or driver leaving the mark before the word is given the offender will suffer the penalty of disqualification.

It was resolved to obtain the services of a band, and the matter was left in the hands of the Chairman and Mr Bkinkman. The Ground Committee reported that the new arrangements would be completed in time for the coming meeting.

A trainer was called before the committee for using abusive language to the caretaker, and, after taking evidence, it was resolved that the offender should be disqualified during the pleasure of the club.

It was decided that every precaution should be taken to prevent layers of totalisator odds from plying their vocation, and offenders are to be given in charge of the police at the conclusion of the meeting.

The President (Mr Tonks), on behalf of the members of the club, presented Mr A Duncan, the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, with a stop-watch. In making the presentation, Mr Tonks spoke of the many valuable services rendered to the club by Mr Duncan during his term of office. Mr Duncan suitably replied. The watch - which was purchased from Mr G T White, jeweller, of Colombo Street - is one of the best of its kind, and is a combination of four of the best English patents.

Credit: Star 3 Aug 1894


YEAR: 1894


The Spring Meeting of the Canterbury Trotting Club was held at the Show Grounds today. There was a large attendance, and the weather was fine, but the course was very heavy in places. The following are results up to the time of going to press:-

MAIDEN HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr W Mouat's b g The Duke, by Berlin, aged, scr (J Allan) 1.

Mr W McClellan's gr g Silverwood, aged, 10sec (J Murray) 2.

Dingo 8sec, Molly 8sec, Dan 10sec, Weary Gleaner 10sec, Forrester 10sec, Telegram 12sec, Little Stanley 12sec, Toi Toi 12sec, Strathcommon 12sec, Imogen 15sec, Ruby 15sec and Fan 15sec also started.

The Duke got to the front early in the second mile, and, though breaking several times, held command to the finish, winning by four lengths from Silverwood, the others distanced.

Time 6min 6sec Dividend - 2 2s.

A protest against The Duke on the ground of his having previously won a trot, was dismissed, the owner to make a declaration that the horse had never been awarded a race.

SELLING HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J McKewan's b g Butcher Boy II, by Blackwood Abdallah, aged, 8sec (Owner) 1.

Mr T Walker's br g Energy, aged, 30sec (Owner) 2.

Mr A Dale's b g Geodie, aged, 30sec (Owner) 3.

Tommy 30sec, Merry Dancer 33sec, Dingo 33sec, Te Kooti 38sec and Waterbury 40sec also started.

Energy led to the end of a mile, but before completing another round, was passed by Butcher Boy, who went on and won by six lengths from Energy, Geordie a good third.

Time 6min 1sec Dividend - 1 19s.

A protest on the ground of unfair trotting was dismissed.

NATIONAL HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 275 sovs; second 40 sovs, and third 20 sovs. Three miles.

Mr A Fish's b g Kelpie, aged, 60secs (Hammond) 1.

Mr J Barnard's b g Opossum, aged, 42sec (Owner) 2.

Kentucky scr, Nilreb 22sec, Springfield 34sec, Sea Foam 42sec, Milly 48sec, Colonial 48sec, Little Bob 48sec, Medjidie 50sec, Bluegown 50sec and Cowboy 52sec also started.

Kelpie set out at a strong pace, and at the end of a mile had actually increased the distance between himself and his nearest opponents, who were headed by Cowboy, Opossum, Medjidie and Bluegown, in the order named, Colonial and Springfield already outpaced. In the third round Opossum ran into second place, Little Bob third, Sea Foam, Medjidie, Bluegown and Nilreb being the next division. This order was continued to the finish, Kelpie winning by fifty yards from Opossum; Little Bob just distanced, Kentucky fourth, Sea Foam fifth and Medjidie sixth.

Time 8min 53sec Dividend - 16 13s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs, second 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr C Kerr's b m Camisea, 4yrs, 20sec (Owner) 1.

Mr R Gibbs's cr m XYZ, 4yrs, 35sec (A Free) 2.

Mr C Newell's blk m Cricket, aged, 37sec 3.

Microbe 14sec, Nipper 18sec, Sambo 20sec, Sandy 22sec, Merrybody 25sec, Ruby 25sec, Peggy II 33sec, Tit 35sec, The Scrubber 35sec, Miss Harewood 35sec, Pride Of Kilkenny 35sec, Bustle 35sec (coupled with Cricket), Lily 37sec, Biddy Biddy 37sec, Vera 40sec and Senator Bill 40sec also started.

Cricket led most of the way, with XYZ close up. The former broke a quarter of a mile from the finish, when Camisea took command, and won by five lengths, same between second and third.

Time 5min 58sec Dividend - 5 7s.

SIRES' STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 50 sovs; second 10 sovs. Two miles.

Mr T W Oliff's b h Bluegown, by Remedy-Arab mare, aged, 35sec (Keith) 1.

Messrs Mangan and Wilson's b h Imperious, aged, 2sec (C Kerr) 2.

Kentucky scr, Berlin Abdallah 2sec, Prince Victor 8sec, Vaucliffe 30 sec also started.

A protest against Bluegown for having galloped was dismissed.

Bluegown, who galloped repeatedly, led to within a hundred yards of home, when he was headed by Imperious (who had trotted in grand style). Bluegown then broke, but was steadied and got up in time to beat Imperious on the post by a head, breaking again immediately. Kentucky was a hundred yards away and the others were pulled up.

Time 6min 6sec Dividend - 3 16s.

CANTERBURY PLATE HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second 10 sovs, and third 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr C Hammond's b g Te Wanahu, aged, 35sec (Owner) 1.

Mr A G Holmes's b g Fairchild, aged, 33sec (C Kerr) 2.

Mr J Fraser's b g Victon, 6yrs, 40sec (Owner) 3.

Kentucky 9sec, JH 11sec, Contractor 20sec, Nilreb 20sec, Invictus 25sec, Springfield 30sec, Opossum 37sec, Boston Girl 40sec, Messenger 42sec, Creole 42sec, Cowboy 45sec, Bondri 45sec also started.

Te Wanahu, followed by Fairchild, quickly went to the front, and the latter breaking twice in the last round after he had gained the lead, enabled Te Wanahu to win by twenty yards; Victon a moderate third, and Contractor next.

Time 5min 31 1/2sec Dividend - 7 3s.

Credit: Star 10 Aug 1894


YEAR: 1894


A meeting of the committee of the Canterbury Trotting Club was held at the A1 Hotel an Monday evening. A programme for the club's next race meeting, to be held on the Queen's Birthday, was drawn up. The sum of 410 sovs will be given away in stakes and the programme is as follows:- Maiden Trot (in saddle) of 30 sovs, two miles; Winter Handicap (in harness) of 45 sovs, two miles; Addington Plate (in saddle) of 80 sovs, two miles (6min limit); Selling Trot (in harness) of 30 sovs, two miles; Canterbury Stakes Handicap (in harness) of 100 sovs, of three miles (9min limit); Electric Handicap (in saddle) of 50 sovs, one mile; Pony Trot (in saddle) of 25 sovs, two miles.

The conditions of the trot of 275 sovs (the largest stake ever given in Canterbury or the South Island) were drawn up. The race is to called The National Stakes; to be run at Grand National time; distance three miles, in harness, with a 9min limit. A good deal of discussion took place as to whether the race should be in harness or saddle, Mr Harris proposed the former, and Mr Tonks the latter. On a division being called, the harness was carried by a majority of one. Some members of the committee were desirous of having the distance two miles, but were in the minority.

Credit: Star 20 Mar 1894

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