April 18 - San Francisco is devastated by an earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale. Over 3,000 were killed.

The first diesel engined locomotive is built.


June 10 - Death of Richard Seddon. Known as 'King Dick', Seddon had dominated the New Zealand political scene since the early 1890s. His Liberal party government is widely credited with establishing the tradition of state welfare in this country

November 1 - NZ International Exhibition (the biggest in the country to that time) opens in Hagley Park. Over 1 million people visited the exhibition during the next few months. A branch railway line was built across North Hagley Park to service the exhibition. The attractions included NZ's first professional symphony orchestra and the first Dominion pipe band contest which was won by the Dunedin Highland Pipe Band.

The first state house in Ch-Ch was built in Sydenham.

The foundation stone is laid of Technical College, now the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.

Credit: Ch-Ch City Libraries


NOTES ON HORSE AND SULKY (By THE POSSIBLE.) Jewels Heiress put up a fine performance in winning the' Shorts Handicap in 2min 19 sec. It was very bad luck for the connections of Prince Elmo to run up against such a speedy customer as the American mare. Electrician and Al F, two members of Albaugh's team, were among the mcst unlucky performers at the meeting, as they both reduced their records considerably without winning. Al F was three times third out of four starts.

The victory of Lady Inez in the last race of the meeting, the Au Revoir Handicap, was rather unpopular with a section of the crowd, who apparently found it hard to reconcile her winning performance with her defeat earlier in the meeting.

When still a lap from home in the Champion Handicap, won by Verity, Black Venus was pulled up the bank and slowed down. Her driver, Wright, was asked for an explanation, when he informed the stewards that he thought it was the last lap. The explanation was accepted.

The racing throughout the four days was uniformly good, Mr Brinkman having brought his fields well together. No records were broken, but the times recorded taken on the whole, were very fast, and more than one horse had the task of winning in future seriously affected by a big reduction on its previous record, without the compensation of annexing a stake.

Though he had to put up with second place in the Exhibition Cup, Dan Patch proved that he was quite- worthy of the reputation that preceded him to Christchurch from Melbourne. Immediately after the big race he was brought out for the Pioneer Handicap, in which he registered a mile and a quarter in 2min 53 2-5 sec, which works out at about 2min 19sec for the mile.

The big stakes offered by the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club at its recent meeting proved an excellent corrective against non-triers. All the same, there were several palpable cases of waiting tactics, and, in one case at least, the totalisator figures on the next occasion when the horse started furnished plenty of proof that a much better display could be expected.

The Allendale Stock Farm's team, under the care of the Robertson Brothers, captured a fair share of the spoil at the recent meeting. Dan Patch was the best winner, capturing the Christchurch Handicap and Pioneer Handicap, besides finishing second in the Exhibition Cup. Alice Palm won the Halswell Handicap, Birchmark the Best and Best Handican and Jewel's Heiress the Shorts Handicap. C. Piper has received many fine performers from Mr J. A. Buckland, but I doubt if he has had many more promising than Vanish and Vivid. These two Vancleve mares have only been in New Zealand for a few weeks, yet one is already close down to the 4.50 mark, and another broke 5min when beaten in her first race last week. Both mares can probably be improved a lot yet, so that they should keep the cracks moving before the season closes.

Albertorious is a greatly improved horse since he first raced on Canterbury tracks last June. At that time his owner was anxious that his horse should reach the 5min mark, but despaired of its accomplishment. He has, however, gradually gone on doing better, and now, with 4min 46 2-seec opposite his name, I would not like to say that he has reached his limit, as his last win was gained in very decisive fashion.

G. Milsom's Sydney team, though successful in several races, was a trifle unlucky, several unprofitable placed performances being recorded. The disqualification of Little Ned for starting before his time in the Lincoln Handicap was most unfortunate, but I do not see how the stewards could have done otherwise than uphold their official after he had reported the matter. I learn, by the way, that it is Milsom's intention to remain in Christchurch with his horses for a few months.

The recent meeting of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club may be described as the most successful trotting fixture ever held in New Zealand. The attendance was large on each day of the meeting, the crowd present on Friday being one of the biggest I have ever seen on the ground. The visitors were prepared to bet, too, and but for the rain which fell on Thursday afternoon the record totalisator turnover, £48,428, would have been considerably larger than it was. The grounds were in fine order, and the track provided first-class going. Although in a very bad state on Thursday night, the track was looking all right again on Friday morning, and Caretaker French must have put in a lot of work to have it in such order after the soaking it got on Thursday afternoon.

Sal Tasker, who won the Juvenile Stakes two seasons ago in the record time of 2min 20sec, made only one appearance at the meeting, this being on the last day when she came out to contest the Exhibition Cup, the most valuable prize ever given for a trotting race in New Zealand. Since she last raced in New Zealand, Sal Tasker has filled out a lot, and she now takes the eye as a beautiful specimen of the trotting horse. D. J. Price had her looking well, and the manner in which she saw out the fast two-mile journey furnished abundant evidence that her condition was all right. Drawing to the front at the start, she was never seriously challenged till a mile had been covered, when Dan Patch ran up to her. For half a mile Sal Tasker seemed to be at top, but she proved too great a sticker, and had Dan Patch beaten when the back stretch was entered. From that point she was never troubled, and won easily in 4min 44 8-ssec. That she has reached the limit of her speed yet I do not believe, and I quite expect to see her do something better before this season closes.

Mrs R. 0. Duncan, the owner of Sal Tasker, can certainly feel proud of owning such a fine performer. Quite recently, I learn, Mrs Duncan purchased Jessie and a yearling sister to Sal Tasker, and the mare has been sent to Melbourne to be mated with the Americanbred sire, Abbey Bells

Credit: The Possible writing in the Star 15 November 1906



Members of the Jewish community featured strongly in trotting's early days when Charles Louisson, along with Phineas Selig were standout performers though rivalled by Victor Harris the first president of the Met and a brother-in-law of Charles Louisson. Later was to come more Louissons and Dr Pezaro. Both Selig and Louisson were distinguished men outside of racing and gave it standing in the community just it needed it most.

Louisson, a self-made colonist who developed the Crown Brewery (amalgamated into NZ Breweries who later used the site on Antigua St for many years) was the biggest "name" trotting had attracted, being a former Mayor of Christchurch and a leading figure in medical affairs.

It was he who first presented an actual trophy for the New Zealand Cup(a metre high Cup made in England) combined with a record stake when he was president in 1914. He presented a cup each year from then until his death in 1924 aged 82. He had been president of the Met for 17 years. He was also on the Legislative Council, then the Upper House of Parliament.

Addington never thrived better than in the Louisson years. His brother, Alf, owned the 1929 Melbourne Cup winner, Nightmarch.

Credit: David McCarthy writing in Harnessed Aug 2016


Without doubt history has a habit of repeating itself as in January 1906 a report stated:

“The lot of a caretaker of a Trotting ground is not a happy one and Mr French, the hard-working and painstaking custodian of the Metropolitan Trotting Club’s grounds, is just now finding this out. He has gates open from five in the morning until nine at night and does everything he possibly can for the convenience of the trainers who are still not happy. Trainers pay about seven pence a week licence fee for training on the Metropolitan grounds and such a very modest cost for such great facilities ought to make them deeply grateful instead of discontented.”

Credit: NZMTC:Historical Notes compiled by D C Parker



The great racing carnival of the year commenced yesterday under favourable auspices. Despite the rain that fell overnight, the track was in fair order, while the enclosures showed to great advantage. By starting time the attendance was only fair, but it improved as the afternoon wore on and included a large number of visiting sportsmen from different parts of the colony, as well as from Australia.

Great interest was evinced in the race for the New Zealand Cup Handicap, which provided one of the finest contests ever witnessed on the ground. The performance of the winner, Belmont M was a notable one, for after starting none too well, he was forced to cover a lot of extra ground to get round his field, but once clear, he cut down Euchre in most convincing style. Belmont M is a brother to Almont and though now owned by a New South Wales sportsman, he, like so many other good ones, was bred by the late Mr H Mace. Though not supported to any extent by the general public, the win was a decidedly popular one, the horse and his driver, G Milsom, receiving a great ovation on their return to the enclosure.

Another fine performance was that of Wild Wind in the Riccarton Handicap, in which the four-year-old filly reeled off a mile on a dead track in 2min 21 3/5th sec. Speculation was fairly brisk, the sum of £9174 10s being handled by the totalisator staff. Results:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. Two miles

J A Buckland's b f Vanish by Vancleve-Swallow, 4yrs, 14sec (C Piper) 1
H Burrow's Nellie Spec, 17sec (T Davidson) 2
J Brake's Mah Honey, 16sec (T Cotton) 3

Kelso 7sec, Aurora 10sec, Clevewood 16sec and Miss Viking 17sec also started.

Nellie Spec and Mah Honey made play for over a circuit, but before a mile had been left behind Vanish was at the head of affairs. From this out the favourite had matters all her own way, and won with the greatest ease by a dozen lengths from Nellie Spec, who was eight lengths in front of Mah Honey. Time, 5min 28sec. Dividends - On Vanish £1 8s; on Nellie Spec £2

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 130 sovs; second 20 sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

W Tapp's b g Dick Fly by Dictator-Bot Fly, 4yrs, 11sec (M Edwards) 1
W McLauchlan's Wittington, 6sec (R McMillan) 2
J Brankin's Belroy, 4sec (J Brankin) 3

Revenue scr, Verity 2sec, Prince Elmo 5sec, Kerrwood 5sec, Grey Echo 5sec, Francesca 5sec, Electrician 6sec, JP 8sec, Dan Tracey 8sec, Ianto 9sec, Roseneath 10sec, Huon King 10sec and Sonbrino 11sec also started.

Dick Fly got off nicely, and at the stand was well clear of Huon King, Electrician and Wittington. When a circuit had been left behind Wittington was running second fifty yards behind Dick Fly, with Electrician, Huon King and Belroy most prominent of the others. In the concluding round Wittington lessened the gap between himself and the leader, but was still five lengths to the bad when the post was reached. Belroy finished third fifty yards back, just in front of Revenue and Electrician. Time, 3min 50sec. Dividends - On Dick Fly £3 2s; in Wittington 14s.

NOVICE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 100 sovs; 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

W Witte's gr m Vesta by Lincoln Yet, aged, 12sec (Owner) 1
J Preece's Pansy, 12sec (J McLelland) 2
J Young's Slewee, 11sec (J Farrar) 3

Success 2sec, Imperialism Bess 8sec, Ashcat 10sec, Value 10sec, GMS 11sec, and Mah Honey 12sec also started.

Vesta held a slight advantage of Mah Honey all through the first round, but with half the distance gone Pansy, who had started badly, was in second place. Three furlongs from the post both Vesta and Pansy broke, and after an exciting finish the former won by ten lengths. Slewee finished third, fifty yards back. Time, 5min 23 2/5 sec. Dicidends - On Vesta £13 12s; on Pansy 10s.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 400 sovs; second 60 sovs and third 40 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Mills's ch h Belmont M by Rothschild-Puella, aged, 4sec (G Milsom) 1
G McClatchie's Euchre, scr (Pringle) 2
S E Tasker's Marian, 8sec (J Tasker) 3

Verax 5sec, Terra Nova 7sec, Birchmark 8sec, Cocoanut 8sec, Boldrewood 9sec, Mint 10sec, Woodend 10sec and Darwin 10sec also started.

Woodend lost his place at the start, and Cocoanut, Boldrewood and Marian formed the leading division as the enclosure were reached. With a round completed Cocoanut was closely attended by Marian and Boldrewood while Euchre was now in fifth place, just behind Terra Nova. Running along the back straight Terra Nova and Euchre improved their positions and shortly afterwards Cocoanut gave way to Marian. Coming to the stand for the final circuit Marian was just clear of Cocoanut, Boldrewood, Euchre, Terra Nova and Belmont M in that order. Running along the back the leading division were bunched but then Euchre drew to the front and a furlong from the post Belmont M took second place. Quickly closing on the leader Belmont M had his measure at the home turn and won a fine race by two lengths. Then a length back came Marian with Boldrewood, Cocoanut and Terra Nova close up. Time, 4min 46sec. Dividends - On Belmont M £16 12s; on Euchre £1 8s

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Wi Kaama's b h Albertorious by Albert Victor-Dulce, 5yrs, 8sec (N Price) 1
P Devane's Viewmont, 6sec (F Holmes) 2
J Barrett's Little Director, scr ( G Milsom) 3

Derrincotte 2sec, Victor Huon 5sec, Carl 6sec, Vanity 8sec, Sir Joe, Lignite 10sec, Longfellow 14sec, Major ?, and Killarney also started.

Killarney was in command from Major Rothsea, when the stand was reached, but ???

SELWYN HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. One mile????

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. One mile

J Hanna's blk f Wild Wind by Wildwood-Wild Wave, 4yrs, 7sec (M Edwards) 1
K H Smith's Discoverer, 5sec (Owner) 2
Mrs F E Craig's Wild Rose, 6 sec (T Frost) 3

Lord Elmo scr, Silvio Hue 2sec, Plain G 2sec and Austerlitz 4sec(coupled), Austrey 6sec, Almond 6sec, Florin 6sec, St Valentia 7sec, Mint 7sec and Elsa Huon 7sec also started.

Wild Rose piloted the field for two furlongs when Wild Wind ran past her and at the stand the latter was four lengths to the good of Austerlitz and Discoverer. In the back straight Discoverer took second place, and though he closed on the leader, he was still half a length to the bad when the post was reached. Fifty yards back came Wild Rose followed by Austerlitz. Time, 2min 21 3/5th sec. Dividend - On Wild Wind £1 10s; on Discoverer £3 10s.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 105 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mrs M F Hartom's b g Lignite by Experience, aged, 8sec (M Edwards) 1
G Moody's Major Rothsea, 8sec (E McCann) 2
J Cooper's Huon King, 7sec (J Milne) 3

Factory Boy scr, Fredrick 3sec and Velda 10sec(coupled), Elmwood 4sec, Little Ned 5sec, Sierra 5sec, Tracywood 6sec, Woodonry 6sec, Alice Wood 7sec, Fancy Girl 9sec, Mambrina Doll 10sec, Imperialeen 10sec, Archangel 10sec and Little Jimmy 11sec and Prince Warbeck 11sec(coupled) also started.

Prince Warbeck cut out the running past the enclosure, well clear of Imperialeen, Major Rothsea, Lignite and Huon King. A little further on he stopped, and Imperialeen and Major Rothsea were just in front of Lignite and Huon King. Two furlongs from home Major Rothsea took charge, but by a late run Lignite got to him in the last fifty yards, and won by a length with Huon King six lengths away third. Time, 2min 27 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Lignite £12 16s; on Major Rothsea £7 8s.

Credit: The Press 2 November 1906



Splendid weather favoured the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club for the continuation of it's Exhibition Meeting yesterday. The attendance at starting time was good, and it improved as the afternoon wore on, while the track and enclosures were in excellent trim.

Taken all round the racing was full of interest, a feature of the afternoon's sport being the success achieved by visiting horses. Dan Patch, owned by the Allendale Stock Farm Coy. of Melbourne, had a comfortable win in the big harness race, and L Robertson, who drove him, also piloted Alice Palm successfully in the Halswell Handicap. The only unpleasant feature of the afternoon's sport occurred in the Lincoln Handicap. Little Ned, a Sydney-owned horse, driven by G Milson, came in an easy first, but having started before his time had to pay the penalty of disqualification.

Speculation was particularly brisk, the sum of £11,782 10s being handled by the totalisator staff as against £11,646 on the corresponding day last year, a record turnover for the club. Results:-

HALSWELL HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. Two miles.

D Kennedy's b m Alice Palm by Rothschild-Picnic Palm, aged, 15sec (L Robertson) 1
J A Buckland's Vivid 1sec (C Piper) 2
J Savage's Aurora 13sec (J Milne) 3

Sydney scr, Lenape 7sec, Slewee 16sec, Clarewood 17sec, and Mah Honey 17sec also started.

When the enclosure was reached Vivid was in front, and before a circuit had been completed Alice Palm was in second place. From this out the pair had the issue to themselves, and after a good race Alice Palm won by four lengths. Aurora finished third a hundred yards back. Time, 4min 58 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Alice Palm £1 8s; on Vivid 16s.

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

J A Buckland's b f Vanish by Vancleve-Swallow, 4yrs, 10sec (C Piper) 1
A Kerr's Flora Wood, 12sec (Owner) 2
F Rogatski's Sonbrino, 12sec (K Smith) 3

Dick Fly scr, Ratawood 3sec, Bill 6sec, Little Jimmy 8sec, Roseneath 9sec, Redchild 10sec and Lady Inez also started.

Flora Wood showed the way for half a mile, but at the end of a circuit Vanish was in front. From this out the favourite had matters all her own way, and won as she pleased by three lengths from Flora Wood, who was a length in front of Sonbrino. Lady Inez finished fourth. Time, 3min 38sce. Dividends - On Vanish £2 6s; on Flora Wood £2 10s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. Two miles.

G Ryan's br f Miss Kola by Lynbrook or Broadwood-Kola 4yrs, 4sec (G Milsom) 1
W Barritt's Mahunui, 5sec (M Edwards) 2
H Hendrickson's Monica, 3sec (Owner) 3

Battleaxe 4sec, Tomorrow 6sec, Redeemer 6sec and Value 6sec also started.

Before going a furlong Mahunui took charge, but when a circuit was completedhe was joined by Miss Kola, with Monica in third place. A little further on Miss Kolagot to the front and having Mahunui's measure weny on and won by ten lengths. A similar distance back came Monica, with Battleaxe fouth. Time, 5min 0 3/5th sec. /dividends - On Miss Kola £4 2s, on Mahunui £1 4s.

CHRISTCHURCH HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 37 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Allendale Stock Far'm Company's br h Dan Patch by Rothschild-Rushine, 4yrs 16sec (L Robertson) 1
E Bowes's Electrician 17sec (M Albaugh) 2
W H McLauchlan's Withington 13sec (R McMillan) 3

Belmont M scr, Monte Carlo 9sec, Revenue 9sec, Albertorious 11sec, Verity 13sec, Belroy 15sec, Francesca 17sec and Master Dudley 17sec also started.

Electrician soon ran to the front, and at the stand was just clear of Francesca, Dan Patch and Withington. Going along the back Dan Patch took second place, being closely followed by Francesca and Withington. With half the distance gone Electrician was still in charge, but a little further on Dan Patch ran to the front, and from this out had matters all his own way, winning comfortably by eight lengths from Electrician , who was a length in front of Withington. Then, close up, came Monte Carlo and Belmont M. Time 4min 51 1/5th sec. Dividands - On Dan Patch £1 14s; on Electrician £3 18s.

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. Two miles.

P Devane's blk g Viewmont by Viking-Mountjoy, aged, 15sec (F Holmes) 1
A J Marshall's Carl, 16sec (P Dunn) 2
J H Power's Tea Tree, 21 sec (Owner) 3

Durbar 4sec, Little Doctor 9sec, Vanclare 12sec, Derringcotte 13sec, General Grigg 15sec, Victor Huon 16sec, Hinau 16sec, Vanity 19sec, Sir Joe 19sec, Brown Ribbon 20sec and Traceywood 21sec also started.

Tea Tree showed the way to Sir Joe, Traceywood and Carl for half a mile, when Sir Joe took charge. With a mile gone, Viewmount was running third to Sir Joe and Carl. Once into the final circuit took second place to Carl, and, overhauling him a few yards from the post, won a fine race by a neck. Tea Tree finished forty yards back third, with Sir Joe fourth. Time, 4min 48 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Viewmont £3 8s; on Carl £3 16s

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second 7 second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Miss R Pettie's br c Sweet Patch by Geo M Patchen-Creole, 4yrs, 8sec (Mr J Pettie) 1
Mrs J W Johnston's Tender, 11sec (Mr Johnston) 2
Miss M Holmes's Lord Spec, 9sec (Mr Monro) 3

Miss Foxhall 11sec, Lodi 8sec, Trixey V 12sec, Lady Mine 10sec, Daisy Child 10sec, Ben Blackwood 10sec, Seaweed 11sec and Wild Gun 12sec also started.

Wild Gun was in front till the enclosure was reached, where Tender was running second ans Sweet Patch who had started badly, fifth. In the back straight Sweet Patch ran to the front, and won comfortably by three lengths from Tender, who was thirty yards in front of Lord Spec. Time 2min 41 sec. Dividends - On Sweet Patch £2 8s; on Tender £2 18s.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

W H McLauchlan's br g Withington by General Tracey- Frohesome, aged, 8sec (R McMillan) 1
R Miller's Prince Elmo, 8sec (G Milsom) 2
E Bowes's Al F, 6sec (M Albaugh) 3

Silvio Hue scr, Almond 3sec,Valentia 5sec, Elsa Huon 5sec, Roseshield 6sec, Jewel's Heiress 7sec, Onward 7sec, Utah 8sec and Bellevue 9sec also started.

Withington got away smartly and before reaching the stand he was two lengths clear of Prince Elmo, who was followed by Utah and Roseshield. Once into the back straight Prince Elmo closed up a little and Al F took third place. A great set-to between Withington and Prince Elmo ended in favour of the former by a length. Then forty yards back came Al F, just clear of Utah. Tine 2min 22 2/5th sec. Dividend - On Withington £4 10s; on Prince Elmo 16s.

LINCOLN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 115 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mrs M F Hannom's b g Lignite, by Experience, aged, 5sec (M Edwards) 1
J Cooper's Huon King, 6sec (J Milne) 2
J Woodham's Little Ned, 6sec (G Milsom) 3

Lopp scr, Ben Hur 1sec, Lily C 2sec, Factory Boy 2sec, My Mistake 2sec, Derringcote 3sec, Frederick 3sec and Cinders 6sec(coupled), Sierra 7sec and Woodbury 8sec also started.

Cinders refused to leave the mark and virtually took no part in the race. Little Ned soon established a commanding lead, and never being troubled won as he pleased by a dozen lengths. A good set-to for second place between Lignite , Huon King and Mr Mistake ended in favour of the first named by a length. Little Ned having started before his time was disqualified , the race going to Lignite with Huon King second. Time, 2min 25sec. Dividends - On Lignite £8 16s; on Huon King £1 2s.

Credit: The Press 7 Nov 1906



The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Meeting was continued in good weather and there was a fair attendance. As in the preceeding days the enclosures were in excellent order, while the track was showing wear by the racing on it. On the conclusion of the big harness event a violent hailstorm swept across the course, and in a few minutes the track and enclosures were covered with water. Fortunately the downpour did not last long, but it marred the rest of the afternoon's enjoyment and robbed the last three events of much of their interest.

In the three mile race the drivers of Impatient and Sydney, the leading pair, got confused in the number of rounds to be covered, and raced on for a curcuit after the full course had been completed. But for this misunderstanding, Sydney would in all probability have been returned the winner.

Speculation was...the sum of £9?67 being invested as against £13,326 on the corresponding day last year. The following are the results of the racing:-

BREEDERS HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

A Kerr's b g Bellis by Rothschild, 4yrs, 22sec (Owner) 1
T H? Eulogy, 24sec (R McConachie) 2
G Holmes's Lord Spec, 24sec (Atkinson) 3

Dick Fly 7sec, Jay B? 8sec, Ratawood 10sec, and Lady Cedo 15sec also started.


THREE-MILE PURSE HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. Three miles.

J McDonnells's br g Impatient by Prince Imperial, 5yrs, 43sec (Owner) 1
J G McConachie's Sydney, 42sec (R McConachie) 2
R Emerson's Bill, 37sec (Owner) 3

General Grigg 22sec, Alice Palm 22sec, Master Dudley 24sec, JP 35sec, Vangeline 39sec, Longfellow 41sec and Lerape 45sec also started.

Before a circuit had been completed Impatient was leading Sydney by three lengths, the pair being followed by Vangeline and Bill. There was no change in the order all through the second and third rounds, but then Vangeline gave place to Bill and Master Dudley was in fourth place. Entering the concluding circuit Sydney closed on Impatient but was still a head to the bad when the post was reached. Then a dozen lengths back came Bill followed by Master Dudley and Vangeline. Time, 7min 30sec. Dividends - On Impatient £4 12s, on Sydney £1 12s.

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in saddle) of 130 sovs; second 20 sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. Two miles.

E A Munro's b g Battleaxe by Stanley, aged, 25sec (Owner) 1
M Edward's Wild Belle, 26sec (Owner) 2
J C Paget's Prince Warbeck, 24sec, (Owner) 3

Miss Kola 6sec, Victor Huon 9sec, Brown Ribbon 13sec, Monica 13sec, Redchild 22sec, Veleda 22sec and Success 26sec also started

Wild Belle soon took charge and with half the distance gone she was well clear of Battleaxe, Success and Prince Warbeck. The favourite kept in front till well into the last circuit, where Battleaxe closed on her and though both broke, Battleaxe went on and won by three lengths. Fifty yards back came Prince Warbeck, followed by Success. Time, 5min 4sec. Dividends - On Battleaxe £6 6s; on Wild Belle 10s.

CHAMPION HANDICAP (in harness) of 275 sovs; second 40 sovs and third 27 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Case's b m Verity by Vancleve-Bar, aged, 16sec (A Pringle) 1
S E Tasker's Marian, 10sec (J Tasker) 2
J Brankin's Cocoanut, 11sec (Owner) 3

Belmont M scr, Viewmont 10sec, Albertorious 12sec, Master Poole 13sec, Revenue 13sec, Sir Hector 14sec, Jewel's Heiress 16sec, Black Venus 16sec and Electrician 16sec also started.

Electrician was quickest to begin and at the stand he was closely followed by Jewel's Heiress, Verity, Black Venus and Sir Hector. So they ran all through the first round, but with a mile gone Verity had got to the front, her immediate attendants being Jewel's Heiress, Black Venus and Electrician. Coming to the enclosure for the last time Verity had three lengths advantage of Jewel's Heiress, Black Venus, Marian, Cocoanut and Albertorious. Running along the back straight Marian and Cocoanut got up to Jewel's Heiress while Sir Hector, Revenue and Albertorious were also prominent. Verity held her own to the finish, and won by ten lengths from Marian, who was a length in front of Cocoanut. Then close up came Jewel's Heiress, Sir Hector and Revenue. Time, 4min 50sec. Dividends - On Verity £7 10s; on Marian £4 10s

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 175 sovs; second 25 sovs and third 17 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Barritt's rn g Little Doctor by Jersey, aged, 12sec (G Milsom) 1
J Case's Durbar 7sec (J Brankin) 2
C H Gorten's Cinders, 19sec (A Piper) 3

Carl 12sec, Varcoe 13sec, Vanclare 15sec, Bell Car 15sec, Derringcotte 18sec and Vanity 21sec also started.

Vanity piloted the field past the stand closely followed by Cinders and Derringcotte. Going along the back straight Derringcotte took charge and with a mile completed he was closely attended by Cinders, Vanity, Little Doctor and Vascoe. Entering the concluding circuit Cinders was three lengths to the good of Little Doctor, Vanity and Durbar. Two furlongs from home Durbar closed up, but though he passed Cinders in the last few strides he could not get to Little Doctor, who won a splendid race by a length. Cinders was a length back third with Vanity fourth. Time 4min 47sec. Dividends - On Little Doctor £2 14s; on Durbar £4 14s.

RAILWAY HANDICAP (in harness) of 125 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Cooper's br g Utah by Kentucky, aged, 8sec (J Milne) 1
Allendale Stock Farm Company's Jewel's Heiress, 7sec (L Robertson) 2
E Bowe's Al F, 5sec (M Albaugh) 3

Withington 2sec, Boldrewood 4sec, Elmwood 8sec, Vivid 10sec and Bellevue 10sec also started.

The start of this race was delayed through heavy rain.
Vivid and Bellevue lost ground at the start and at the stand Utah was in charge from Jewel's Heiress, who was followed by Al F. In the back straight Jewel's Heiress and Al F closed up somewhat, but they could not get to Utah, who won by two lengths. A similar distance devided second and third. Boldrewood being close up fourth. Time, 2min32sec. Dividend - On Utah £7; on Jewel's Heiress £1 2s.

HAGLEY HANDICAP (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

W A McFarlane's b m Mint by Wilkin-Mistetoe, 6yrs, 8sec (W Orange) 1
J B Pearson's My Mistake, 7sec (J McLelland) 2
J A Buckland's St Simon, 6sec (A Piper) 3

The Heir 4sec(coupled with St Simon), Austerlitz 5sec, Fichu 5sec, Lopp 5sec, Hamlin 6sec, Prince Elmo 6sec, Durbar 7sec, Wild Rose 7sec, Factory Boy 7sec and Derringcotte 8sec also started.

Mint quickly drew to the front and at the stand he was attended by My Mistake and St Simon. This order was maintained to the finish, Mint winning a good race by a length and a half with St Simon a length away third. Then came The Heir and Durbar. Time, 2min 20 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Mint £6 19s; on My Mistake £2 14s.

BEST AND BEST HANDICAP (in harness) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. About one mile and a quarter.

Allendale Stock Farm Company's b g Birchmark by Birchwood-Marksmaid, aged, 5sec (L Robertson) 1
J Cooper's Lord Elmo, scr (J Milne) 2
G McClatchie's Euchre, 1sec (A Pringle) 3

Elector also started.

Birchmark started well and showed the way all through the first circuit well clear of Elector, with Lord Elmo in third place. Going along the back straight Elector and Lord Elmo closed on the leader, but he came away again in the last furlong and won comfortably by six lengths from Lord Elmo, who was a similar distance in front of Euchre. Time 3min 7 2/5th sec. Dividend - £3 8s.

Credit: The Press 9 November 1906



Early morning indications were anything but favourable for the concluding day of the NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club's Exhibition Meeting yesterday, but by starting time the sun shone out, and a drying wind helped to erase the effects of Thursday's downpour.

The attendance was large even for a "Show Day," the inside enclosure in particular being crowded almost to the extent of inconvenience. Though still showing some effects of ther previous day's storm, the track was in fair order, and it improved materially as the afternoon wore on. A feature of the racing was the success achieved by visiting horses, Fusee, Dan Patch, Jewel's Heiress and Lady Inez each appropriating a stake.

Speculation reached record proportions, the sum of £15,604 being invested making a grand total of £48,428 for the four days, as against £36,826 last year, when the fixture was confined to three days. The following are the results:-

FARMERS' HANDICAP (in harness) of 125 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

D J Price's b g Fusee by Prince Harold, 4yrs, 25sec (D J Price) 1
J C Paget's Prince Warbeck, 19sec (Owner) 2
T G Fox's Victor Huon, 8sec (Owner) 3

Vanish scr, Te Whiti 6sec, Dick Fly 8sec, Sydney 11sec, Bushman 18sec, Redchild 20sec and Aurora 26sec also started.

Fusee started off well, and with a round completed was a hundred yards clear of Prince Warbeck, after whom came Aurora and Dick Fly. From this out the favourite had matters all his own way, and won comfortably by a dozen lengths from Prince Warbeck, who was a hundred yards in front of Victor Huon. Time, 5min 16sec. Dividends - On Fusee £1 14s; on Prince Warbeck £5 10s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile.

Mrs Yarr's br c Dumbbell by Bell Boy-Secrecy, 3yrs, 7sec (Mr R Monro) 1
Mrs F Wright's Richard E, 12sec (Mr Wright) 2
Mrs N Price's Master Leo, 2sec (Mr Wilkinson) 3

Ferns scr, Vesta 1sec, Mah Honey 2sec, Ashcat 4sec, Te Porangi 4sec, Bugler 6sec, Miss Viking 6sec, Rubican 8sec, Lodi 8sec, Banger 8sec, Thistle 9sec Huanette 9sec and Fram 9sec(coupled), Seaweed 11sec and Rothie(coupled), Bonnie Wood 11sec coupled with Richard E and Rosy D 12sec also started.

Dumbbell and Lodi were in front by the time the enclosure was reached with Richard E at the head of a bunched field. A little further on Lodi retired and Richard E took second place. Two furlongs from home Richard E was in front, but Dumbbell came with a final run in the last fifty yards and won by a neck. Master Leo was fifty yards back in third place. Time, 2min 38 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Dumbell £2 14s; on Richard E £2 10s

ENFIELD HANDICAP (in saddle) of 200 sovs; second 30 sovs and third 20 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Hempler's b g Vanclare by Vancleve-Clare, 6yrs, 16sec (M Edwards) 1
J Case's Durbar, 5sec (J Brankin) 2
A Pringle's Bell Car 16sec (Owner) 3

Belmont M scr, Mint 12sec, Vascoe 12sec, Darwin 13sec and Cinders 16sec also started.

Bell Car soon established a commanding lead and with a circuit gone he was well clear of Cinders, Mint and Vanclare. The leader kept his position till well into the concluding round where Vanclare closed on him and Durbar took fourth place. Two furlongs from home Bell Car compounded and Vanclare went on and won by a dozen lengths from Durbar, who was forty yards in front of Bell Car. Then came Cinders and Vascoe. Time, 4min 51sec. Dividends - On Vanclare £5 12s; on Durbar £2 10s.

LYTTELTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Wi Kaama's b h Albertorious by Albert Victor-Dulce, 5yrs 4sec (N Price) 1
J Ballie's Sir Joe, 14sec, (A Pringle)2
Dr Thacker's Sir Hector, 4sec (M Edwards)3

Monte Carlo scr, Electrician 8sec, Belroy 10sec, Huon King 13sec, Kerrwood 13sec, Fancesca 14sec, JP 15sec and Bill 16sec also started.

Francesca and Sir Joe piloted the field all through the first round with Bill at the head of the others. So they ran all through the first mile, at the end of which Sir Joe was leading Francesca, while Albertorious had worked his way into fifth place. Sir Joe held his own till well into the last circuit where Albertorious took charge and won easily by fifty yards from Sir Joe who was twice that distance in front of Sir Hector. Monte Carlo was fourth. Time, 4min 16 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Albertorious £4 8s; on Sir Joe £1 8s.

EXHIBITION CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 500 sovs; second 75 sovs and third 50 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Mrs R O Duncan's ch f Sal Tasker by Rothschild-Jessie, 4yrs, 11sec (D J Price) 1
Allendale Stock Farm Company's Dan Patch, 8sec (L Robertson) 2
J A Buckland's Verax 8sec (C Piper) 3

Belmont M scr, Euchre scr, Birchmark 9sec coupled with Dan Patch, Lord Elmo 6sec, Silio Hue 7sec, Marian 7sec, Vickery 8sec, Boldrewood 10sec, Viewmont 10sec and Withington 14sec also started.

Sal Tasker held a sustantial advantage of Boldrewood and Dan Patch when the enclosure was reached, Vickery being at the head of the others. Boldrewood acted as the favourite's immediate attendant all through the first circuit, but in the next he stopped and Dan Patch took second place, the others being headed by Vickery and Lord Elmo. There was little change in the order through the third circuit, Sal Tasker having a little the better of Dan Patch, the pair being well clear of Lord Elmo and Vickery. When well into the final round Sal Tasker drew right away from Dan Patch and won easily by thirty yards. A great set-to between Verax, Lord Elmo and Euchre for third place ended on favour of the first-named by a neck, a similar distance separating the others. Time, 4min 44 4/5th sec. Dividend - On Sal Tasker £1 14s; on Dan Patch £1 8s.

PIONEER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. Twice round.

Allendale Stack Farm Company's br c Dan Patch by Rothschild-Ruahine, 4yrs 7sec (A Pringle) 1
J Deyell's Lopp, 7sec (Butterfield) 2
J Case's Durbar 7sec (J Brankin) 3

Myosotis scr, Terra Nova 4sec, The Heir 5sec and St Simon(coupled), Fichu 6sec and ? 8sec(coupled), Mint 6sec, Austerlitz 7sec coupled with Dan Patch and Wild Rose 8sec also started.

Before a furlong had been left behind Dan Patch was in front and going along the back stretch St Simon was running second, followed by Austerlitz, Lopp and Mint. Passing the stand Dan Patch was going easily in front and not being troubled, won by three lengths. Lopp and Durbar passed St Simon in the last quarter the former gaining second place by two lengths, with Fichu fourth. Time, 2min 53 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Dan Patch £2 2s; on Lopp £2 12.

SHORTS HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake. One mile.

Allendale Stock Farm Company's blk m Jewel's Heiress by Heir-at-Law-Nellie Gray, aged, 5sec (L Robertson) 1
R Miller's Lord Elmo, 4sec (A Milson) 2
Allendale Stock Farm Company's Birchmark, 3sec (D J Price) 3

Euchre scr, Elector scr, Discoverer 1sec, Cocoanut 1sec, Vestina 2sec, Galatea 3sec, Hamlin 3sec, My Mistake 3sec, Florin 4sec, Anstrey 4sec and Al F 5sec also started.

Jewel's Heiress started off at a great pace, and at the stand was a dozen lengths clear of Prince Elmo. Easily holding her own to the finish the favourite won by fifty yards from Prince Elmo who was ten lengths in front of Birchmark, with Elector fourth. Time, 2min 19sec. Dividends - On Jewel's Heiress £2; on Prince Elmo £2 18s

AU REVOIR HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. One mile.

J B Zander's blk m Lady Inez by Directo-Mabel, aged, 12sec (Wright) 1
G Hood's Imperial Polly 16sec (Owner) 2
W Henry's Fancy Girl, 11sec (J Milne) 3

Lady Cedo 11sec, Veloda 12sec, Susie Hue 12sec, Eulogy 14sec, Fusee 11sec 4sec pen. also started.

Imperial Polly showed the way from the start, while Fusee refused to settle to his work. At the stand Imperial Polly was well clear of Eulogy and Lady Inez, and a little further on the latter took second place. A great finish between Imperial Polly and Lady Inez was witnessed, the latter winning by a head. Then a dozen lengths back came Fancy Girl followed by Lady Cedo. Time, 2min 26sec. Dividends - On Lady Inez £1 10s; on Imperial Polly £3 12s.

Credit: The Press 10 November 1906



In 1906 great interest was shown in the race. The winner, Belmont M, by Rothschild-Puella, came from Australia when noted Sydney horseman Gus Milsom brought the NZ bred Belmont M back in this year. Euchre (A Pringle) was second, and Marian (J Tasker)third.

The stake was £400 and the class was let out to 4:50. Belmont M's time was 4:46.

Unlike Monte Carlo and Birchmark, who began from the front, Belmont M had only one behind him at the start and turned a top staying performance to get around nine runners.

He was royally-bred, being by champion sire Rothschild from a sister to the dam of champion trotter Fritz, and was a brother to another top pacer in Almont, and when sold at the dispersal sale of breeder Henry Mace fetched a record price for a 2-year-old of 400 guineas.

This was exhibition year in Christchurch and "It was a truly representative gathering."

**'Ribbonwood'writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 25Oct44**


Belmont M, a son of the great sire Rothschild, won the 1906 New Zealand Cup with a wonderful stayer's run. Unlike the two winners before him, Monte Carlo and Birchmark, both started from the front, Belmont M had only Euchre behind him on handicap. His performance was considered exceptional, because he was forced over plenty of extra ground to get around the other 10 runners. Belmont M was not well supported and started as ninth favourite.

The race favourite was Woodend, but he lost his chance at the start. The second favourite and backmarker Euchre, driven by Andy Pringle, almost carried his supporters through. Euchre took the lead a furlong from the winning post, only to be run down by Belmont M, who was driven a patient race by his Australian trainer-driver Gus Millsom. Marian, one length behind Euchre, was third, followed by Boldrewood, Cocoanut and Terra Nova.

Belmont M was New Zealand-bred but had raced in Sydney in the previous four seasons, graduating to the top class. He was a brother to Almont, another very good pacer, who had won numerous races in Australia. Henry Mace, at Brooklyn Lodge, New Brighton, bred both. Mace died in 1902 and his stud was disposed of by auction in November the same year, when the 47 lots were sold for £2440 10s. Australian buyers paid record prices of 640 guineas for Almont and 400 guineas for Belmont M, then a two-year-old. Both were by Rothschild from Puella, by Berlin from Woodburn. Puella was also auctioned and fetched 90 guineas. Mace, a cordial manufacturer in Christchurch, was an early and avid supporter of harness racing. In 1881 he bought land in New Brighton from Canterbury Sports Company Ltd when it went into liquidation. The Sports Company had bought the land from its original owner, Tom Free, for the purpose of encouraging athletics. Mace soon established his home, stables, training track and stud at Brooklyn Lodge. Later the land passed to the New Brighton Trotting Club and when it shifted operations to Addington to take advantage of night facilities, the cycle was completed when the Queen Elizabeth II Park sports complex was established. Mace, whose private trainer was Tom Frost, was the leading owner for two seasons, with totals of £800 and £760. He was awarded life membership of the Metropolitan Club in 1900 and was a steward of the club at the same time.

Belmont M gave his sire Rothschild the first of his three Cup winners - the others were Albert H.(1912) and Ravenschild (1913). Rothschild was the top sire in New Zealand for many seasons, up to 1915-16. He was a bay horse foaled in 1889, by Childe Harold from Belle Briggs, both sire and dam imported from the United States. Rothschild was bred in New South Wales and imported to New Zealand by William Jarden in 1893. He was trained and started in a few races, but never possessed much speed. He sired 306 winners in this country and died in Wellington Zoo, aged 32. His first winner was Jessie Palm, who, as a two-year-old trotter, won the Juvenile Handicap at New Brighton in April 1897. His other good winners, apart from Almont and Belmont M, were Sal Tasker, Emmeline, Lord Elmo, Bright and Glendalough.

In 1906 - Exhibition Year - the Metropolitan Club raced over four days. It was generally agreed that the best collection of standardbreds ever assembled in New Zealand were at that meeting. Stakes of 5000 sovereigns were distributed and the Cup stake was lifted to 400 sovereigns. The totalisator turnover for the four days reached £48,428, with Show Day creating a one-day betting record of £15,604. The New Zealand Cup was raced on the first day of the meeting, with another feature of the day's racing being the performance of the three-year-old filly Wild Wind, who reeled off a mile in the Riccarton Stakes in 2:21.6. The second day was notable for the success of the overseas contingent. Dan Patch, owned by the Melbourne-based Allendale Stock Farm Company, had a convincing win in the Christchurch Handicap. His driver, Lou Robertson, also won the Halswell Handicap with the Syney pacer Little Ned, but was disqualified for starting before his time. Verity, by Vancleve, in the hands of Andy Pringle, and Birchmark were successful on the third day. A violent storm after the main race churned up the track and Birchmark, revelling in the conditions, won the Best Handicap easily.

The three-mile event was still a regular feature of each day's programme, but on Thursday the race was run with a difference. The drivers of Impatient and Sydney, the leading pair, became confused over the number of rounds and raced on for a full curcuit after the distance had been completed. With the introduction of the sprint distance of a mile-and-a-quarter, the three-mile races were destined for elimination.

The visiting Australian horses - Fusee, Dan Patch, Jewel Heiress and Lady Inez - won half the last day's programme, but the day belonged to Sal Tasker, a four-year-old mare, who won the 500 sovereign Exhibition Cup, the first harness race in New Zealand with a stake of that sum. Starting as the favourite, she made no race of it, winning by 30 yards. She was the first out and was first home, in 4:44.6, much faster than the time Belmont M had recorded to win the Cup. Sal Tasker, by Rothschild from Jessie, had the makings of a top-class performer, setting a mile record of 2:20 for a two-year-old, but never fulfilled her promise. She was the season's top earner, with £575. Sal Tasker started in the 1907 Cup, finishing fifth.

**Bernie Wood writing in The Cup**

Credit: Calendar 25Oct44


Mr N Goodwin operated the totalisator until 1906, after which Mr W McDougall was appointed to the position.

Credit: CPTC: Centennial History


Current Sponsor:
Standing Start. 1904-17 1 mile: 1918-19 1 1/4 miles: 1920-21 1 mile.
Run from 1904 to 1921 inclusive when changed to Sprinters Hcp
Year: 1906

Race History
WINNER Not run  

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2 mile Handicap
2 mile
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 11 sec STAKE 500 sovs DATE 9/11/1906
BREEDING 4m Rothschild-Jessie
OWNER Mrs R O Duncan

Current Sponsor:
2 miles 1901-4: 1 1/2 miles 1905-23: Not Run 1906: 2 miles 1924-36: 1 1/4 miles 1937-39: 1m 5f 1940: 2 miles 1941-42: 1 1/4 miles 1943: 1m 5f 1944-45: 1 1/4 miles 1946-63: 1m 5f 1964. From 1943 to 1963 restricted to 3&4yos: 1964 4yos only: Last run 1964
Handicap Pace: Run from 1901 to 1964: Open to 1942: For 3 & 4 yos 1943-63: 4 yos only 1964
Year: 1906

Race History
WINNER Race Date Changed  

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1 1/2 miles 1904: Not Run 1905: 2 miles 1906: 1 3/4 miles 1907: 2 miles 1908-34
Handicap Pace run 1904-1934
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER L Robertson TIME 4 51 1/5
HANDICAP 16 secs STAKE 250 sovs DATE 6/11/1906
BREEDING 4h Rothschild-Ruahine
OWNER Allandale Stock Farm Co

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Standing Start. 1903 2miles; 1904-5 1 1/2 miles; 1906 2miles; 1907 1 1/2 miles; 1908-33 2miles; 1934-40 1 1/2 miles; 1941-46 1mile 5furlongs; 1947-50 1 1/4 miles stand FFA.
1903-1946: 1947-1950 Run as Sockburn FFA Trot
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 4 sec STAKE 110 sovs DATE 6/11/1906
BREEDING 4m Lynbrook-Kola

Current Sponsor: ( IRT )
1904-1972 Two Miles: From 1929 to 1931 run as two Heats and a Final: From 1973 3200m stand. 2008 Free-For-All
GROUP 1: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER A G Milsom DRIVER A G Milsom TIME 4 46.0
HANDICAP 4 Sec STAKE 400 sovereigns DATE 1/11/1906
BREEDING 6 h Rothschild - puella
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 23.0

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Standing Start: 1903-1911 race open to pacers & trotters: 1911 in saddle. 2m 1902-3: 1 1/2m 1904: 2m 1905: 1 1/2m 1906-7: 2m 1908-30: 1 1/2m 1931-3: 2m 1934-38: 1 1/2m 1939: 2m 1940. Final running 1940
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 11 sec STAKE 130 sovs DATE 1/11/1906
BREEDING 4h Dictator-Bot Fly

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2 miles 1902-31: 1 1/4 miles 1932: 2 miles 1933-38: 9 1/2 furlongs 1939: Not Run 1940-47: 2 miles 1948-57: 1 1/2 miles 1958: 2 miles 1959-60: 1 1/2 miles 1961-62
Handicap Pace: Run between 1902 & 1962
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER J Messervey TIME 4 52.0
HANDICAP 11 secs STAKE 110 sovs DATE 10/10/1906
BREEDING 6g Young Irvington-Stratagem

Current Sponsor:
Standing Start: 1mile 1904-18; 1 1/2miles 1919; 1mile 1920-31; 1 1/2miles 1932-36; 1 1/4miles 1937; 1 1/2miles 1938-40; 2miles 1941; Not run 1942; 1 1/4miles 1943-61; 9 1/2furlongs 1962; 1 1/4miles 1963-72; Not run 1973&4; 2000metres 1975-82. In saddle 1904, 1909-11, 1920-31. Run as FFA 1947, 52, 59, 62, 63 & 1965
From 1904 to 1982
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 3 sec STAKE 125 sovs DATE 17/08/1906
BREEDING 8g Prince Imperial-Minnie

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1904-40 2 mile Std: 1941 1½m Std: 1942-50 2m Std: 1951-56 1m 5furlong Std: 1957 2m Std: 1958-59 1m5f Std: 1960-61 2m Std: 1962-72 1m5f Std: 1973-81 2600mtrs Std: 1982 Race Discontinued
Handicap Pace. Last run 1981
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 3 secs STAKE 210 sovs DATE 17/08/1906
BREEDING 8g Vancleve-Miss Horton (thoro)

Current Sponsor:
1906-1919 1¼ miles: 1920-1935 1mile: 1936-1940 1¼ miles: Race discontinued 1941
Handicap Pace
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 2 secs STAKE 150 sovs DATE 17/08/1906
BREEDING 4h Rothschild-Judah
OWNER J Cooper

Current Sponsor:
1904-06 1 Mile: 1907-33 2 Miles: 1917-18 Not Run: 1934-36 1 1/2 Miles: 1937 2 Miles: 1938 1 1/4 Miles: 1939-40 1 1/2 Miles: 1941-44 2 Miles: 1942 & 1943 Not Run: 1945-49 1 1/4 Miles.
Run from 1904 to 1949
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Pringle TIME 2 47 2/5
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 90 sovs DATE 15/08/1906
BREEDING 8g General Tracey-Frolicsome
OWNER W H McLaughlan

Current Sponsor:
2 Miles: 1904-11 CHAMPION HCP: 1912-20 Renamed METROPOLITAN HCP
2 Miles Handicap Run from 1904 to 1920
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 28/04/1906
BREEDING 7g Vancleve-Miss Horton
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 22 1/5

Current Sponsor:
1 1/4 Miles Handicap: 1905 Called GRAND FREE-FOR-ALL STAKES
1 1/4 Miles Handicap Run from 1905 to 1916
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 4 secs STAKE 130 sovs DATE 28/04/1906
BREEDING 4m Birchwood-Vera Capel
OWNER J B Zander

Current Sponsor:
1901-05 2 miles: 1906-11 1 1/2 miles: 1912-18 1 mile: 1919-33 1 1/4 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1901 to 1933
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 1 sec STAKE 100 sovs DATE 28/04/1906
BREEDING 8h Don L-Economy
OWNER E E Le Lievre

Current Sponsor: ( BRECKON FARMS )
Prior to 1939 Easter Hcp Two Miles: 1918 & 1938 Not Run: 1940 1 1/2 miles: 1942-1946 Two Miles: 1947 & 48 Easter Stakes FFA One Mile & Half: 1949-50 Easter Hcp: 1951 Not Run: 1952-1970 One Mile & Five Furlongs: 1972-1973 Two Miles: From 1974 3200 Metres Stand. 1983 GROUP 2; Group 1 1985; Last run 2021.
GROUP 1: Pace: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 120 sovs DATE 18/04/1906
BREEDING 7g Bellman-Dam of Bell Car
OWNER A Pringle

Current Sponsor:
1904 2 miles: 1905 1 1/2 miles: 1906-10 2 miles: 1911 1 1/2 miles: 1912-40 2 miles: 1938 & 1942-45 & 1948-49 & 1951 Not Run: 1941-47 1 5/8 miles: 1950-54 2 miles: 1955-63 1 5/8 miles: 1964-65 1 1/4 miles: 1966-68 1 5/8 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1904 to 1968
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER M Edwards TIME 5 05 3/5
HANDICAP 5 secs STAKE 90 sovs DATE 14/04/1906
BREEDING 4h Almont-Lady Thorpe
OWNER M Edwards

Current Sponsor:
1901-05 2 miles: 1906-08 1 1/2 miles: 1909-11 2 miles. Race discontinued 1912
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER J Messervy TIME 3 40 2/5
HANDICAP 10 sec STAKE 120 sovs DATE 14/04/1906
BREEDING 5g Young Irvington-Stratagem

Current Sponsor:
1904-09 2 Miles: 1910-11 1 1/2 Miles Re-named Brooklyn Hcp: 1912-28 2 Miles: 1929-35 Not Run: 1936-38 1 1/2 Miles: 1939-44 Not Run: 1945 2 Miles: 1946 1 5/8 Miles: 1947-49 2 Miles: Race Discontinued 1950
Raced between 1904 and 1949
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP Front STAKE 100 sovs DATE 17/03/1906
BREEDING 8g Vancleve-Darrerea
OWNER J A Buckland

Current Sponsor:
1904-09 2 Miles: 1910-11 1 1/2 Miles Re-named Brooklyn Hcp: 1912-28 2 Miles: 1929-35 Not Run: 1936-38 1 1/2 Miles: 1939-44 Not Run: 1945 2 Miles: 1946 1 5/8 Miles: 1947-49 2 Miles: Race Discontinued 1950
Raced between 1904 and 1949
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 100 sovs DATE 17/03/1906
BREEDING 7h Electioneer-Tracey Bell
OWNER Dr. Thacker

Current Sponsor:
2 miles: Stand: Race discontinued 1912
2 miles
Year: 1906

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Pringle TIME 4 47 1/5
HANDICAP 3 sec STAKE 210 sovs DATE 3/02/1906
BREEDING 8h Toronto-Cinderella

Current Sponsor:
Two Miles: Standing Start: First run 1905: Finally run 1917
Year: 1906

Race History
HANDICAP 15 sec STAKE 185 sovs DATE 1/02/1906
BREEDING 4g King Harold-Becks mare
OWNER Mrs J Beck

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