YEAR: 1976


Before its purchase by the Christchurch City Council in 1963, Queen Elizabeth II Park, was, for almost 70 years, the home of the New Brighton Trotting Club, all the time boasting that rarity - a grass track at a metropolitan course. And, even before the 1890s, it was an area of some interest.

More than a century ago the land was occupied by Maoris, who built their camp which they called Orua Paeroa. It was by no means a perfect dwelling place as strong east winds beat in from the sea. But its advantages outweighted its drawbacks - the neighbouring Travis Swamp abounded with eels and birdlife.

By 1862 the Maoris had abandoned their camp. In that year Thomas Raine bought from the Government rural sections 4738, 4832 and 5155, which cover the great bulk of the area of the modern sports stadium and reserve. He burned the whares which the Maoris had left but it is doubtful whether he carried out many improvements.

At that time Raine was a major purchaser of land at New Brighton. Perhaps he hoped that the district would become a seaside resort to rival Sumner, then Christchurch's chief watering place. It was not until the establishment of a tramway service in the 1880s that major development took place; and it is doubtful whether the pioneer landowner made any fat sums out of his property. By trade Thomas Raine was a manfacturer of aerated water, being popularly known as "Gingerpop" Raine. A verse, punning on the name of the pioneer Christchurch businessmen, includes the lines: "And strange as it may seem, from Raine we get good soda water."

By the 1880s arrangements had been made for the running of horse races at New Brighton. But the venue was not the Queen Elizabeth II Park site - it was the beach. The beach racing club ran under very primitive conditions, an exceptionally high tide would delay the start of proceedings, and it was sometimes quite dark before the last event was concluded.

Eventually the beach was abandoned, Tom Free, licensee of the Bower Hotel, having laid out a 3/4 mile course at the Queen Elizabeth II Park property. There was then a mixed trotting and racing programme, and the first race on the site was held in 1886. At first conditions were only marginally better than on the foreshore. The judge had to carry out his duties from atop a beer barrel. And the grass having not yet consolidated the sandy soil, the latter could "wander at its own sweet will, and the majority of the visitors retuned to town half hidden in a canopy of dust."

But worst of all was the mountainous sandhill which stood in the centre of the paddock. As one man later recalled: "When horses got behind this they were utterly lost to view from the other side of the course, and here sometimes the riders would take a bit of a pull if they were not anxious to win or run prominently. I recollect that on one occasion the front markers practically all pulled up and the back marker presently came along. He was quite angry and called to the waiting squadron: If you fellows don't go on, I'm going to go back. The race was then resumed.

Still, there were compensations, Tom Free was more than a patron of the turf; as well, he provided the punters with excellent food. Free ran the course through, a business concern, the New Brighton Sports Club. After this had been wound up one of the directors, Harry Mace, took over. He called the place "Brooklyn Lodge" and established there his home, stables, training track and stud. Artesian bores were drilled, and the track top-dressed and graded. It was in Mace's day that the New Brighton Trotting Club was established on the property, the first race being run on March 16, 1895. The sum of 190 was paid in stakes, and the totalisator turnover amounting to 1648.

Like Thomas Raine, Harry Mace was a manfacturer of aerated water. The label on his wares showed a St Bernard dog, the myth being that this illustration was chosen to recall how one such beast had saved Mace from drowning. Maces Road, Bromley, commemorates Mace's service on the Heathcote Road Board, the ancestor of the present Heathcote County Council. An imposing figure in grey frock coat and top hat, Mace played a prominent part in the history of trotting. He was on all deputations urging the Government recognition of the sport; and encouraged Seddon to place a tax on totalisator receipts. This was to counter the strong opposition to the sport by the anti-totalisator section of the public.

Harry Mace died in 1902. The New Brighton Trotting Club continued to function on the Queen Elizabeth II Park land, but the ownership of the property stayed with a single individual, Robert Button, an elderly timber miller who had grown rich through cutting out the totara logs at Mount Peel. Button is, however, best remembered as the father of Bella Button. Indeed, it was for the pleasure of Bella, his favourite daughter, that he invested his money in the park.

Bella was a practitioner of Women's Lib 75 years before the phrase was invented. In the 1890s she was taking part in trotting events within a wide radius of her parents' South Canterbury home and letting them know of any victories through messages attached to carrier pigeons. Her greatest honour came the day that the Governor and his wife, Lord and Lady Ranfurly, having heard of her skill at breaking in the worst of mavericks, visited the family home for lunch and a tour of inspection.

By the time the Buttons bought Queen Elizabeth II Park, women had been excluded from trotting events. Thus Bella never had a chance to try out the New Brighton course at a fully-fledged meeting. Her activities were confined to breaking in the beasts and training them. Sometimes she had a chance to show her prowess, such as at O'Neill's buckjumping show (a rodeo-style attraction) at the grand International Exhibition in Hagley Park in 1906-07. The newspapers described this "tallish woman approaching middle-age" who was "perfectly fearless when handling the biggest outlaws they bring along" and who could not only handle steeds superbly but also "build a trap or nail a shoe on a horse as necessity requires."

In later years Bella married a man named Moore. But her equestrian interests remained unabated. Then, in 1921, she was thrown from a horse named Patience and killed. She was 58 years of age.

Credit: Richard Greenaway


YEAR: 1963


The New Brighton course would now become Queen Elizabeth II Park and in 20 years time or so it could develop into the Hagley Park of the seaside suburb, said the Deputy Mayor of Christchurch (Councillor H P Smith) who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the club at its final meeting on its own course on Saturday. Cr. Smith said the New Brighton Club's gesture in offering the property to the City Council at much below the sub-divisional value was a magnificent one. The 'City Fathers' would be 'just as jealous of every square yard of it' as they were of Hagley Park, he continued. People would be able to enjoy recreation on the new park "for time immemorial".

The crowd of nearly 10,000 which attended on Saturday far exceeded expectations, and the 104,625 handled by the totalisator on-course was 32,000 more than last year. The main event, the A E Laing Handicap, carried a 50 trophy presented by Mr Laing, a former president who has been in hospital for some weeks. Five other presidents are still active officers of the club and races were named after them on Saturday's programme. They are Messrs W E Desmond, O Hutchinson, A G Jamieson, A McDonald and S J Moore.

Mr W F Stark, the president, in introducing the Deputy Mayor, thanked the public for their generous support in the past and extended to all a warm welcome to the club's future meetings at Addington. Queen Elizabeth II Park would be "real value for posterity" he said , and he was thankful that sub-division of such a fine place had been avoided. Officers of the club gathered in the birdcage for the ceremony, at which 'Now Is The Hour' and 'Auld Lang Syne' were sung.

A long list of champions, notable among them Wildwood Junior, Reta Peter, Adelaide Direct, Willie Lincoln, Agathos, Onyx, Peter Bingen, Great Bingen, Harold Logan and Josedale Grattan, were trained, at one time or another, on the New Brighton track. Between 25 to 40 years ago New Brighton was one of the busiest training centres in NZ, and trackwork was covered by the Christchurch daily papers - particularly when there were two morning and two evening papers - just as fully and prominently as the training activities at Addington.

Back in the late 1920s J N (Jim) Clarke trained a large team from Brooklyn Lodge (now occupied by George Cameron), and Peter Bingen, Great Bingen and Willie Lincoln were among the horses who occupied stalls in his stable. Contemporaries of Jim Clarke who come readily to mind included A J (Alf) Wilson, who trained and drove Reta Peter, twice winner of the NZ Cup; W (Bill) Warren, N L (Nelson) Price, J D (Doug) Smith, H (Harry) Frost, H(Harry) Aker, G (George) Robinson, A E (Arthur) Bussell and E R (Ernie) Husband.

Much earlier, the brothers W (Bill) and C (Charlie) Kerr, won renown with Wildwood Junior, Admiral Wood and others; M (Manny) Edwards took Adelaide Direct to the top; C Channing's Agathos was among the top flight of pacers in the early 1920s and Onyx, trained by J (Jack) Messervy, was the champion mare of the Dominion about the same period. Much later Pot Luck, trained by his owner H (Bert) Stafford, was a headline pacer trained at New Brighton, and F J ('Wizard') Smith used to quarter his team there on his regular visits to Christchurch meetings - Josedale Grattan and Nell Volo were among his great ones who had their final trials ay Brighton before important wins at Addington. W ('Tiger') Barron, was a prominent seaside trainer of over 30 years ago with horses owned by Mr D Rodgers.

There were others, many of them: the Jardens, the younger Kerrs and Smiths and Messervys, R (Dick) Motz and his son Arnold, E F C (Ernie) Hinds, D (Dan) Mahoney, E (Ernie) Hawtin, T H (Tom) Gleeson, G L (George) Mitchell, L C (Lester) Frost, F R (Fred) May, L (Lester) Davidson; and coming right down to the present day G (George) Cameron and A (Alf) Rhodes are among those still holding the fort along with A Richards, A Kendall, G Tisch, A L Mugford, W Ireland and a few others.

New Brighton at one time was as fast as any track in the country - Happy Voyage's 2.04 1/5, which stood as the NZ and Australian mile record for a season, was established on the track in 1923. In 1925 the champion mare Onyx, a lovely piece of horseflesh, went 3.13 against time for a mile and a half, which stood as a NZ and Australian record for a number of years. And on more than one occasion the peerless Harold Logan broke records from long handicap marks there - his 2.36 3/5 in winning the mile and a quarter Avon Handicap from away back on 84 yards (then a 'world's winning race record') will live on in the writer's memory as one of the greatest displays of good manners, brilliance and courage ever seen anywhere.

According to the late F C Thomas, a well-informed trotting historian of the early days, New Brighton is one of the oldest courses in NZ used solely for trotting meetings, and it is now more than 90 years since the first trotting event was held in the district. The New Brighton Club did not exist in those early days and was not formed until about 1890. For some time before that the New Brighton Racing Club held trotting meetings and mixed galloping and trotting meetings on the course. The New Brighton Trotting Club did not hold it's first meeting until 1895, when 190 was paid in stakes and totalisator turnover amounted to 1648.

Anyone prepared to dispute this statement is referred to the NZ Turf Register, 1894-95, which details the "New Brighton TC Inaugural" meeting, Saturday, March 16, 1895, "weather fine, going rough". The first race was won by J Gallagher's Swinton by "300 yards" in 6.01 for two miles. The mile Dash Handicap and the two miles Avon Handicap went to T Walker's Mistake in 2.54 and 5.54 1/2 respectively. The New Brighton Handicap, run over two miles in saddle, was won by H Mace's FB in 5.34. Other winners were J P Martin's Toby II(two races) J Barrett's Lily, and W Kerr's Felix.

The property was at that time owned by Mr Henry Mace, who with the club's first president (Mr H McIlwraith) and secretary (Mr A I Rattray) first gained Government recognition of trotting through the old NZ Trotting Association, which had been formed in Christchurch in 1888. On the death of Mr Mace in 1902, the course became the property of Mr H Button, who had a stud and trained thoroughbreds from the Brooklyn Lodge stables. The club continued to prosper and bought about half the present block containing the track from Mr Button in 1909, the same year in which the club's first course superintendent (Mr R Davidson) was appointed. Mr Davidson's son, L Davidson, has trained horses on the New Brighton course until recent months.

The course was very rough in the early days, but it gradually improved under Mr Davidson's care until he retired in 1924. He was succeeded by Mr W Stevenson, whose son, Mr T Stevenson took over in 1936. Mr T Stevenson will complete 27 years as course superintendent on September 27, and will remain on the course when the Christchurch City Council takes over on October 1.

The club did not secure the remainder of the property until the early 1930s.


Vanderford had to be good to win the A E Laing Handicap. He made his usual fast beginning and was quickly up near the leaders. Vanderford followed Kingsdown Patch, one out, till rounding the turn into the straight. At that stage Kingsdown Patch could do no better, and it appeared as though Vanderford's driver, M Holmes, was forced to make a forward move earlier than he would have liked. Vanderford had to race very wide turning for home, but shaken up a little, he soon collared the leaders, and once he did the result was in safe keeping. Vanderford won going away by a length, to record his fifth success on end, and his fourth for the season. He now requires only one distance win to become eligible for the NZ Cup. Rustic Lad was second, Flying Blue third and Avante fourth.


To the consistent Master Alan went the honour of winning the last race on the New Brighton course, and his success was a popular one. Earlier in the season Master Alan had been runner-up to Cardigan Bay at Hutt Park and second to Doctor Dan at New Brighton a fortnight ago. Master Alan raced in about the middle of the field until the turn and joined the leaders about the furlong. Master Alan responded in grand style to record 2.08 4/5, the last half being run by the leaders in 1.02 4/5, the final quarter in 31 2/5 secs, on a track which was not fast. Junior Royal paced a little roughly early in the race and was doing his best work in the concluding stages. Robin Dundee paced a sound race and made up ground for third. Doctor Dan was next, followed by Lordship, who had every chance. He is obviouslt not at his best.

Credit: 'Ribbonwood' writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 25Sep63


YEAR: 1963


To commemorate the Royal visit to Christchurch the New Brighton Trotting course grounds and buildings will be bought by the Christchurch City Council, named Queen Elizabeth II Park, with the Royal assent, and provide a reserve second only to Hagley Park.

The purchase was announced by the Mayor (Mr G Manning) at the public welcome to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Lancaster Park on Saturday.

The President of the New Brighton Trotting Club (Mr A E Laing) said the price, 75,000, was well below the Government valuation of 90,000, but monetary considerations had not been the sole thought of the club's executive, which was deeply conscious of the fact that public patronage down through the years had been the main contributing factor in making the freeholding and maintenance of the property possible. Mr Laing added: "I'm sure all our members and followers of the New Brighton Trotting Club will be happy that this wonderful area of ground is going to be developed to cater for all sports."

The City Council will take possession of the property on October 1. Everyone would be delighted by the purchase, especially at such a reasonable price said the Deputy-Mayor(Cr H P Smith). The terms on which the purchase has been made would enable the city to pay for it without recourse to rates. Tree-planting and the laying out of athletic tracks would be involved in the development, he said, and while the final development would take some years, the reserve would emerge as a park second only to Hagley Park and with amenities for a number of sports. A great advantage would be that off-street parking would be possible at the new park, Cr Smith said.

The Chairman of the reserves committee (Cr P J Skellerup) said the decision to acquire the park was a momentous occasion, and future generations would look on it as an historic one. The possibilities offered were enormous, and would substantially increase Christchurch's chances of securing the Empire Games in 1970 or 1974, he said. Trees would be an important feature of the development, Cr Skellerup said. Possibilities for the park included playing fields for winter sports, cricket ovals, an all-weather athletic track, a lido swimming pool of Olympic standards and even a polo field.

The purchase was negotiated by a sub-committee consisting of himself, Cr Smith and Cr M R Carter, with the president of the Trotting Club (Mr A E Laing) and other executives, Cr Skellerup said, and the Club officials had shown great public spirit and co-operation throughout.

Credit: NZ Trotting Calendar 20Feb63


YEAR: 1948

New Tote Annex

Spic and span with a brand-new 3000 coat of paint, the New Brighton Trotting Club's stands, totalisator houses and rails will present a beaming front to the thousands of old and new patrons expected to throng the roomy seaside course when the club, next month, holds the first meeting on its own grounds for more than six years; the last meeting held at New Brighton was in February, 1942.

The 'new look' manifests itself on all sides. The transformation from the drab dilapidation left by years of military occupation, to the clean, neat orderliness of today is a shining example of what faith in a tradition, loyalty to a cause and an appropriate admixture of sentiment can do. After all, it is only two years since the club decided to go back to New Brighton rather than race permanently at Addington, and in that short time, even though confronted with many difficulties and shortages of materials, it has worked wonders.

Not the least of these is the remodelling of the mile grass track, which has been banked, regraded and top-dressed and a new mile and a quarter start put down. This new starting point will give fields racing over the main sprint distance a straight run of over two furlongs before a bend is encountered. Previously races over this distance were started on a bend. The track at present bears a beautiful sole of grass, and it has never been in better heart. This opinion is giving it something to live up to, because a number of records were broken on it years and years ago.

In 1925 the great mare Onyx, against time, paced a mile and a half in 3.13, then a world's pacing record, and two years previously Happy Voyage, also against time, had set the NZ main for a mile at 2.04 1/5. A superlative performance registered at New Brighton was Harold Logan's 2.36 3/5 in winning the Avon Handicap, of a mile and a quarter, from 84yds in October, 1934. That was then a world's race record, and, from such a long mark, it still ranks as one of the greatest sprints of all time. About that time the claim was made that the New Brighton track was the best grass track in the Dominion, and racing may not be resumed on it for very long before such a claim is reaffirmed.

Training facilities at New Brighton are first class. The late F J Smith could never understand why there were not more stables in the New Brighton area; the easy sandy nature of the soil and training tracks greatly appealed to him and he always finished off the preparation of the teams he brought from Auckland at the New Brighton course.

The main totalisator house has been renovated throughout and now boasts a spruce annex of 13 new selling windows. These, it is hoped, will assist in handling the greatly-increased crowds now attending trotting meetings compared with 1942.

New Brighton is not the oldest trotting club in NZ - that distinction belongs to Wanganui - but trotting races were held on the New Brighton beach in the early 1870s. Later the New Brighton Racing Club conducted its meetings on a property owned by the late Mr Tom Free. Trotting races were introduced to help the club along, but the New Brighton Racing Club was eventually wound up and the ground leased to the Canterbury Sports Co Ltd, for athletics. This body also went into liquidation and the property purchased by the late Mr Henry Mace, who established 'Brooklyn Lodge' a breeding and traing establishment.

The New Brighton Trotting Club became tenants of the grounds in 1890, and from that year went on from success to success, ultimately purchasing the property from the Button family, who had bought it after the death of Henry Mace. Wise conduct of the club's finances resulted in New Brighton becoming the only freehold racecourse in Christchurch. It is quite unencumbered.

A red-letter day in the history of the club was March 15, 1927, when the other two Christchurch trotting clubs conceded it the privilege of holding the Royal Meeting at Addington in honour of the visit of the present King and Queen, then the Duke and Duchess of York. Great Bingen, a big public favourite at the time, rose to the occasion by winning the York Handicap from 108yds and putting up the then world's record of 4.21.

Not a few trainers, and a big section of the public, have a warm spot for the seaside course. New Brighton's carnival spirit, its public atmosphere, did much to popularise the club's meetings in the past. The present officials are alive to their rich heritage; if teamwork gets results, the future of New Brighton is A1 at Lloyds.

Credit: 'Ribbonwood' writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 18Aug48


YEAR: 1948


A three-storied tower housing the photo-finish equipment, the judge, and the commentator, has been built in the centre of the New Brighton Club's stewards' stand and will be in use at this weeks meeting. Other additions to the stewards' stand include a casualty room, a room for police officials, and a small cafetaria, which will serve the needs of the officials.

The whole space under the grandstand, which was originally used as the members' luncheon room, has been turned into a public cafetaria, three huge cylinders providing an abundant hot water service.

The course broadcast system has been extended so that picnickers in the car park will be able to follow the racing.

For some time the club has received complaints that the glass in the ends of the stands distorted the view, and plate glass has now been substituted.

At the first two meetings, spectators found it difficult to see the horses as they paraded at the new mile and a quarter starting post, but they should have no difficulty this week as a white painted iron fence has been erected and it should provide an effective background.

Other improvements include the provision of more accommodation in the women's rooms, bitumen floors in the horse stalls, and the erection of turnstiles at the carpark. Special provision has been made for the handling of cars and there should be no traffic jams at the meeting this week.

Credit: NZ Trotting Calendar 8Dec48


YEAR: 1904


Splendid weather favoured the New Brighton Trotting Club's Autumn Meeting, which was commenced at the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's course on Saturday.

(Extract from The Press 22 Feb 1904:- The New Brighton Trotting Club has obtained permission from the committee of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club to hold its March meeting on the Addington grounds, in consequence of the improvements now under way at New Brighton being incomplete.)

By starting time the attendance was very fair, and it improved materially as the afternoon wore on. The track was in splendid order, and the racing was interesting.

The sum of 4,986 10s was passed through the totalisator, as against 2,192 10s on the corresponding day last year.


TRIAL HANDICAP (saddle) of 30 sovs. Two miles.

C H Gorton's b m Cinders by Burlington Jnr, 6yrs, 2sec (C Piper) 1.
E Healey's Glenroy, 6sec (Owner) 2.
J H Power's Tea Tree, scr (Owner) 3.

Broncho Bill 4sec, Silvermark 6sec, Sunflower 6sec, Straybird 8sec and Mirth 13sec also started.

Mirth and Glenroy were at the head of affairs all through the first mile, Cinders having started badly. Entering the concluding round Cinders was just in front of Tea Tree, with Glenroy and Silvermark close up. Glenroy closed on the leader in the back straight, but his effort was unavailing for Cinders drew away in the last furlong, and won comfortably by six lengths. Tea Tree was third, two lengths behind Glenroy, with Silvermark fourth. Time, 5min 23 4/5sec. Dividends - On Cinders 1 6s; on Glenroy 3 2s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Tonks's b m Dearest by Mambrino Abdallah, 6yrs, 24sec (M Edwards) 1.
N Price's General Mac, 34sec (Owner) 2.
G Iles's Mignonette Girl, 34sec (C Hammond) 3.

Lucinda scr and Gipsy 15sec also started.

General Mac showed the way for a round, well clear of Mignonette Girl, who was followed at a long interval by Dearest. A bad break by General Mac in the back straight let Mignonette Girl and Dearest up, while General Mac had got within striking distance again when the stand was reached. In the concluding round General Mac broke again, and though travelling fast at the finish, could not get to Dearest, who won by a length. Six lengths back came Mignonette Girl, followed by Gipsy. Time, 5min 29 2/5sec. Dividend 5 4s.

BURWOOD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 60 sovs; second 5 sovs and third 2 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Horns's b f Electioneer Belle by Electioneer-Topsy Irvington, 4yrs, 20sec (W Wilson) 1.
H Craig's Jim Jim, 15sec (A Pringle) 2.
Dr Thacker's Piccanniny, 18sec (M Edwards) 3.

Durbar scr, Perewiti 1sec, Bessie B 16sec, Blithechild 16sec, Flowerwood 20sec, Zeppa 20sec, Sunbeam 20sec and Experiment 20sec also started.

Zeppa and Electioneer Belle piloted the field past the stand, but at the back the latter drew right out, and with a round left behind Sunbeam, Piccanniny and Blithechild were her nearest attendants. With half the distance gone Electioneer Belle was just clear of Piccanniny and Sunbeam, while Jim Jim had deposed Blithechild. This order was maintained until well into the concluding round when Jim Jim took third place, and at the home turn had Piccanniny's measure. He could not quite get to Electioneer Belle, and suffered defeat by a length, with Piccanniny the same distance away third. Then came Blithechild and Durbar some distance off. Time, 5min 8 2/5sec. Dividends - On Electioneer Belle 6 6s; on Jim Jim 1 8s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mrs B Edward's b m Kiddy Gee by Elmo II, 5yrs, 14sec (Mr R Munro) 1.
Mrs N Price's General Mac, 27sec (Mr J S Berry) 2.
Mrs T Honeybone's Baltimore, 21sec (Mr J Hanna) 3.

Vanquish 7sec, Dusk 10sec, Venice 16sec, Annie Rooney 19sec, Agapanthus 20sec, Berlin Child 23sec, Lord Rue 25sec, Merry Prince 26sec, Mignonette Girl 27sec, British Pluck 27sec and Roseneath 27sec(coupled), Wild Marie 27sec and Huon Law 27sec(coupled), Rosy D 27sec and Grandchild 27sec(coupled) also started.

Roseneath was in front for two furlongs, but at the stand was caught by Baltimore, after whom came General Mac and Grandchild. In the back Baltimore broke and Kiddy Gee, who had travelled at a great pace from the start took charge. By a late effort General Mac closed on Kiddy Gee in the straight but suffered defeat by five lengths, with Baltimore a similar distance away third. Time, 2min 37sec. Dividends - On Kiddy Gee 7 12s; on General Mac 1 12s.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Griffin's ch g Silvermark by Mambrino Mac, aged, 18sec (R Allan) 1.
F Wood's Edward R, 5sec (J Healey) 2.
C H Gorton's Cinders, scr(14sec pen) (C Piper) 3.

Cashier 9sec, Ciss 13sec, Broncho Bill 16sec, Accident 20sec, Merrylegs 20sec and Mirth 20sec also started.

Accident was first to show out, and in the back he had Mirth, Merrylegs and Broncho Bill as his nearest attendants. So they ran for nearly a mile, but entering the last round Silvermark had drawn well clear of his field. A little further on Cinders took second place, but she could not make the least impression on Silvermark, who won comfortably by a dozen lengths. By a late effort, Edward R got to Cinders in the last few strides, and beat her on the post by a head for second place. Time, 5min 31 1/5sec. Dividends - On Silvermark 4 2s; on Edward R 4 16s.

AUTUMN HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Brankin's ch m Cocoanut by Prince Imperial, 5yrs, 17sec (Owner) 1=.
J A Buckland's b g Verax by Vancleve-Derera, 5yrs, 11sec (C Piper) 1=.
R McDonnell's (ns) Directo, 16sec (D J Price) 3.

Black Child scr, Monte Carlo 7sec, Sir Hector 10sec, Onward 12sec, Lopp 14sec, Michael Malone 14sec, McKinley 15sec and Wild Poole 17sec also started.

Wild Poole and Cocoanut passed the stand on terms, two lengths clear of Directo, after whom, in close order came McKinley and Lopp. There was nothing to choose between the leading pair all through the first round, at the end of which Cocoanut was just showing out, while Lopp and Verax were most prominent of the others. Cocoanut from this gradually drew out and entering the concluding circuit she was two lengths to the good of Verax, then in close order came Direct, Lopp and Sir Hector. In the back straight, Verax was almost on terms with Cocoanut and the pair fought out a great finish, the judge being unable to separate them when the post was reached. Then two lengths back came Directo, closely followed by Monte Carlo, Sir Hector and Onward. Times, Cocoanut 4min 58sec; Verax 4min 52sec. Dividends - On Cocoanut 6 4s; on Verax 6 16s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

R D Petrie's ch g Sandow by Electioneer, aged, 13sec (A Pringle) 1.
F Woods's Edward R, 13sec (Healey) 2.
J H Powers's Tea Tree, 13sec (Owner) 3.

Naughty Girl scr, Bessie B 4sec, Velvet 4sec, Kozie 5sec, Archangel 8sec, Electioeer Belle 8sec(2sec pen) and Sunbeam 11sec also started.

Sandow quickly got away from Tea Tree and Edward R, and ran past the stand four lengths in advance of that pair. Going along the back straight Electioneer Belle had taken second place but then stopped and gave place to Edward R. Easily holding his own to the finish, Sandow won by four lengths from Edward R, who was a dozen lengths in advance of Tea Tree. Time, 2min 36 4/5sec. Dividends - On Sandow 8 4s; on Edward R 4 14s.

DASH HANDICAP (in harness) 0f 50 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Pettie's ch m Ruby Wilkes by Dictator Wilkes, aged, 12sec (D J Price) 1.
M Edwards's Brother, 11sec (Owner) 2.
W H Lake's Venice, 12sec (Owner) 3.

Verity 7sec, Robert Emmett 8sec, Verice 8sec, Wildflower 11sec and Cashier 12sec also started.

At the end of a furlong Ruby Wilkes was in front, but at the stand Brother was on terms with her, the rest some distance off, headed by Venice. In the back straight Brother held a clear length advantage of the favourite, but then the latter started to decrease the gap. Brother was first into the home straight, but coming with a great burst of speed; Ruby Wilkes got up and won by a neck with Venice a dozen lengths away third. Time, 2min 32 4/5sec. Dividends - On Ruby Wilkes 1 8s; on Brother 18s.

Credit: The Press 14Mar1904


YEAR: 1904


The New Brighton Trotting Club was again fortunate in the weather experienced for its Autumn Meeting, which was brought to a conclusion at the NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club's grounds yesterday.

By starting time the attendance was well up to expectations, and it improved greatly as the afternoon wore on. The course and surroundings looked at their best, while the running track has never been in better order for fast time making.

Though hardly as exciting as that provided on the opening day, the racing was good, the finishes in the Brighton Handicap, Avon Handicap and the Telegraph Handicap being particularly close.

During the afternoon the stewards met and fined M Edwards 3 for crossing in the Dash Handicap on the first day, and the rider of Wild Rose was admonished for a too liberal use of the whip in the Telegraph Handicap.

Speculation was particularly brisk on all the big events, the fine sum of 5,641 being passed through the totalisator, making 10,627 for the meeting, as against 5200 handled at last year's Autumn Meeting.


INNOVATION HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M E Albaugh's (ns) b h Foxhall by Rothschild, aged, 11sec (M E Albaugh) 1.
W B Hammond's Victor Hugo, 3sec (J Milne) 2.
E Healey's Glenroy, scr (Owner) 3.

Dark Child 9sec also started.

Foxhall went away at a good pace and gradually increasing his advantage, won as he pleased from Victor Hugo, who took second place early in the race. Glenroy finished a hundred yards off in third place. Time, 5min 36sec. Dividend - 1 8s.

PONY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 30 sovs; Second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

R D Petrie's rn g Dusk by Young Irvington, aged, 7sec (A Pringle) 1.
T Frost's Gipsy, 18sec (J Tudhope) 2.

Gipsy was in front for a mile, but then Dusk had her measure, and from that out had matters all his own way, winning easily by three lengths. Time, 5min 24sec. Dividend - 1 8s.

BRIGHTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 115 sovs; second 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Brinkin's ch m Cocoanut by Prince Imperial, 5yrs, 15sec (Owner) 1.
R McDonnell's Directo, 15sec (D J Price) 2.
L Robertson's Plain G, 16sec (Owner) 3.

Black Child scr, The Needle 4sec, Monte Carlo 7sec, Harold C 8sec, Durbar 10sec, Hamlin 12sec, Onward 13sec, Lopp 14sec and McKinley 16sec also started.

Directo soon drew away from his attendants and, passing the stand, he was followed by Cocoanut, Lopp and Plain G. So they ran into the back straight, where Lopp closed on Directo, but immediately broke, allowing Cocoanut to follow in second place. At the conclusion of the first round Directo had Cocoanut as his immediate attendant, and then came Plain G and Onward. A little further on the last named stopped, an example followed by Lopp, both having damaged their sulkies. No change took place in the order all through the second round, at the end of which Cocoanut was almost on terms with Directo, the pair being followed at an interval of three lengths by Plain G, The Needle and Monte Carlo. In the back straight Cocoanut gradually drew away from Directo, and, easily holding him at the finish, won by three lengths. Plain G finished in third place, two lengths back, followed by Monte Carlo, Durbar and Black Child. The Needle started before his time and was stopped in the final round when running prominently. Time, 4min 56 1/5sec. Dividends - On Cocoanut 16 8s; on Directo 12s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mrs E R Roberts's blk m Puss by Boston, aged, 16sec (Mr F Welch) 1.
Mrs T Honeybone's Baltimore, 14sec (Mr F Honeybone) 2.
Mrs Mumford's Miss Viking, 14sec (Mr R Mumford) 3.

Bessie B scr, Edward R 9sec, Verice 11sec, Weary Willie 12sec, Royal Tar 13sec, Vesta 14sec, Eltee More 16sec, Burwood Bess 16sec, Ciss 16sec, Straybird 18sec and Premier Dick 18sec(coupled), Little Jim 18sec and Bugler 18sec(coupled), Merrylegs 18sec and Lady Rothschild II 19sec(coupled), Wild Foam 20sec and Te Porangi 20sec(coupled), Roseneath 21sec, Britsh Pluck 22sec and Leura 22sec(coupled) also started.

Puss quickly went to the front, and at the stand was well clear of Vesta and Baltimore. Easily holding her own to the finish, Puss won pulling up by ten lengths from Baltimore, who was five lengths in front of Miss Viking, with Vesta fourth. Time, 2min 42 2/5sec. Dividends - On Puss 15 12s; on Baltimore 2 14s.

AVON HANDICAP (in saddle) of 65 sovs; second 5 sovs and third 2 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J August's ch g Perewiti, aged, 3sec (Owner) 1.
J A Buckland's Velvet, 11sec (S Groat) 2.
Dr Thacker's Sierra, 8sec (M Edwards) 3.

Verax scr(coupled with Velvet), Michael Malone 5sec, Lillian D 6sec, Sydney 8sec and Jim Jim 12sec also started.

Velvet quickly got away from Jim Jim and with a round gone Sierra was in second place, followed by Perewiti and Jim Jim. With half the distance left behind Velvet, Sierra and Perewiti were almost on terms, and then at a considerable interval came Jim Jim and Verax. Passing the stand for the last time, Perewiti drew to the front, while Velvet got clear of Sierra. This order was maintained to the finish. Perewiti winning by a length from Velvet who was threelengths in front of Sierra with Verax fourth. Time, 4min 53sec. Dividends - On Perewiti 8 10s; on Velvet 1 8s.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W E J Craig's b f Cariola by Steinway, 4yrs, 18sec (L Robertson) 1.
H Cassidy's Beautiful Bells, 20sec (B Edwards) 2.
J Poff's Nabocklish, 9sec (J Milne) 3.

Cinders 7sec, Edward R 12sec, Autocrat 20sec, Berlin Child 20sec, Faxhall 18sec(2sec pen) also started.

Beautiful Bells and Autocrat made play for two furlongs, when the former drew to the front, and in the back Cariola took second place. At the end of a mile Cariola ran past Beautiful Bells, and from this out had matters all her own way, winning easily by ten lengths from Beautiful Bells, who was fifty yards in front of Nabocklish. Then some distance off came Autocrat and Foxhall togther. Time, 5min 14 3/5sec. Dividends - On Cariola 1 12s; on Beautiful Bells 1 2s.

TELEGRAPH HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Dr Thacker's ch g Piccanniny by Rothschild, 4yrs, 12sec (M Edwards) 1.
Mrs F E Craig's Wild Rose, 8sec (J Tudhope) 2.
C H Gorton's Ben Hur, 2sec (C Piper) 3.

Naughty Girl 4sec, Bessie B 9sec, Gertie 9sec, Electioneer Belle 11sec and Sunbeam 12sec also started.

Gertie and Sunbeam lost their handicap at the start, and Piccanniny showed the way past the stand well clear of Naughty Girl, Ben Hur heading the others. In the back straight Ben Hur took second place, while Wild Rose also passed Naughty Girl. A little further on Wild Rose had Ben Hur's measure, and gradually closing on Piccanniny, only suffered defeat by a head. Ben Hur was third six lengths back, followed by Naughty Girl. Time, 2min 31 2/5sec. Dividends - On Piccanniny 3 16s; on Wild Rose 4.

FINAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 35 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

L Robertson's b f Twinkle by Rothschild-FB, 3yrs, 11sec (Owner) 1.
J Gallagher's Robert Emmet, 12sec (C Hammond) 2.
J Pettie's Vanquish, 11sec (Owner) 3.

St Simon scr, Austerlitz 8sec, Pygmalion 8sec and Brother 10sec also started.

Robert Emmet made play from the start, but at the stand Twinkle was on terms with him, while Brother was a length off in third place. A little further on Twinkle ran to the front, and from this out had matters all her own way, winning with the greatest ease by ten lengths from Robert Emmet. Vanquish finished third fifty yards back a neck in front of Brother. Time 2min 25 2/5sec. Dividends - On Twinkle 1 12s; on Robert Emmet 2 14s.

Credit: The Press 18Mar1904


YEAR: 1903


The Autumn Meeting of the New Brighton Trotting Club, held on Saturday afternoon, was favoured with nice weather, but as the afternoon wore on a keen easterly wind made matters rather uncomfortable.

The special trams from town were all well filled, and the attendance was well up to the average. Taken all round the racing was not of a particularly interesting nature, most of the events being won somewhat easily. Velox registered two sterling performances by winning the Pony Race and Autumn Handicap, while the two-year-old Coral Hue's victory in the Dash Handicap was a meritorious one.

The course and running track were in first-class order, and the racing passed off smoothly. The sum of 2192 10s was passed through the totalisator, as against 2604 at last year's meeting.


TRIAL HANDICAP (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J J Stewart's b m Columbia by General Tracey, aged, 8sec (C Kerr) 1.
F Vale's Archangel, 2sec (R Day) 2.
J Farrar's Gingernut, 6sec (Owner) 3.

Ngarara scr and Granny 8sec also started.

Columbia soon had a commanding lead of her opponents, and despite one or two breaks had lost nothing of her handicap at the end of the first mile. Easily holding her own all through the second round from Archangel, she won by four lengths, with Gingernut a long way back third. Time, 5min 27 4/5sec. Dividend - 9 18s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M E Albaugh's b g Velox by Vancleve, 5yrs, scr (Owner) 1.
W Brosnan's Mystery, 53sec (J Farrar, junr) 2.
J Pettie's Daphne, 40sec (Owner) 3.

Streamlet 43sec, Botany 46sec and Famie 58sec(coupled) and Mignonette Girl 58sec also started.

Mystery soon got away from Mignonette Girl, and with a mile gone was running well clear of Daphne, while Velox had made up more than half of his leeway. Half a mile from home Velox had taken third place, and a splendid race all up the straight between the three ended in favour of Velox by half a length from Mystery, who was a length in front of Daphne. Time, 4min 53 3/5sec. Dividens 8 12.

BURWOOD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 55 sovs; second 5 sovs and third 2 sovs from stake. Two miles.

A Quigley's b g Vanity by Imperious, 5yrs, 10sec (F Holmes) 1.
J Power's Bushman, 21sec (R Day) 2.
J Vallance's Big Jim, 10sec (A Binnie) 3.

Verax scr, Lillian D 3sec, Carl 11sec, Viscount 12sec, Miss Bank 16sec and Woodlander 18sec also started.

Bushman started off well, and in the back straight was well clear of Miss Bank and Viscount, Vanity being at the head of the others. With a mile gone Bushman had Vanity as his nearest attendant, and then came Big Jim, Viscount and Lillian D. No change took place till well into the second round where Vanity closed on the leader, and Big Jim improved his place. Once into the straight Vanity had Bushman's measure, and going on won comfortably by two lengths from Bushman, who was a length in front of Big Jim. Viscount fourth. Time, 5min 11sec. Dividends - On Vanity 2 18s; 0n Bushman 14s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (optional) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mrs August's br m Laughter by Ha Ha, 4yrs, 28sec (Mr August) 1.
Mrs Stark's Ashcat, 24sec (Mr A Stark) 2.
Mrs F Partridge's Glenroy, 24sec (Mr F Partridge) 3.

Flora G scr, Faithful 2sec, Naughty Girl 3sec, Verice 9sec, Specify 18sec, Tiny Peri 18sec, Annie Rooney 21sec, Blithechilde 21sec, Bonnie Belle 24sec, The Manager 25sec, Maid E 19sec, Robert Emmet 28sec, Maychild 28sec, Alma L 29sec and Broncho Bill 29sec also started.

Robert Emmet showed the way to Mace's where Laughter got past him and going on by herself, won with the greatest ease by fifty yards. Ashcat took second place at the half-mile post, and finished seventy yards in front ot Glenroy. Time, 2min 42 2/5sec. Dividends - On Laughter 2 18s; on Ashcat 3 4s.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Pettie's b m Fairy Queen by Prince Harold-Fair Lass, 6yrs, 10sec (A McCann) 1.
J August's Black Child, scr (N Price) 2.
M Edwards's Ocean Wave, 6sec (Owner) 3.

Edward R 20sec and Weary Willie 20sec also started.

Weary Willie quickly got away from Edward R and comong to the half-mile post held an advantage of six lengths, Fairy Queen running third. A little further Edward R lost his place, and at the stand Weary Willie, despite a couple of breaks, was ten lengths clear of Fairy Queen, who was followed at a shorter interval by Ocean Queen. Another break by the leader let Fairy Queen get to him, while Ocean Wave and Black Child closed up. In the run up the straight Fairy Queen withstood the challenges of Ocean Wave and Black Child, and beat the latter home by three lengths; Ocean Wave a similar distance off third. Time, 5min 18 2/5sec. Dividend - 4 18s.

AUTUMN HANDICAP (in harness) of 55 sovs; second 5 sovs and third 2 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M E Albaugh's b g Velox by Vancleve, 5yrs, 6sec (Owner) 1.
C Piper's Elector, 13sec (Owner) 2.
C E Fisher's Orphan, 25sec (Owner) 3.

Harold C 13sec, Explanation 19sec, Principal 23sec and Coney 26sec also started.

Coney showed the way out of the straight, with Orphan and Principal as his nearest attendants while Harold C through breaking badly fell away last. Going along the back stretch Coney held a three lengths advantage of Orphan and Principal, Elector at the head of the others. In this order they ran past the stand, where Velox and Harold C had closed considerably on the leading division. A little further on Harold C broke again, and Velox got away from him. There was no further change in the order till well into the home straight, where Coney was still in front of Orphan, the latter being followed by Principal and Elector on terms. All were now under pressure, and a furlong from the post Elector got to the leaders. By a final effort Velox caught Elector fifty yards from the post, and won a fine race by a bare length. A similar distance separated Elector and Orphan after whom, at a short interval came Harold C and Coney. Time, 4min 53sec. Dividends - On Velox 7; on Elector 1 18s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

F Vale's br m Archangel by Vancleve, 5yrs, 11sec (R Day) 1.
F Salt's Jewel, 13sec (M Edwards) 2.
E Bowes's Whitecroft, 5sec (F Holmes) 3.

Eltee Moore 9sec and Roulette 13sec also started.

Jewel led till reaching Mace's where Archangel had got to her, and before getting to the half distance the favourite had established a good lead. Coming round the top turn Archangel broke, and was headed by Jewel, but when in the home straight came away again, and won easily by six lengths. Whitecroft finished third fifty yards off. Time, 2min 45sec. Dividend - 1 18s.

DASH HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

E Bowes's br g Coral Hue by Huon Coral, 2yrs, 12sec (M Edwards) 1.
J Pettie's Daphne, 16sec (Owner) 2.
M E Albaugh's Freerick, scr (Owner) 3.

Miss Bank 9sec, Rushlight 11sec, Cincinnatti 13sec, Sunbeam 13sec, Agapanthus 16sec and Laughter 9sec(7sec pen) also started.

Daphne went off in front. Sunbeam and Agapanthus losing their places by breaking. At Mace's Coral Hue had taken second place, and a little further on was in front. Daphnepersevered on, but could not overtake the leader suffering defeat by six lengths. Frederick finished third, three lengths behind Daphne; followed by Rushlight. Time, 2min 40sec. Dividends - On Coral Hue 3 10s; on Daphne 1 8s.

Credit: The Press 16 Mar 1903


YEAR: 1903


A strong nor'-west wind made matters rather unpleasant for the conclusion of the New Brighton Trotting Club's Meeting yesterday. It also affected the attendance, which, though small at starting time, improved considerably as the afternoon wore on.

The running track was in first-class order, and the racing in most of the events was interesting. Speculation was represented by the sum of 3007 10s, being passed through the totalisator, making 5200 for the two days, as against 5391 last year.

The following are the results:-

INNOVATION HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

S Hamilton's b h Proud Child by Rothschild, 3yrs, 20sec (F Smith) 1.
W Brosnan's Mystery, 19sec (J Farrar) 2.
J Pettie's Daphne, 7sec (D J Price) 3.

Huon King scr, Wild Berry scr, Apology 16sec, Robert Emmet 19sec and Ballot 19sec also started.

Mystery made play from the start, Huon King and Wild Berry losing ground by breaking. With a round gone, Proud Child was almost on terms with Mystery, Daphne close up in third place. Half a mile from home Proud Child had got to the front, and, stalling off a late run by Mystery, won by a length and a half; Daphne, a dozen lengths away third. Time, 5min 43sec. Dividends - On Proud Child 1 16s; on Mystery 2.

PONY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Brosnan's b g Mystery by Specification-Olley, aged, 20sec (Farrar, jun) 1.
H Lucas's Paradise, 26sec (A Burtterfield) 2.
Miss Gaskins's Botany, 18sec (T Moore) 3.

Vanity Fair scr, Archangel 1sec, Streamlet 16sec, Wee Montr 30sec and Jennie Hamilton 30sec also started.

Jennie Hamilton soon gave way to Paradise, but at the half mile post Mystery had got to the leaders. Passing the stand Mystery was well clear of Paradise, and maintaining his advantage won easily by a dozen lengths. A good race between Paradise and Botany for second place ended in favour of the former by half a length. Time, 5min 39 1/5sec. Dividends - On Mystery 4 14s;on Paradise 1 8s.

BRIGHTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 55 sovs; second 5 sovs and third 2 sovs from stake. Two miles.

V Harris's b g Victory II by General Tracey, aged, 9sec (D J Price) 1.
C H Evans's Collector, 13sec (C Kerr) 2.
M Edwards's Harold C, 12sec (Owner) 3.

Velox 4sec, Nellie Moore 17sec and Nonsense 24sec also started.

Nonsense went well away, but in the back stretch broke badly, and gave place to Nellie Moore. With half a mile gone, Harold C was running four lengths behind Nellie Moore, Collector being at the head of the backmarkers. Coming to the stand Harold C was running a length behind Nellie Moore, with Victory II in third place, four lengths back. At Mace's Harold C got to the front, but a little further on Victory II took charge, while Collector also passed Harold C. From this out Collector gradually gained on Victory II, but he was still two lengths to the bad when the post was reached. Harold C finished third twelve lengths away with Velox a length back fourth. Time, 4min 53 1/5sec. Dividend 3 16s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (optional) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Miss M Dick's br g Honest Jack by Young Irvington, aged, 7sec (Mr D Dick) 1.
Mrs C E Fisher's Flora G, scr (Mr C Fisher) 2.
Miss Lucas's Paradise, 30sec (Mr A Butterfield) 3.

Faithful 2sec, Naughty Girl 3sec, Senator 13sec, Tiny Peri 19sec, Ashcat 21sec, Eltee Moore 22sec, The Manager 25sec, Zeppa 29sec, Molly Reilly 29sec, Alma L 30sec and Wee Monte 32sec also started.

Paradise led Alma L and Molly Reilly past Mace's, but at the half-mile post Honest Jack had worked his way into second place. Paradise held her own until well into the home straight, where Honest Jack ran past her, and won easily by six lengths. Faithful and Flora G also passed Paradise in the last bit, the first-named finishing six lengths in front of Flora G, but he was disqualified for starting before his time. Time, 2min 26 1/5sec. Dividends - On Honest Jack 10 12s; on Flora G 8 18s.

AVON HANDICAP (in saddle) of 55 sovs; second 5 sovs and third 2 sovs from stake. Two miles.

H Laing's ch m Lady Retford by Judge Beldon, aged, 1sec (D J Price) 1.
Mrs F E Craig's Wild Rose, 10sec (C Kerr) 2.
R Dick's Geotrge L, 11sec (M Edwards) 3.

Bellman 1sec, Lillian D 2sec, Vanity 5sec, Big Jim 8sec also started.

Wild Rose quickly got away from George L, and led him past the half-mile post by six lengths, with Big Jim and Lady Retford most prominent of the others. When the stand was reached Wild Rose had a good lead of George L, and Lady Retford had taken third place. In the back straight George L ran up to Wild Rose, but then broke, and a little further on Lady Retford was second. When well into the home straight Lady Retford got to the leader, and won a good race by two lengths. George L finished a dozen lengths back third, and Lillian D fourth. Time, 4min 58 4/5sec. Dividends - On Lady Retford 3; on Wild Rose 1.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

G Bush's br g Rushlight by Young Irvington, 6yrs, 20sec (A Cox) 1.
Miss R Gaskin's Elflock, 16sec (T Moore) 2.
J August's Black Child, scr, (N Price) 3.

Satanella 20sec, Huon King 20sec and Wild Berry 20sec also started.

Rushlight soon got away from Wild Berry and Huon King, and by the time a round had been left behind his nearest attendants were Huon King and Elflock. This order was maintained until rounding the turn into the home straight, where Elflock had got past Huon King, and Black Child a little further on took third place. Elflock gradually closed on the leader, but was still a length to the bad when the post was reached. Black Child was eight lengths back third, followed by Satanella. Time, 5min 23sec. Dividend - 4 4s.

TELEGRAPH HANDICAP (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Pettie's b g Faithful by Burlington B-Virginia, aged, scr (A McCann) 1.
B Edwards's Sweet Marie, 10sec (Owner) 2.
J Power's Bushman, 13sec (R Day) 3.

Lexey 3sec, Explanation 6sec, Principal 6sec, Ocean Wave 6sec, Vanity 7sec also started.

Bushman showed the way till well into the back straight when he broke, allowing Sweet Marie and Explanation to get to him. At the half-mile post Sweet Marie was at the head of affairs, but Faithful, who had made up his handicap in fine style, got to her in the straight, and won easily by eight lengths. Bushman was three lengths back just in front of Ocean Wave. Time, 2min 25sec. Dividends - On Faithful 3 12s; on Sweet Marie 12s.

FINAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Pettie's b m Fairy Queen by Prince Harold-Fair Lass, 6yrs, 9sec (D J Price) 1.
C E Fisher's Orphan, 10sec (Owner) 2.
E Bowes's Coral Hue, 13sec (B Edwards) 3.

Frederick 4sec, Wild Rose 7sec, McKinley 11sec, Nafferton 13sec, Silverwood 13sec, Laughter 13sec, Plain Billy 15sec.

Going out of the straight Coral Hue had got to the front, and showed the way along the back, well clear of Laughter, who was followed by Fairy Queen. At the half distance the last-named had taken second place, Orphan and Frederick next. Coral Hue led till within a furlong of the post, where Fairy Queen had his measure, and going on won by six lengths. Orphan also passed Coral Hue in the last bit, finishing eight lengths in front of him. Time, 2min 33sec. Dividends - On Fairy Queen 7 6s; on Orphan 2 6s.

Credit: The Press 20 Mar 1903


YEAR: 1899


Handicapper Mr H Brinkman: Starter Mr C O'Connor

The spring meeting of the New Brighton Trotting Club was begun today in beautiful weather, and there was a fair attendance. The course was in capital condition, and the racing on the whole fairly interesting.

The following are details of the racing:-

MAIDEN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr M Edwards's ns gr m Kalmea, by Victor, aged, 9sec (M Edwards) 1.

Mr F C Dagger's b g Boswell, 6yrs, 8sec (T Frost) 2.

Mr W Fleming's gr g Kakapo, aged, 6sec (Morland) 3.

Lady Tracy scr, Jefferson 6sec, Eddie 6sec, Goodgift 8sec and The Workman 8sec also started.

Kalmea led the whole distance, and won easily by sixty yards, Kakapo one hundred and fifty yards away third.

Time 5min 31sec. Dividend - 2 12s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile and a half.

Mr R W Gibbs's b m Rimu, by Young Irvington, 5yrs, 14sec (M Edwards) 1.

Mr J Farrar's gr m Ken-I-No, 5yrs, 29sec (Owner) 2.

Mr C W Hammond's cr m Gladys II, aged, 13sec (Owner) 3.

Daystar scr, Agnes 13sec, Little Harold 22sec and Hamlet 30sec also started.

Rimu got to the front four furlongs from home, and, going on, won by two lengths, Gladys II ten lengths away third.

Time 4min 14 1/2sec Dividend - 1 14s.

BURWOOD HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr M Edwards ns b m Effie, by Electioneer, 5yrs, 18sec (Owner) 1.

Mr V Harris's b g Shylock, aged, scr (Milne) 2.

Mr E E Lelievre's blk g Jean Valjean, 6yrs, 15sec (F Angus) 3.

Toronto 11sec, Bonnie 15sec, Oakwood Abdallah 18sec, Bob M 18sec and Jewel 18sec also started.

When half a mile had been completed, Jewel was leading Jean Valjean, Oakwood Abdallah and Effie, but before the stand was reached the last-named had got to the front, and, without being seriously threatened, ran home an easy winner by six lengths from Shylock, who made up a lot of ground over the last mile. Jean Valjean was third, a head in front of Oakwood Abdallah.

Time 5min 32sec. Dividend - 2 14s.

SELLING HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs. One mile.

Mr R Grantham's b m Debra, by Young Irvington, 5yrs, 10sec (R Day) 1.

Mr S Halligan's b m Mistake, aged, 8sec (Owner) 2.

Mr W Hart's b g Jupiter, 5yrs, 9sec (Needham) 3.

Agnes 6sec, Starlight 7sec, Gay Lad 7sec, Wairarapa 9sec, Bess 9sec, Little Mick 9sec, Milroy 10sec and Chummy 10sec also started.

Debra led from start to finish, and defeated Mistake, who broke fifty yards from home, by a length, Jupiter six lengths away third.

Time 3min 1sec. Dividend - 6 2s.

The winner was bought by Mr Lyall, Pigeon Bay, at 16 10s.

PROGRESSIVE HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 45 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr F C Jagger's b g Boswell, by Boston, 6yrs, 21sec (T Frost) 1.

Messrs J and F Lukey's br g Bonnie McGregor, aged, 9sec (Lukey junr) 2.

Mr J W Walsh's ch g Deception, aged, 21sec (Hamill) 3.

Annie Rooney scr, Boston Girl 6sec, Warrior 8sec and Tenui 18 sec also started.

Boswell established a commanding lead at the end of a mile, where Bonnie McGregor was about one hundred yards away. The latter gradually overhauled the leader, but failed to quite catch him, Boswell winning by four lengths, with Deception one hundred yards away third.

Time 5min 4 1/2sec. Dividend - 1 8s.

BRIGHTON HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 70 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr W Kett's br m Thelma, by Kentucky, 5yrs, 20sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W Wotton's b g Fleiger, aged, 18sec (D Price) 2.

Mr H Mace's ch m Jessie Palm, 5yrs, scr (T Price) 3.

Elflock 18sec and Toronto also started.

Thelma and Fleiger passed Toronto in the first half-mile, the favourite going badly, whilst Jessie Palm was trotting in great style. When a mile had been covered, Thelma was a length in front of Fleiger, after whom came Jessie Palm. Going down the back stretch, Thelma drew away from Fleiger, and, maintaining her advantage to the finish, won by eighty yards from Fleiger, and Jessie Palm pulling up.

Time 5min 10sec. Dividend - 4 2s.

ELECTRIC HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr C Hammond's b g Simon R, by Blackwood Abdallah, aged, 24sec (Owner) 1.

Mr M Edwards's ns b g St Julian, 5yrs, 22sec (M Edwards) 2.

Mr A Binnie's b m Miss Annie, aged, 13sec (Owner) 3.

Jessie scr, Shylock 14sec, Honest Jack 19sec, Budd Noble 19sec, Burwood Bess 21sec, Director 23sec and Honesty 25sec also started.

St Julian was in front at the half-mile, followed closely by Simon R. This pair were together at the entrance of the straight, where the former broke. Simon R, went on, and won by three lengths, with Miss Annie, eighty yards away, third.

Time 2min 41sec. Dividend - 12 2s.

DASH HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr J Cass's b g Clifton, aged, 20sec (M Edwards) 1.

Mr G White's br m Amelia, 6yrs, 20sec (T Price) 2.

Mr G R Murfitt's br m Daystar, 6yrs, 20sec (Owner) 3.

Monte Carlo scr, Young Burlington 9sec, Fleiger 15sec, Caroline 19sec, Big Jim 23sec and Vancliffe 24sec also started.

Amelia had pulled to the front at the quarter-mile post, but Clifton had ranged alongside her at the half, and when the pair entered the straight the latter had assumed command, and, going on, won by eight lengths, with Daystar, eight lengths away, third.

Time 2min 37sec. Dividend - 2 14s.

Credit: Star Sat 14 Oct 1899

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