YEAR: 2016

KEN FORD - Horseman

For three seasons, Arabess was left empty and the Ford family kept their distance. Loyal Clint was the only one who put up with her bad side. His parents Ken and Diane and sister Amanda Tomlinson, more concerned, used stern words that reflected their opinion and you might guess what they were. "She was very difficult to deal with," recalled Ken. "Hard to load on the float, always wanting to kick, and you could say we were all a bit frightened of her. She was more Clint's horse and he stuck by her, and his prudent and careful management paid off with a useful race career and a breeding one that has already topped that. After winning three races from 46 starts, Arabess was sent to Sundon, leaving a colt that was to be the brilliant young trotter, Marcoola.

As far as breeding went, that was the end of it, because Arabess was then left empty. But as Marcoola developed the Fords knew the mare had left something special, and there was a gap in the line. "We look a bit silly now, not breeding her, but we've always done the mares here," said Ken, indicating the battle ahead if they had tried again with Arabess at home. They didn't want to face that. So we sent her to Nevele R and they had no trouble with her and she's in foal to Trixton."

Marcoola set a 3yo c&g national record when he defeated High Gait in the New Zealand Trotting derby, running 3:13.9(1:59.9) for the mobile 2600m and he'd run 3:14.9 the week before, so he was only getting better. Since they were given Kahlum by close family friends Peter and Ellen Smith 30 years ago, the family has always cultivated their trotting breed, and while Marcoola is not the best - Zuri won 12 and Aramid 10 - he is hot on their tails.

Back then the Ford's lived in Kaikoura where Ken's father Bruce had a transport business; gravel and tip-trucks, and selling and servicing Holdens and Vauxhalls. When Bruce returned from the war, where he served in the Middle East, he tried his luck with a galloper. It was of no account, which caused his wife Margaret to tell him:"One more and I'll go." A threat that fortunately she never carried out.

Ken's schooling was at Rangiora High School as a boarder along with his brother Brian who still runs the trucks. Both were brilliant rugby players, first 15ers and both played wing; Brian went on a bit and played for the All Blacks. Ken's first career was shearing here and in Australia which gave them the equity to buy a dairy farm. During this time, their children Clint, Amanda and Trish were into riding, eventing and pony clubs, and the Smiths taught them how to ride. At one time Clint was a youthful assistant Clerk of the Course at the annual Kaikoura meeting. When they decided to ship south, the Smiths insisted they take one of their numerous mares and suggested one they had by Noodlum.

"It was Kahlum. They had just qualified a Roydon Glen pacer from her and they liked the way he went." This was Lyell Creek and a month later he qualified as a trotter. He would win 56 races and achieve greatness. Looking for 10 acres, the Fords bought the 120 acres in West Melton owned by former Met president Peter Andrews, on the condition he left a mare, which he dis - Evelyn's Choice.

Ken's first job was driving a delivery van around the city before work at Paparoa Prison as a prison guard for years. When Ken told near neighbour, Jim Dalgety he'd been offered Kahlum, Jim told him to accept at once; furthermore, he suggested serving her with his resident stallion, Wingspread. The Progeny from this mating was Laurel Creek, who didn't race but wouldn't have been a disgrace if she had. "She could run the time and had the potential to be real good," recalled Ken, "but she got hurt on the track and we never tried her after that."

Kahlum would leave 11 foals of varying talent; Jacquimo was a smart pacer by Courage Under Fire, The Iron Gate gave Clint his first win as a driver at Hawera. Little Mo is ready to step up to the middle grade, and they always rated Lumlum, an unraced daughter of Grant Our Wishes.

From her nine foals, Laurel Creek has left six winners, with Amaretto Sun the best of them. He has one five from 16 starts, and heads to the Jewels along with Marcoola. The last of them is Laurelson, a rangy 3yo filly by Monarchy who will get her chance.

Lumlum is the dam of Spirit Of Sun, a winning daughter of Sundon, and bred with the blood of two sires Ken is soft on. Spirit Of Sun foaled a filly this season by Superfast Stuart and is in foal to Peak. With Arabess back in business, Ken says, "There is every possibility he will use semen from the deceased Sundon next season, and maybe Zsa Zsa as well."

As well as the senior members of the family, the junior ones are up to their hocks in horses; Sheree, Amanda's daughter, is a promising junior driver with Murray Brown and her sister Keryn is helping Bruce Negus whenever she can. Keryn has won the Kids Kartz New Zealand Cup three times with Dimmy and Frisbee and her younger brother Zane won the race in November with Frisbee. Earlier this year Zane was invited to compete in an Australian competition over two days in Canberra, finishing well with a second in the consolation. Clint's young boys Lochie and Sam are now into it, giving certainly to the thought that the Ford family will flourish famously both on the track and off it.

Credit: Mike Grainger writing in Harnessed May 2016


YEAR: 1996


This race is run annually for Junior Drivers in memory of Darren, son of Colin & Julie DeFilippi.

Darren was regarded as one of New Zealand's most promising young horsemen and this race marks the esteem with which the Harness Racing Industry holds him in.


1996 - JAMIE KEAST - No Need - Mike Austin - Pace
1997 - DALE FORBES - Incredible Fella - Ron Barron - Pace
1998 - MARK JONES - Sylvia's Star - Kevin Townley - Trot
1999 - PHILIP KEATS - Valiant Heart - Peter Bagrie - Pace
2000 - STEPHEN McNALLY - Russ The Legend - Gerard O'Reilly- Trot
2001 - LISA GODSALL(ORANGE) - Bergen - Carl Middleton - Trot
2002 - KIRSTIN GREEN(BARCLAY) - Galleon's Telepathy - Michael House - Trot
2003 - GAVIN SMITH - Bristle - Paul Nairn - Trot
2004 - NICK YDGREN - Onedin Legacy - Henderson Hunter - Pace
2005 - GAVIN SMITH - Atomic Dusk - Patrick O'Reilly - Pace
2006 - JONNY COX - Lady Segil - Phil Williamson - Trot
2007 - SAM SMOLENSKI - Amber Gambler - Fred Fletcher - Trot
2008 - SHANE WALKINSHAW - Ronnie Coute - Murray Edmonds - Trot
2009 - REGAN TODD - Unique Star - Mark Jones - Trot
2010 - ANDREW VEINT - Double Bundy - Michael Heenan - Trot
2011 - MATTHEW WILLIAMSON - Maori Invasion - Phil Williamson - Trot
2012 - MATTHEW WILLIAMSON - Beyond Reason - Phil Williamson - Trot
2013 - MATTHEW WILLIAMSON - William Lance - Bevan Heron - Trot
2014 - ROBBIE CLOSE - Aile Rouge - Robbie Holmes - Trot
2015 - JESSICA YOUNG - Arran Chief - Andrew Faulks - Trot
2016 - KATIE COX - King Of The Roses - John Versteeg - Trot
2017 - CAMERON JONES - Bacardi N Coke - P Robertson - Trot
2018 - MARK HURRELL - Redwood Invasion - R Holmes - Trot

Credit: Matt Markham


YEAR: 1933


Dill Edwards was a son of Manny, he was also a public trainer most of his life. There is a photo of Dill talking to the Governor General of NZ, Lord Galway at Addington after winning a prominent race.

Dill had several successes but his most prominent being the trainer driver of three NZ Sapling Stakes at Ashburton - 1933 War Bouy, 1935 Frisco Lady, 1937 Two's Loose. Another good horse Dill had was Gamble.

Dill Edwards applied for and was granted his fathers racing colours of White, Green sleeves and cap

Credit: Lesley Glassey writing in the Berry Family History


YEAR: 1931


Stan Edwards was the youngest son of Manny and Nell Edwards, he spent his entire life with horses and as a Public trainer. He had his fair share of success.

Stan won the Ashburton Sapling Stakes in 1931 with Silver D'Oro and again in 1939 with Sir Julien. Two other good horses Stan had were Concord and Ripcord

Stan Edwards had the registered racing colours of: Brown, Green Braces and Cap

Credit: Lesley Glassey writing in Berry Family History


YEAR: 1917


Manvers Burton Edwards(Manny) was a public horse trainer most of his adult life. Manny trained and drove Adelaide Direct to win the 1917 NZ Trotting Cup. Other known good horses he had and won races with were Little Dictator & Ribbonwood.

Manny was married to Nell, the youngest daughter of Alfred and Mary-Ann Berry. Among her brothers were Jim, George and Ern Berry

Manny Edwards had the registered racing colours of: White, Green sleeves and Cap

Credit: Lesley Glassey writing in the Edwards Family History


An interest in Trotting or an association at top level with the administration of the sport has, in many instances, been passed on from father to son.

Dr M G Louisson, the son of the Honorable Charles Louisson the second President of the Club (1906-24), was elected a Steward in 1926, a Committeeman in 1933 and was Vice-President from 1945 to 1948. Dr M G Louisson’s son, Dr J M Louisson, was appointed a Medical Officerin 1948 and in 1981 still retained that appointment. As well as an interest in Trotting both the Doctors Louisson have been associated with the Canterbury Jockey Club as Committeemen.

The next President was Mr J H Williams (1924-40) and his son, Mr J R Williams, was a Steward and Committeeman of the Club for approximately three years. Mr J R Williams resigned from the Committee and Stewards as he was strongly opposed to Night Trotting and, as a Committeeman, could not support its introduction at Addington.

The fourth President of the Club was Mr A L Matson (1940-45) and he had a long association with Trotting and his son, Mr H D Matson, was elected a Steward in 1958 and a Committeeman in 1963. Mr H D Matson tendered his resignation towards the end of 1968 as he was being transferred overseas by his firm.

In 1956 Mr W M Ollivier became President and, in his case, he was following a tradition set by his father and grandfather. His grandfather, Mr A M Ollivier, acted as Secretary from 1887 to1889 and prior to this appointment Mr A M Ollivier acted as Clerk of the Course from the inaugural Meeting on. At the conclusion of his term as Secretary he became a Steward and a newspaper report on the 1891 Annual Meeting listed him as President, although records show that the first President was not elected until 1904. Mr A M Ollivier’s son, Mr C M Ollivier, was elected a Committeeman and Steward in 1918 and was Vice-President from 1924 to 1935 under the Presidency of Mr J H Williams. The third Ollivier, Mr W M, was elected a Steward in 1942, a Committeeman in 1943, Vice-President in 1952 and President in 1956 a position he retained until 1960.

It had been proposed by members of the Committee that Mr J B McDermott should be nominated as a Steward but his father, Mr E T McDermott, held the view that it was not in order for his son to be associated with the Club’s administration during his term as President (1974-79) so it was not until 1980 that MrJ B McDermott was appointed to fill a casual Stewards vacancy.

Mr D McCormick was a long serving Committeeman and Steward of the Club as well as being one of its representatives on the Grounds Committee and one of the Club’s original Directors on Addington Trotting Course Ltd which was established in 1952. He served as Chairman of Directors for the 1954-55 year. He was followed in the role as an administrator by his son, Mr D R McCormick, who was elected a Steward in 1967, a Committeeman in 1973 and Vice-President in 1979.

While only associated with the NZMTC as a member of Committeeman Mr F G A White, Mr F W White was a Steward of the New Brighton Trotting Club from 1946 to 1954.

Mr P Andrews was elected a Steward in 1974 and a Committeeman in 1979. His father, Mr S Andrews, had a long association with the Canterbury Park Trotting Club being a Stewart, Committeeman and President and also one of his Club’s representatives on Addington Raceway Ltd.

The current Secretary, Mr T H Davis, has had a long interest in Trotting as his father-in-law, Mr T J Atkinson owner of the Cup horse Acropolis, was a member of the NZMTC and a Committeeman of the Canterbury Trotting Owners & Breeders Association. Mr Davis’ son, Mr R G Davis, has been an employee of the NZ Trotting Conference for some years and acted as Assistant Handicapper under Mr R C R Morton and is currently the Keeper of the Stud Book.

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker

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