Peary reaches the North Pole.

July 25 - Louis Bleriot made the first flight across the English Channel in a 24hp monoplane he built himself.


City's high pressure water supply in operation.

The 'Press' building in Cathedral Square is opened.

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The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's meeting, which will be commenced on Tuesday, of next week, promises to be the most successful trotting fixture ever held in New Zealand. An experiment has been tried this year, the leading event, of the meeting, the New Zealand Cup Handicap, being down for decision on the first day. The wisdom of this plan has been freely canvassed, but as the club has secured a large nomination the innovation must be held, in the meantime, to have justified itself. All the best horses in training claim engagements at the meeting, so that there is every reason to look forward to some first-class racing.

Credit: Star 6 Nov 1909



The appearance of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's grounds during the progress of the opening day of their Spring Meeting, which commenced yesterday, was a sight of an impressive character, as the writer beheld it at intervals from elevated positions.

Visitors from all parts of the Dominion, and from overseas, who witnessed the proceedings there for the first time, were fairly astounded. They had never dreamed of seeing such a large assemblage so keenly interested in the trotting sport. Some who had not witnessed trotting in Canterbury for years, and who had never before attended a meeting on the grounds at present in use, marvelled at the wonderful advancement in all departments, and the general conduct of the sport as compared with their earlier experiences. Well they might.

Those who rarely stop away, and have seen the sport develop from its infancy, declare that never before or since the great match between Ribbonwood and Fritz, has there been anything like such a large concourse there. Many who, like the writer, have seen racing on every racecourse of importance within the Dominion, during a long period of years, will agree that only at the leading meetings of the Auckland Racing and Canterbury Jockey Clubs have there been assemblages to exceed yesterday's gathering at Addington. Yes, indeed, it was a huge assemblage - one which would have excited the envy of the executives of most of the leading racing clubs of the Dominion, could they have seen it. And this was the meeting of a Trotting Club.

Who in their wildest flights of fancycould have dreamed of the sport becoming so popular in such a comparatively few years? Twenty years ago there were only a few clubs in existence entirely devoted to trotting. It is less than half that time since the Canterbury Trotting Club, one of the oldest in the Dominion, and now known as the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club, held their first meeting on their present course, and it was considered a great achievement when they gave 1500 in stakes. At the meeting now engaging attention they are distributing 5500, and the chief race, bearing the title, New Zealand Cup Handicap, was endowed to the extent of no less a sum than 700, an amount which would, a decade back, have been considered a big sum to spent in prize money over a two day's meeting. There are, indeed, not very many events of greater value given in New Zealand for racehorses to compete for, and we are told it will not be long before a thousand sovs. will be given for this race. Yes, the sport of trotting has come to stay, and it is being controlled so well that it should continue to increase in favour.

Its growth here has been in keeping with the progress of the Canterbury province and of the Dominion, and the meetings held on the Addington grounds at the Spring Carnivals and at New Zealand Grand National time, are amongst the attractions to sporting visitors from near and far. They will be pleased to know that no expense is to be spared to provide more adequately for their comfort and convenience in the future, for it has for some time forced itself upon the powers that be that they they would need to make more room for their patrons. With this object in view, an expenditure of some 15,000 is to be made immediately. New stand accommodation and a larger area of lawn and paddock enclosures are being arranged for. In addition, the racing track has been extended to meet the requirements of the day, to six furlongs, and this will allow of the turns being made much easier and the straight being made longer.

There are other clubs in different parts of New Zealand that are making good headway, too, and looking to the future. Amongst these may be mentioned the Plumpton and New Brighton Trotting Clubs, which are spending large sums at the present time in the way of improvements of a permanent character. The Auckland Trotting Club have lately acquired an estate on which in years to come we may expect to hear of many stirring contests. The Otahuhu Trotting Club is now trying to arrange with the Auckland Agricultural Association for the use of part of that institution's new grounds, and have offered to spend a considerable sum in providing for the needs of the Association for the privllege.

It should be mentioned here that the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club, who had such an auspicious opening yesterday for their Spring Meeting, will add to further programmes a Futurity Stakes. This will be a step in a good direction, and let us hope they will, when their next meeting rolls round, or at least this time next year, give a Free-for-all without any restrictions, and ever after have at least one of such events on each programme they privide.

Credit: The Press 10 November 1909



Never since the famous Fritz-Ribbonwood match has the Addington course presented such an animated scene as that winessed yesterday. Long before starting time it was quite apparent the attendance would eclipse any previous first day's record, and as the crowd continued to pour in till well into the afternoon, the whole of the accommodation became taxed to its utmost.

Even before operations commenced race cards were at a premium, a circumstance that demonstrated how greatly the attendance exceeded the expectations of the management. A more perfect day for racing, both as regards onlookers and competitors, could not have been desired. What little wind there was failed to cause the least inconvenience, while the efforts of two huge watering carts kept the track in nice order, and minimised the dust trouble.

Visitors from all parts of New Zealand were present in strong force, and their numbers were augmented by quite a number of Australian sporting enthusiasts. Not so many years ago trotting as a sport was hardly counenanced by the general run of racegoers, but that this prejudice has quite died out was evidenced by the constitution of yesterday's crowd. The New Zealand Parliament was represented by Messrs J Colvin, T H Davey, G Whitty, A E Glover, W D S Macdonald and G W Russell, while from Australia came such well-known enthusiasts as Dr Slate, Dr Sime, Messrs F D Brown, T H Nolan, C L Russell, R Hungerford and W J Beckett. So dense was the crowd in the encloure that it was a matter of difficulty to note the many vistors from other parts of the Dominion, but their number included Messrs J B Harcourt, A E Whyte, K Duncan, R Turnbull, H Beauchamp, J H Coates, W Callender, J E Henrys, W Gardiner, A Samuels, W Mowbray, J Macdonald and E Davis.

The big attraction of the day's card was, of course, the New Zealand Cup Handicap, the richest stake of its class ever given for a trotting race in Australasia. It brought out what was undoubtedly the finest field of horses ever got together at Addington, for each of the eleven starters was handicapped to do 4.45 or better. They were indeed a classy lot, and demonstrated to what perfection the light harness horse can be developed. Nothing looked better than the three young stallions Wildwood Junior, Lord Elmo and King Cole, the last-named of whom carried the largest amount of the record sum of 3072 invested.

As a spectacle, the race was one of the most disappointing of its class ever run at Addington. Before going a furlong, King Cole and Durbar put themselves out of court by misbehaving, and for a circuit, John M, Verax, Imperial Polly and Master Poole formed the vanguard. A little further on, however, Wildwood junior got within striking distance of the leaders, and with a mile left behind, his great burst of speed had carried him to the fore. From this out the issue was never in doubt, as the further they went the further was Wildwood's speedy son in front. It was the contest for second money between Terra Nova, Lord Elmo, Revenue, and Master Poole that served to arouse the only enthusiasm engendered by the race, and with the winner out of the way it would have been a spirited finish.

The other races were all well contested, and provided plenty of excitement. Willowood, an elder brother to Wildwood Junior, captured the Au Revoir Handicap, and that after losing several seconds at the start. Unlike the Cup winner, his victory was well anticipated. An Australian-bred gelding in Barmaguie showed out in a favourable light by annexing the St Albans Handicap from a big field of saddle horse, while Franzie outstayed Marie Corelli in the Riccarton Handicap. The latter's chance was discounted by a collision with Lady Clare at the home turn, and a broken sulky resulted.

All the officials, though hard-worked, got through their duties with the utmost despatch, and for the first time the position of judge was filled by Mr W H Hartgill. No fewer than twenty bookmakers were doing business, but despite their strong opposition the totalisator receipts amounted to 16,291, as against 10,606 10s on the correponding day last year.

The following are the results:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; Second 22 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Robinson's br h Maori Child, by Maori Prince-My Child, aged, 7sec (M Edwards) 1
W T Lowe's Yankee Lass, 10sec (T Annett) 2
T G Fox's Adventuress, scr (Owner) 3

Troubadour 7sec, Sunny Boy 12sec, Glenroy 14sec, Lone Hand 14sec, Mine Yet 15sec, Miamot 15sec, Matariki 16sec, Rosadora 16sec and Silver Q 16sec also started.

Rosadora showed the way from Silver Q and Lone Hand for over a mile, when Maori Child and Yankee Lass closed on them. Half way through the last circuit Maori Child ran to the front, and just lasted long enough to win by a neck from Yankee Lass. Adventuress was third twelve lengths away, followed by Troubadour. Time, 5min 0 1/5th sec.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP(in harness) of 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Miss Begg's b h Lord Ashton, by Toronto-Katipo, 5yrs 6sec (Mr W Begg) 1
Mrs J S August's General Black, 4sec (Mr August) 2
Mrs W J Bryan's Lady Maid, scr (Mr F Amor) 3

Gold Lace scr, Nell Gwynne 4sec, Leonore scr, Silverette 2sec, Marilla 8sec and Ivy Dean 4sec (coupled), Little Toby 8sec, Gold Ribbon 2sec, Beetle Nut 2sec and Rexcodium 2sec (coupled), Navigator 2sec and Thelma T 4sec (coupled), Childe Beldon 4sec, Master Raymond 4sec, Rosemary 4sec, Ivy Woodburn 4sec and Wallace M 4sec (coupled), Sister julian 4sec, Bravo 4sec and Tiny Child 5sec (coupled), Gold Guard 6sec, Lord Rothschild 6sec and Prima Donna 7sec also started.
Lord Ashton took charge at the end of half a mile, General Black and Leonore being his nearest attendants. Half way through the concluding round General Black was in front, but he broke allowing Lord Ashton to go on and win by fifty yards. Lady's Maid was third three lengths further back, followed by Leonore. Time 4min 7sec.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 700 sovs; second 105 sovs and third 70 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Kerr's blk h Wildwood Junior, by Wildwood-Thelma, 5yrs, 5sec (Owner) 1
H Wells's Terra Nova, 5sec (J Messervey) 2
J Cooper's Lord Elmo, scr (J Milne) 3

Durbar 1sec, Revenue 4sec and Albertorious 6sec (coupled), Imperial Polly 8sec, Verax 9sec, Master Poole 9sec, King Cole 10sec and John M 10sec also started.

King Cole broke at the start and lost a lot of ground. At the stand John M had Verax, Imperial Polly and Master Poole as his nearest attendants, while Durbar was already in trouble. With a circuit completed John M was still in front just clear of Imperial Polly, Verax, Wildwood Junior and Terra Nova. Racing along the back straight Wildwood Jun. worked his way to the front and soon established a commanding lead. Entering the final circuit Wildwood Jun. was twelve lengths clear of Verax, Imperial Polly and Terra Nova, and easily holding his own to the finish, won by forty yards from Terra Nova, who was half a length in front of Lord Elmo. Then close up came Revenue, Imperial Polly and Master Poole. Time, 4min 39sec.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 soves from stake. Two miles.

M Allan's Bribery, by Prince Imperial-The Gift, 3yrs, 13sec (Owner) 1
W Witte's Phosprorus, 16sec (A Piper) 2
A Sydney's Kohine, 10sec, (M Edwards) 3

Laudervale scr, Pansy 5sec, Sonbrino 10sec, Gladsome 12sec, Slewee 12sec, Implore 12sec, Sir Joe 15sec and Troubadour 16sec also started.

Phosphorus and Sir Joe made play all through the first circuit, but then the latter lost his place. A little further on Bribery ran up to Phosphorus, and the pair cleared right out from the field. When well into the second mile Phosphorus broke, allowing Bribery to go on and win as he pleased by forty yards from Phosphorus, who was a length in front of Kohine. Then came Gladsome and Pansy. Time, 5min 4 3/5th sec.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs, and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

A Fay's b c Franzie, by Franz-Effie, 4yrs, 12sec (F Holmes) 1
F Macdonald's Lady Clare, 7sec, (J Brankin) 2
J Heseltine's Derringcote, 5sec (M Edwards) 3

Woodburn Lad 7sec, Tuxedo Chief 8sec, Miss Wilson 8sec, Little Arthur 8sec, Marie Corelli 11sec and Silver Cry 12sec also started.

Franzie showed the way past the stand, but in the back straight he was joined by Marie Corelli, Little Arthur heading the others. The leading pair ran almost on terms till well into the concluding circuit, where Franzie drew away and won by two lengths from Lady Clare. Derringcotte was third ten lengths back, followed by Miss Wilson. Time, 3min 42sec.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. Two miles.

G Addison's b m Welfare, by Rothschild-Farewell, aged, 13sec (J Messervey) 1
T G Fox's Adventuress, 6sec (Owner) 2
H Pain's Lord Ashley, 17sec (J Gaskill) 3

Electrocute 5sec, Te Kuiti 8sec, Lord Vivian 9sec, Mahanui 11sec, Lenape 12sec, Ravensdale 14sec, Effie Wood 14sec, White Rock 16sec, and Yankee Lass 16sec also started.

Lord Ashley was in front for half a mile, when he broke, and Welfare ran past him. With half the distance gone Welfare was three lengths to the good of Lord Ashley, and then at intervals came Lord Vivian, Mahanui and Adventuress. Welfare held her own all through the concluding circuit, and just lasted long enough to win by half a length in front of Lord Ashley. Then at close intervals came Electrocute and Lord Vivian. Time, 5min 11sec.

AU REVOIR HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

W Kerr's b h Willowood, by Wildwood-Thelma, 6yrs, 10sec (Owner) 1
R Sunderland's Wildflower, 12sec (J Messervey) 2
R D Petrie's Dan Tracey, 11sec (C Kerr) 3

Wild Duck scr, Hamlin 5sec, Little Arthur 7sec, The Middie 7sec, Plush 9sec, Huon Hue 10sec, Ella (A) 11sec, Mada 11sec, Piecework 12sec and Phosphorus 12sec also started.

Wildflower was quickest to begin, and at the stand she was well clear of Dan Tracey and Mada. As they turned into the back straight Willowood, who had been slow to begin, gradually overhauled the leaders, and two furlongs from home had Wildflower's measure. From this out the favourite had matters all his own way, winning easily by twelve lengths. Dan Tracey was third half a length behind Wildflower, followed by Mada. Time, 2min 24sec.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

W C Hird's b g Barmaguie, by Huon Junr, 6yrs, 8sec (J McLelland) 1
R Sunderland's Wildflower, 10sec (J Messervey) 2
J Heinzman's Queen Mab, 6sec (E McIntyre) 3

Ned Egan 3sec, Lucky Mount 3sec, Early Dawn 4sec, Ianto 4sec, Chatham 5sec, Joy 5sec, Cora Lynn 6sec, Wild Wave 6sec, Mambrino Akabah 7sec, Dusky Morn 9sec, Ruby S 10sec, DCL 10sec, The Ilobo 10sec and Miss Vera 10sec also started.

Wildflower showed the way from the start just clear of Miss Vera and Ruby S. At the stand Barmaguie was in third place, and in the back straight closed on Wildflower. Quickly having the latter's measure he went on, and won with ease by six lengths from Wildflower. Queen Mab was third a length back, followed by Early Dawn and Wild Wave. Time 2min 23 3/5th sec.

Credit: The Press 10 November



The enjoyment of those who patronised the New Zealand Trotting Club's Meeting was seriously affected by the prevalence of a strong nor'-west wind. Despite the free usage of two water carts dust was much in evidence, and made matters generally uncomfortable, both for competitors and onlookers. Despite this the attendance was quite up to expectations, and included a large number of prominent visitors from all parts of New Zealand and Australia.

The track was in good order, but on account of the wind and dust the times recorded were slower than otherwise would have been the case. Taken all round the racing was of a fairly interesting nature though the several accidents that happened handicapped quite a number of competitors. Speculation was again brisk, twenty-seven bookmakers being licensed, while the totalisator receipts amounted to 12,442 10s, as against 12,421 on the corresponding day last year.


HORNBY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Mrs H Henry's gr g Alliance, by Almont-Young Irvington mare, aged, 6sec (A Wilson) 1
W Dusky's Bribery, 6sec (M Allan) 2
J H Power's Tea Tree, 4sec (Owner) 3

Wiewmont 13sec, Belroy 4sec, The Middie 6sec, Cora Lynn 9sec Dan Tracey 9sec, Mada 12sec, Miss Vera 12sec, Ruby S 12sec, Sir Joe 12sec and Yankee Lass 12sec also started.

Mada cut out the running for over a mile at the end of which she was joined by Bribery and Alliance. A little further on Bribery took charge and led to within two lengths of the post, where Alliance caught him, and in a good finish won by a neck. Tea Tree was fourth, three lengths back followed by Mada. Ruby S fell soon after the start. Time 3min 36sec.

LYTTELTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. Two miles.

F Macdonald's b g Piecework by Prince Imperial-Patchwork, 4yrs, 25sec (J Brankin) 1
T G Fox's Adventuress,21sec (Owner) 2
Mrs R O Duncan's Marie Narelle, 17sec, (N Price) 3

Aberfeldy 12sec, Variation 20sec, Plush 20sec, Rockfeller 22sec, Lady Disdain 22sec and Bonification 25sec also started.

Piecework was the only one of the limit horses to begin well, and with a round gone he was right out by himself, Bonification and Adventuress heading the others. When well into the concluding mile, Adventuress took second place, but she could make no impression on Piecework, who won comfortably by eight lengths. Marie Narelle was ten lengths away third, followed by Aberfeldy and Bonification. Time, 4min 59 1/5th sec.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Mrs McGrath's b f Sister Julian, by General Lyons-Eulalie, 3yrs, 9sec (Mr W Hepworth) 1
Mrs J H Power's Solo, 6sec (Mr J H Power) 2
Mrs T Atkinson's Gold Lace, 4sec (Mr A E Messervey) 3

Silver Q scr, Lady Maid 6sec, Miss Black 6sec, Connie 6sec, Allen Bob 6sec, Hero Child 6sec, Gold Ribbon 7sec, Grey Toddy 7sec, Proud star 8sec, Armamanter 9sec, Andante 10sec, Silent Slipper 10sec, Lord Cardigan 10sec, Little Toby 12sec and Hereward 12sec also started. Little Toby and Hereward were bracketed.

Gold Lace and Solo led for a mile, but the former was then beaten, and Sister Julian ran up alongside Solo. A good race between the pair resulted in favour of Sister Julian by a length, with Gold Lace fifty yards away; Lady Maid was fourth. Time 4min

CHRISTCHURCH HANDICAP (in harness) of 400 sovs; second 60 sovs, and third 40 sovs from stake. Two miles.

R McMillan's b h Prince Alert, by Prince Imperial-Patchwork, 5yrs, 13sec (Owner) 1
Mrs R O Duncan's King Cole, 10sec (N Price) 2
J Milne's Lord Elmo, scr (Owner) 3

Albertorious 8sec, Imperial Polly 9sec, Master Poole 9sec, Verax 10sec, Scottish Mac 12sec, Florin 12sec, Prince Warbeck 12sec, Lady Clare 12sec and Bright 14sec also started.

Prince Alert soon passed Bright, and with a round completed he was right out from Florin, King Cole, Imperial Polly and Verax. So they continued on through the second circuit, at the end of which Florin, King Cole and Imperial Polly were running on terms some distance behind Prince Alert. The leader held his advantage to the finish, eventually winning by two lengths from King Cole who was putting in good work all through the last quarter. Lord Elmo was third twelve lengths back, followed by Albertorious. Time, 4min 44 2/5th sec.

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J L Jopp's b g Vanclare, by Vancleve-Clare, aged, 11sec (M Edwards) 1
J A Fleming's Wild Victor, 10sec (J McLelland) 2
R Reay's Storm, 8sec (Owner) 3

Laudervale 4sec, Music 6sec, Bribery 8sec, Royal Colours 8sec, Federation 8sec, Pansy 9sec, Decoration 10sec, Kohine 13sec and Sonbrino 15sec also started.

Sonbrino was in front for two furlongs, when he broke, giving place to Wild Victor and Vanclare. With half the distance gone, Vanclare had the leaders' measure, and drawing right away won easily by forty yards. Storm was third, eight lengths back, followed by Federation. Time, 4min 54 1/5th sec.

BREEDERS' HANDICAP (in harness) of 235 sovs; second 35 sovs and third 23 sovs from stake. Two miles.

S Cox's b g Te Kuiti, by Blackwood-Stella, 5yrs, 22sec (A Cox) 1
J W Petrie's Marietta Huon, 8sec (T Price) 2
W Witte's Miss Vivian, 16sec (Owner) 3

Submarine 3sec, Impatient 7sec, Tea Tree 11sec, Torpedo Bill 18sec, Adventuress 18sec, Electrocute 19sec and Slewee 21sec (coupled), Miss Banks 20sec and Welfare 22sec also started.

Welfare acted as pacemaker all through the first round, her nearest attendants being Te Kuiti, Adventuress and Miss Vivian. Once into the concluding circuit Te Kuiti had Welfare's measure, and eventually won by four lengths from Marietta Huon who came with a great effort in the last quarter mile. Miss Vivian was third, two lengths back, followed by Welfare. Time, 5min 0 3/5th sec.

RAILWAY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

E White's br g Early Dawn, by Sacramento-Eos, 4yrs, 7sec (H Gaskill) 1
J H Lloyd's Miss Wilson, 8sec (J West) 2
J Cole's Lucky Mount, 7sec (J Brankin) 3

Bell Metal 3sec, Ben Hur 4sec Bell Car 5sec, Millwood 5sec and Hamlin 7sec (coupled), Romany Lad 6sec, Hinau 6sec, Blue Boy 7sec and Arc Light 9sec (coupled) Fredrick 7sec, Ned Egan 7sec, Curfew Bell 8sec, Fisherman (A) 8sec, Harold C 8sec and Franzie 8sec (coupled), Alice Wood 8sec and Wildflower 8sec (coupled), Little Arthur 9sec and Joy 10sec (coupled) also started.

Arc Light fell at the start and interfered greatly with many of those that followed her. Joy showed the way till the stand was reached, where Early Dawn joined her, the rest being headed by Miss Wilson and Lucky Mount. A little further on Early Dawn took charge and won comfortably by ten lengths from Miss Wilson, who was four lengths in front of Lucky Mount. Then some distance back came Ned Egan. Time, 2min 22sec.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. One mile.

W Wilton's blk g Fusee, by Prince Harold-Peggy, aged, 4sec (N Price) 1
H F Nicoll's Too Soon, 8sec, (A Pringle) 2
J Heseltine's Derringcotte, 4sec (M Edwards) 3

Imperial Polly scr, Gold Leaf 1sec, Nga Rima 1sec, Ribbons 1sec, Woodthorp Maid 1sec, Wild Duck 1sec, St Simon 1sec, Elector 2sec, Almond 3sec, Croesus 3sec, Withington 4sec and Grey Echo 4sec(coupled with Derringcotte) also started.

Grey Echo was quickest to begin, but at the end of two furlongs Too Soon ran past him, and at the stand was well clear of Grey Echo, Fusee and Derringcotte. Too Soon held her advantage till well into the concluding round, where Fusee had her measure and one by two lengths. Derringcotte was third a length back, followed by Nga Rima. Time, 2min 18 3/5th sec.

Credit: The Press 12 November 1909



Splendid weather favoured the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club for the final day of it's Meeting, which proved to be the most successful ever held in New Zealand. The course was in excellent order, and lent itself to fast time making.

The attendance was even larger than on Tuesday, reaching record propotions, while the racing was full of interest from start to finish. Despite the opposition fo twenty-seven bookmakers, the sum of 16,285 was passed through the totalisator, making a grand total of 45,018 for the Meeting, as against 41,432 last year.

The Prime Minister was present for a while during the afternoon, and evidently took a keen interest in the proceedings. Details of the racing are:-

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs, and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

R McDonnell's b f Emmeline, by Rothschild-Imperialism, 3yrs, 10sec (Owner) 1
J Jack's Dominion, 10sec (F Batt) 2
R Peel's Troubadour, 10sec (T Frost) 3

Ticket 5sec, Phosphorous 5sec, Bonification 8sec, Bell Lincoln 9sec, Corans 9sec, Effewood 11sec and Sir Joe 11sec also started.

Sir Joe piloted the field for two furlongs, when Emmeline had his measurs. With a circuit gone Emmeline had taken charge, and easily stalling off challenges from Dominion and Troubadour, she won easily by eight lengths from Dominion. Then thirty yards back came Troubadour and Corans. Time, 3min 43 3/5th sec.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in harness) of 355 sovs; second 52 sovs and third 35 sovs fron stake. Two miles.

A Curragh's b h Havelock, by Rothschild-Lady Travey, aged, 19sec (J Milne) 1
J L Jopp's Revenue, scr (M Edwards) 2
E Bowes's Roseneath, 17sec (C Kerr) 3

Verax 5sec, Marietta Huon 6sec, Royal Colours 14sec, Myall 15sec, Miss Vivian 15sec, Te Kuiti 18sec and Adventuress 19sec also started.

Havelock made play from Adventuress, Roseneath and Miss Vivian all through the first round. With half the distance gone, Revenue worked his way into fourth place. Once into the last circuit he took second place, but he could not get to Havelock, who won comfortably by six lengths. Then ten lengths back came Roseneath, well clear of Verax and Marietta Huon. Time, 4min 57 3/5th sec.

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 225 sovs; second 33 sovs and third 22 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Dusky's b c Bribery by Prince Imperial-The Gift, 3yrs, 16sec (M Allan) 1
D Kelleher's Viewmont, 11sec (M Edwards) 2
R Reay's Storm, 17sec (Owner) 3

Durbar scr, Redchild 8sec, Dr Chutney 9sec, Withington 12sec, Tea Tree 15sec, Harold C 16sec, Wild Victor and Decoration 18sec also started.

Decoration was in front for two furlongs, when Bribery joined him, and Storm headed the others. When well into the concluding round Bribery just headed Storm, Viewmont and Tea Tree. In the back straight Bribery ran to the front, and stalling of a final run from Viewmont, won comfortably by ten lengths from Viewmont, who was seven lengths in front of Storm. Then at close intervals came Tea Tree, Wild Victor and Dr Chutney. Time, 4min 50sec.

COURTENAY HANDICAP (in harness) of 350 sovs; second 52 sovs and third 35 sovs from stake. Two miles.

E Bowe's b c Al Franz by Franz-Al, 4yrs, 18sec (C Kerr) 1
Wi Kasma's Albertorious, 6sec (M Edwards) 2
J G McConachie's Aberfeldy, 15sec (J Tasker) 3

Prince Warbeck 10sec, Lady Clare 11sec and Florin 12sec also started.

Aberfeldy and Al Franz made the running all through the first mile well clear of Florin. When well into the concluding round Albertorious worked his way into third place. Two furlongs from home Alertorious had Aberfeldy beaten, but he broke and could not get to Al Franz, who won by two lengths. Aberfeldy was third three lengths back, followed by Lady Clare. Time, 4min 48sec.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

A J Laurence's b c Agesemos by Electioneer-Miss Tracey, 4yrs, 5sec (M Edwards) 1
A Robertson's Tuxedo Chief, 8sec, (J Milne) 2
W Wilton's Fusee, scr (N Price) 3

Prince Warbeck 4sec, Volunteer 5sec, Woodburn Lad 7sec, TFC 6sec, Belroy 7sec and Roseberry 8sec also started.

Roseberry led past the stand followed by Agesemos, Volunteer and TFC. So they ran till well into the concluding round, where Agesemos took charge from Tuxedo Chief. The latter put in a strong challenge in the straight, but he could not get to Agesemos, who won comfortably by a length and a half from Tuxedo Chief, who was five lengths in front of Fusee. Then came TFC and Roseberry. Time, 3min 35 4/5th sec.

ENFIELD HANDICAP (in saddle), of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. One mile.

J L Jopp's b g Revenue, by Rothschild-Georgina, aged, scr (M Edwards) 1
E J Cameron's Bell Metal, 8sec (M Allan) 2
H W Kitchingham's Croesus, 4sec (H Gaskill) 3

Lopp scr, Miss Florrie C 4sec, Nga Rima 2sec, Gold Leaf 2sec, St Simon 2sec, Scottish Mac 3sec and Prince Randle 3sec (coupled), Barmaguie 4sec, Almond 4sec, Bell Car 4sec, Ben Hur 4sec, Romany Lad 5sec, Millwood 5sec, Alice Wood 5sec, Queen Mab 5sec and Miss Wilson 5sec also started

Miss Wilson was in front for a round, when he was joined by Bell Metal, Miss Florrie C and Croesus. So they ran to the home turn where Revenue closed on the leaders, and won a fine race by two lengths from Bell Metal, who was a length in front of Croesus. Then close up came Miss Florrie C and Millwood. Time, 2min 15sec.

PROVINCIAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 335 sovs; second 50 sovs and third 35 sovs. One Mile and a Quarter.

K H Smith's b g Discoverer, by Stanley, aged, 5sec (K Smith) 1
W Tapp's Dick Fly, 1sec, 2
G Hood's Imperial Polly, 2sec (Owner) 3

Lord Elmo scr, Terra Nova 2sec, Too Soon 2sec, Verax 3sec, Elector 4sec, Florin 4sec, Ribbons 4sec and Woodthorpe Maid 4sec also started.

Discoverer started smartly, and in the back straight he was well clear of Florin, Verax and Elector. There was little change in the order till two furlongs from home, where Dick Fly took second place. From this out Discoverer had matters all his own way, and won comfortably by three lengths from Dick Fly, who was two lengths in front of Imperial Polly. Time, 2min 56 1/5th sec.

RECOVERY HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

E Bowe's b g Woodburn Lad, by Woodburn Chief, 6yrs, 7sec(C Kerr) 1
Hayward and Wright's Little Arthur, 8sec (Wright) 2
W J Borley's Onward Australia, 5sec (F Batt) 3

Gold Leaf 11sec, Wild Duck 1sec, Grey Echo 4sec, Miss Wilson 5sec, Fredrick 6sec, Hamiln 6sec, Factory Boy 6sec, Curfew Bell 7sec, Roseberry 8sec, Plush 9sec and Wild Wave also started.

At the end of a furlong Woodburn Lad had taken charge from Roseberry, Little Arthur and Fredrick. So they ran till well into the concluding round, where Little Arthur took second place, but he could not get to Woodburn Lad, who won by half a length. Then in close order came Roseberry, Fredrick, Grey Echo and Factory Boy. Time, 3min 21sec.

Credit: The Press 13 November 1909


Wildwood Junior , with owner Bill Kerr

Wildwood Junior, having his first and only race of the season, gave the other contenders a pacing lesson in the 1909 New Zealand Cup. By the time the post was reached, Bill Kerr's brilliant but unsound pacer was 40 yards ahead, winning in 4:39. The margin remains the most decisive in the history of the race.

In 1895 Kerr bought the three-year-old colt Wildwood for 500 on one of his trips to the United States. Two years later he bought the mare Thelma from her breeder, J Todd, of Lincoln, for 50. She turned out to be a great New Zealand-bred foundation mare. Wildwood Junior was the second foal of their mating. A five-year-old black stallion, Wildwood Junior was the eigth favourite of the 10 starters, mainly because he had not raced that season.

On the same day, Willowood, Wildwood Junior's full-brother and the result of the first mating of Wildwood and Thelma, won the Au Revoir Handicap after losing several lengths at the start. Unlike the Cup winner, whose victory was unexpected, Willowood went out favourite. He was retired unbeaten in three starts, recording a win in each of the 1907-08, 1908-09 and 1909-10 seasons.

The 1909 Cup was raced at a time when the country was divided on the gambling issue. The 1908 Gambling Act, passed by Sir Joseph Ward's Government still had bitter opponents. A day or so before the Cup, more than 100 people waited on the Prime Minister in Wellington, protesting at the increase "almost beyond belief" of the gambling evil. Sir Joseph Ward, from all accounts, gave them a sympathetic hearing, but it did not prevent him attending the Show Day racing. Certainly, as the momentum of Cup week gathered in Chrischurch , the country had its agitators seeking a change in the legislation to reduce racing permits.

That enormous strides had been made in harness racing in Canterbury was evidenced by the opening day of the meeting. The Metropolitan Club offered stakes of 5502 sovereigns. The Cup stake, increased to 700 sovereigns, was the richest offered for a harness race in New Zealand or Australia. The Cup card was regarded as the best offered by a harness club with the qualifying time of the race tightened to 4:45. For the first time the race carried a restricted handicap, which was set at 10 seconds and designed to give the backmarkers a better chance of victory. The Cup was raced on the first day, Tuesday, setting a pattern that existed for many years.

An exciting newcomer, King Cole, a son of Ribbonwood from the Rothschild mare Kola Nut, was the favourite, but, along with Durbar, he boke at the start and was out of the race. Albertorious, bracketed with Revenue (driven by Manny Edwards), was the next-best supported, but for the third time he let down his backers, finishing well back.

For a lap John M, Verax, Imperial Polly and Master Poole formed the leading group. Further on, Wildwood Junior got within striking distance of the leaders and, with a mile behind him, burst into the lead. From that point the outcome was never in doubt. The further they went the greater the lead became for Wildwood's speedy five-year-old son. There was a great contest for second, with Terra Nova finishing half-a-length ahead of Lord Elmo, a duplication of their 1908 placings. Then followed Revenue, Imperial Polly and Master Poole. Imperial Polly, unsuccessful in the Cup on three occasions - 1909,1910 and 1911 - was by Prince Imperial. Later, at stud, when mated with Logan Pointer, she produced Imperial Pointer, who to Rey de Oro produced Imperial Gold, dam of tha amazing Gold Bar. Lord Module, the star of the 1979-80 season, traces back to Imperial Polly.

Bill Kerr's association with harness racing stretched back into the previous century. In 1887 he bought a block of 50 acres on Wainoni Road, halfway to New Brighton, and established his stud, later appropriately named Wildwood, and private training establishment. He and his brother Charles trained numerous horses there. Later, the brothers dissolved their partnership, Charles setting up as a public trainer and Bill concentrating on breeding and training his own horses.

Wildwood Junior first raced as a three-year-old in the 1907-08 season and soon worked his way into the best circles. As a green colt he won the Progressive Handicap at Addington in 4:50.8 and later, as a four-year-old, the Courtenay Handicap in 4:41. He eclipsed those times in his first Cup victory, clocking 4:39.

Wildwood Junior, standing an impressive 16.1 hands, was described as a commanding and perfectly-shaped stallion. However, his racing days were restricted because he had unsound legs. His only races in the 1909-10 and 1910-11 seasons were the New Zealand Cups, an both times he was successful. In the latter season he was the top money-winner, solely from his 700-sovereign share of the 1000-sovereign Cup prize. As a two-year-old, Wildwood Junior served two mares, and the matings produced two good performers in Calm and Goldie, both of whom won their first three races. Calm was favourite for the 1913 Cup, but finished third.

With earnings of 1656, Wildwood Junior was retired to Kerr's stud as a seven-year-old, but not before he had become the first double-winner or the New Zealand Cup.

Prince Albert won the main race on the Thursday, the Christchurch Handicap, from King Cole and Lord Elmo. On the Friday, Al Franz, a speedy four-year-old, won the Courtenay Handicap from Albertorious and Aberfeldy.

A total of 27 bookmakers operated each day, yet despite that opposition the totalisator took a record 45,018. The 3072 invested on the New Zealand Cup was only 86 short of the 1907 record.

Credit: Bernie Wood writing in The Cup



"Who in their wildest flights of fancy," wrote "Spectator" of the 1909 race, "could have dreamed of the sport becoming so popular in such a comparatively few years... The chief race, the New Zealand Cup Handicap, carries a stake of no less than 700."

The class was now 4:45, and the winner was Mr W Kerr's Wildwood Jnr (owner) with Terra Nova second and Lord Elmo third.

Credit: 'Ribbonwood' writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 25Oct44


January 1909 - A decision about the building of a new grandstand was deferred. Bookmakers' levies were fixed at 15/15/- for both the inside and outside enclosure.

June 1909 - A tender of 2,390 from N N Smith was accepted for the construction of a new grandstand at Plumpton Park.

September 1909 - N N Smith's tender of 590 for the erection of a new totalisator house was accepted.

October 1909 - The name of the Club was changed to the Canterbury Park Trotting Club, the change to be effective from October 29.

December 1909 - The committee resolved that the president be given a free hand to extend hospitality to visitors on the day of the opening of the new grandstand.

Credit: Extract from 1909 Board Minutes


Current Sponsor:
2 mile: 1907-1934: 1935 Race Discontinued
2 mile Stand
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 13 secs STAKE 350 sovs DATE 12/11/1909
BREEDING 4h Franz-Al F

Current Sponsor:
2 miles 1901-4: 1 1/2 miles 1905-23: Not Run 1906: 2 miles 1924-36: 1 1/4 miles 1937-39: 1m 5f 1940: 2 miles 1941-42: 1 1/4 miles 1943: 1m 5f 1944-45: 1 1/4 miles 1946-63: 1m 5f 1964. From 1943 to 1963 restricted to 3&4yos: 1964 4yos only: Last run 1964
Handicap Pace: Run from 1901 to 1964: Open to 1942: For 3 & 4 yos 1943-63: 4 yos only 1964
Year: 1909

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER M Edwards TIME 3 40 2/5
HANDICAP 5 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 12/11/1909
BREEDING 3c Electioneer-Miss Tracey
OWNER A J Lawrence

Current Sponsor:
Standing Start. 1903 2miles; 1904-5 1 1/2 miles; 1906 2miles; 1907 1 1/2 miles; 1908-33 2miles; 1934-40 1 1/2 miles; 1941-46 1mile 5furlongs; 1947-50 1 1/4 miles stand FFA.
1903-1946: 1947-1950 Run as Sockburn FFA Trot
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 19 sec STAKE 355 sovs DATE 12/11/1909
BREEDING 9h Rothschild-Lady Tracey
OWNER A Curragh

Current Sponsor:
Standing Start. 1904-17 1 mile: 1918-19 1 1/4 miles: 1920-21 1 mile.
Run from 1904 to 1921 inclusive when changed to Sprinters Hcp
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 7 sec STAKE 175 sovs DATE 12/11/1909
BREEDING 6g Woodburn Chief-Bluegown mare

Current Sponsor:
1 1/2 miles 1904: Not Run 1905: 2 miles 1906: 1 3/4 miles 1907: 2 miles 1908-34
Handicap Pace run 1904-1934
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 14 secs STAKE 400 sovs DATE 11/11/1909
BREEDING 5h Prince Imperial-Patchwork
OWNER R McMillan

Current Sponsor: ( IRT )
1904-1972 Two Miles: From 1929 to 1931 run as two Heats and a Final: From 1973 3200m stand. 2008 Free-For-All
GROUP 1: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 5 Sec STAKE 700 sovereigns DATE 9/11/1909
BREEDING 5 h Wildwood - Thelma
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 19 1/2

Current Sponsor:
Standing Start: 1903-1911 race open to pacers & trotters: 1911 in saddle. 2m 1902-3: 1 1/2m 1904: 2m 1905: 1 1/2m 1906-7: 2m 1908-30: 1 1/2m 1931-3: 2m 1934-38: 1 1/2m 1939: 2m 1940. Final running 1940
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 13 sec STAKE 200 sovs DATE 9/11/1909
BREEDING 9g Rothschild-Farewell
OWNER G Addison

Current Sponsor:
2 miles 1902-31: 1 1/4 miles 1932: 2 miles 1933-38: 9 1/2 furlongs 1939: Not Run 1940-47: 2 miles 1948-57: 1 1/2 miles 1958: 2 miles 1959-60: 1 1/2 miles 1961-62
Handicap Pace: Run between 1902 & 1962
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 140 sovs DATE 16/10/1909
BREEDING 8g Prince Imperial-Corbetts mare

Current Sponsor:
1906-1919 1 miles: 1920-1935 1mile: 1936-1940 1 miles: Race discontinued 1941
Handicap Pace
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 13/08/1909
BREEDING 11g Vancleve-Darrerea
OWNER J A Buckland

Current Sponsor:
1904-40 2 mile Std: 1941 1m Std: 1942-50 2m Std: 1951-56 1m 5furlong Std: 1957 2m Std: 1958-59 1m5f Std: 1960-61 2m Std: 1962-72 1m5f Std: 1973-81 2600mtrs Std: 1982 Race Discontinued
Handicap Pace. Last run 1981
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 5 secs STAKE 300 sovs DATE 13/08/1909
BREEDING 7h Dictator-Bot Fly

Current Sponsor:
Standing Start: 1mile 1904-18; 1 1/2miles 1919; 1mile 1920-31; 1 1/2miles 1932-36; 1 1/4miles 1937; 1 1/2miles 1938-40; 2miles 1941; Not run 1942; 1 1/4miles 1943-61; 9 1/2furlongs 1962; 1 1/4miles 1963-72; Not run 1973&4; 2000metres 1975-82. In saddle 1904, 1909-11, 1920-31. Run as FFA 1947, 52, 59, 62, 63 & 1965
From 1904 to 1982
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 5 sec STAKE 150 sovs DATE 13/08/1909
BREEDING 10g Rothschild-Georgina

Current Sponsor:
1904-06 1 Mile: 1907-33 2 Miles: 1917-18 Not Run: 1934-36 1 1/2 Miles: 1937 2 Miles: 1938 1 1/4 Miles: 1939-40 1 1/2 Miles: 1941-44 2 Miles: 1942 & 1943 Not Run: 1945-49 1 1/4 Miles.
Run from 1904 to 1949
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 20 secs STAKE 210 sovs DATE 11/08/1909
BREEDING 6m Wildwood-Daybreak
OWNER A Pringle

Current Sponsor:
2 Miles: 1904-11 CHAMPION HCP: 1912-20 Renamed METROPOLITAN HCP
2 Miles Handicap Run from 1904 to 1920
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 10 secs STAKE 250 sovs DATE 17/04/1909
BREEDING 7h Wildwood-Miss Poole
OWNER M Friedlander
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 22.0

Current Sponsor:
1 1/4 Miles Handicap: 1905 Called GRAND FREE-FOR-ALL STAKES
1 1/4 Miles Handicap Run from 1905 to 1916
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP Front STAKE 180 sovs DATE 17/04/1909
BREEDING 6h Rothschild-Judah
OWNER J Cooper

Current Sponsor:
1901-05 2 miles: 1906-11 1 1/2 miles: 1912-18 1 mile: 1919-33 1 1/4 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1901 to 1933
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 15 secs STAKE 125 sovs DATE 17/04/1909
BREEDING 5g Prince Imperial-dam unknown(NZ)

Current Sponsor: ( BRECKON FARMS )
Prior to 1939 Easter Hcp Two Miles: 1918 & 1938 Not Run: 1940 1 1/2 miles: 1942-1946 Two Miles: 1947 & 48 Easter Stakes FFA One Mile & Half: 1949-50 Easter Hcp: 1951 Not Run: 1952-1970 One Mile & Five Furlongs: 1972-1973 Two Miles: From 1974 3200 Metres Stand. 1983 GROUP 2; Group 1 1985; Last run 2021.
GROUP 1: Pace: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 8 secs STAKE 125 sovs DATE 14/04/1909
BREEDING 8g Torpedo(thoro)-unknown dam
OWNER J Watson

Current Sponsor:
1904 2 miles: 1905 1 1/2 miles: 1906-10 2 miles: 1911 1 1/2 miles: 1912-40 2 miles: 1938 & 1942-45 & 1948-49 & 1951 Not Run: 1941-47 1 5/8 miles: 1950-54 2 miles: 1955-63 1 5/8 miles: 1964-65 1 1/4 miles: 1966-68 1 5/8 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1904 to 1968
Year: 1909

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER H Hendriksen TIME 5 05.0
HANDICAP 10 secs STAKE 125 sovs DATE 10/04/1909
BREEDING 4h Wildwood-DIC
OWNER H Hendriksen

Current Sponsor:
1901-05 2 miles: 1906-08 1 1/2 miles: 1909-11 2 miles. Race discontinued 1912
Year: 1909

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER M Edwards TIME 4 43 2/5
HANDICAP 5 sec STAKE 175 sovs DATE 10/04/1909
BREEDING 9g Rothschild-Georgina

Current Sponsor:
1904-09 2 Miles: 1910-11 1 1/2 Miles Re-named Brooklyn Hcp: 1912-28 2 Miles: 1929-35 Not Run: 1936-38 1 1/2 Miles: 1939-44 Not Run: 1945 2 Miles: 1946 1 5/8 Miles: 1947-49 2 Miles: Race Discontinued 1950
Raced between 1904 and 1949
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 12 secs STAKE 95 sovs DATE 13/03/1909
BREEDING 6m The American-unknown dam (Arab) NZ
OWNER H F Nicholl

Current Sponsor:
2 miles: Stand: Race discontinued 1912
2 miles
Year: 1909

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Pringle TIME 4 46 3/5
HANDICAP 15 sec STAKE 230 sovs DATE 13/02/1909
BREEDING 9g Bellman-Carmen
OWNER H F Nicoll

Current Sponsor:
Two Miles: Standing Start: First run 1905: Finally run 1917
Year: 1909

Race History
HANDICAP 7 sec STAKE 215 sovs DATE 11/02/1909
BREEDING 9g Young Irvington

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