NZ constituted as a Dominion within the British Empire.

Britain, France & Russia sign the Triple Entente.

The first electrical washing machine is made in the USA.


July - First Meeting of the Christchurch Fire Board.

First Plunket Shield Cricket match at Lancaster Park. Auckland defeated Canterbury.

Whaling ended in the Kaikoura region.

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Interesting reference to the operation of the totalisator on NZ courses is made by the Royal Commission on Gaming and Racing as follows:-

At that time (1881) portable totalisators had already apparently been in use for a year or two at various race meetings. They were of a crude and elementary character and their efficiency must have been of a low order. However, the operation of the totalisator, inefficient and inadequate as it was, must have interfered to some substantial extent with the business of bookmakers operating on the same course, or the bookmakers must have foreseen in the totalisator a strong future competitor, for various attempts were made to have the totalisator ostracised.

The opponents of the totalisator were constituted of two, what might be thought, incompatable factions - bookmakers who were seeking a momopoly of gambling, and the churches and all those elements of the community which were opposed to gambling in any shape or form.
Despite this incongruity, a similar alliance in future is not beyond the limits of possibility, particularly if the lessons of experience are disregarded by those to whom gambling is abhorrent. The high watermark of the attack on the totalisator came in 1896 when the second reading of the Bill to abolish the totalisator was carried in the House of Representatives. The Bill was carried by a fair majority, but it never reached a third reading.

Over the next ten years the conflict was continued without either side gaining any recognisable advantage. Just how divided popular opinion was is shown by the fact that in 1907 the then Premier, Sir Joseph Ward, laid on the table of the House of Representatives a table showing the number of petitioners for and against the totalisator. The table showed that there were 36,311 signatures in favour of the totalisator and 36,471 against it.

Apparently prior to 1907 the interests of the bookmakers had been suffering some retrogression. Although their activities, except in a few particular rspects, were nowhere prohibited by Statute, they had been gradually expelled from racecourses by the action, probably co-ordinated, of individual racing clubs. Their activities were only limited in that betting houses were prohibited by the Act of 1881, whilst the laying of totalisator odds and dealing in totalisator tickets had been prohibited by the Gaming and Lotteries Amendment Act, 1894.

In this state of affairs, the Gaming and Lotteries Amendment Act, 1907, was introduced into the House of Representatives as a Government measure by Sir Joseph Ward. The whole measure seems to have been contentious to the uttermost degrees. The opposition to it disclosed another example, despite the divergent ultimate objects which they sought to achieve, of an alliance between bookmakers and those opposed to gambling.

From the reports of the debate on the Bill, it would seem that all members of the House were of the opinion that gambling had become unruly prevalent throughout the country. Even those who approved of betting on races were disposed to concur in some action having a general tendancy acceptable to those opposed to gambling in any form. From this limited concurrence of view and despite the essential conflict of opinion which existed between various factions, a conviction seems to have developed that it was in the public interest that all betting on races should be confined exclusively to racecourses. This conviction concurs with the views expressed by the House of Lords Committee in 1902, but seems to have been reached independently in NZ.

Credit: NZ Trotting Calendar 12May48


Extract from Minute Books

March 1907 - Decided to include a race for trotters only on each programme. Later in the year it was decided to include two such races in each programme

July 1907 - Payment of money due from the Coursing Club to be enforced.

Credit: CPTC: Centenial History


A report in the NZ REFEREE of 31st July 1907 stated that Messrs T H Davie, M H R Hood-Williams and C Hood-Williams waited on Sir Joseph Ward in regard to Trotting and the Gaming Bill. They pointed out to the Premier that the Bill as originally drafted made no provision for Trotting and the deputation asked that he include Trotting in the next measure. It was also pointed out that if the clause that no racecourse should be less than six furlongs was adhered to, Trotting would not be possible on the Metropolitan Club’s Course which was only five furlongs in length. In reply to the deputation the Premier promised to look into the matter and give it his best consideration.

Credit: NZMTC: Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker


Advance and Imperialism

Advance and Imperialism, stars of the Victorian era, mock claims juvenile racing is something new. Advance, 16hh at two, beat an all aged field at Ashburton as an April juvenile and in August beat a Cup class field in the 1907 National Handicap, the third biggest open race in the country. He was two years and 10 months old. He is still the only three year old to place in the NZ Cup. Imperialism, a high class filly, won at Ashburton only eight weeks after being broken in.

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Favoured with fine weather there was a large attendance at the opening day of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting, which commenced yesterday.

The track was in splendid order, while enclosures and lawns have never shown to better advantage. Taken all round the racing was of an interesting nature, the Courtenay Handicap in particular furnishing one of the finest contests ever witnessed on the course, while the Empire Handicap and Au Revoir Handicap also gave rise to exciting finishes.

The new totalisator arrangements gave the highest satisfaction, the receiving and paying out being accomplished with every dispatch, while the system of closing the machines a few minutes before starting time of each race met with general approval. The fine sum of £18,168 was passed through the totalisator, as agsinst £9174 on the opening day last year. Results:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J A Fleming's rn g Wild Victor by Wildwood-Victor mare, 4yrs, 22sec (E S George) 1
J Jardine's Lucky Child, 10sec (J Messervey) 2
J A Buckland's Vitella, 15sec (C Piper) 3

Bellona 10sec, Peter Allan 12sec, Foreman 12sec, General White 14sec, Tornado 15sec, Daisy Child 17sec, VR, 22sec, King V 20sec, Salt Air 22sec, and Eclat 22sec also started.

VR and Lucky Child showed the way for over a mile, the most prominent of the others being Vitella and Wild Victor. In the last round VR retired and Wild Victor ran up to Vitella and Lucky Child. From this out Wild Victor had the issue in safe keeping and won by two lengths from Lucky Child who was fifty yards in front of Vitella. Time, 5min 3sec. Dividends- On Wild Victor, £4 18s; on Lucky Child £1 6s

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second 11 sovs and third 5sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Mrs R O Duncan's br f Marie Narelle by Ribbonwood-Vanquish, 3yrs, 10sec (Mr J Moir) 1
Mrs W Witte's Miss Vivian, 12sec (Mr W Witte) 2
Mrs D Jones's Bonification, 13sec (Mr F Jones) 3

Special Boy 5sec, Thicket 6sec, Gossip 6sec, Alice Maud 12sec, Marietta Huon 12sec, Lone Hand 12sec, Trixey V 12sec, Clematis 13sec, Glenlota 15sec, President Lincoln 15sec, Miss Foxhall 15sec, Rags 15sec, Basil 16sec and Delores 16sec (coupled), Dolly Linton 18sec and Rothoha 15sec (coupled) also started.

Before reaching the stand Marie Narelle had taken charge, and from this out had matters all her own way, winning comfortably by ten lengths from Miss Vivian, who was in second place all through the last mile. Bonidication was third twelve lengths back followed by Alice Maud. Time 3min 51 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Marie Narelle £2 12s; on Miss Vivian £14 19s

COURTENAY HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 37 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. Two miles.

E Thomas's b h Boldrewood by General Tracey-Mermaid, aged, 5sec (W Thomas) 1
E Bowes's Electrician, 14sec, (C Kerr) 2
J L Jopp's Darwin (J Messervey) 3

Verax 4sec, Fusee 10sec, OYM 8sec, Onward 10sec, Revenue 11sec, Belroy 12sec and Miss Florrie C 14sec also started.

Electrician made play from the start, his immediate attendants being Miss Florrie C and Darwin. This order was continued for over a mile, at the end of which Electrician was just clear of Miss Florrie C, with OYM ten lengths away in third place. No change took place till halfway through the last round, where OYM and Boldrewood closed on the leaders. A furlong from the post Miss Florrie C and OYM were beaten, and Boldrewood by a great final effort got up in the last few yards, winning a great race by half a length. Darwin was third two lengths back followed by OYM and Miss Florrie C. Time, 4min 41 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Boldrewood, £17 3s; on Electrician, £6 7s

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Preece's blk m Pansy, by Huon Prince-Verbena, 6yrs, 10sec (J McLelland) 1
H Burrow's Nellie Spec, 20sec (A Pringle) 2
J Messervey's Sonbrino, 15sec (Owner) 3

Hinau 2sec, Peacock 10sec, Vanity 12sec, Brown Ribbon 13sec, Alliance 15sec, Mambrino Girl 16sec, Dick Turpin 18sec, Torpedo Bill 20sec, and Viceroy 22sec also started.

Viceroy was in charge for over a mile, when Nellie Spec and Pansy closed on him, and a little further on Pansy got to the front. From this out Pansy had matters all her own way, and stalling off the efforts of Nellie Spec and Sonbrino in the last round, won by two lengths from Nellie Spec, who was a similar distance in front of Sonbrino, with Vanity fourth. Time, 4min 56sec. Dividends - On Pansy, £3 7s; on Nelly Spec £1 17s.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

W Murray's br g Combine by General Tracey, aged, 15sec (C Piper) 1
A Pay's Lord Rue, 15sec (A Pringle) 2
T G Fox's Victor Huon, scr (Owner) 3

Impatient 2sec, Edward R 10sec, Foreman 15sec and Frithioff 17sec also started.

Combine led throughout and won easily by twelve lengths from Lord Rue who was a similar distance in front of Victor Huon, with Edward R a poor third. Time, 3min 52 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Combine £2 5s; on Lord Rue £1 16s.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 160 sovs; second 24 sovs and third 16 sovs from stake. Two miles.

D J Price's b c Royal Ribbon by Ribbonwood-Gingernut, 3yrs, 21sec (N Price) 1
J C Paget's Prince Warbeck, 11sec (Owner) 2
R McDonnell's Nellie H 17sec (Owner) 3

Grey Echo 3sec, Mavourneen 10sec, Lady Linton 13sec, Almont Junr 15sec and Prince Randle 15sec also started.

Royal Ribbon soon established a commanding lead and at the conclusion of a mile was four lengths to the good of Prince Randle and Lady Linton. In the concluding circuit Prince Randle and Nellie H closed on the leader, but broke and Royal Ribbon won a good race by three lengths from Prince Warbeck who finished fast. Then twelve lengths back came Nellie H with Mavourneen fourth. Time, 4min59 sec. Dividends - On Royal Ribbon £1 11s; on Prince Warbeck £3 13s.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Farrell's b m Ferns by Rothschild-Ruahune, 6yrs, 10sec (F G Harris) 1
J Messervey's Sonbrino, 10sec (Owner) 2
T Drennen's Elsie, 10sec (J Rainey) 3

Ben Hur 2sec, Victor C 7sec, Sir Joe 6sec, Maharau 9sec, Veloda 9sec, Colossus 9sec, DCL 10sec, Dick Turpin 10sec, Miss Vera 10sec, Seaweed 12sec and Angelina 12sec also started.

Ferns quickly ran to the front, and at the stand was showing the way to Sonbrino, Miss Vera and Elsie. From this out Ferns had matters all her own way, and won comfortably by four lengths from Sonbrino, who was six lengths in front of Elsie and DCL. Time 2min 23sec. Dividends - On Ferns £7 17s; on Sonbrino £1 8s.

AU REVOIR HANDICAP (in harness) of 130 sovs; Second 19 sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. One mile

R Hart's b f Wild Duck, by Wildwood, 4yrs, 13sec (A Cox) 1
C H Gorton's Cleopatra, 13sec (C Piper) 2
T W Perry's Berlin M, 11sec (Logan) 3

Cocoanut scr, The Middie 9sec, Eulogy 9sec, Scottish Mac 10sec, May Wilkes 11sec, Lady Linton 11sec and Fancy Girl 12sec also started.

Wild Duck and Cleopatra showed the way all through the first round, Berlin M and Lady Linton being their nearest attendants. Two furlongs from the post Wild Duck got clear of Cleopatra and won by two lengths with Berlin M a similar distance off third and Lady Linton close up fourth. Time, 2min 24sec. Dividends - On Wild Duck £5 3s; on Cleopatra £1 4s.

Credit: The Press 6 Nov 1907



Though rain fell during the early morning it had stopped by noon, but the afternoon remained dull with occasional showers.

Despite this, there was a fair attendance at the Metropolitan Trotting Club's course, the major portion of whom were visitors from other parts of the Dominion. By starting time the racing track was in very bad condition, and it got worse as the afternoon wore on, thereby affecting the prospects of the back-markers considerably.

The racing was particularly interesting, while the fine sum of £11,280 was passed through the totalisator. Results:-

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 130 sovs; second 19 sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Mrs R O Dunan's ch c King Cole by Ribbonwood-Kola Nut, 3yrs, 21sec (I Price) 1
G G Holmes's Lord Spec, 21sec (F Holmes)2
T G Fox's Te Porangi, 20sec (Owner) 3

Prince Randle 5sec, Combine 10sec, Viceroy 15sec, Thistle 17sec, King Tracey 20sec, Frithioff 23sec (coupled with Lord Spec), Lady Disdain 21sec, Thicket 25sec and Exchequer 25sec also started.

King Tracey soon took charge, and led for over a mile from Lady Disdain and King Cole. Then the latter got to the front and stalling off a desperate challenge from Lord Spec in the last furlong, won by a neck. Te Porangi was third forty yards back followed by Exchequer. Time, 5min 19 3/5th sec. Dividends - On King Cole £2 15s; on Lord Spec £2 2s.

LYTTELTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 170 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Tasker's ch g Derringcotte by Prince Imperial, 5yrs, 9sec (Owner) 1
J L Jopp's Darwin, scr (J Messervey) 2
J Brankin's Peacock, 12sec (Owner) 3.

Prince Warbeck 4sec, St Joe 13sec, Impatient 14sec, Tea Tree 14sec, Mavourneen 14sec, Roseneath 15sec, Colossus 18sec and Almont Junr 18sec also started.

Roseneath soon established a substantial lead from Colossus and Peacock, which she held till within two furlongs from home. Then Peacock and Derringcotte closed on her, and the latter won by three lengths from Darwin, who was half a length in front of Peacock, with Roseneath fourth. Time, 5min 16 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Derringcotte £6 12s; on Darwin £3 18s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 125 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

M Clarice's b m Lodi by Rothschild-Espanite, 4yrs, 16sec (R Allen) 1
T Yarr's Dumb Bell, 14sec (F Holmes) 2
W K Hazlett's Viceroy, 11sec (A Lagon) 3

Cleopatra scr, DCL 3sec, Major Rothsea 5sec, Scottish Mac 6sec, May Wilkes 7sec, Seaweed 9sec, Fancy Girl 10sec, Lord Rue 12sec, Dusky Morn 12sec, Glenroy 13sec Bellona 15sec, Joy 16sec, Tornado 17sec Peter Allan 17sec, Major Irvington 17sec, Kimber 17sec and The Gift 17sec and Rockefeller 17sec (coupled) also started.

The Gift and Joy showed the way from Bumb Bell and Lodi all through the first mile. Once into the final round Dumb Bell took charge, but Lodi got to him in the back straight, and a great race resulted in favour of Lodi by half a length. Viceroy was third ten lengths back. Time, 3min 55 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Lodi, £3 10s; on Dumb Bell £1 5s

CHRISTCHURCH HANDICAP (in harness) of 300 sovs; second 45 sovs and third 30 sovs from stake. One mile and three-quarters.

J Cooper's b h Lord Elmo by Rothschild-Judah, 5yrs, 4sec (J Milne) 1.
S E Tasker's Marian, 9sec (J Tasker) 2
H Wells's Terra Nova, 3sec (J Messervey) 3

Sal Tasker scr, Vanish 2sec, Advance 8sec, OYM 4sec, Cocoanut 6sec, Fusee 7sec, Onward 11sec, and Master Poole 11sec also started.
Marian soon ran past Onward and Master Poole, and with a round gone was well clear of the pair, while Lord Elmo headed the others. For over a mile Marian kept her position, but then Lord Elmo closed on her, and Terra Nove deposed Master Poole. Once into the final roundLord Elmo took charge, and from this out was not troubled, winning by three lengths from Marian, who was a similar distance in front of Terra Nova. Then in order came Master Poole, Fussee, Sal Tasker and Advance. Time, 4min 22sec. Dividends - On Lord Elmo £4 12s; on Marian £3 6s.
NOVEMBER HANDICAP Of 180 sovs; second 27 sovs and third 18 sovs from stake. Two miles.

H F Nicoll's b m Success by Rothschild-Sedgemere, 5yrs, 18sec (A Pringle) 1
R Davidsom's Elmwood, 17sec (R Burson) 2
R Peel's Woodbury, 15sec (J Tudhope) 3

Carl 8sec, Vanclare 10sec, Hinau 10sec, Te Whiti 11sec, Redchild 11sec, Master Dudley 12sec, Begonia 13sec, Storm 15sec, Vanity 15sec, Sir Joe 17sec, Tea Tree 18sec, Brown Ribbon 19sec, Mahanui 19sec and Battleaxe 19sec also started.

Elmwood soon took up the running, and being joined by Success in the back straight the pair went on a long way in advance of Storm and Woodbury. There was little to choose between Success and Elmwood till half way through the concluding circuit, where Success established a slight advantage and just managed to last long enough to win by a length. Woodbury was third a dozen lengths back. Time, 5min 6sec. Dividends - On Success £2 3s; on Elmwood £3 15s.

BREEDERS' HANDICAP (in harness) of 180 sovs; second 24 sovs and third 16 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J McDonnell's br g Impatient by Prince Imperial, 6yrs 5sec (Owner)
M Friedlander's Woodlander, 16sec (C Kerr) 2
E Bowes's Roseneath, 7sec (M Albaugh) 3

Vitella 7sec, Sydney 8sec, Havelock 8sec, Senator 12sec and Torpedo Bill 14sec also started.

Woodlander soon established a big lead, and with a mile gone was a dozen lengths to the good of Impatient, Roseneath and Vitella. In the concluding round the leader tired, and Impatient got to the front, winning easily by twelve lengths from Woodlander, who was forty yards in front of Roseneath. Time, 5min 22 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Impatient £9 16s, on Woodlander £1 8s.

RAILWAY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 130 sovs; second 19sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Gray's br m Miss Burlington, by Young Burlington-Miss Harewood, 6yrs, 4sec (M Allan) 1
R D Petrie's Factory Boy, 5sec (A Wilson) 2
C H Gorton's Fredrick, 6sec (A Piper) 3

Plain G scr, Ben Hur 5sec, Al F 7sec, Sonbrino 7sec, Bessie B 9sec, Victor Huon 10sec, Begonia 10sec, Victor C 11sec, Woodbury 11sec, and Mavourneen 11sec also started.

Mavourneen showed the way past the stand well clear of Victor Huon, Ben Hur, and Fredrick. When well into the back straight Miss Burlington took second place, and Factory boy headed the others. A furlong from the post Miss Burlington drew clear, but she had to be ridden right out to stall off a late run by Factory Boy, a head only seperating the pair at the finish. Fredrick was third four lengths back followed by Al F. Time, 2min 24sec. Dividends - On Miss Burlington £10 6s; on Factory Boy £2 3s.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Milne's br g Hamlin by Prince Imperial-Minnie, aged, 6sec (Owner) 1
C Kerr's Wild Arab, 6sec (Owner) 2
L Fontenoy's Grey Echo, 7sec (J Messervey) 3

Imperialism 4sec, Elector 4sec, Austrey 5sec, Wild Duck 6sec, Galatea 7sec and Vivid 7sec also started.

Grey Echo and Vivid acted as pacemakers to the stand, where the latter lost her place, and Hamlin went on second. In the back straight Hamlin ran up to Grey Echo, while Wild Arab, Vivid and Elector were most prominent of the others. A furlong from the post Grey Echo broke, allowing Hamlin to go on and win comfortably by four lengths from Wild Arab, who was a length in front of Grey Echo. Time, 2min 34sec. Dividends - On Hamlin £4 11s; on Wild Arab 18s.

Credit: The Press 8 Nov 1907



The weather during the early morning was dull and threatening for the concluding day of the NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting, but though cold it remained fine for the afternoon's sport. By starting time the attendance was hardly up to expectations, but it improved enormously with each race, eventually reaching record proportions.

The track, as a result of Thursday's rain, was decidedly heavy, and prevented the competitors doing anything liker their best times. Still, this did not interfere greatly with th racing which was of an interesring nature throughout.

The increased facilities afforded at the totalisator were taxed to their utmost, the record sum of £18,193 being speculated, making a grand total of £42,641 for the three days, as against £48,425 last year, when the meeting extended over four days. Results:-

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in harness) of 140 sovs; second 21 sovs and third 14 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

J Heinzman's b m Lady Disdain by Specification-Lincoln Yet mare, 5yrs, 18sec (R McMillan) 1
G G Holmes's Lord Spec, 8sec (F Holmes) 2
T Yarr's Dumbbell, 8sec (J Milne) 3

Scottish Mac 8sec, Fancy Girl 12sec(coupled with Lord Spec), Viceroy 10sec, King Tracey 12sec, Torpedo Bill 13sec, Lord Rue 14sec, Edward R 15sec, Thistle 15sec, Te Porangi 15sec, Wildwood Junr 17sec, The Gift 17sec and Rockfeller 19sec also started.

The Gift was in front for a couple of furlongs, when Lady Disdain took charge, and from this out had matters all her own way, winning by fifty yards. A great set to between Lord Spec and Dumbbell for second place ended in favour of the former by a neck. Time 4min 11 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Lady Disdain £3 15s; on Lord Spec £3 6s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 75 sovs; second 11 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Miss Edu's b c Bombay by Rothschild, 3yrs, 17sec (Mr E McIntyre) 1
Mrs G H McCullough's Romany Lad, 13sec (Mr G McCullough) 2
Mrs J Scott's Yankee Bill, 8sec (Mr W Hammond) 3

VR scr, Dolores 17sec, Huonette 11sec, Royal Tar 18sec, Lady Irvington 15sec, President Lincoln 16sec, Lone Hand 17sec, Rags 17sec, Ashwood 17sec, Winsome 17sec, Cyclone 17sec, Dolly Linton 19sec, Rosy D 19sec, and Rotholia 19sec also started.

Bombay soon established a commanding lead and with Romany Lad in attendance led throughout, winning easily by a dozen lengths. Yankee Bill was third a hundred and fifty yards back. Time 4min 5 1/5th sec. Dividends - On Bombay £6 7s; on Romany Lad £1 15s.

NEW ZEALAND HANDICAP (in harness) of 400 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 40 sovs from stake. Two miles.

S E Tasker's ch m Marian, by King George, aged, 9sec (J Tasker) 1
J McDonnell's Advance, 4sec (Owner) 2
J A Buckland's Verax, 6sec (C Piper) 3

Sal Tasker scr, Boldrewood 2sec, Durbar 3sec, Lord Elmo 3sec, Terra Nova 4sec, Albertorious 8sec, Cocoanut 9se, The Needle 9sec, Electrician 9sec and Prince Warbeck 11sec also started.

Marian soon got to the head of affairs, and with a round completed, she was just clear of The Needle, after whom came Electrician, Cocoanut and Verax. There was little change in the order till the mile had been compassed, at the end of which Advance, Lord Elmo and Verax were most prominent of the second division and Marian had got away from The Needle while Durbar and Albertorious had lost their places by breaking. Entering the concluding circuit Marian was two lengths to the good of Advance, after whom, at a considerable interval came Verax, Sal Tasker and Boldrewood. In the back straight Advance made great efforts to overtake Marian, but the latter more than held her own, eventually winning by a dozen lengths. Verax was third six lengths back, just clear of Boldrewood and Sal Tasker. Time, 5min 16sec. Dividends - On Marian £16 3s; on Advance £1 11s

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Wi Kaama's b h Albertorious by Albert Victor-Dulce, aged, 5sec (N Price) 1
H Hendricksen's Miss Florrie C, 10sec (W Hendricksen) 2
J Deyell's Lopp, 2sec (A Butterfield) 3

Viewmont 8sec, Carl 10sec, Hinau 12sec, Success 12sec, Vanclare 12sec, Sonbrino 12sec, Te Whiti 13sec, Woodbury 14sec, Begonia 15sec and Storm 16sec also started.

Storm made the running for half a mile when Miss Florrie C ran past her and Hinau took third place. With a mile gone Miss Florrie C had drawn well clear of Hinau and Success, Albertorious being most prominent of the back-markers. Entering the concluding round, Albertorious had taken fourth place and, getting to Miss Florrie C a little further on, drew right clear, and won easily by fifty yards from Miss Florrie C. Lopp was third, sixty yards back, just clear of Success. Time, 4min 53sec. Dividends - On Albertorious £3 15s; on Miss Florrie C £5.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

J Tasker's ch g Derringcotte by Prince Imperial, 5yrs, 7sec (Owner) 1
H F Nicoll's Lady Lilian, 8sec (A Pringle) 2
R Davidson's Elmwood, 9sec (R Barson) 3

OYM 2sec, Fusee 4sec and Royal Ribbon 9sec(coupled), Wild Arab 5sec, Onward 8sec, Belroy 8sec, Mavourneen and Francesca 12sec also started.

Francesca held her advantage from Belroy and Onward for over a circuit, when Belroy and Lady Lilian closed on her, and OYM and Derringcotte became prominent. Once into the concluding round, Francesca lost her place to Belroy, while Lady Lilian, Derringcotte and OYM were following in close order. Two furlongs from the post Derringcotte joined the leaders, and, soon having their measure, went on and won comfortably by six lengths from Lady Lilian, who was three lengths in front of Elmwood and Belroy. Time, 3min 58sec. Dividends - On Derringcotte £3 1s; on Lady Lilian 17s.

ENFIELD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Milne's br g Hamlin by Prince Imperial-Minnie, aged, 4sec (F Holmes) 1
J Gray's Miss Burlington, 1sec (M Allan) 2
W Plaskett's Roosevelt, 6sec (I Price) 3

Plain G scr, Lopp 1sec, Discoverer 2sec, St Simon 2sec, Alice Wood 3sec, The Heir 3sec, Ferns 3sec, Factory Boy 3sec, Ianto 4sec and Asutrey 4sec also started.

Roosevelt soon established a substantial lead, and at the stand had The Heir and Hamlin as his nearest attendants. In the back straight Hamlin got to Roosevelt, and Miss Burlington closed up. A great race to the post ensued, Hamlin winning by two lengths from Miss Burlington, who was twice that distance in front of Roosevelt. Then some distance back came Lopp and Alice Wood. Time, 2min 24sec. Dividends - On Hamlin £12 4s; on Miss Burlington £2 16s.

PROVINCIAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. One mile and a quarter.

J Cooper's b h Lord Elmo by Rothschild-Judah, 1sec (J Milne) 1
Mrs R O Duncan's Sal Tasker, scr (I Price) 2
W S Wootton's Florin, 1sec (R McMillan) 3

Terra Nova 1sec, Vanish 1sec, Myosotis 2sec also started.

Myosotis was in front for a furlong, when Lord Elmo ran past her, and at the stand he was right out by himself, Myosotis and Florin being his nearest attendants. From this out Lord Elmo was never approached and won easing up by a dozen lengths from Sal Tasker who was two lengths in front of Florin. Terra Nova finished a poor fourth while Myosotis was pulled up after going half the distance. Time, 3min 9sec. Dividend £8 16s

RECOVERY HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second 21 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. One mile.

S E Tasker's br g The Middie by Wilkin, aged, 11sec (J Tasker) 1
J Hempler's Elector, 4yrs (J S Weir) 2
J Milne's Hamlin, 2sec (J Milne) 3

Plain G scr, Withington 2sec, OYM 3sec, Berlin M 4sec, Grey Echo 6sec, Galatea 7sec, Al F 7sec, Peacock 9sec, and Queen Mab 9sec also started.

The Middie held his advantage till the stand was reached, where Al F ran to the front, having as her immediate attendants The Middie, Grey Echo, Peacock and Elector. In the back straight Elector and The Middie closed on Al F and a little further on Elector took charge. A furlong from the post The Middie ran down Elector and won by six lengths. Hamlin was third three lengths back, followed by Al F. Time, 2min 35sec. Dividends - On The Middie £3 1s; on Elector £4 19s.
Queen Mab fell soon after the start.

Credit: The Press 9 Nov 1907



In 1907 the race was again described as the New Zealand Handicap, and was transferred to the third day of the meeting.

The result was a win for A E Tasker's Marian (J Tasker) with J McDonnell's Advance (Owner) second and J A Buckland's Verax (C B Piper) third. On a heavy track Marian registered 5:16.

The 'also starteds' included Sal Tasker, Durbar, Lord Elmo, Boldrewood and The Needle.

Credit: ' Ribbonwood' writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 25Oct44



Marian began a rich tradition of mares in the formative years of the Cup when she prevailed on a heavy track for James Tasker, who four years later trained another mare in Lady Clare to score.

Marian was a half-sister to the freak pacer Ribbonwood, who won the forerunner of the Cup in the New Zealand Handicap, but who had effectively won his way out of racing before the Cup was introduced.

Their dam was Dolly, who founded the family which led to other top performers such as Plunder Bar, Tactician, Twinkle Hanover, Stylish Major, Le Chant and Grades Singing and Roman Gladiator.

NZ HRWeekly 1Oct2003


At her third attempt, Marian became the first of many fine mares to win the New Zealand Cup. Her win was all the more meritorious because she led all the way on a heavy track, taking 5:16.4 for the distance.

The 1907 meeting was held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, November 4,6 and 7. The Cup race returned to the final day, Show Day, which was cold but fine overhead. The Cup stake remained at 400 sovereigns. Of the eight races, three were in saddle and five in harness. Three races were contested over a mile-and-a-half, two over two miles, two over a mile and one a mile-and-a-quarter. The three-mile race disappeared. The Show Day turnover of £18,193 was again a record.

Trainer James Tasker started Marian's new-season campaign in August and she ran unplaced in the Midwinter Handicap and the National Cup. Tasker did not start her on the first day of the New Zealand Cup meeting, when Boldrewood, at long odds, upset the Cup candidates in the Courtenay Handicap, beating Electrician and Darwin. Despite this win Boldrewood was not well-backed and started the Cup 11th favourite, and for the second successive year ran fourth.

Rain fell on the second day and the track suffered. Lord Elmo won the Christchurch Handicap over a mile-and-three-quarters from Marian and Terra Nova, in a slow 4:22, with sensational young pacer Advance a well-beaten seventh. Three-year-old Advance was the third favourite, and the most interesting competitor in the New Zealand Cup. He remains the only horse this young to contest the country's premier event. Advance was only two years and 10 months old when he won the National Cup the previous August, against top-class horses, qualifying for his start in the New Zealand Cup. He was a black colt by Prince Imperial from Rose, owned and trained by James McDonnell, of Ashburton.

Unfortunately, Advance went amiss the following season and was retired to the McDonnell stud, where the best of the progeny he produced was Vice-Admiral, who placed third in the 1921 New Zealand Cup.

Marian, ninth favourite in the 13-horse field, led from barrier rise, and at the end of the first lap was just ahead of The Needle, Cocoanut and Verax. There was little change until a mile had been completed, when Advance and Lord Elmo became prominent in the second group. Entering the last lap Marian led from Advance, who had made a big run, with the others, led by Verax, Sal Tasker and Boldrewood, a long way back. Marian pulled away and won by 12 lengths from Advance, with six lengths to Verax, Boldrewood and the backmarker, Sal Tasker, who had to concede an enormous start of 11 seconds to the first horse away, Prince Warbeck.

Marian was trained and driven by James Tasker, who had his stable at Spreydon. She was an eight-year-old chestnut mare by King George from Dolly, by Young Irvington from a thoroughbred mare. Dolly was also the dam of Ribbonwood. Tasker produced a second New Zealand Cup winner, Lady Clare, also a mare, who won in 1911.

Auckland trotter Albertorious was the race favourite, but was slow away, broke during the running and ruined his chance. He reappeared in the next race on the programme, in saddle, and won. Second favourite Durbar also broke during the race and finished well back.

Another innovation greeted patrons in 1907. A new totalisator house, described as being built on "up to date lines", had been constructed. For the first time, above the totals shown in front of the totalisator, was a clock, one hand of which was stationary and pointed to the time the totalisator closed, while the other gave the time of the day. When the latter hand reached the stationary hand a bell rang and the betting closed. Previously, races were started before the totalisator closed. Lord Elmo was the top stake-earner with a then record of £630.

Bernie Wood writing in The Cup


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Race History
HANDICAP 7 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 8/11/1907
BREEDING 5g Prince Imperial-dam of Derrincote
OWNER J Tasker

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Standing Start. 1904-17 1 mile: 1918-19 1 1/4 miles: 1920-21 1 mile.
Run from 1904 to 1921 inclusive when changed to Sprinters Hcp
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HANDICAP 11 sec STAKE 150 sovs DATE 8/11/1907
BREEDING 7g Wilkin-unknown dam
OWNER S E Tasker

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HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 300 sovs DATE 7/11/1907
BREEDING 5h Rothschild-Judah
OWNER J Cooper

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HANDICAP 16 sec STAKE 125 sovs DATE 7/11/1907
BREEDING 4m Rothschild-Espanita
OWNER M Clarice

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GROUP 1: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1907

Race History
TRAINER J Tasker DRIVER J Tasker TIME 5 16 2/5
HANDICAP 9 Sec STAKE 400 sovereigns DATE 7/11/1907
BREEDING 8 m King George - Dolly
OWNER S E Tasker
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 38 1/5

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Year: 1907

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HANDICAP 8 sec STAKE 250 sovs DATE 5/11/1907
BREEDING 10 h General Tracey-Mermaid
OWNER E Thomas

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HANDICAP 18 sec STAKE 120 sovs DATE 5/11/1907
BREEDING 9g General Tracey-Annie Laurie
OWNER W Murray

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TRAINER DRIVER A Pringle TIME 4 46 3/5
HANDICAP 1 sec STAKE 130 sovs DATE 9/10/1907
BREEDING 10h Vancleve-Dam unknown(Aus)
OWNER H F Nicoll

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Handicap Pace. Last run 1981
Year: 1907

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TRAINER DRIVER R McConnell TIME 4 46 1/5
HANDICAP 9 secs STAKE 225 sovs DATE 16/08/1907
BREEDING 3c Prince Imperial-Rose
OWNER J Donnell

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1906-1919 1¼ miles: 1920-1935 1mile: 1936-1940 1¼ miles: Race discontinued 1941
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HANDICAP 2 secs STAKE 150 sovs DATE 16/08/1907
BREEDING 5h Sacramento-Bondine
OWNER W S Woottan

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TRAINER DRIVER A Pringle TIME 4 55 1/5
HANDICAP 18 secs STAKE 125 sovs DATE 14/08/1907
BREEDING 13h Electioneer-Vim
OWNER W H Aitken

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From 1904 to 1982
Year: 1907

Race History
WINNER Woodthorpe Maid  
HANDICAP 9 sec STAKE 130 sovs DATE 10/08/1907
BREEDING 3f Woodburn Chief-Lady Thorpe
OWNER B Edwards

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1 1/4 Miles Handicap: 1905 Called GRAND FREE-FOR-ALL STAKES
1 1/4 Miles Handicap Run from 1905 to 1916
Year: 1907

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TRAINER DRIVER J Messervey TIME 2 50 1/5
HANDICAP 1 sec STAKE 130 sovs DATE 6/04/1907
BREEDING 6g Young Irvington-Stratagem

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HANDICAP 2 secs STAKE 250 sovs DATE 6/04/1907
BREEDING 4m Rothschild-Jessie
OWNER Mrs R O Duncan
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 20.0

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HANDICAP 14 secs STAKE 115 sovs DATE 6/04/1907
BREEDING 5g Rothschild-Bellmore

Prior to 1939 Easter Hcp Two Miles: 1918 & 1938 Not Run: 1940 1 1/2 miles: 1942-1946 Two Miles: 1947 & 48 Easter Stakes FFA One Mile & Half: 1949-50 Easter Hcp: 1951 Not Run: 1952-1970 One Mile & Five Furlongs: 1972-1973 Two Miles: 1983 GROUP 2:
GROUP 1: Pace: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1907

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TRAINER DRIVER H Hendriksen TIME 4 57.0
HANDICAP 21 secs STAKE 120 sovs DATE 3/04/1907
BREEDING 4m Wildwood-DIC
OWNER H Hendriksen

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1904 2 miles: 1905 1 1/2 miles: 1906-10 2 miles: 1911 1 1/2 miles: 1912-40 2 miles: 1938 & 1942-45 & 1948-49 & 1951 Not Run: 1941-47 1 5/8 miles: 1950-54 2 miles: 1955-63 1 5/8 miles: 1964-65 1 1/4 miles: 1966-68 1 5/8 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1904 to 1968
Year: 1907

Race History
HANDICAP 18 secs STAKE 105 sovs DATE 30/03/1907
BREEDING 7g Kentucky Wilkes-dam unknown(NZ)

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1901-05 2 miles: 1906-08 1 1/2 miles: 1909-11 2 miles. Race discontinued 1912
Year: 1907

Race History
HANDICAP 4 sec STAKE 150 sovs DATE 30/03/1907
BREEDING 8g Emmerson-Factory Girl
OWNER R D Petrie

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1904-09 2 Miles: 1910-11 1 1/2 Miles Re-named Brooklyn Hcp: 1912-28 2 Miles: 1929-35 Not Run: 1936-38 1 1/2 Miles: 1939-44 Not Run: 1945 2 Miles: 1946 1 5/8 Miles: 1947-49 2 Miles: Race Discontinued 1950
Raced between 1904 and 1949
Year: 1907

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HANDICAP 3 secs STAKE 100 sovs DATE 8/03/1907
BREEDING 6m Huon-Georgina
OWNER T S Manson

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2 miles: Stand: Race discontinued 1912
2 miles
Year: 1907

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HANDICAP 8 sec STAKE 210 sovs DATE 15/02/1907
BREEDING 4h Rothschild-Judah
OWNER J Cooper

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Two Miles: Standing Start: First run 1905: Finally run 1917
Year: 1907

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER J Messervey TIME 4 47 2/5
HANDICAP 7 sec STAKE 200 sovs DATE 14/02/1907
BREEDING 7g Young Irvington-Stratagem

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