YEAR: 1899


Handicapper Mr H Brinkman; Starter Mr C O'Connor

There was only a moderate attendance on the opening day of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club. The weather was rather cloudy. The course was in good order. The picket fence has been carried right round from stand to stand, the club thus effecting a great and much-desired improvement. Results:-

TRIAL HANDICAP (in saddle) of 50 sovs; second horse to receive 10 sovs, and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. For horses that have not won in 5min 40sec, or better. Two miles.

Mr A Mason's blk g Auctioneer, by President Garfield, 4yrs, 19sec ( F Angus) 1

Warrior 7sec, Pride of Kilkenny 8sec, Jewel 10sec, Struan 10sec, Royana 12sec, Director 14sec, Toss-up 16sec, Bonnie 20sec, Redial 21sec, First and Last 21sec and Princess Victoria 23sec also started.

Princess Victoria was in front for a mile but here Auctioneer passed her, and going on, won easily by one hundred and thirty yards.

Time 5min 48sec. Dividend - £2 5s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 35 sovs; second pony to receive 7 sovs, and third 3 sovs from the stake. For ponies that have not won in 5min 30sec or better, with a 30sec limit. Two miles.

Mr G Murfitt's b m Day Star, 5yrs, 27sec (Owner) 1.

Mr C W Hammond's c m Gladys, aged, 28sec (Owner) 2.

Ruby II scr, Narragansett 14sec, Little Harold 14sec, Topsy 27sec, Farewell 27sec, Cordelia 27sec, Skipper 29sec, The Scrubber 30sec, Hamlet 30sec and Little Magpie 30sec also started.

Little Maggie held command for two rounds, Farewell, The Skipper and Day Star following in that order. At the mile Day Star was in front, and though threatened by Gladys over the last two rounds, went on, and won by five lengths.

Time 5min 45sec. Dividends - £3 6s.

LIMIT HANDICAP of 110 sovs. Two miles.

Vickery 1; Sam Slick 2; Harold B 3. Dividend - £3 8s.

AUTUMN HANDICAP of 90 sovs. Two miles.

Ruahene 1. Dividend - £1 9s.

Credit: Star 1 Apr 1899


YEAR: 1899


Handicapper Mr H Brinkman; Starter Mr C O'Connor.

There was only a moderate attendance on the second day of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club's Autumn Meeting. The meeting was held in beautiful weather. Results:-

INNOVATION HANDIDAP (in harness) of 50 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr A G Holmes's b h Bazaine, by Berlin-Coquette, 4yrs, 19sec (N Price) 1.

Mr F Holmes's b g Vascoe, 5yrs, scr (J Milme) 2.

Mr J Vallance's b g Big Jim, 4yrs, 28sec (McMillan) 3.

Vancliffe 14sec, Warrior 16sec, Vanderbilt 20sec, Lassie 20sec, Kenny 26sec, Sue Dudley 27sec, Rimu 32sec and Bellmore 33sec also started.

Bazaine got to the front a lap and a half from home, Big Jim and Vasco being his nearest attendants. Vasco passed Big Jim, but failed to reach Bazaine, who won by forty yards, Big Jim a further twenty yards away third, with Vancliffe fourth.

Time 5min 34sec. Dividend - £3 16s.

PONY HANDICAP (in harness) of 35 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr E Bowes's b g Young Boston, by Boston, aged, 13sec (F Angus) 1.

Jessamine 4sec, Amelia 4sec, Narragansett 5sec, Farewell 18sec, Skipper 19sec, Topsy 19sec, Merv 21sec, Sunset 23sec and The Scrubber 23sec also started.

Young Boston got to the front beginning the second lap, and going on won easily, Jessamine being just outside the distance.

Time 5min 41sec. Dividend - £1 15s.

HIGH-CLASS HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second horse 22 sovs and third horse 11 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr L Robertson's b m Motuiti, by Corbet, aged 11sec (Owner) 1.

Mr M Edwards's ns b m Vickery, 4yrs 2sec (B Edwards) 2.

Mr A G Holmes's b g Harold B, aged, 7sec (N Price) 3.

Prince Imperial 3sec, Utah 6sec, Sam Slick 7sec and The Baron 9sec also started.

Motuiti got well away, and at the completion of the first lap was leading The Baron by four lengths, which the latter reduced slightly at the half-mile. Sam Slick was running third, just in front of Harold B and Utah, after whom came Prince Imperial and Vickery. At the end of a mile Motuiti was still going well in front of The Baron, Sam Slick gradually drawing on the pair, whilst Utah was pulled up, as also was Prince Imperial at the conclusion of the fourth round. Motuiti maintained her advantage to the end, winning by six lengths from Vickery, who passed the breaking Sam Slick, Harold B and The Baron in the straight. Harold B was a length away third, Sam Slick fourth, and The Baron fifth.

Time 5min 10sec. Dividend - £4 16s.

A protest against the winner for inconsistent running was dismissed.

ADVANCE HANDICAP (in harness) of 60 sovs; second horse 12 sovs and third horse 6 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Big Jim 1; Bonnie Spec 2; Johnny III 3.

Time 5min 38 2/5sec Dividend - £4 15s.

Credit: Star 5 Apr 1899


YEAR: 1899

At a meeting of the committee of the Lancaster Park Trotting Club last evening it was decided to have plans prepared for the necessary grand stands, buildings and fencing on the grounds at Addington. It was also decided to instruct a surveyor to lay out a five furlong track, and to call for tenders at once for the work. The committee decided to change the name of the club to the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club.

Credit: Star 23 June 1899


YEAR: 1899

At a meeting of the Committee of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club held on 9th May, 1899 consideration was given to the purchase of 35 acres of the Twigger’s estate adjoining the Canterbury A & P Association Showgrounds at Addington for the purpose of preparing a Trotting track with facilities. The Trustees of the property, however, declined to sell for Trotting purposes but subsequently put it up to auction and a 21 year lease was knocked down to the President of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club at a price below the amount that the Clubs were prepared to go. At a meeting of the Club held on 19th May, 1899 the President’s action in purchasing the lease was confirmed. This resolution inaugurated the major step which established Trotting at Addington on a sound basis.

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker


YEAR: 1898

In February 1898 it was reported that the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club and the Canterbury Trotting Club had each appointed sub-committees to meet and discuss the purchase of suitable land adjacent to Christchurch for the establishment of a Trotting track with facilities but the joint committee did not meet with any success. In July 1898 the Lancaster Park Ground Company acquired more land and signified it was agreeable to the track being extended to a half mile if the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club would take up a five year tenancy. At the Annual General Meeting of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club held on 15th August, 1898, a Committeeman stated that more effort should be made by the joint sub-committee to find a new ground and that if they continued to be unsuccessful then the Club should enter into an agreement with the Lancaster Park Ground Committee. The Deans property at Riccarton had been explored as a possibility. It was advocated at the time that Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club and Canterbury Trotting Club should join forces provided there was no reduction in total permits now held by the two Clubs (Lancaster Park 4, Canterbury 6).

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker


YEAR: 1897

The committee of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club met yesterday, and made final arrangements for the club's spring meeting. A letter was read from Mr Spencer Vincent, offering a silver cup to be presented to the winner of the Limit Handicap. Tho offer was accepted. It was decided to license bookmakers at six guineas per day, provided not less than twenty-five paid the license fee. It was resolved to offer as an inducement towards good trotting, ten guineas as an extra prize to any horse which may break any of the New Zealand records. Mr W. A. Goodwin was appointed to work the totalisator at the meeting, and tenders were invited for a band. The usual afternoon tea will be provided for the ladies.

Credit: Star 28 October


YEAR: 1894

Specification & Alf Keith

(NOTE:- This is part of an article appearing in Volume 11, Number 4 of the Harness Racing International Magazine entitled Alf Keith - Champion of the Colonies.)

...The crowning glory of Alf (Keith), Specification and indeed for the Australasian breeding and racing industry was Specification's time trial over four miles on 7th July 1894 at Lancaster Park with a 25 sovereign prize and the 10 guinea Mrs E C J Stevens Cup awaiting if the world record of 10 minutes 52 1/2 seconds set by Satellite in America in 1887 could be bettered.

The newspaper reports of the day say it all - "In spite of the fact that the track, on account of heavy rains recently, was slow, Keith's horse Specification managed to cover the distance of four miles in a time trial in 10 min 47 secs or 5 1/2 seconds faster than the existing world record. On pulling up Keith was lifted from the sulky and carried shoulder high to the grandstand where, after a short speech by Mr Connell (sec.), Mrs E J Stevens presented Keith with the Cup she had given. Keith responded to much cheers from the assembled. It is felt that despite the record the track at Lancaster Park is too small for the long striding Specification."

The Otago Witness report was far greater in depth, "The going was very slow, and I do think that the pieces of wood laid from the inside outwards 3 ft benefitted the time. The pieces of wood were no doubt meant to ensure the right distance being covered, but I feel certain that they were responsible for Specification breaking on two occasions. On the whole, however, Specification did not break much and his action all through was much admired by onlookers. During the first part of the journey he was brought along by Tonga, a pony trotter, who was ridden by a small boy at a good cantering pace until she was pretty well "puffed out". Specification was then brought home by a big chestnut horse, ridden by Billy Brown, and over the last two or three curcuits his pace was undoubtedly fast. Had his finishing up gait been maintained all through he would have cut the record more badly than he did. His performance was quite good enough, however, though I am pretty certain that Specification is equally quite good enough to do something better under better conditions of going. He is really a splendid trotter, and a good stayer. Keith received something of an ovation on coming in, being carried into the stand shoulder high, and presented with the Cup given by Mrs Stevens. The breaking of a world's record merited something uncommon, and it may be that Specification's trainer may be the recipient of similar honours in the future."

A month after the time trial Keith sold Specification to studmaster A G Holmes for an undisclosed amount and under his ownership the trotter had just two more starts at the Canterbury Park TC Queens Birthday meeting in 1895 (May 24) before embarking on a successful and influential stud career especially through his daughters, eight of which are listed in Classic Families as foundation mares. The star attraction of that octet was undoubtedly Problem, the ancestress of Maori Miss who has spawned Australasia's greatest modern day black type trotting dynasty...

Credit: John Peck writing in Harness Racing International Magazine July/August 2009


YEAR: 1894


Though fine the weather was disagreeable for holiday makers yesterday by reason of the dust that was flying about in all directions. This caused some discomfort to the large assemblage that found their way to Lancaster Park to witness the sport provided by the Amateur Trotting Club. The Club minimised the evil as much as possible by having the track opposite the stand constantly watered, and as towards the close of the aftermoon the wind dropped, during the last races the disagreeable element disappeared.

The attendance, if not a record one, was quite up to that of last year's Spring Meeting. The quality of the sport was not, perhaps, up to the average; some interesting exhibitions of trotting were, however, witnessed.

Three withdrawals, one of them the early favourite Ruadan, left but four to go out for the Champion Handicap, and Blue Mountain was made a red-hot favourite, and justified confidence by winning easily. The principal saddleevent was taken by the Oamaru mare Grasshopper II, she being sent out a littleover level money favourite. Rob Roy traversed in great style the last mile of the Steward's Stakes, and easily landed the odds laid on him.

The sum passed through the totalisator reached the record sum for a trotting meeting of £5120. The great sum invested was no doubt due to the fact of the favourite in nearly every instance getting home. The management left nothing to be desired. Results:-

AMATEUR HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Mr W Stakes' gr g Ben Allen, aged, 16sec (Moorhouse) 1. Mr R Gibb's cr f XYZ, 4yrs, 16sec (Rae) 2.

Victoria II scr, Diana 8sec, Silverwood 14sec, Meg 16sec, Fairplay 16sec, Intruder 18sec, Miss Flat 18sec, Bill Allen 18sec, Lancaster 18sec, Oliver 18sec, Tara 18sec, Hitchen Hill 18sec and Little Stanley 20sec also started.

Ben Allen at once going through held a good lead when a lap had been completed, and at a mile had a strong lead from XYZ and Diana. The latter broke up badly shortly after and retired, and Ben Allen had no difficulty in retaining his place, winning by forty yards. Time, 5min 51 1/2sec. Dividend - £2 19s.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs. Two miles.

Mr F Mulholland's br g Hollywood, 5yrs, 18sec (Owner) 1.
Mr Hendricksen's ch g Tommy, aged, 24sec (Wright) 2.

Domino 27sec(3sec pen), Miss Graham 32sec and Gladys 40sec also started.

Tommy took command shortly after half a mile had been gone, but Hollywood went to the front in the second last lap, and going on won easily by fifty yards. Time, 5min 57 1/2sec. Dividend - £3 10s.
A protest was lodged against Hollywood for crossing which was dismissed.
On being submitted Hollywood was sold to Mr G Ellis, Hastings, for £37.

THE CHAMPIONS' HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second horse 50 sovs, and third 20 from the stake. For all horses that can do 9min or under. Three miles.

Mr W Kerr's b g Blue Mountain by Blue Gown-Preston mare, 5yrs, 44sec (Owner) 1.

Norman 22sec(Harold), Cowboy 36sec(J Allan), Ipswich, 46sec(J Munro), Lady Warbeck, 46sec(D Munro) were the other starters.

Lady Warbeck commencing badly, Blue Mountain at once went to the front, the driver of the limit pulling out to allow the stable companion Ipswich to follow the favourite; both Cowboy and Norman started badly, and when a round had been completed had lost instead of gained anything on the leaders. A mile gone and the race was confined to Blue Mountain and Ipswich, and as the latter had drawn on Kerr's horse and was going well her backers were on good terms with themselves. All but the two mentioned had pulled off the track before a mile and a half had been traversed, and with Ipswich tiring the favourite commenced to draw away, and increasing his lead the further he went passed the post just after Ipswich had rounded the top turn. Time, 8min 18sec. Dividend - £1 8s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Jardin's b m Dorothy, aged, 12sec (Owner) 1.

Uncle Tom 5sec(7sec pen), Moses 25sec, Miss Graham 25sec, The Scrubber 37sec and Woodlands 37sec also started.

The Scrubber led for a mile, when Dorothy went to the front, and finished alone. The winner was the only horse to finish. Time, 5min 45sec. Dividend - £1 14s.

NOVEMBER HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 75 sovs, second 10 sovs and third 3 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Mt H Gardiner's gr m Grasshopper II, aged, 25sec (G Robertson) 1.
Mr W Morton's blk m Holly, aged, 22sec (Munro) 2.

Norman 5sec, Blue Mountain 5sec(11sec pen), Robin 9sec, Pauline 9sec, White Wings 12sec, Cowboy 14sec, Peppermint 18sec and Mallow 25sec also started.

Grasshopper II at once drawing away had with a mile gone an advantage of between 100 and 200 yards, and, though Holly closed up somewhat in the last bit, the grey mare was separated from her by fifty yards when the post was reached. Time, 5min 41sec. Dividend - £2 5s.

STEWARD'S STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Mr W Proffit's b g Rob Roy,aged, 10sec behind scratch(15sec pen) (W Kerr) 1.
Mr T Walker's blk g Energy, aged, 18sec(Owner) 2. Mr E Bowes' br m Vagary, aged, 26sec(C Kerr) 3.

Holly 8sec, Georgina 14sec, Prince 18sec and Tara 20sec also started.

Vagary going off at an even gait had established a strong lead when a round had been completed. Rob Roy, who commenced very badly, not having picked up any of his handicap. Vagary continued to peg along. At a mile it looked odds on her not being caught. Rob Roy, however, settling down, came very fast, and, catching up his ground hand over hand, passed Vagary with still half a lap to go, and won easily from Energy, who passed Vagary at the home turn. Time, 5min 30sec. Dividend - £1 10s.
The running of Vagary being questioned, the Stewards held an inquiry, which completely exonerated the driver, C Kerr. It was abundantly evident to the best judges that the mare tired to nothing in the race.

SPRINT HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mr J Falloon's ch m Lina, aged, 19sec (Hill) 1.

Robin 4sec, Grasshopper II 5sec(7sec pen), Mallow 7sec(5sec pen), Miss Irwell 10sec, Sandy 10sec, Doll 14sec, Nipper 17sec, Silverwood 20sec, Acrobat 20sec and Woodlands 25sec also started.

Lina, at once drawing to the front, had Sandy in attendance when half a mile had been gone. The latter broke when closing up, and Lina, forging away, distanced her field. Time, 2min 56 1/2sec. Dividend - £2 16s.

FINAL HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mr R Sutherland's ch f Carolina, 4yrs, 14sec(Needham) 1.

Rob Roy 6sec behind(9sec pen), Holly 5sec, Prince 9sec, Meg 16sec and Emma 22sec also started.

Carolina drew out from the start, and not being afterwards approached, distanced Rob Roy, who finished second. Time, 2min 27sec. Dividend - £1 14s.

Credit: The Press 10 Nov 1894


YEAR: 1894


Handicappers, The Committee; Starter Mr C O'Connor.

The summer meeting of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club is being held today. The weather is fine and the attendance up to the average. Results:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs; second horse 2 1/2 sovs. One mile.

Mr W Bell's b g Nipper, 5yrs, 12sec (Owner) 1.

Mr C Ringstead's b g Domino, aged, 12sec (R Hill) 2.

Seagull 3sec, Prince Victor 3sec, Doll 5sec, Searchlight 8sec, The Moor 8sec, Halkett Maid 8sec, Ruby 8sec, Imogene 8sec, Southern Queen 10sec, Rubina 10sec, Carnage 10sec, Watercress 10sec, Mungo Maid 12sec, Tit 12sec, Ballance 12sec, Autonomy 12sc, Cashmere 12sec and Venus Victrix 12sec also started.

Nipper got to the front in the second round, and, going on, won by forty yards.

Time 3min 4sec Dividend - £11 11s.

PARK STAKES HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr C Hendriksen's br m Rena, 4yrs, 35sec (Hamill) 1.

Mr C Harold's b m Maud V, aged, 13sec (Owner) 2.

Mr T Honeybone's b m Polly Plum, aged, 17sec (J N Munro) 3.

Pride of Erin 17sec also started.

Rena retained her lead for the first mile, after which Polly Plum and Maud V closed up. Maud V took second place in the last half mile, but failed to reach Rena, who won a good race by a length; half a length between second and third.

Time 6min 17sec Dividend - £2.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs; second horse 2 1/2 sovs. Two miles.

Mr E Clarkson's b g Dick, aged, 32sec (Manton) 1.

Mr W Bell's b g Nipper, 5yrs, 14sec (Owner) 2.

Nellie scr, Meliora 12sec, Sandy 28sec, Bloxwich 32sec, Jean 35sec, Obadiah 35sec also started.

Dick immediately took command, and establishing a long lead, held it to the finish, and won by a hundred yards from Nipper.

Time 6min 16 1/2sec Dividend - £3 4s.

CLASGOW HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 100 sovs; second horse 10 sovs, and third horse 5 sovs. Three miles.

Mr C Kerr's ch g Sonny, aged, 12sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W Rae's b g Three Cheers, 5yrs, 18sec, (Owner) 2.

Mr R Hill's gr m White Wings, aged, 34sec (Fraser) 3.

Bedale scr, Shamrock 23sec, Sapphire 23sec, Colonial 26sec, Maid of Cotherstone 28sec and Diplomacy 28sec also started.

White Wings held her advantage until the last lap was reached. Here Sonny caught her, and although Three Cheers made his effort, Sonny retained his position and won by fifteen yards from Three Cheers, with White Wings a similar distance away third.

Time 8min 29 1/2sec Dividend - £5 4s.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs. Two miles.

Mr C Pearce's b g Templeton, aged, 18sec (Johnston) 1.

Mr J Bawn's ch m Pride of Erin, aged, 8sec (Whitehead) 2.

Brown Bess 22sec, Meg 24sec, Beatrice 20sec, Weda 28sec, Cashmere 28sec, Eileen Alannah 32sec also started.

Templeton indulged Eileen Alannah with the lead for three-quarters of a mile, when he passed her, and going on won by one hundred yards from Pride of Erin.

Time 6min 2sec Dividend - £3 10s.

SYDENHAM HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second horse 7 sovs and third horse 3 sovs. Two miles. 5.50 limit.

Mr A G Holmes' b g Nilreb, 6yrs, 19sec (Harold) 1.

Mr J Merry's b m Tennessee, aged, 28sec (E Murfitt) 2.

Mr R Sunderland's b m Paulina, 6yrs, 12sec (Needham) 3.

Trissie scr, Beldale 6sec, Brown Duchess 8sec, Bobby Burns 30sec Peppermint 32sec also started.

Tennessee caught Peppermint at the end of half a mile, and carried on the running until the last round was reached. Then Nilreb commenced to move up, and the leader breaking two hundred yards from home, Nilreb went on and won by twenty yards from Tennessee, with Paulina one hundred yards away third.

Time 5min 23sec Dividend - £7 12s.

DASH HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr J Bawn's ch m Pride of Erin, aged, 10sec (Owner) 1.

Mr W Horner's gr m Harewood, 5yrs, 14sec (Rae) 2.

Colonial 2sec, Uncle Tom 9sec, Maud V 10sec, The Moor 14sec, and Kitty O'Shea 18sec also started.

Kitty O'Shealed for two rounds, and was then passed by Pride of Erin, who went on and won by five lengths from Harewood, who. after beginning very slowly, came strongly in the last lap.

Time 3min 2sec Dividend - £19 8s.

A protest against Pride of Erin, on the ground of inconsistent running, was dismissed.

SPRINT HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 30 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. One mile.

Mr W T Oliff's ch m Jenny Lind, aged, 19sec (A J Keith) 1.

Mr H Hookham's blk m August, 6yrs, 13sec (Owner) 2.

Brown Duchess scr, Paulina scr, Tennessee 8sec, Nellie 12sec, Maud V 13sec, Victoria 14sec, Dauphin 14sec, Doll 16sec and Dick 21sec also started.

Jenny Lind took the lead in the first few strides, and, going on, won as she pleased by twenty yards from August.

Time 2min 54sec Dividend - £3 12s

Credit: Star 27 Jan 1894


YEAR: 1894


At a meeting of the Committee of the Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club, held yesterday, Mr H F Reece in the chair, the programme for the club's autumn meeting, to be held on March 24, was drawn up for approval by the Canterbury Metropolitan Trotting Association. The sum of £400 will be offered in stakes, and the principal events are a Trot (in harness), of 120 sovs, three miles (limit 8min 50sec); Trot, of 80 sovs, two miles (limit 5min 50sec).

Messrs H Piper and J A Connell were appointed handicappers for the meeting, and the committee expressed its satisfaction at the manner in which they performed their duties at the late meeting.

It was decided to offer the sum of £250 for a Class Trot in harness, two miles, with a limit of 6min, to be competed for at the November meeting, nominations for which will be at the extremely low rate of £1.

A number of accounts were passed for payment, amounting in all to about £470. The Secretary was instructed to write to Inspector Broham, expressing the committee's satisfaction at the manner in which the police had carried out their duties at the club's summer meeting...The Secretary was instructed to interview the Lancaster Park Company and request that body to make some alterations in the arrangements at Lancaster Park.

The settling in connection with the Lancaster Park Trotting Club's Summer Meeting was held at Coker's Hotel last night, when the following amounts were paid away:- Mr W J Bell £23 15s, Mr C Hendricksen £33 5s, Mr C Harrold £4 15s, Mr E Clarkson £19, Mr C Kerr £80 15s, Mr W J Rae £9 10s, Mr R Hill £4 15s, Mr C Pearce £23 15s, Mr A G Holmes £59 17s, Mr J Merry £6 13s, Mr J Brown £33 5s, Mr H Hookham £4 15s, Mr W Horner £4 15s, Mr W T Oliff £23 15s: Total £332 10s.

Credit: Star 31 Jan 1894

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