3 February - Canterbury Battalion sustains NZ's first casualties of W.W.1 at Suez Canal.

1 April - First regular supply of electricity from Lake Coleridge was received in Christchurch

April - Christchurch pilot, William B Rhodes-Moorhouse, killed in action in Europe. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, the first ever given to an airman.

25 April - Landing on Gallipoli by British Australian & New Zealand forces.

1 May - Passenger liner Lusitania leaves New York for Liverpool, this was sunk by a German U Boat with loss of 1195 lives.

7-21 August - Battle of Suvla.
(8th Aug. Attack on Chunuk Bair)

8-20 December - Evacuation of the Gallipoli peninsula. Some 36,000 Commonwealth troops were lost at Gallipoli. Of the 8556 NZ troops who saw action in the campaign, 2721 were killed and 4752 wounded.


April 1 - First regular supply of electricity from Lake Coleridge received in Ch-Ch.

May - First electric street lights in operation.

Credit: Ch-Ch City Libraries


The Chairman of the Auckland Trotting Club, Mr John Rowe, attended the NZMTCs 1915 Cup Meeting and afterwards said that he had been much impressed with the Course, its facilities and the class of trotting presented. The way the public supported the sport had been an eye opener to him. This was his first visit to Addington and he freely recognized that the standard of trotting in Christchurch was quite phenomenal.

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker



Early in 1915 Riccarton horseman Freeman Holmes took delivery of three horses which he had selected in the United States with the assistance of Mr W Lang. The shipment was horses but as far as the struggling standardbred industry was concerned it might have been fine gold.

The three horses which were to leave an indelible mark in their adopted country were a yearling filly Trix Pointer, the 3 year old filly Bonilene and the Star Pointer horse Logan Pointer, then six years old. Trix Pointer and Bonilene founded two of the most sought after families in the stud book while Logan Pointer was to become a sire of legendary achievements in a tragically brief career. Indeed surveying his success and comparing it with others whose careers at stud were much longer it can be argued that he was the most successful stallion ever to stand in this country.

Whether his triumphs year after year surprised even those responsible for bringing him to NZ it is not known but it can be safely assumed that it would have been a shock to his American owners. At the time of his sale to Freeman Holmes, Logan Pointer was an unfashionably-bred horse who had never got to the races. It is not known how much was paid for him but Maurice Holmes relates that the price would have been very small and it is even possible that Logan Pointer was 'thrown in' with the two fillies. Racing in those days was at a fairly low ebb in America and an unraced six year old such as Logan Pointer would not have been a stud proposition there. Freeman Holmes saw something in him though and his almost unerring judgement at selecting bloodstock was to prove right again.

Logan Pointer didn't take long to establish himself. Appearing first on the sires' list in 1918 he was fifth the following year, then second and top (with Wildwood Jnr) in 1921. For the next six years he reigned supreme against some very good sires before Nelson Bingen forced him into second place by the barest of margins in the 1928-29 season. He never regained the top spot because of his untimely death but he was well up in the list through the middle thirties by which time he was also top broodmare sire. During his years as leading sire Logan Pointer produced the winners of 493 races and altogether he sired 187 individual winners - a ratio to foals which would take a lot of beating. As a sire of broodmares he was even more famous producing in all the dams of 318 winners including 65 in the 2:10 list.

To include here every top winner with Logan Pointer blood in their veins would fill pages but we can take a look at some of his greatest performers.

Undoubtedly his finest son was Harold Logan who will need no introduction to older readers. The winner of 27 races from 66 starts including two Cups, Harold Logan was the idol of his day and still perhaps as popular a horse as has ever been led into the Addington birdcage. Harold Logan was immensely popular because of his speed, his courage, his almost uncanny intelligence and because of the rags to riches success he was. He didn't race until he was five and was very ordinary until coming into the hands of Dick Humphries as a seven year old. From then until his retirement at the ripe old age of 15 he held crowds in the palm of his hand, setting several records including an amazing 2:36.8 over 1 miles on a soft grass track at New Brighton.

Then there was Logan Chief who was a top pacer of his day and the winner of over $24,000 over a long career, which was really big money then. Cardinal Logan won 17 races in all including the Speedway Handicap when it was a Cup meeting feature and he ran second to Kohara in the NZ Cup. Acron won nine and two of them were NZ Free-For-Alls. Acron was the fastest pacer of his day holding the mile record of 2:03.6 for a number of years. Unfortunately he was a wayward type and never developed his full potential. Native Chief was another in the same category. Widely regarded as our 'most likely to succeed' two minute horse (he worked 2:02 at Addington), Native Chief proved untrainable most of the time. Every leading trainer had a go at him at one time or another but his great speed could never be successfully harnessed though he won a NZ Derby when caught in the mood.

Onyx was a mare also not easy to train but she won $22,000 (a record for a mare at that time) and held a 1 mile record of 3:13. Apart from Onyx and Bonny Logan, Logan Pointer had most racetrack success through his sons. Others to be leaders of their time were Jewel Pointer, Logan Wood (Dunedin Cup), Prince Pointer, Logan Park, Logan Lou (two National Handicaps), Great Logan, King Pointer (National & NZFFA, the one eyed trotter Trampfast (Dominion Handicap and very successful among the pacers) and Colene Pointer.

Logan Pointer did not as a rule leave many trotters, Trampfast being the only one who reached the top. His stock were noted for their hardiness, many of them competing over many seasons, and also for their temperaments, the sire himself being a very sensible stallion, easy to manage. The occasional wayward one appeared but they do in most sire lines. Altogether Logan Pointer's offspring won nearly $500,000 which in the depressed stakes era of the twenties was a marvellous feat.

As a sire of broodmares Logan Pointer was even more successful. Statistics were not officially kept in those days but there is no doubt he was the leading sire of mares for many seasons. To give you some idea of his influence take a look at these names who had Logan Pointer mares as their dams: Springfield Globe, Logan Derby, Free Advice, Silver De Oro, Grand Mogul (24 wins including an Interdominion Final), Royal Silk, Regal Voyage (dam of Haughty), Royal Empress (grandam of Highland Fling and Highland Kilt), Imperial Pointer (dam of Gold Bar), Smile Again and Kingcraft.

When toting up the list of early two minute performers in NZ, Gold Bar, Haughty, Highland Fling, Johnny Globe, Tactician and Caduceus all had Logan Pointer blood running freely in their veins. In the late twenties Logan Pointer's offspring held nearly 70%of NZ time records. Logan Pointer's sire line didn't survive long here, Logan Fraser probably being the most successful, siring over 30 winners including Ronald Logan. Jewel Pointer was a moderate success here and in Australia. It was unfortunate that most of his best sons were geldings.

Where Logan Pointer got his extraordinary siring potential from is difficult to determine. His sire Star Pointer, the first two minute pacer, was, giving him the best of it, a disappointment at stud, and Logan Pointer's distaff lines were rather obscure. The tragedy of his stud career was that he was cut down when at the height of it. In January 1924 when only fifteen years old, the stallion was let out of his box as usual for a stroll around the paddock while his groom Joe Washington returned for some more shuteye. But unknown to Washington there was a pony also in the paddock and the groom was awakened by a noise from the paddock rail. The noise was made by the escaping pony who had savaged Logan Pointer and kicked him in the leg, splitting it right up to the thigh. There was no chance of saving the great sire and he was accordingly put down.

During his nine seasons he had served about 100 mares a season, his fee never rising above 12 guineas. The mares were by no means all trotting bred and his feat of producing nearly 200 winners from about 900 matings was a tremendous one. What he might have achieved if he had lived another five years is anybody's guest. Is it any wonder that breeders still like mares with Logan Pointer blood in their veins? As a racehorse he may not have been much but as a stallion he was one in a thousand.

Credit: David McCarthy writing in NZ Trotguide 7Oct76



Despite a fine second the previous year and a win in the New Brighton Cup in 4:32 2/5, which made her a backmarker and gave her a reputation as the best stayer in the land, Country Belle was one of the outsiders when she wore down fancied leader Don Caesar and fought off Our Thorpe.

She became the fourth mare in eight years to prevail and through her daughter Rustic Maid established a quite outstanding family.

**Credit: NZ HRWeekly 1Oct2003**


In the 1915 Cup Country Belle, urged on by Albert Hendricksen, went in pursuit of the leader Don Caesar and, after taking control two furlongs from the finish, fought off the challenges of newcomers Our Thorpe and Jingle. Don Caesar was fourth, and then followed Admiral Wood, Tommy C, Win Soon, Frandocia and Manderene. Country Belle's winning time was 4:35.6.

It was Hendricksen's second success, having won with Albert H in 1912. A seven-year-old mare by Wild Moor from Bonnie Bell, by Lincoln Yet, Country Belle was bred by Rakaia owner Bill Morland. After her fine second in the New Zealand Cup the previous year, she won the New Brighton Cup a month later in 4:32.4, which stamped her as one of the best stayers in the country.

The stake for the Cup remained at 2500 sovereigns, but the overall stakes at the meeting reached 10,000 sovereigns for the first time.

Country Belle and Emmeline trialled well on the Sunday morning before the Cup, yet the Morland mare went out 10th favourite, with only three others less supported in the 15-strong field. There were two bracketed pairs - Wallace Wood and Adelaide Direct, and Admiral Wood and Manderene. Country Belle had been a consistent performer early on. She started racing as a three-year-old and won twice from five starts. At four years she won at each of her three starts. The current season, however, was her best, and her Cup victory enabled her to end the season the leading earner, with 1930, followed by Our Thorpe. Morland, with 2635, was the season's top owner.

Country Belle and the previous year's winner, Win Soon, were the scratch markers in the Cup, giving a start of six seconds to Manderene. Win Soon, who had not raced since August, did not go well and finished a long way behind the placed horses.

The rising star from the previous season, Admiral Wood (then in the James Bryce stable, having changed hands for a record sum), was race favourite and shared the one-second mark with Emmeline. But he too raced below his best. Because of his outstanding achievements, Admiral Wood was asked even then to race from long marks, and was another victim of a less-than-satisfactory handicap system. He did win more good races, including the 1916 New Zealand Free-For-All and the Auckland Cup the same year, and when retired at the end of the 1919-20 season had a two-mile record of 4:26.6.

Our Thorpe, a five-year-old by O.Y.M. from Lady Thorpe, whose dam was a Young Irvington mare, received solid support, as did Adonis(Free Holmes) and Frandocia(Artie Butterfield), the latter another son of Franz. Our Thorpe was slow away and was left behind by the scratch pair. He made a forward move, with Jingle, in the back straight on the last lap to follow Don Caesar and Country Belle. Our Thorpe ran past Don Caesar in the straight but could not match Country Belle. Adonis collided with Manderene at the start and lost his chance, while Frandonia, slow away, plugged on without ever looking likely to fill a place.

Third placed Jingle - owned by Greymouth solicitor Harry Kitchingham, for many years a great patron of trotting - was by Capitalist from Merry Bell, from Silver Bell, a Blackwood Abdallah mare. Robert Wilkin imported Blackwood Abdallah, foaled in 1878 at Lexington, Kentucky, to New Zealand. He stood at the Fendalton Stud and later at Ashburton, and in all sired 57 winners. Among his descendants were the racing idol of the 1930's, Harold Logan, outstanding trotter Ripcord, and Gold Chief, the sire of Rupee. Kitchingham set up a stud in Russley Road, Upper Riccarton. Jingle was the best horse he raced.

Country Belle, after her impressive Cup victory, earned favouritism for the Free-For-All, along with Our Thorpe and Emmeline. After one false start, the seven-horse field was sent away, with Our Thorpe last to settle, while Adelaide Direct broke stride at the starting post. Our Thorpe made up his lost ground and finished brilliantly to beat Country Belle, with Emmeline third, 40 yards away. Our Thorpe recorded 2:41.4, a mile rate of 2:09, the fastest winning rate paced in New Zealand to that stage.

On the third day of the meeting the outstanding performance came from Solo, in the Enfield Handicap. Driven by Eugene McDermott, he registered 2:10.8, a mile winning record. Michael Galindo (Cliff Tasker) won the Dominion Handicap from Galacian and Master Raymond, and in so doing became the first double winner of the country's prestigious trotting event, having recorded his initial success in 1913.

**Credit: Bernie Wood writing in The Cup**


Frandocia was started on four occasions last week, but not once did he leave the mark. On the evening of the second day's trotting at Addington he jumped over the door of his box and fell on top of Bill Black's two babies, the eldest boy got knocked aside, and escaped with some ugly bruises, but the baby was underneath the horse, and marvellous to relate got out of the squashing with nothing more serious than a badly bruised hand.

Don Caesar showed all his old speed during the meeting, but he was not seasoned enough to see out his races when tho pinch came.

In the Enfleld Handicap for horses that could do 2.16 or better, Mountain Rose began smartly and turned into the straight with a good lead, only to have one of her hobbles snap. Breeze, coming behind ran into the mare and gave F. E. Jones, who was riding him, a very ugly fall.

Ludski's people thought it was only a matter of going round to the machine and getting some easy money when they started him in a mile saddle race. He showed speed and went out to tho front, but it was only on sufferance, for on each occasion they went after him and got the Auckland gelding when they wanted him.

Admiral Wood ran a wretched race in the New Zealand Trotting Cup, he was hitching and skipping all the way.

If Our Thorpe had not mixed it at the start of the Trotting Cup, and by so doing lost four seconds, Country Belle would have run another second, instead of having her name down in the list of winners. Without doubt the O.Y.M. Lady Thorpe horse put up a fine performance when he won easily in 2.41 2-5, the time for the various distances are: Quarter. 31 2-5; half 1.3 1-5: six furlongs, 1.37; mile, 2.9; mile and a-quarter, 2.41 2-5. Our Thorpe was a long way from the leaders at the end of the flrst quarter, and he must huve run his last mile better than 2.7.

The South Canterbury owned and trained St. Kevin, was made a hot order in both of his starts on the last day of the trotting meeting. The Rothschild horse showed plenty of speed, but he was as fat as a hog inside and could not see a fast run mile out.

Next November the mile races on the last day are sure to be 2.15 class, and it is quite possible that they may be tighter.

Chub's people went for a win last Friday. They were very lucky a get second place.

Country Belle is a fine pacer and a rare good beginner. This is the only part of the game that she can beat Our Thorpe at.

Bonista, the imported American mare by Star Pointer Bonny Jenny, has foaled a colt to Wlldwood jnr.

Adventuress does not look right, and does not move with anything like her one-time freedom .

Quiie a number of people are kicking themselves for not backing Persuader on the last day of the Addington meeting especially when they saw Pringle behind him.

Parole Bells was well supported by her people for the Whiteleigh Handicap, but she stood on her mark and lost all her handicap.

Little Jewel Chimes raced very solidly throughout the meeting. He is only a pony, but a very honest one.

A short time back Icicle was well in the boom, but nowadays bis name is never mentioned.

Hardy Wilkes, who is by Marvin Wilkes, only had to keep down in the Sockburn Handicap, and he would have strolled home.

We have seen the best of Emmeline. Country Belle gave her the go by in the Free for All.

Little Tib was handicapped on the 2.16 mark in the Railway Handicap, and it was very galling to his owner for the Flower of Tyron gelding to go 2.12 4-5 and get beaten into second place.

After the decision of the Cup there was some talk of a match for a good stake between Country Belle and Our Thorpe, but it fell through.

Credit: 'The Looker On' writing in NZ Truth 20 Nov 1915



The rain that set in on Monday caused many misgivings in regard to the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting which opened yesterday at Addington. The weather had cleared up beautifully yesterday morning and the track at the opening of the day's programme was in much better order than might have been expected after the soaking it had received, and it was improving with each race, though it was still heavy when the most important event of the year, the New Zealand Cup, was decided.

The weather then had become very threatening but fortunately the rain held off until after the big race had been contested. Then there was a very heavy downpour, and the track was soon at its worst, the muddy going being altogether against good racing. The rain did not last long, but though the track was drying a little before the end of the day, it was still very heavy, and the times registered will give some idea of the state of the track.

The Metropolitan Club's Spring Meeting is recognised as quite the most important fixture of its kind in Australasia, and the large attendance at Addington yesterday included representatives from all parts of the Dominion. The fields engaged were of a very good class, and although the state of the going did not tend to improve the racing, the sport was generally of an interesting character.

The management of the Meeting was quite in keeping with the high standard that has been set at Addington. Considering the unsettled weather speculation on the totalisator was brisk, the total for the day being 40,254 10s as compared with 42,869 10s last year. The sum invested on the New Zealand Cup was 9319 which was only 2 less than the total on that race last year. The war tax on dividends gave a return of 905 15s 6d.

The Spring Handicap, the opening event, drew a field of eighteen unhoppled trotters. Tika and Huia, who were almost evenly backed, carrying much more money than any of the others engaged. Tika did not give his backers any encouragement, but Huia was always in a handy position, and was never further back than third. Albertoria began very smartly, and in the early part of the race looked to have a good chance but a break put her out of court, and six furlongs from home Huia had taken charge. Rummy challenged Huia rounding the turn into the straight, but the latter drew away, and won comfortably, while Rummy, who was all out at the finish, had to do his best to beat Mushroom for second place. The latter broke in the straight, otherwise he might have been closer up. The winner was trained in Auckland, and was ridden by his trainer, so that the first score of the Meeting went to the North Island.

The Empire Handicap was anything but an exciting event. Gold Crest, whose previous form had not been at all impressive left the mark in good style, and leading all the way won very easily from Vermont, with Carretta in third place. Carretta was prominent for most of the journey, but Vermont did not appear on the scene until the last half-mile was begun. She then showed a lot of pace, but was stopping badly at the finish. George Hard, who was the first favourite, was never prominent and The Bronzewing, who was second favourite, lost her chance by breaking early in the race.

The New Zealand Cup next claimed the attention of the public, and the fifteen horses for whom the final payment had been made all went to the post. Admiral Wood, who was coupled on the totalisator with his stable companion, Manderene, was made favourite, but Our Thorpe received almost as much support, while Adonis and Frandocia were also very solidly backed. Frandocia's track work had been done in most convincing style, while both he and Adonis have shown themselves useful performers in heavy going. There was no actual mishap at the start, but several of the competitors were quickly out of court. Manderene collided with Adonis before they had gone a chain: St Ursula, Frandocia and Wallace Wood would not settle down to their work properly, and Our Thorpe lost a lot of ground by beginning slowly, leaving the mark after the scratch horses. Eccentric, always a good beginner, at once set out to make the pace with Don Caesar next. Eccentric led for a little over a mile and a quarter but then retired beaten, and Don Caesar was left in charge. Country Belle, who had begun in brilliant style, went in pursuit of the leader, and quickly had his measure. She was in front two furlongs from home, and though Our Thorpe and Jingle finished well, they had no chance with the scratch mare, who won very decisively. Our Thorpe stayed on very well, but he was beaten by a pacer of exceptionally good class and Jingle, although finishing well, had no chance with either of those in front of him. Don Caesar ran a very good race for a mile and three quarters, but evidently found the distance just a little beyond him. Admiral Wood, who finished fifth, showed a lot of pace in patches, but she did not settle kindly to his work, and a race such as the New Zealand Cup, is not one in which a horse can afford to make mistakes. Country Belle, who was bred by her owner, finished second in last year's New Zealand Cup, and her performance a month later in the New Brighton Cup, a free-for-all race, which she won in 4min 32 2/5th sec stamped her as one of the best mares the Dominion has produced. She was driven a capital race by A Hendricksen, who was behind Albert H the winner of the race in 1912.

The Middleton Handicap, a two mile race in harness for unhoppled trotters brought about the defeat of a solid favourite in Galician, who was going well in the first mile, but spoilt his chance by breaking. Chub made the early running, but Olive L had taken charge at the end of a mile, and she stayed on well and beat Wild Tree by a length and a half. Michael Galindo was going well six furlongs from home, but his condition failed him over the final stages. Olive L, scored her first victory in the Dominion in this race. Last season she raced very consistently, but very unluckily, as in twelve starts she was second six times and third twice.

There was not a large field for the Lyttelton Handicap for which Bright Alice, Emilius and Waitchie were backed in that order. Emilius was in front at the end of half a mile, and won easily by six lengths from Succeed, with Bright Alice a dozen lengths away third. The winner, who is a four-year-old full-brother to Emmeline, gave a much better showing than he has done in his recent races, in several of which he has refused to leave the mark. Waitchie, who was fourth, was never dangerous.

The St Albans Handicap, a mile race in saddle, gave Rawene a very easy victory, for she led from start to finish, and won easing up from Dot Robbins, with Mountain Rose and Ludski next.

Childsdale was made a very strong favourite for the Riccarton Handicap, but The King's General, who has previously shown himself partial to soft going made the most of his handicap and led all the way. He seemed to be in trouble when he skipped just before reaching the straight, but soon got into his stride again, and won comfortably.

The Hagley Handicap, the last race of the day, brought out a field of eleven, and OIC who has proved herself a particularly good "mud-lark" was a little better backed than John Dillon. The latter began very smartly and appeared to have the race safe when he broke going along the back. OIC finished well, and won by two lengths from Disappear, who was a similar distance in front of John Dillon. The latter was running on again at the finish, but his effort came too late. The following are details of the racing:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters only. Two miles.

A W Gordon's ch h Huia, by King George, aged, 15sec (W Orange) 1
A Redcliffe's b g Rummy, aged, 16sec (A Smith) 2
R J Munro's b g Mushroom, aged, 17sec (Owner) 3

Gladsome scr, Parkfield 11sec, Whisht 12sec, Tika 13sec, Havana 14sec, Parole Bells 15sec, Verawood 16sec, Bellwind 16sec and Te Kuiti 17sec(coupled), Imperial Victor 17sec, Matilda 17sec, Albertoria 17sec, Able Boy 17sec, Arcadian 17sec and General Grant 17sec also started.

Albertoria began better than any of the other limit horses, and passing the stand was showing the way to Able Boy, Huia and Mushroom. In the back stretch Albertoria broke, and Huia took charge. Albertoria was got going again, but broke once more in the straight, and six furlongs from home the order of the leaders was - Huia, Mushroom, and Rummy. Going along the back stretch Rummy displaced Mushroom, and turning into the straight closed on Huia, but the latter drew away again and won comfortably by six lengths. Rummy, Mushroom and Albertoria were stopping in the final stages, and they were separated by about a length in each case. Whisht was fifth and Gladsome sixth. Time, 5min 4 2/5th sec.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. 4.52 or better. Two miles.

W R Thomas's b c Gold Crest, by Rothschild-Gold Dust, 4yrs, 8sec (Owner) 1
C T Langdon's b m Vermont, aged, 3sec (J McLannan) 2
T Bryant's b m Carretta, aged, 8sec (Owner) 3

Yarraville scr, The Bronzewing 2sec, Treasure Seeker 4sec, Bermaline 6sec and Gee Whizz 8sec(coupled), Young Tohu 7sec, George Hard 8sec and General Wylie 8sec also started.

Gold Crest at once took charge, and at the end of half a mile was well clear of General Wylie, Bermaline and Carretta, with Treasure Seeker next. The last-named broke turning into the back stretch, and a little further on Bermaline did the same. Gold Crest was still out by himself when the last lap was entered and though Vermont put in a good run along the back stretch that took her into second place, she could make no impression on Gold Crest, who won easily by a dozen lengths. Carretta was six lengths away third, and then came Treasure Seeker, Yarraville and General Wylie. Time, 4min 55 2/5th sec.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 2500 sovs and silver cup presented by Mr C Louisson; second 500 sovs, third 300 sovs and fourth 200 sovs from stake. For horses that have done 4.37 or better. Two miles.

W J Morland's br m Country Belle, by Wild Moor-Bonnie Bell, aged, scr (A Hendricksen) 1
J Fleming's b h Our Thorpe, 5yrs, 2sec (A Fleming) 2
H W Kitchingham's b h Jingle, aged, 3sec (H Gaskill) 3
R Allan's b g Don Caesar, 6yrs, 4sec (Owner) 4

Stevenson & McMath's ch m Win Soon, aged, scr (A Pringle)
R McDonnell's b m Emmeline, aged, 1sec (Owner)
T Sheen's b h Admiral Wood, 5yrs 1sec (J Bryce)
J G Lecky's blk h Manderene, aged, 5sec (R Dunn)
W G Abbott's br m St Ursula, 5yrs, 3sec (Owner)
J Henderson's b g Tommy C, 6yrs, 3sec (R Reay)
Hall & Black's b g Frandocia, aged, 3sec (A Butterfield)
M Edwards's b m Adelaide Direct, aged, 3sec (Owner)
M edwards's b h Wallace Wood, aged, 4sec (N L Price)
R T Reid's gr g Eccentric, aged, 4sec (J Brankin)
J C Whiteman's b h Adonis, aged, 5sec (F Holmes)
(Winner bred and trained by Owner)
Manderene and Admiral Wood and Adelaide Direct and Wallace Wood were coupled on the totalisator.

Adonis and Manderene collided before they had gone a chain and St Ursula, Frandocia and Wallace Wood would not begin properly, while Our Thorpe was slow to find his feet and left behind the scratch horses. Eccentric at once rushed to the front and at the end of half a mile was showing the way to Don Caesar, Country Belle, Tommy C, Admiral Wood and Emmiline. There was little change in the order as they turned out of the straight and ran down the back, but Our Thorpe was beginning to improve his position, and six furlongs from home Eccentric was still leading from Don Caesar with Tommy C and Country Belle almost on terms, Our Thorpe, Admiral Wood and Emmeline next. A little further on Eccentric retired beaten and Country Belle ran into second place behind Don Caesar. Along the back stretch Country Belle was on terms with Don Caesar, while Our Thorpe and Jingle were moving up fast. Rounding the turn to the straight Country Belle drew away from Don Caesar and a little further on Our Thorpe ran past him. Country Belle landed into the straight with a comfortable lead and won in good style by three lengths from Our Thorpe. Jingle, who was two lengths back, just beat Don Caesar for third place, and then came Admiral Wood, Tommy C and some distance back, Emmeline, Win Soon, Frandocia ans Manderene. Time 4min 35 3/5th sec.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters only. 4.54 or better. Two miles.

Mrs J Lawrence's br m Olive L, by Wallace L-Cissie Wood, 5yrs, 8sec (M Edwards) 1
J H Power's blk g Wild Tree, aged, 9sec (Owner) 2
Houston & Wilson's br g Galician, aged, 5sec (A Butterfield) 3

Electrocute scr, Michael Galindo 5sec, Annie K 6sec, Auckland Girl 8sec, Truganini 8sec, Hardy Wilkes 9sec, Rosalie 10sec, Chub 10sec, Syrie 11sec and Kelso 11sec also started.

A heavy shower fell just after the Cup had been run and the track was very muddy and greasy for this race. Chub and Olive L were on terms at the end of half a mile with Wild Tree, Annie K and Galician next. The last named broke turning into the back stretch, and Michael Galindo closed on the leaders. With a lap to go, Chub was beaten and Olive L had taken charge from Wild Tree, while Michael Galindo was going well in third place. Michael Galindo failed to see the distance out and Olive L staying on well, won by a length and a half from Wild Tree, who was forty yards in front of Galician, who just beat Michael Galindo for third place. Auckland Girl and Electrocute were next. Time, 5min 11 3/5th sec.

LYTTLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 4.45 or better. Two miles.

R McDonnell's b c Emilius, by Rothschild-Imperialism, 4yrs, 7sec (Owner) 10 3
S Chambers's ch m Succeed, 6yrs, 8sec (W R Thomas) 2
R M Morten's b m Bright Alice, 6yrs, 7sec (J Bryce) 3

Little Kauri 4sec, Phingari 7sec, Antonio 8sec, Waitchie 8sec, Ariadne 9sec, Al Franz 9sec and Princess Sherwood 9sec also started.

Emilius was in front before they had gone half a mile, with Al Franz, Succeed and Bright Alice following in that order. With a lap to go Succeed had taken second place and Bright Alice third, but Emilius kept his place in front and won easily by six lengths from Succeed, who beat Bright Alice by a dozen lengths. Waitchie was fourth and Al Franz fifth. Time, 5min 5 4/5th sec.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. 2.21 or better. One mile.

B Shadbolt's b m Rawene, by Albert Victor-Judge Beldon mare, aged, 5sec (B Shadbolt, jun) 1
T Bryant's b m Dot Robbins, 5yrs, 3sec (Owner) 2
F Hickinbottom's b m Mountain Rose, aged, 1sec (A Butterfield) 3

Ludski 1sec, Prince Poole 2sec, Barmaguie 2sec, Dalwhinnie 3sec, Miss Advocate 3sec, Stanley's Child 3sec, Radiant Morn 4sec, Bequest 4sec, Andy Regan 4sec, Caledon 5sec, Sir Elmo5sec and Rosebery 5sec also started.

Rawene at once went to the front and led past the stand from Bequest and Miss Advocate. Dot Robbins went up to the leader at the tanks, but Rawene drew away again to win by ten lengths. Mountain Rose was another ten lengths away just in front of Ludski, Prince Poole and Andy Regan. Time, 2min 22 5/5th sec.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 3.30 or better. One mile and a half.

E Harris's b h The King's General, by General Pet-King Harold mare, 6yrs, 5sec (E McCann) 1
Mrs E Blair & H L Kettle's b h Childsdale, 6yrs, 3sec (A Hendricksen) 2
F A Piper's b h Bingana, aged, 4sec (J Messervey) 3

Bell Metal 1sec, Breeze 3sec, Fashionwood 4sec and Bonny Jenny 3sec also started.

The King's General began smartly, and with half the journey gone was well clear of Breeze, Bingana and Childsdale. Going along the back Childsdale ran into second place, but The King's General held his advantage, and won easily by six lengths. Bingara was four lengths away third, with Fashionwood fourth, the rest pulling up. Time, 3min 53 2/5th sec.

HAGLEY HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 2.24 to 2.21. One mile.

J H Olliver's b m OIC, by OYM-DIC, 6yrs, 2sec (F Holmes) 1
W J Doyle's b h Disappear, 5yrs, 2sec (R Logan) 2
S Humphrey's b h John Dillon, 5yrs, 1sec (M Edwards) 3

Child Beldon 1sec, Prince Toronto 1sec, Corbell 2sec, Icicle 2sec, Rema Rosa 3sec, Lady Rattoo 3sec, Annie Dillon 3sec and Ottawa 3sec also started.

John Dillon was very quickly into his stride, and at the end of two furlongs was three lengths in front of Ottawa, with Disappear next. John Dillon broke going along the back, and Disappear took charge, but in the straight was challenged by OIC, who won by two lengths. John Dillon was two lengths further back third, with Child Beldon fourth, the rest pulling up. Time, 2min 32 1/5th sec.

Credit: The Press 10 Nov 1915



The weather was rather oppressive yesterday for the second day of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting, and a light north-west breeze was blowing during most of the afternoon, but it was not sufficiently strong to cause the spectators any discomfort.

There was a very good attendance, and it was evident that the Free-For-All race was an event that aroused widespread interest. The track was in first-class order; it must have received a lot of attention after the soaking it received on Tuesday, and for its condition yesterday the club's caretaker is entitled to a good deal of credit.

The racing was of a good class all through, and the management of the business details of the fixture was quite in keeping with the standard that has been established by Mr A I Rattray at Addington, while the totalisator business, under Mr W H Macdougall's superintendance, was conducted in most satisfactory fashion. The investments for the day showed an increase, the sum handled being 36,813, as compared with 32,353 10s on the corresponding day last year, and the war tax on dividends gave a return 828 8s.

The Whiteleigh Handicap, which opened the programme, found Whisht, Tika and Frank Wilkes receiving most support. Tika trotted well in the early stages, but a break six furlongs from home settled his chance, and Mushroom was left in charge. The latter was challenged very strongly by Huia over the last half-mile, but staying on in more determined fashion than he has hitherto done, won by half a length.

The November Handicap, a two-mile race in saddle, was not at all exciting. Hesitation and The Bronzewing were made favourites, but the former lost his chance by beginning badly. The Bronzewing was never dangerous. Princess Sherwood, who was third in demand, was in front all the way and, pacing without a mistake won very easily from Vermont, who showed a lot of pace over the last five furlongs. Princess Sherwood's performance proves that her reputation for speed is not without justification.

The Courtenay Handicap, the principal handicap of the Meeting, brought out a field of ten good class pacers, Admiral Wood being withdrawn. Eminent, the Australian representative, who had shown very good form in his track work, was made a solid favourite, and showed himself to be possessed of more than ordinary credentials. He was in second place behind Jewel Chimes until the straight was reached, and then put in a very convincing run which landed him a winner by three lengths. Jewel Chimes paced very solidly all through, and for his size is undoubtedly a high-class performer. Frandocia refused to leave the mark properly, and was left with a lot of ground to make up over the last lap, but then showed a lot of speed.

Ngaraima and Soda were best backed in the Metropolitan Handicap, and the former made the running until the turn for home, where Galvanita, who had always been handy, drew clear ans won in nice style by three lengths. The winner, who was driven by A Fredricksen, scored the first win registered by Mrs R O Duncan for a long time past.

The Sockburn Handicap, a two-mile race in harness for unhoppled trotters, brought about the defeat of a very hot favourite in Norval King, who was backed down to a very short price. The favourite began well enough, but broke several times, and Mystic went on in front and, leading over the last mile, won comfortably, paying much the biggest dividend of the Meeting. Hardy Wilkes showed great pace, but went very unsteadily, while Galician just failed to see the distance out.

The attraction of the day's card was the Free-For-All, and the scratching of Jewel Chimes and Admiral Wood left a field of seven to go to the post. Country Belle, the winner of the New Zealand Cup on Tuesday, was made favourite, with Our Thorpe, the runner-up in the big race, and Emmeline next in request. There was one false start, and then the field was sent away with Our Thorpe in the rear, though Adelaide Direct broke at the starting post and there was little to choose between this pair for last place. Eccentric was, as usual, quickest to begin, and he showed the way to Emmeline, Win Soon and Country Belle over the early stages, but he was gone three furlongs from home, and Country Belle took charge. She appeared to have the race won, when Our Thorpe, who had made up his ground in brilliant style, challenged her in the straight and beat her home by three lengths. Emmeline was forty yards away, with the rest beaten off. Both Our Thorpe and Country Belle put up performances of exceptional merit for the time registered, 2min 41 2/5th sec for the mile and a-quarter, represents a gait of 2min 9sec to the mile, and each of them paced a faster mile than has ever been done in New Zealand before. Yesterday's result indicates that Our Thorpe would have been very much harder to beat in the New Zealand Cup had he got away to his proper time.

The Railway Handicap brought about a good finish, but Ludski, the favourite, faded out and Bright Alice, who was always in a good position, won by a length from Little Tib, with the favourite third.

The Royal Handicap was won easily by Dot Robbins, who ran past Bonny Jenny in the back stretch and scored in very convincing style.

WHITELEIGH HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 40 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters only. 5min or better. Two miles.

R J Munro's b g Mushroom, by Electioneer colt, aged, 11sec (Owner) 1
A W Gordon's ch h Huia, aged, 7sec (W Orange) 2
W T Lowe's gr g Bushranger, aged, 5sec (T Annett) 3

Craibwood 1sec, Chub 4sec, Ohapi 5sec, Parkfield 8sec, Whisht 9sec, Tika 10sec, Verawood 11sec, Frank Wilkes 11sec, Matilda 11sec, Havana 11sec, Parole Bells 11sec, and Te Kuiti 11sec and Bellwind 11sec also started.

Tika, Mushroom and Bellwind were the leading division at the end of half a mile, with Frank Wilkes at the head of the next bunch. Before the next round had been completed Bushranger took third place. Tika was in front six furlongs from home, but then broke and lost his place, and Mushroom took charge. Going along the back Huia closed on the leader, but Mushroom, though hard ridden over the last two furlongs, stayed on to win by half a length. Bushranger was four lengths away, and then came Whisht, Frank Wilkes and Parkfield. Time, 4min 52sec.

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 4.48 or better. Two miles.

N Burgess & R A Stewart's blk m Princess Sherwood, by Kerrwood-My Idea, 5yrs, 7sec (R Franks) 1
C T Langdon's b m Vermont, aged, 6sec (J McLennan) 2
J H Olliver's b m OIC, 6yrs, 7sec (H Donovan) 3

Gladsome 5sec, Waitchie 5sec, Wallace Junior 6sec, The Bronzewing 7sec, Carretta 9sec, Hesitation 9sec and Lady Rattoo 9sec also started.

Hesitation would not settle to his work properly at the start, and Princess Sherwood at once established a good lead, being followed at the end of half a mile by Lady Rattoo, Hesitation, Wallace Junior and OIC. With a lap to go Hesitation had run into second place, but along the back he gave way to Vermont, and at the tanks the favourite broke and OIC ran into third place. Princess Sherwood held her advantage and won easily by ten lengths. OIC was two lengths away third, with Waitchie and Wallace Junior together next. Time, 4min 43sec.

COURTENAY HANDICAP (in harness) of 600 sovs; second 120 sovs and third 60 sovs from stake. 4.40 or better. Two miles.

J J Kennerley's b g Eminent, by Emulater-Honesty mare, 6yrs, 8sec (Owner) 1
J D Piper's b h Jewel Chimes, aged, 6sec (A Hendricksen) 2
M Edwards's b h Wallace Wood, aged, 4sec (Owner) 3

Manderene 5sec, Frandocia 3sec, Adonis 5sec, Red Mac 6sec, Persuader 6sec, Pearlchild 8sec & Stanley's Child 8sec also started.

Stanley's Child broke at the start, and Frandocia refused to begin until his chance was hopeless. Jewel Chimes went away very smartly, and though he broke before reaching the tanks he settled into his stride again quickly. At the end of half a mile Jewel Chimes was showing the way to Eminent, Manderene and Wallace Wood, but Manderene was called off for starting before his time. Jewel Chimes led along the back stretch, with Eminent in close attendance and Wallace Wood and Stanley's Child next. This was the order of the leading division with a lap to go, and in the back stretch Jewel Chimes and Eminent drew right away from the others. Jewel Chimes was still in front when the straight was reached, but in the run home Eminent wore him down and won by three lengths. Wallace Wood was ten lengths away third, with Stanley's Child fourth, and Adonis and Persuader next. Time, 4min 35 3/5th sec.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 3.36 or better. One mile and a half.

Mrs R O Duncan's b m Galvanita, by Galindo-Vanquish, aged, 4sec (A Hendricksen) 1
J H Lloyd's ch m Ngaraima, aged, 6sec (L Frost) 2
W B Clarkson's b m Soda, 5yrs, 4sec (N L Price) 3

Aotea Roa 2sec, Antonio 3sec, Cello Sydney Wilkes 3sec, Disappear 3sec, OIC 4sec & Gee Whizz 6sec(coupled), Baron Franz 5sec, Icicle 5sec, Young Tohu 6sec, Law Chimes 6sec, La Franz 6sec and Bonification 6sec also started.

Law Chimes took charge at the start from Ngaraima and Galvanita, but at the tanks Ngaraima went to the front, and with half the journey gone she was showing the way to Galvanita and La Franz, with Soda and Law Chimes together next. Galvanita closed on Ngaraima rounding the turn for home, and in the straight drew away, to win by three lengths. Soda was a length away third, followed by Disappear, Law Chimes and La Franz. Time, 3min 29sec.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second 70 sovs and third 35 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters only. 4.50 or better. Two miles.

M Clarice's b m Mystic, by albert Victor-little wonder II, aged, 10sec (W E Simes) 1
W H Hargreaves's b m Truganini, aged, 10sec (J McKewen) 2
Houston & Wilson's br g Galician, aged, 6sec (A Butterfield) 3

Electrocute 2sec, Olive L 6sec, Michael Galindo 7sec, Annie X 8sec, Treasure Seeker 8sec Lord Roanchild 8sec, Auckland Girl 10sec, Hardy Wilkes 10sec, Norval King 10sec and Adventuress 10sec also started.

Norval King went away well from Mystic, Adventuress and Truganini with Hardy Wilkes breaking badly. Truganini broke at the tanks and Galician who had got through quickly, displaced her. Passing the stand the order was Norval King, Mystic, Galician and Hardy Wilkes. The latter again broke, as did Norval King, when entering the back stretch, leaving Mystic in charge from Galician and Hardy Wilkes. The latter had shown a great turn of speed, but again breaking lost his position. Mystic was well clear going up the back for the last time, and though Galician, Truganini and Hardy Wilkes made strenuous efforts, she maintained her advantage, winning pulling up by over two lengths. The same distance separated second and third, with Hardy Wilkes, Michael Galindo and Olive L close up. Time, 4min 52 2/5th sec.

FREE-FOR-ALL (in harness) of 500 sovs; second 100 sovs and third 50 sovs from stake. One mile and a quarter.

J Fleming's b h Our Thorpe, by OYM-Lady Thorpe, 5yrs (A Fleming) 1
W J Morland's br m Country Belle, aged (A Hendricksen) 2
R McDonnell's b m Emmeline, aged (Owner) 3

R T Reid's gr g Eccentric, aged (J Brankin)
M Edwards's b m Adelaide Direct, aged (Owner)
Stevenson & McMath's ch m Win Soon, aged (A Pringle)
J Henderson's br g Tommy C, 6yrs (R Reay)

After one false start, the seven competitors were sent away, though they were in rather straggling order, Our Thorpe being last to move, while Adelaide Direct broke at the starting post. Eccentric was quickest to begin, with Win Soon, Emmeline and Country Belle next. With half a mile gone Eccentric was showing the way to Emmeline, Country Belle, Win Soon and Tommy C, but the last-named broke going out of the straight. Our Thorpe was then showing a lot of pace, and improving his position fast. Turning towards the back stretch Country Belle ran past Emmeline, and three furlongs from home she had the measure of Eccentric. Country Belle drew out rounding the turn to the straight, but then Our Thorpe had taken second place, and, putting in a brilliant run, he beat the favourite by three lengths. Emmeline was forty yards away third, and then came Win Soon, Eccentric and Tommy C. Time, 2min 41 2/5th sec.

RAILWAY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 250 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. 2.18 or better. One mile.

R M Morten's b m Bright Alice, by Rothschild-General Livcoln mare, 6yrs, 3sec (J Wilson) 1
D Spence's b g Little Tib, aged, 1sec (A Butterfield) 2
F C Hande's blk g Ludski, aged, 1sec (A Julian) 3

Bell Metal scr, Bellis 1sec, Yarraville 1sec, Franzalena 2sec, Breeze 2sec, and Prince Poole 3sec also started.

Breeze refused to leave the mark at his bell, and passing the stand Prince Poole, Bright Alice and Ludski were in close order, with Bellis next. Going along the back Prince Poole was beaten, and Bright Alice and Ludski went on in front. Bright Alice led into the straight, where Little Tib joined in and in a good finish Bright Alice won by a length. Ludski was six lengths away, followed by Franzalene and Bellis. Time, 2min 14 3/5th sec.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 2.10 or better. One mile.

T Bryant's b m Dot Robbins, by Frank Robbins-Geo M Patchen mare, 5yrs, 3sec (Owner) 1
J Porter's br m Bonny Jenny, aged, 4sec (A Pringle) 2
A J Talbot's blk m Desdemona, 6yrs, 5sec (A Hendricksen) 3

Eminent sec (3sec pen), Mountain Rose 2sc, Persuader 3sec, Phingari 3sec and Lodi 5sec slso started.

Desdemona and Lodi broke at the start and Phingari stood on the mark. When the first quarter had been covered Bonny Jenny was leading Dot Robbins and Mountain Rose. The positions remained unchanged round the bend, where Eminent broke. Bonny Jenny mixed her gait along the back stretch, and Dot Robbins quickly ran past her and stayed on long enough to win by three lengths. Desdemona was about fout lengths further back, with Eminent and Mountain Rose at the head of the others. Time, 2min 14sec.

Credit: The Press 12 Nov 1915



The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting was concluded yesterday in fine weather, though the strong nor'-west wind that was blowing for the greater part of the afternoon raised a good deal of dust and made matters rather unpleasant for the spectators. There has seldom if ever, been a larger attendance at Addington, and, extensive as is the stand accommodation there, it was altogether overtaxed.

The track was in capital order, and there were some very smart performances registered, the most notable being Solo's 2min 10 4/5th sec in the Enfield Handicap, which establishes a new race record for the Dominion. The racing was full of interest, and in that respect the Meeting is entitled to be written down as in every way successful.

Financially the three days have produced very satisfactory returns, and as the net profits are to go to the Wounded Soldiers' Fund, there should be a substantial sum to hand over at the end of the season. The totalisator investments yesterday amounted to 48,278 10s, as compared with 42,776 10s on the corresponding day last year, making a total of 125,343, as against 117,999 10s for the last November Meeting. The war tax on dividends gave a return of 1086 6s 6d, the total for the Meeting from this source being 2820 10s. With such an experienced secretary as Mr A I Rattray at the head of affairs, it was only natural to find the business details of the Meeting receiving capable attention, while Mr W H Macdougall's totalisator staff got through a busy day in good style.

Galician, Kaikanui and Truganini received most support for the Governor's Handicap, a two-mile race in saddle for unhoppled trotters, with which the programme opened. Kaikanui broke early in the race and was never afterwards prominent, while Galician showed a good deal of pace but did not go very steadily. Truganini did not make any mistakes, and the win was largely due to her steadiness, for Wild Tree headed her before turning for home but broke in the straight and was beaten out of a place. Chub, who was second, stayed on rather better than usual.

Prince Berlin was backed down to a very short price in the Victoria Handicap, and led for a greater part of the distance, but had to be driven out to stall off a strong challenge from Waitchie.

The Christchurch Handicap, the principal event of the afternoon, drew a field of eleven good class pacers, Wallace Wood being the only withdrawal. St Kevin was made favourite, with Jingle next in demand, but the latter lost his chance at the start. Jewel Chimes made the pace until half a mile from home, but then had had enough, and Persuader, who had always been handy, took charge, and staying on well, won in the good time of 4min 35sec. St Kevin faded out in the final stages, and both Adonis and Tommy C, finishing strongly, beat him home.

Granger and Disappear carried most money in the Australasian Handicap, and they quickly drew out from the rest of the field. Granger paced well, but found his task a little beyond him, and Disappear won by three lengths from Gladsome, the only trotter in the race, who was running on strongly at the finish.

The Dominion Trotting Handicap, the most valuable race of the year for unhoppled trotters, was generally regarded as a match between Redchild and Master Raymond, but they did not begin well, and Michael Galindo, settling to his work very smartly, led all th way, and won comfortably. The winner early in his career showed himself to be a very high-class trotter, but an accident kept him off the track for a considerable time, and his owner-trainer has done exceedingly well to get him back to racing form again.

The Hornby Handicap was a very interesting contest. Cello Sydney Wilkes, and Desdemona were responsible for the pace in the early stages, but three furlongs from home Erin's King, the favourite, put in a brilliant run, and though challenged by Araidne, won handily by two lengths.

The Enfield Handicap brought out a field of twelve smart mile horses. St Kevin and Ludski being best backed. Breeze fell soon after the start, and Adonis and Mountain Rose broke early in the race. Solo was always one of the leading division, and won decisively from St Kevin, who was under pressure some distance from the post. The time of 2min 10 4/5sec officially recorded as the fastest that has yet been put up in a race in New Zealand, but a good many private watches made it a second slower.

The Meeting concluded with a great finish in the Recovery Handicap. Dot Robbins took charge along the back, but then Our Aggie challenged, and in the straight she appeared to have the race won, when Frank Tracey came with a strong run and won by a head. Frank Tracey was driven by A Hendricksen, who had also been behind Erin's King in the Hornby Handicap. the following are details of the racing:-

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 40 sovs, and third 20 sovs from stake. For unhoppled trotters only. 4.55 or better. Two miles.

W H Hargreaves's b m Truganini by Del Paso, aged, 3sec (T Annett) 1
E McDermott's b g Chub, aged, 6sec (Owner) 2
R J Munro's b g Mushroom, aged, 4sec (Owner) 3

Galician scr, Huia 2sec, Treasure Seeker 2sec, Wild Tree 3sec, Craibwood 3sec, Ohapi 7sec, Kelso 7sec and Kaikanui 7sec also started.

Kaikanui took the lead at the start, but broke before going half a mile, and Truganini took charge from Wild Tree and Chub. Going along the back Galician ran past Wild Tree, and six furlongs from home he was in second place, but was going rather unsteadily. At the far turn Wild Tree displaced Truganini in the lead, but broke in the straight, and Truganini won by three lengths from Chub who was a similar distance in front of Mushroom, Galician and Wild Tree being next. Time, 4min 46 4/5sec.

VICTORIA HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second 70 sovs and third 35 sovs from stake. 5.24 or better. Two miles and a quarter.

Holland Bros br g Prince Berlin by Berlin Abdallah-BJN, aged, 14sec (J Bryce) 1
J Henderson's b g Waitchie, 5yrs, 17sec (R Reay) 2
M Edwards's b h Wallace Wood, aged, 8sec (Owner) 3

Stanley's Child 12sec, Franzalena 17sec and OIC 18sec also started

Franzalena showed in front for half a mile, but at the end of the first lap Prince Berlin had taken charge, with Franzalena, OIC, Wallace Wood and Waitchie following in order, while Stanley's Child was pulled up. In the next circuit Wallace Wood had taken second place behind Prince Berlin with Waitchie next. Half a mile from home Waitchie ran up alongside Prince Berlin, but in a good finish between this pair, Prince Berlin stayed on and won by a length. Wallace Wood was twelve lengths away, with Franzalena and OIC together. Time, 5min 15sec.

CHRISTCHURCH HANDICAP (in harness) of 750 sovs; second 150 sovs and third 75 sovs from stake. 4.39 or better. Two miles.

Herrick Bros' b g Persuader by General Lincoln, aged, 8sec (A Pringle) 1
J C Whiteman's b h Adonis, aged, 8sec (F Holmes) 2
J Henderson's b g Tommy C, 6yrs, 6sec (R Reay) 3

J J Kennerley's b g Eminent, 6yrs, 4sec (Owner)
H W Kitchingham's b h Jingle, aged, 5sec (H Gaskell)
Hall & Black's b g Frandocia, aged, 6sec (A Butterfield)
W D Lemon's blk g Sherwood, 5yrs, 6sec (A Bright)
J D Piper's b h Jewel Chimes, aged, 7sec (A Hendricksen)
R Allan's br g Don Caesar, 6yrs, 7sec (Owner)
J G Lecky'sblk h Manderene, aged, 8sec (J Bryce)
J Farrell's b h St Kevin, 6yrs, 8sec (J Brankin)

Jingle and Sherwood broke at the start. St Kevin moved away smartly, but Jewel Chimes quickly ran past him, and at the end of half a mile these two were followed by Persuader, Manderene, Adonis, Tommy C and Frandocia. Going along the back, Persuader moved up into second place, while Tommy C put in a good run. With a lap to go, Jewel Chimes was still in the lead, with Persuader, St Kevin, Adonis and Manderene next. Three furlongs from home Jewel Chimes was beaten, and Persuader took charge from St Kevin. Persuader led round the turn into the straight where Adonis put in his claim. Persuader however, held his advantage and won by two lengths. Tommy C came with a late run and finished a length behind Adonis. The next to finish were St Kevin, Eminent and Manderene. Time, 4min 25sec.

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 4.45 or better. Two miles.

W J Doyles's b h Disappear by Willowood-Mambrino Girl, 5yrs, 8sec (A Butterfield) 1
T Annett's b m Gladsome, aged, 9sec (Owner) 2
K H Smith's b g Granger, 4yrs, 10sec (F E Jones) 3

St Ursula scr, Red Mac 2sec, Jack Ashore 2sec, Breeze 4sec, Fashionwood 4sec, Stanley's Child 5sec, Princess Sherwood 6sec, Medallion 6sec, Rawene 7sec, Vermont 7sec, Yarraville 8sec, Lodi 8sec and Waitchie 9sec also started.

Stanley's Child stood on the mark, and the order in the first quarter was Granger, Disappear and Gladsome. Yarraville was with Gladsome in third place passing the stand, and Rawene and Princess Sherwood headed the others. Disappear displaced Granger in the lead at the tanks, and entering the straight, with that exception the order was unchanged. Fashionwood and Vermont improved their positions passing the stands for the last time, and Vermont had passed all but Disappear when heads were turned for home. He tired, however, in the run to the post, and Gladsome got second place about three lengths away from Disappear, with Granger two lengths further back, third. Vermont was close up fourth, followed by Princess Sherwood and Yarraville. Time, 4min 41 3/5th sec.

DOMINION TROTTING HANDICAP (in harness) of 600 sovs; second 120 sovs and third 60 sovs from stake. 4.46 or better. Two miles.

C Tasker's br h Michael Galindo by Galindo-Mavoureen, 6yrs, 7sec (Owner)
Houston & Wilson's br g Galician, aged, 6sec (coupled with Master Raymond) (H Gaskell) 2
H Bink's ch g Master Raymond, aged, 1sec (A Butterfield) 3

Redchild scr and Olive L 7sec (coupled), Electrocute 3sec, Lord Roanchild 7sec and Bushranger 7sec also started.

The back-markers were rather slow to begin, and at the end of half a mile Michael Galindo was showing the way to Olive L, after whom came Lord Roanchild, Galician, Bushranger, Redchild and Master Raymond, in order. At the end of a mile Lord Roanchild had had enough, and Galician passed him. Six furlongs from home Michael Galindo was still going comfortably in the lead, but Olive L broke and a little further on gave place to Galician. The latter had no chance of reaching Michael Galindo, who won easily by ten lengths. Master Raymond, who made up a lot of ground over the last half-mile, was six lengths further back, and then came Olive L and Redchild. Time, 4min 42 1/5th sec.

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 3.33 or better. One mile an a half.

J D Parker's b c Erin's King by Hal Zolock-BJN, 4yrs, 7sec (A Hendricksen) 1
P Dalton's b g Ariadne, aged, 8sec (A Butterfield) 2
T L Morrison's b c Cello Sydney Wilkes, 3yrs, 9sec (A G Wilson) 3

Emilius 4sec, Bingana 5sec, Pearlchild 5sec, Prince Poole 6sec, Succeed 6sec, Radiant Morn 7sec, Soda 7sec, The Whip 8sec, Desdemona 8sec, Bacchus 8sec, Al Franz 9sec, OIC 9sec and Antonio 9sec also started.

Cello Sydney Wilkes and Al Franz were quickest to begin, and they made the running to the tanks, where Desdemona took charge, while The Whip was closing on the leading division. With half the journey gone Desdemona was followed by The Whip and Cello Sydney Wilkes, but along the back Erin's King put in a fast run and was in front rounding the turn to the straight, with Ariadne in pursuit. In the run home Erin's King kept his place without difficulty, and won by two lengths. Cello Sydney Wilkes was three lengths away third, followed by Desdemona, The Whip, Bingana and Al Franz. Time, 3min 25 4/5th sec.

ENFIELD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 2.16 or better. One mile.

J H Power's b m Solo by Albert Victor, aged, 3sec (E McDermott) 1
J Farrell's b h St Kevin, 6yrs, 3sec (A Pringle) 2
W G Abbott's br m St Ursula, 5yrs, 3sec (L Knight) 3

Tommy C 3sec, Frandocia 3sec, Little Tib 3sec, Adonis 4sec, Ludski 4sec, Breeze 5sec, Mountain Rose 5sec, Bellis 5sec and Yarraville 5sec also started.

After one false start Ludski got out smartly and Solo got into his stride well. Passing the stand the order was Ludski, Solo, St Kevin and Yarraville. Bellis went in pursuit of the leaders going out of the straight. Solo passed Ludski at the tanks, and St Kevin began to reduce the gap. Solo went on full of running, and though St Kevin finished gamely he was beaten by two lengths. St Ursula was six lengths away third, and Ludski and Yarraville close up. Time, 2min 10 4/5th sec.

RECOVERY HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. 2.16 or better. One mile.

W J M Hopkins's ch g Frank Tracey by King Tracey-Electioneer mare, 6yrs, 3sec (A Hendricksen) 1
J Bryce's ch m Our Aggie, 6yrs, 3sec (Owner) 2
R Allan's r g Don Caesar, 6yrs, 3sec (Owner) 3

Solo scr(2sec penalty), Emmiline 1sec, Eccentric 1sec, Sherwood 3sec, Albert H 3sec(coupled with Frank Tracey), Dot Robbins 3sec, Bell Metal 4sec and Buff 4sec also started.

Buff, Our Aggie, Dot Robbins and Don Caesar were the leaders passing the stand. Along the back stretch Dot Robbins moved up and was in front rounding the turn to th straight, but when they were in line for home Our Aggie had taken charge. Frank Tracey then put in a brilliant run on the outside and got up in time to win by a head. Don Caesar was a length away third, with Emmeline fourth, Sherwood fifth and Dot Robbins sixth. Time, 2min 13 4/5th sec.

Credit: The Press 13 November 1915



The opening of the New Zealand Trotting Club's August Meeting at Addington yesterday, gave Grand National Week a highly successful inauguration. In spite of dull and cold weather, with a light shower or two during the afternoon, there was a capital attendance representative of all parts of the Dominion. His Excellency the Governor and Lady Liverpool were present and evidently took a keen interest in the racing.

Since the Easter Meeting, the Club has carried out a most extensive scheme of alterations and improvements, which have made the grounds thoroughly equipped in every way to meet the requirements of the public, and also of the owners and trainers whose horses are competing at the Club's fixtures. The completion of the new stand for stewards and officials makes that building the best of its kind in the Dominion, and the accommodation provided on the top storey for the members of the Club affords more room in the grandstand for the general public. The enlargement of the space available for the public in the outside enclosure was much appreciated by the people there.

The track was in really good order, and although the rain had taken away its keenness, no fault could be found with the going. There was some really interesting racing during the day and the public evidently found it sufficiently exciting to promote speculation, for the investments for the day amounted to 26,126 as compared with 19,045 10s on the corresponding day last year.

The management of the Meeting was of the high standard that has always characterised gatherings at Addington.

The Introductory Handicap opened the programme, and for this the public made the Southland-owned mare Queen's Drive, a pronounced favourite with Cromstall, another Southlander, next in demand. The result showed that the public were right, for Queen's Drive led all the way, and won with something to spare from Cromstall.

The Belgium Handicap, a mile and a half race, in saddle, for unhoppled trotters, brought out a field of twenty-three, and Whisht, ridden by A Pringle, who had driven Queen's Drive in the previous event, was very strongly supported. At the finish he won without any trouble, but his task would have been made more difficult had Parkfield and Chub trotted without any breaks.

The August Handicap, the principal event of the day, was spoilt to some extent by the fact that Lord Heathcote, Stanley's Child, and Win Soon began badly. The race was really confined to Calm, Tommy C and Jewel Chimes, and after Tommy C had been responsible for a good deal of the running, he was beaten in the race up the straight by Calm, who scored his first win since he was successful at Addington two years ago. Calm registered 4min 36sec for the two miles, and Tommy C 4min 35 2/5sec, both horses thus qualifying for nomination for this year's New Zealand Cup.

The Queen Mary Handicap, a two-mile saddle event, was not a very exciting race, for Hesitation was in front all the way, and although at one or two stages, his position seemed to be threatened, he drew away at the finish and won comfortably. Specification Junr, who was going strongly, at the end of a mile and a half, tired badly over the final stages, and The Bronzewing beat him for second place.

Theseus was made favourite for the Stewards' Handicap, a two-mile harness race for trotters. He showed a lot of speed, but went very unsteadily, and Auckland Girl taking the lead six furlongs from home, won comfortably from Truganini, who beat Theseus for second place.

The Selwyn Handicap provided one of the most interesting races of the day. Sungod was with the leading division practically all the way, but three furlongs from home Waitchie threw out a very strong challenge, and in the straight he wore down Sungod and won a good race by half a length. Harold Direct was solidly backed for this event, but he was in a bad position early in the race, and this settled his chance.

The Speedway Handicap, a mile race in harness, had only seven acceptors as seven of those nominated were ineligible to compete. Waterlog was in front all the way, and won by two lengths from Bacchus, who was followed by Desdemona.

The Electric Handicap, which brought the day's racing to a close, had a field of twenty-three, and May Dillon, the first favourite, won nicely from Soda, who was two lengths in front of the trotter Treasure Seeker.

The following are detail of the racing:-

Credit: The Press 10Aug1915


CPTC: Centennial History

August - The CPTC donated 500 to the Patriotic Fund for wounded soldiers.

December - The CPTC was asked to appoint a delegate to a meeting of the Trotting Conference called to consider the appointment of stipendary stewards. Mr R Wallace was appointed and told to point out that from the experience of the Club it was considered this expense was "quite unnecessary".

Credit: Extract from 1915 Board Minutes


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Handicap Pace: Run between 1902 & 1962
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 1 sec STAKE 300 sovs DATE 16/12/1915
BREEDING 7h Wallace L-Lissie Wood
OWNER M Edwards

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1911-1973 Distance Two Miles: 1934&1935 Distance One & Half Miles: From 1973 3200 Metres Stand. 2007- Free-For-All
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TRAINER C Tasker DRIVER C Tasker TIME 4 42 1/5
HANDICAP 7 sec STAKE 600 sovereigns DATE 12/11/1915
BREEDING 6h Galindo-Mavoureen
OWNER C Tasker

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HANDICAP 8 secs STAKE 750 sovs DATE 12/11/1915
BREEDING 10g General Lincoln-Moonshine
OWNER Herrick Bros

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HANDICAP Scr STAKE 500 sovereigns DATE 11/11/1915
BREEDING 5h OYM-Lady Thorpe
OWNER J Fleming

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2 mile: 1907-1934: 1935 Race Discontinued
2 mile Stand
Year: 1915

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TRAINER DRIVER J J Kennerley TIME 4 35.6
HANDICAP 8 secs STAKE 600 sovs DATE 11/11/1915
BREEDING 6g Emulator-G D
OWNER J J Kennerley

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Handicap Pace: Run from 1901 to 1964: Open to 1942: For 3 & 4 yos 1943-63: 4 yos only 1964
Year: 1915

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TRAINER DRIVER A Hendriksen TIME 3 29.0
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 250 sovs DATE 11/11/1915
BREEDING 8m Galindo-Vanquish
OWNER Mrs R O Duncan

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Standing Start. 1903 2miles; 1904-5 1 1/2 miles; 1906 2miles; 1907 1 1/2 miles; 1908-33 2miles; 1934-40 1 1/2 miles; 1941-46 1mile 5furlongs; 1947-50 1 1/4 miles stand FFA.
1903-1946: 1947-1950 Run as Sockburn FFA Trot
Year: 1915

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HANDICAP 6 sec STAKE 350 sovs DATE 11/11/1915
BREEDING 10m Albert Victor-Little Wonder II
OWNER M Clarice

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Standing Start. 1904-17 1 mile: 1918-19 1 1/4 miles: 1920-21 1 mile.
Run from 1904 to 1921 inclusive when changed to Sprinters Hcp
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Hendriksen TIME 2 13 4/5
HANDICAP 3 sec STAKE 300 sovs DATE 11/11/1915
BREEDING 6g King Tracey-Electioneer mare
OWNER W J Hopkins

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Standing Start: 1903-1911 race open to pacers & trotters: 1911 in saddle. 2m 1902-3: 1 1/2m 1904: 2m 1905: 1 1/2m 1906-7: 2m 1908-30: 1 1/2m 1931-3: 2m 1934-38: 1 1/2m 1939: 2m 1940. Final running 1940
Year: 1915

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TRAINER DRIVER M Edwards TIME 5 11 2/5
HANDICAP 8 sec STAKE 250 sovs DATE 9/11/1915
BREEDING 5m Wallace L-Cissie Wood
OWNER Mrs J Lawrence

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1904-1972 Two Miles: From 1929 to 1931 run as two Heats and a Final: From 1973 3200m stand. 2008 Free-For-All
GROUP 1: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1915

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TRAINER W J Morland DRIVER A Hendriksen TIME 4 35 2/5
HANDICAP Scr STAKE 2500 sovereigns DATE 9/11/1915
BREEDING 7 m Wild Moor - Bonnie Bell
OWNER W J Morland
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 17 3/5

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1904-40 2 mile Std: 1941 1m Std: 1942-50 2m Std: 1951-56 1m 5furlong Std: 1957 2m Std: 1958-59 1m5f Std: 1960-61 2m Std: 1962-72 1m5f Std: 1973-81 2600mtrs Std: 1982 Race Discontinued
Handicap Pace. Last run 1981
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 5 secs STAKE 500 sovs DATE 13/08/1915
BREEDING 6h Young McKinney- unknown mare (NZ)
OWNER J Henderson

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Standing Start: 1mile 1904-18; 1 1/2miles 1919; 1mile 1920-31; 1 1/2miles 1932-36; 1 1/4miles 1937; 1 1/2miles 1938-40; 2miles 1941; Not run 1942; 1 1/4miles 1943-61; 9 1/2furlongs 1962; 1 1/4miles 1963-72; Not run 1973&4; 2000metres 1975-82. In saddle 1904, 1909-11, 1920-31. Run as FFA 1947, 52, 59, 62, 63 & 1965
From 1904 to 1982
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 3 sec STAKE 200 sovs DATE 13/08/1915
BREEDING 6h Prince Imperial-Maritana

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1904-06 1 Mile: 1907-33 2 Miles: 1917-18 Not Run: 1934-36 1 1/2 Miles: 1937 2 Miles: 1938 1 1/4 Miles: 1939-40 1 1/2 Miles: 1941-44 2 Miles: 1942 & 1943 Not Run: 1945-49 1 1/4 Miles.
Run from 1904 to 1949
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Butterfield TIME 5 17 2/5
HANDICAP 14 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 11/08/1915
BREEDING 7g Galindo-Monica
OWNER M Houston

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2 Mile Handicap Pace. 1917-18 & 1936 Not Run: Race discontinued 1938
2 Mile: Handicap Pace
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER J Brankin TIME 5 05 1/5
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 400 sovs DATE 11/08/1915
BREEDING 6h Kerrwood-Jessie B

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1906-1919 1 miles: 1920-1935 1mile: 1936-1940 1 miles: Race discontinued 1941
Handicap Pace
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 250 sovs DATE 11/08/1915
BREEDING 8h Harold Dillon-Thelma
OWNER J C Whiteman

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2 Mile Handicap
2 Mile Handicap Pace run from 1912 to 1935
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 5 secs STAKE 400 sovs DATE 3/06/1915
BREEDING 5h OYM-Lady Thorpe
OWNER J Fleming

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(Formerly New Brighton Derby Stakes) From 1914 to 1925 the race was conducted by the New Brighton Trotting Cub and decided in the Autumn (1925 Winner: Kohara). In 1925 it was taken over by the Metropolitan Trotting Club and decided in the Spring (Winner: Native Chief). 1982 decided in Summer. = Dead Heat. 1968-9 1 mile & half: 1970-2 1m 5f: 1973-83 2600 Metres Stand: From 1984 2600 Metres Mobile.
GROUP 1:Three-year-old Pace: 2600 Metres: Mobile Start.
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Hendriksen TIME 3 34.6
HANDICAP Scr STAKE 250 sovereigns DATE 24/04/1915
BREEDING c Wildwood Jnr-Sybil
OWNER Mr Clifton

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1904-09 2 Miles: 1910-11 1 1/2 Miles Re-named Brooklyn Hcp: 1912-28 2 Miles: 1929-35 Not Run: 1936-38 1 1/2 Miles: 1939-44 Not Run: 1945 2 Miles: 1946 1 5/8 Miles: 1947-49 2 Miles: Race Discontinued 1950
Raced between 1904 and 1949
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER J Brankin TIME 4 38 1/5
HANDICAP 7 secs STAKE 225 sovs DATE 24/04/1915
BREEDING 6h Kerrwood-Jessie B

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1901-05 2 miles: 1906-11 1 1/2 miles: 1912-18 1 mile: 1919-33 1 1/4 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1901 to 1933
Year: 1915

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HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 3/04/1915
BREEDING 7m Savoyard-Miss Louie

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1904 2 miles: 1905 1 1/2 miles: 1906-10 2 miles: 1911 1 1/2 miles: 1912-40 2 miles: 1938 & 1942-45 & 1948-49 & 1951 Not Run: 1941-47 1 5/8 miles: 1950-54 2 miles: 1955-63 1 5/8 miles: 1964-65 1 1/4 miles: 1966-68 1 5/8 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1904 to 1968
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 10 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 3/04/1915
BREEDING 6m General Lyons-Success
OWNER S Chambers

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2 Miles: 1904-11 CHAMPION HCP: 1912-20 Renamed METROPOLITAN HCP
2 Miles Handicap Run from 1904 to 1920
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER J Brankin TIME 4 39 4/5
HANDICAP 3 secs STAKE 400 sovs DATE 3/04/1915
BREEDING 5h Rothschild-Ruahine
OWNER J Farrell
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 19 4/5

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1 1/4 Miles Handicap: 1905 Called GRAND FREE-FOR-ALL STAKES
1 1/4 Miles Handicap Run from 1905 to 1916
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 250 sovs DATE 1/04/1915
BREEDING 7h Harold Dillon-Lady Mab
OWNER R McMillan

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Prior to 1939 Easter Hcp Two Miles: 1918 & 1938 Not Run: 1940 1 1/2 miles: 1942-1946 Two Miles: 1947 & 48 Easter Stakes FFA One Mile & Half: 1949-50 Easter Hcp: 1951 Not Run: 1952-1970 One Mile & Five Furlongs: 1972-1973 Two Miles: From 1974 3200 Metres Stand. 1983 GROUP 2; Group 1 1985; Last run 2021.
GROUP 1: Pace: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 5 secs STAKE 350 sovs DATE 1/04/1915
BREEDING 9m Rothschild-Lena Bell
OWNER I M Thompson

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Two Miles: Standing Start: First run 1905: Finally run 1917
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Pringle TIME 4 35 1/5
HANDICAP 3 sec STAKE 350 sovs DATE 13/02/1915
BREEDING 8g Franz-Cappadocia
OWNER Hall & Simpson

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1911-1945 2 Miles: 1947-58 1 5/8 Miles
Raced between 1911 and 1958
Year: 1915

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Fleming TIME 4 38 3/5
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 500 sovs DATE 1/01/1915
BREEDING 5h OYM-Our Thorpe
OWNER J Fleming

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1910 1 1/2 Miles: 1911-41 2 Miles: 1942-48 1 5/8 Miles: 1949-52 2 Miles: 1951 Not Run: 1953-63 1 5/8 Miles: 1964 1 1/4 Miles: 1965 1 5/8 Miles: 1966 1 1/4 Miles: 1967-81 1 Mile Mobile
Trotting Handicap/Mile: Run from 1910 to 1981 by Canterbury Park
Year: 1915

Race History
HANDICAP 14 secs STAKE 110 sovs DATE 1/01/1915
BREEDING 8h Rothschild-Imperious mare

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