1906-09 G Payling

1909-15 G B Ritchie

1915-24 J H Williams

1924-35 C M Ollivier

1935-40 F E Graham

1940-45 C S Thomas

1945-48 Dr M G Louisson

1948-52 C E Hoy

1952-56 W M Ollivier

1956-60 J K Davidson

1960-65 R W Saunders

1965-68 G W Blaxall

1968-72 K C Meyers

1972-74 E T McDermott

1974-79 M L Taylor

1979-84 D R McCormick

1984-89 P Andrews

1989-94 A R Abell

1994-98 B J Cotton

1998 Amalgamated with CPTC & NBHRC to form a new Club

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker


At a special General Meeting of the Club held on 12th June, 1906 the Rules were amended to provide for the election of a Vice-President.

Of the 17 who held this office between 1906 and 1989 only 6 were not elected President. They were Mr G Payling who was Vice-President from 1906-1909; Mr G B Ritchie, 1909-1915; Mr C M Ollivier, 1924-1935; Mr F E Graham, 1935-1940; Dr M G Louisson, 1945-1948; Mr K C Meyers, 1968-1972.

Mr F E Graham, who was Vice-President for five years, acted as Chairman from November 1938 until June 1940 as Mr J H Williams, through ill health was unable to attend Committee Meetings of the Club. Following Mr Williamsí resignation, Mr Graham allowed his name to go forward for the Presidency. He was opposed by Mr A L Matson, a Committeeman of the Club at the 1940 elections and the latter was successful.

Dr M G Louisson was Vice-President from 1945 to 1948. He stood against the sitting President, Mr C S Thomas in 1948 but was defeated at the ballot.

Mr K C Meyers, a Committeeman who was elected to the Vice-Presidency in 1968 under Mr Blaxall, terminated his association with the Club as an officer by tendering his resignation in 1972 for health reasons and Mr E T McDermott was appointed to fill the vacancy.

Mr M L Taylor held the Vice-Presidency from 1974-1979, Mr D R McCormick from 1979-1984 and Mr P Andrews from 1984-1989.

Mr A R Abell was appointed Vice-President in 1989 having been elected a Steward in 1973 and a Committeeman in 1979.

Credit: NZMTS: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker

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