Einstein publishes his Theory of General Relativity.

The manufacture of the first artificial fibre, Rayon, begins in the UK.


Feb 12 - Catholic Cathedral (the Basilica) opens.

June 24 - New Zealand Truth hits the newstands. Truth prided itself on being 'the champion of the little person and the scourge of corruption and scandal in high places'. At its peak in the 1950s and 1960s, one in two New Zealand households bought the paper.

July 13 - Construction of King Edward barracks begins in the area bounded by Cashel, Hereford & Monteal Steets and Cambridge Terrace. The building was completed in an amazing 25 days. In the absence of a true town hall, it was the venue for large concerts and civic occasions.

September 16 - 'Originals' kick off All Black tradition. New Zealand's first fully representative rugby team to tour the Northern Hemisphere was known as the 'Originals'. Winning 34 of the 35 matches they played, they popularised both the haka and the 'All Black' nickname.

December 16 - Ch-Ch's Bob Deans scores "the try that wasn't" in Wales on the first All Black tour of the United Kingdom. The only loss on the tour. Deans died of pneumonia in 1908, aged 24.

December 26 - Automobile Association holds a "Great Automobile Gymkhana" at the Addington trotting grounds. 30 cars took part, and the programme included NZ's first official car race. Events included a driving competition and races around the trotting track, the number of laps varying according to each vehicles horsepower. The under 6 horsepower class was won by a local GP, Dr Diamond, in a de Dion car.

Car registration became compolsory

Credit: Ch-Ch City Libraries



The stake of the race remained at 310. The winner was Allendale Stock Farm's Birchmark (D J Price) with General Lincoln second and Vickery third.

"There was nothing sensational about the race," state the files. "Birchmark was regarded as a horse above average."

There was much more of an international flavour to the Cup in the early years than there has been ever since so it was only a matter of time before it was raided.

The second edition was won by Birchmark, a 5-year-old bred in America, owned and trained in Melbourne and driven by the renowned Australasian "sportsman" Dave Price of Ribbonwood fame.

The gelding began from the front and ploughed through a very muddy track in 5:17 3/5, which will forever remain the slowest time on record.

**'Ribbonwood'writing in NZ Trotting Calendar 25Oct44**


Birchmark, off the front mark and the race favourite, ploughed through mud and slush to win the second New Zealand Cup. The heavy track unsettled most of the competitors, but Birchmark, always noted for his staying ability, was able to handle the conditions better than the rest. His winning time of 5:17.6 remains the slowest recorded in the race.

Birchmark was an American-bred gelding, owned and trained in Melbourne, and was one of a group of horses sent to Christchurch for the November racing by Lou Robertson, an expatriate New Zealander who had driven Royalwood in the inaugural New Zealand Cup. Robertson had crossed the Tasman to Australia, where he had taken up new training headquarters. Much later he switched his attention to the gallopers, and trained the 1935 Melbourne Cup winner Marabou.

The 1905 Cup carnival was raced over the customary days, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, November 7,9 and 10. Good weather on the first day brought a record attendance to Addington and, despite the extra totalisator facilities provided, amenities were taxed to the hilt. Lord Elmo beat Monte Carlo and Boldrewood in the Metropolitan Handicap, but was not a Cup contender. On the second day intermittent rain and a strong southerly wind made conditions unpleasant. Discoverer won the Christchurch Handicap by a neck from Marian. Both were Cup hopefuls, but it took them five minutes to race the two miles, so they gained little support. Birchmark was not a starter either day.

The cold southerly remained on Cup Day and heavy showers turned the track into a quagmine. As expected in such conditions, horses and drivers were sorry sights
after their events, returning to the birdcage covered in mud. The programme was a mixed bag. Of the eight races, five were in saddle and three in harness. There were two races over a mile, two over a mile-and-a-half, three over two miles and one over three miles, which took an incredible 8:24.6.

In the early spring, Cocoanut beat Verax in the August Handicap, Marian won the Midwinter Handicap, and Birchmark became the first of several National Cup-New Zealand Cup winners. The track that day in August was also in bad shape after heavy rain, so Birchmark was a ready-made favourite.

General Lincoln (Andy Pringle) and Monte Carlo were the next-best supported of the 10 starters. Dave Price (of Ribbonwood fame), who was driving Birchmark, had him in front from the start. Marian and Discoverer both broke and lost their chances. Birchmark led past the stands and, the first time round, was two lengths in front of General Lincoln and Verax. He still had a useful lead well into the second mile. In the back straight Birchmark broke his stride and Andy Pringle pushed General Lincoln into the lead. The pair were followed at 12-length intervals by Verax, Vickery and Monte Carlo. Birchmark recovered his lost ground and quickly surged past General Lincoln, beating him to the winning post by three lengths. Vickery (Manny Edwards) struggled into third place, 50 yards away. The others headed by Verax and Monte Carlo, were unable to handle the bad ground and were well beaten.

The trotter Verax was the season's top earner with 434.

**Bernie Wood writing in The Cup**



The New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club has always been fortunate in the weather experienced for its Spring Meeting, but never has it been favoured with a better day than yeaterday. The light easterly breeze tempered the son's rays, but was not strong enough to cause inconvenience or raise much dust.

Under these tempting circumstances the fact of there being a record attendance is not surprising. Amongst those present were many leading lights in the racing world from all parts of the colony, while three notable Australian trotting enthusiasts in Messers A Pointing and Ward, of the New South Wales TC and Mr G Tye of Melbourne, were amongst the most interested spectators.

As usual at this time of year, the grounds looked at their very best, and though the race track had a thick layer of dust on it, the going was first class. In most of the events the racing was interesting, but no doubt it will improve as the meeting goes on. After the Spring Handicap the drivers of Victor C and Allmount were before the stewards to explain the poor showings of their horses, and in both cases the explanation was accepted as satisfactory.

The extra totalisator accommodation provided was greatly appreciated by speculators, but the paying out arrangements were again the subject of many complaints. Investments for the day reached the fine total of 11,646 10s, which was an increase of 1186 on last year's figures. Results:-

SPRING HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J McDonnell's br g Impatient by Prince Imperial, 4yrs 4sec (Owner) 1
L Wilson's Lenape, 12sec (M Albaugh) 2
D Kennedy's Alice Palm, 10sec (Owner) 3

Victor C scr, Allmount 2sec, Inspiration 15sec, and Richard E 15sec also started.

Richard E led for a circuit, when Impatient got to the front, and from this out had matters all his own way, winning pulling up by eighty yards. Lenape finished second ten lengths in front of Alice Palm, both of whom had lost a lot of ground by breaking. Time, 5min 17 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Impatient 4 2s, on Lanape 12s.

MIDDLETON HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs, third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

J Brankin's b g Belroy by Coolgardie-Baltileen, 5yrs, 19sec (Owner) 1
H A Webb's Rosalind, 18sec (M Edwards) 2
G Bush's Revenue, scr (A Cox) 3

Doppleganger 12sec, Merry Prince 12sec, Myosotis 14sec and Wild Flower 16sec also started.

Rosalind went off nicely, and held her handicap from Belroy, Wild Flower and Myosotis who were almost on terms. A bad break by the leader when a mile had been gone let Belroy to the front. Rosalind gradually closed on the favourite again but spoilt an excellent chance of winning by leaving her feet when nearing the post. Belroy won a good race by half a length, while Revenue ran through in the last quarter and finished third teh lengths back, followed by Wild Flower. Time, 4min 58sec. Dividends - On Belroy 1 18s; on Rosalind 1 6s.

NOVICE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. Two miles.

P J Keller's b m Millicent by Huon Junr, aged, 8sec (J McClelland) 1
H E Jacobs's Duly Elected, 5sec (N Price) 2
G McConnell's Sweet Nell, 20sec (Owner) 3

Victor C scr, Micklebrook 4sec, Vesta 7sec, Fram 18sec, and Dark Child 20sec also started.

Sweet Nell made play from Fram all through the first circuit. At the stand Millicent closeed on Sweet Nell, and with half the distance gone had established a commanding lead. This she maintained to the finish, winning easily by twelve lengths from Duly Elected, who was ten lengths in front of Sweet Nell. Time, 5min 23 3/5th sec. Dividend - On Millicent 2 6s; on Duly Elected 1 14s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Mrs J Lewis's gr m Orlando by Sovereign, 6yrs, scr (Mr J Carl) 1
Mrs B Shadbolt's Little Mary, 3sec (Mr J August) 2
Mrs C Pacham's Mambrino Doll, 17sec (Mr J Messervey) 3

Laughter 4sec, Betty 4sec, Fidelity 8sec, Underwood 9sec, Alice Palm 11sec, Captivator 13sec, Roseshield 14sec, Crown Child 15sec, Zander 17sec, Roosevelt 17sec, Lassie 18sec and Gertie M 18sec(coupled), General White 18sec and Lady Irvington 18sec(coupled) also started.

Lassie showed the way all through the first round just clear of Zander, with General White next. Half a mile from home Mambrino Doll and Little Mary took charge, and a little further on Orlando took third place. A great race to the post between Little Mary and Orlando ensued, victory resting with the latter by half a length, with Mambrino Doll four lengths away third. Time, 3min 50sec. Dividends - On Orlando 11 2s; on Little Mary 6 10s.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 230 sovs; second 34 sovs and third 23 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

J Cooper's b c Lord Elmo by Rothschild-Judah, 3yrs, 7sec (J Milne) 1
T Yarr's Monte Carlo, 4sec (B Edwards) 2
T Thomas's Boldrewood, 3sec (M Albaugh) 3

Vickery 5sec, Verax 5sec, Fichu 6sec, Little Doctor 6sec, Miss Vera Capel 6sec, Onward 7sec, Marian 7sec, Sir Hector 8sec and Jewel's Heiress 9sec also started.

Marian, Sir Hector and Jewel's Heiress lost ground at the start, and Lord Elmo went on in front having eight lengths advantage of Monte Carlo and Onward when the stand was reached. In the back Onward lost his place and with half the distance gone Lord Elmo was four lehgths to the good of Monte Carlo, after whom, at a similar interval, came Little Doctor, Onward, Verax and Miss Vera Capel. Entering the concluding round Lord Elmo was still going easily in front, while Boldrewood improved his position. From this to the finish Lord Elmo had matters all his own way, and won comfortably by two lengths from Monte Carlo. Then six lengths back came Boldrewood and Verax together just clear of Little Doctor and Jewel's Heiress. Time, 3min 37 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Lord Elmo 1 2s; on Monte Carlo 4 4s.

EMPIRE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

D Briggan's br m Whisper by Lincoln Yet, aged, 13sec, (A Pringle) 1
A J Marsall's Carl, 7sec (J Nankerville) 2
T F Cunneen's Bushman, 9sec (E McCann) 3

McKinley scr, Tracey Wood 9sec, Viscount 12sec, Veneda 12sec, Southerly Buster 12sec and Master Dudley also started

Whisper held a slight advantage of Southerly Buster all through the first mile, the pair being right out by themselves. A little further on Southerly Buster stopped and was passed by Bushman and Carl. The latter took second place in the last half mile, but could not get to Whisper, who won by a dozen lengths. Bushman was third, twenty lengths away followed by Veneda. Time, 5min 0 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Whisper 1 14s; on Carl 2 10s.

RICCARTON HANDICAP (in harness) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. One mile

C Richmond's b f Fancy Girl by Velox-Verity, 4yrs, 12sec (A Pringle) 1
C Kerr's All Day, 8sec (Owner) 2
J B Pearson's My Mistake, 8sec, (E McCann) 3

Cocoanut scr, Jewel's Heiress 5sec, Victor Huon 8sec, Viewmont 8sec, Elsa Huon 8sec, General Mac 8sec, Lady Elmo 9sec, Electrician 9sec and Lord Althorp 10sec also started.

Fancy Girl made good use of her handicap and at the stand was six lengths clear of All Day and Lady Elmo, the latter having broken twice. In the conluding round All Day got away from Lady Elmo, but he could not get to Fancy Girl, who won by two lengths. My Mistake finished third, three lengths back, followed by Lady Elmo. Time, 2min 31sec. Dividends - On Fancy Girl 1 10s; on All Day 5 6s.

ST ALBANS HANDICAP (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. One mile.

J Messervey's b m Lily C by Young Irvington-Strathairn, aged, 6sec (Owner) 1
F Rogatski's and J Boloski's br g Sonbrino, 8sec (R Allen) 2
C Kerr's All Day, 4sec (Owner) 3

Directo scr, Sierra 1sec, Robert Emmett 2sec, Valentia 2sec, Bessie B 2sec, My Mistake 4sec, Austrey 5sec, Whisper 3sec(4sec pen), Highlander 7sec and Southerly Buster 7sec(coupled), Governor L 8sec, Young Stanley 8sec and Longfellow 8sec also started.

Lily C soon ran to the front, and at the stand she was six lengths to the good of Southerly Buster and Longfellow. The leader maintained her advantage all along the back, and lasted long enough to win by two lengths from Sonbrino, All Day and Robert Emmett, who finished in a bunch. Austrey, the favourite, was also well up after making several bad mistakes. Time. 2min 28sec. Dividends - On Lily C 15 2s; on Sonbrino 9 2s.

Credit: The Press 8 Nov 1905



The weather was far from pleasant for the second day of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club's Spring Meeting, a strong southerly wind prevailing, accompanied at intervals by light showers. As the result of the rain that fell during the night the course, when proceedings commenced, was decidely heavy. It improved greatly, however, as the afternoon wore on, but at no time afforded first-class going.

The attendance was even larger than Tuesdays record, amongst those present being many notable visiting racing men from all parts of the colony. After the concluding event the stewards hald an inquiry into the running of Jewel's Heiress, but after hearing the evidence of those concerned accepted the explanation tendered as satisfactory.

Speculation was particularly brisk, the fine sum of 13,236 10s being invested, as against 11,002 on the corresponding day last year. The following are the results:-

HALSWELL HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

M Friedlander's blk c Kerrwood by Wildwood-Rosewood, 4yrs, 20sec (W Kerr) 1
R Sunderland's Wild Flower, 2sec (J Farrar) 2
J McDonnell's Impatient, 2sec (Owner) 3

Lady Elmo scr, Myosotis scr, Betty 8sec, Lenape 14sec, Alice Palm 15sec, Aurora 20sec and Richard E 24sec also started.

Richard E made play till well into the back straight, where Kerrwood took charge. From this out the favourite had matters all his own way, and won easing up by three lengths from Wild Flower, who finished a length to the good of Impatient, with Lady Elmo fourth. Time, 4min 26 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Kerrwood 1 10s; on Wild Flower 1 18s.

SOCKBURN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 110 sovs; second 16 sovs and third 11 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

R D Petrie's br c Dan Patch, by Rothschild, 8yrs, 16sec (A Pringle) 1
W Trotter's b g Micklebrook, 24sec (J McLelland) 2
C Davidson's Elmwood, 18sec (Owner) 3

Bessie B scr, Highlander 5sec, Longfellow 8sec, Miss Eadir 11sec, LEA 15sec, Glenroy 16sec, Laughter 16sec, Larry II 17sec, Duly Elected 18sec, Ingonyama 18sec, Kalmea 23sec and Vesta 24sec also started.

Vesta led for nearly a circuit, when Dan Patch ran to the front and soon established a commanding lead. Half a mile from home Micklebrook took second place, but he could make no impression on Dan Patch, who won by four lengths. Elmwood was third, twelve lengths away, followed by Longfellow. Time, 3min 59sec. Dividends - On Dan Patch 1 10s; on Micklebrook 3 10s.

CHAMPION HANDICAP (in harness) of 250 sovs; second 37 sovs and third 25 sovs from stake. Two miles.

E A Munro's b g Discoverer by Stanley, aged, 9sec (K Smith) 1
S E Tasker's Marian, 5sec (J Brankin) 2
Dr Thacker's Sir Hector, 7sec (J Mine) 3

Bolrewood scr, Verax 4sec, Darwin 4sec, Miss Vera Capel 6sec, Sal Tasker 6sec, Florin 8sec, McKinley 8sec and Master Poole 9sec also started.

Discoverer led past the stand well clear of Florin and Sir Hector, with Marian most prominent of the others. In the back Sir Hector ran past Florin and closed on the leader, the pair being almost on terms when the enclosure was reached for the second time. Marian was now in third place, well in advance of Florin, who was followed by Sir Hector, Verax and Miss Vera Capel. With half the distance gone Discoverer was still heading Sir Hector, the pair being closely followed by Marian. Going past the stand for the last time Discoverer had a slight advantage of Sir Hector, but in the back straight he lost his place to Marian. The latter gradually closed on the leader, and a furlong from the post was on terms with him. A great struggle to the post ensued, Discoverer by a final effort just gaining the judge's verdict by a neck. Sir Hector finished third forty yards back, just in front of Verax and Miss Vera Capel. Time, 5min. Dividends - On Discoverer 10 12s; on Marian 4 8s

NOVEMBER HANDICAP (in saddle) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs, and third 15 sovs from stake. Two miles.

R Beckett's br g Sir Joe by Vancleve, aged, 18sec (B Edwards) 1
F H Lambert's Little Doctor, 7sec (F Holmes) 2
J Hempler's Vanclare, 13sec (M Edwards) 3

Miss Banks 13sec, Carl 13sec, Lena Bell 14sec and Bushman 19sec also started.

Bushman had a substantial advantage of Sir Joe and Lena Bell all through the first round, while Little Doctor was making up his ground at a great rate. With half the distance gone Little Doctor was in front. Sir Joe and Bushman heading the others. A break by the leader enabled Sir Joe to get to him in the last round, and the pair fought out a great finish, Sir Joe eventually winning by five lengths. Vanclare was third, nine lengths back, followed by Lena Bell. Time, 5min 9sec. Dividends - On Sir Joe 2 12s; on Little Doctor 16s.

HORNBY HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M Edwards's gr c Lord Althorp by Almont-Lady Thorp, 3yrs, 16sec (Owner) 1
C Kerr's Wild Arab, 15sec (Owner) 2
R Beckett's Sir Joe, 7sec (4sec pen)(B Edwards) 3

Cariola 12sec and Master Dudley 16sec also started.

Lord Althorp and Wild Arab soon established a long lead from their opponents, and though the latter repeatedly tacked the grey colt, he was unable to pass him, and suffered defeat by six lenghts. Time, 5min 10sec. Dividend - 3 8s.

SPEEDWELL HANDICAP (in harness) of 180 sovs; second horse 27 sovs and third horse 18 sovs from stake. About one mile and a quarter.

J Cooper's b c Lord Elmo by Rothschild-Judah, 3yrs, 4sec (J Milne) 1
J Hemplin's ch g Elector, aged, 3sec (M Edwards) 2
E Thomas's b h Boldrewood, aged, 3sec (M Albaugh) 3

Norice scr and Austerlitz 4sec also started.

Boldrewood broke soon after the start, and Lord Elmo went on from Austerlitz and Elector. At the end of half a mile Lord Elmo and Elector were out by themselves, while Norice was making up ground fast. Elector ran up to Lord Elmo in the second lap, but the latter drew away again, and won by a length. Norice broke badly in the last three furlongs, and Boldrewood secured third place, just in front of Norice and Austerlitz. Time, 2min 59sec. Dividend - 3 2s.

LINCON HANDICAP (in saddle) of 120 sovs; second 18 sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

F Holmes's b g Vascoe by Vancleve, aged, 2sec (Owner) 1
J Messervey's Lilly C, 5sec (Owner) 2
C Kerr's All Day, 6sec (Owner) 3

Two Up scr, Cocoanut scr, Little Doctor 2sec, Royalwood 5sec, Whisper 6sec, Fredrick 6sec, Bessie B 7sec and Victor Huon 7sec also started.

Fredrick was the first to show prominent, but before reaching the stand Lily C headed him, as did All Day and Whisper. Lily C entered the back straight eight lengths to the good of All Day, with Whisper and Vascoe at the head of the others. The leader held her own till within a hundred yards of the post, where Vascoe joined her, and in a splendid finish the latter won by a head. All Day was three lengths away in third place, followed by Whisper, Two Up and Cocoanut who were almost on terms. Time, 2min 22 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Vascoe 4 14s; on Lily C 4.

ROYAL HANDICAP (in harness) of 120 sovs; second 18sovs and third 12 sovs from stake. One mile.

R Powrie's blk m Jewel's Heiress by Heir-in-law-Nellie Gray, 6yrs, 6sec (L Robertson)1
A Brown's The Needle, 2sec (A Pringle) 2
J Lewis's Ben Hur, scr (B Edwards) 3

Hamlin scr, Amusement 1sec, The Heir 4sec, Satinwood 4sec, Almond 5sec and My Mistake 5sec also started.

Jewel's Heiress got away well, and at the stand was fifty yards to the good of Amusement and The Needle. From this out the leader had matters all her own way and won comfortably by ten lengths from The Needle. Ben Hur closed up in the last furlong, and finished three lengths in from of Amusement. Time, 2min 28sec. Dividends - On Jewel's Heiress 5 16s; on The Needle 1 6s.

Credit: The Press 10 November 1905



The weather experienced for the final day's racing of the NZ Metropolitan TC Spring Meeting was most disagreeable, a cold southerly wind, with intermittent showers, prevailing throughout the afternoon. Despite this, the attendance was again large, and interest in the racing was well maintained.

As was only to be expected, the track was in a wretched condition, the mud and slush being fetlock deep, while the competitors after each event presented a sorry spectacle. Under the circumstances time-taking was out of the question, and the going no doubt affected many of the well-fancied candidates' chances.

After the conclusion of the Ladies' Bracelet the stewards had the riders of Lassie and Crown Child before them, and disqualified the former for three months for allowing his mount to gallop, while the latter was cautioned for the same offence.

Great business was done by the totalisator, no less than 11,943 being invested, making a grand total of 36,836 for the meeting, as against 34,930 handled last year. The following are the results:-

BREEDER'S HANDICAP (in harness) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from stake. One mile and a half.

Mrs Kavanagh's b m Lady Cedo, by Tuxedo, 5yrs, 22sec (D J Price) 1
M Friedlander's Kerrwood, 13sec (W Kerr) 2
R Sutherland's Wild Flower, 4sec (J Farrar) 3

Myrtle Girl 5sec, Imperial Polly 15sec, and Lenape 16sec also started.

Lady Cedo led throughout, and though Kerrwood closed on her in the last half-mile, he tired at the finish, suffering defeat by five lengths. Wild Flower was third over a hundred yards back. Time, 4min 15sec. Dividend - 2 8s.

GOVERNOR'S HANDICAP (in saddle) of 100 sovs; second 15 sovs and third 10 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

F Rogatski and J Boleski's b g Sonbrino, by Mambrino Abdallah-Dolly, aged, 9sec (R Allen) 1
W J Moreland's Killarney, 15sec (Owner) 2
W Trotter's Micklebrook, 20sec (J McLelland) 3

Sir Joe scr, Dan Patch 10sec, Longfellow 13sec and Loyal 14sec also started.

Micklebrook led from Killarney and Loyal all through the first mile, but four furlongs from home Killarney closed on him, and he left his feet. Killarney was then in charge, but Sonbrino caught her in the home straight, and won a great race by half a length, with Micklebrook a dozen lengths back third, followed by Longfellow. Time, 5min 28 4/5th sec. Dividends - On Sonbrino, 8 10s; on Killarney 1 18s.

NEW ZEALAND CUP HANDICAP (in harness) of 310 sovs; second 46 sovs and third 31 sovs from stake. Two miles.

Allendale Stock Farm Co's b g Birchmark, by Birchwood-Marksmaid, 5yrs, 7sec (D J Price) 1
S Humphrey'd General Licoln, 6sec (A Pringle) 2
J Smither's br m Vickery, 3sec (M Edwards) 3

Vaunt scr (Coupled with Birchmark), Bolrewood 2sec, Monte Carlo 4sec, Vascoe 4sec, Marian 4sec, Verax 6sec and Discoverer 7sec also started.

Discoverer and Marian lost their places at the start, and Birchmark showed the way past the stand two lengths to the good of General Lincoln, with Verax next. In the back straight General Lincoln closed on the leader, and at the stand he was half a length to the good, the pair being followed at twelve lengths' interval by Verax, Vickery and Monte Carlo. Going along the back Birchmark broke, and General Lincoln took charge, but entering the concluding circuit Birchmark was in charge again. A little further on Birchmark ran to the front, and, easily holding his own to the finish, won by three lengths. Vickery occupied third place fifth yards off, followed by Verax and Monte Carlo. Time, 5min 17 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Birchmark 2 14s; on General Lincoln 1 4s.

LADIES' BRACELET HANDICAP (in saddle) of 75 sovs; second 7 sovs and third 5 sovs from stake. One mile ans a half.

Mrs T Neale's br g Te Porangi by Prince Imperial, 6yrs, 15sec (Mr K Smith) 1
Mrs M L Glen's Glenallan, 11sec (Mr H Jones) 2
Mrs H Thompson's Wattle, 15sec (Mr H Thompson) 3

Mambrino Doll 9sec, Sweet Nell 13sec, Crown Child 13sec, Roosevelt 15sec, Lassie 15sec, Fram 15sec and Imperial Bess 15sec also started.

Lassie piloted the field for half a mile with Imperial Bess and Crown Child handy. In the last circuit Te Porangi got to the front and stayed there to the finish, winning by a length from Lassie, who, like Crown Child, the third placegetter, was distanced for galloping. Second money went to Glenallan and third to Wattle, both of whom finished some distance away. Time, 4min 27sec. Dividends - On Te Porangi 2 2s; on Glenallan 2 2s.

THREE MILE PURSE HANDICAP (in harness) of 150 sovs; second 22 sovs and third 15 sovs from stake.

Mrs McBride's b m Duchess of Rothschild by Rothschild-The Duchess, 6yrs, 22sec (D J Price) 1
H A Webb's Rosalind, 13sec (N Edwards) 2
J Brankin's Black Prince, 20sec (Owner) 3

General Grigg 5sec, McKinley 8sec, Sir Joe 10sec, Viewmont 13sec and Doppleganger 22 sec also started.

Duchess of Rothschild soon established a commanding lead, and with a mile gone was a hundred yards to the good of Doppleganger and Black Prince, while General Grigg had made up little of his leeway. In the second mile Rosalind ran past Black Prince and Doppleganger, the latter pair being followed by Viewmont and General Grigg. So they kept to the finish, for though Rosalind closed on the leader in the final circuit she was still eight lengths to the bad when the post was reached. Black Prince finished third over a hundred yards back, followed at a lengthy interval by General Grigg and Viewmont. Time, 8min 24 3/5th sec. Dividends - On Duchess of Rothschild 3 6s; on Rosalind 6 4s.

AUSTRALASIAN HANDICAP (in saddle) of 180 sovs; second 27 sovs and third 18 sovs from stake. Two miles.

M Allan's b g Fichu by Honest Wilkes-BB, aged, 8sec (Owner) 1
J Hempler's Vanclare, 12sec (M Edwards) 2
W Smart's George L II, 12 sec (C Kerr) 3

Thurlow scr, The Heir 8sec, Sir Hector 8sec and Miss Banks 13sec also started.

Miss Banks, The Heir and Fichu formed the leading division throughtout the first circuit, after which The Heir established a substantial lead. With a mile gone he commenced to tire, and Fichu went on in front. Entering the concluding round Fichu was six lengths to the good, and gradually drawing away won easily by over a hundred yeards from Vanclare, who was six lengths in front of George L II. Thurlow lost a lot of ground at the start by breaking, and was in the rear all through. Time, 5min 6 2/5th sec. Dividends - On Fichu 2 6s; on Vanclare 3 4s.

RECOVERY HANDICAP (in harness) of 130 sovs; second 19 sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. One mile.

Allendale Stock Farm Company's b g Plain G by Chieftain, 6yrs, 6sec (L Robertson) 1
J McLennan's br m Amusement, 4sec (Owner) 2
A J Lawrence's Galatea, 7sec (M Edwards) 3

Norice 1sec, Lady Julian 3sec and Wild Rose 4sec also started.

Galatea soon held a big advantage of Plain G and at the stand she was five lengths to the good of the favourite, who was closely followed by Amusement and Lady Julian. Once into the back straight Plain G had Galatea's measure, and drawing away, won comfortably by two lengths from Amusement. Galatea was six lengths away third, followed by Lady Julian, who could not sustain her effort. Time, 2min 39 2/5th sec. Dividend 2 6s.

AU REVOIR HANDICAP (in saddle) of 130 sovs; Second 19 sovs and third 13 sovs from stake. One mile.

M Allan's b g Fichu by Honest Wilkes-BB aged, 1sec (2sec pen)(Owner) 1
A Kerr's Inglewood, 2sec (Owner) 2
J A Buckland's St Simon, 2sec (A Piper) 3

Two Up 1 sec, Cocoanut 1sec, Lopp 1sec, Austerlitz 1sec, Thurlow 1sec and Plain G 2sec(1sec pen) coupled, Ben Hur 1sec, Little Doctor 3sec, Lily C 4sec and Nellie Moore 4sec also started.

Nellie Moore made play past the stand, with two lengths advantage of Inglewood, Lily C and Ben Hur, while Fichu was most prominent of the others. In the back straight Inglewood closed on the leader and Fichu took third place. Two furlongs from home Inglewood passed Nellie Moore but nearing the post Fichu got to him and won a good race by two lengths. Forty yards back came St Simon just in front of Cocoanut and Lopp. Time, 2min 28sec. Dividends - On Fichu 7 12s; on Inglewood 2 2s

Credit: The Press 11 November 1905


Andrew Rattray

The following appreciation of Mr A Rattray was written by Mr H E Goggin and is reproduced here unabridged:-

Mr Andrew Innes Rattray, who died in August 1941, in his 87th year, was aptly called the "Father of Trotting". The energy, time and thought he put into the sport was amazing. In many walks of life men are found who are unique in a particular way. Just such a man was the late Mr Rattray in regard to trotting. He was a unque character.

I joined him in August 1904, as a lad of 14, he having had only one previous assistant who started 18 months earlier. The clubs had just moved their office from Duncan's Buildings - now known as Church House - to new offices in Tonks Norton's Buildings, Hereford Street, Christchurch. Mr Rattray rode a bicycle and one of my first remembrances was of it having been stolen from outside the office and being sold to a dealer, and of Mr Rattray going for the dealer for its recovery. He eventually got it back, but never rode it again.

Mr Rattray was born in Scotland and came to New Zealand at an early age. He always had a keen partiality for horseflesh, and his trips from Avonside to West Christchurch School and back were made in a dog cart, and many a race he had on the roadside with other embryo sportsmen. Later on he owned the trotters Cleveland and Bloxwich, and won races with them at Heathcote.

His first position was to represent Matheson's Agency, a big firm of merchants and woolbrokers. Subsequently, for 10 years, he was a member of the Bank of New Zealand staff, rising to take charge of the Bills Department. The commercial education he received there stood to him in later years. After leaving the bank in 1887 he took over the secretaryship of the Lower Heathcote Racing Club, a position that had previously been held by Messrs Scott and Bamford. At that time nominations and acceptances were taken at the Empire Hotel, and the totalisator met with such strong opposition from bookmakers that 500 ($1,000) was considered a good day's turnover. This club later became a trotting club and closed down in 1893.

The Canterbury Trotting Club, which raced on the Show-grounds was formed in 1888, and Mr Rattray was appointed secretary and joint handicapper with Mr H Piper. Subsequently this club merged with the NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club. Besides the NZMTC, Canterbury Park Trotting Club and New Brighton Trotting Club, Mr Rattray was also secretary of the Christchurch Racing Club, which raced three days a year on the CPTC's course at Sockburn, and ran six galloping and two trotting events. This Club was abolished by the Racing Commission of 1910.

Mr Rattray was also the first secretary of the New Zealand Trotting Association, which was formed in 1888, and did great service in framing the rules and stamping out ringing-in, which was prevalent in those days. He often told me that on many occasions he travelled to Lyttelton by a 5am goods train to inspect horses arriving and departing. So persevering was he in trying to stamp out ringing-in that the wrongdoers soon came to the conclusion that the game was not worth the candle. The Association was also active in investigating the affairs of clubs run by proprietary interests, of which there were a number.

Up to the early 90's there was a dead set against what was then known as "the poor man's sport," emanating chiefly from racing club officials. This enmity, combined with early mismanagement, was solid hinderance to trotting, and those controlling the clubs had a keen uphill fight for many years. Their first great effort was to obtain Government recognition of the NZTA, and it was mainly due to the efforts of Messrs Rattray, Mace and McIlraith, that this was brought about in 1891.

Another matter of which he saw the evil was the danger of the sport being overdone. Prior to 1891 unlimited totalisator permits could be obtained, and through his agency a rule was passed whereby no club could hold more than four meetings in one season. The abolition of bookmakers from racecourses was another matter for which he fought hard. I have seen the racecourse detective take a man into the secretary's office on the course and a scuffle take place as he was searched for evidence of betting, which, if found, always led to prosecution. Because of Mr Rattray's desire to clear the courses of bookmakers, the local trotting clubs were more insistent upon prosecuting them than racing clubs throughout the country. After a lot of hard fighting for many years the present regulations regarding bookmakers were framed. Telegraphing of betting to racecourses, which was in vogue for many years, was another matter he fought against, he being strongly of the opinion that betting should be confined to the racecourse.

He worked hard and put boundless energy into getting the horses out on to the track. He realised that the public would not start to bet until they had seen the horses, and in those days the clubs required all the finance they could get. He frequently went to the saddling paddock and spoke sharply to the clerk of the course for not having them out, and even went around the horse-boxes urging the drivers to hurry into the bircage. Mr Rattray carried on with this work until shortly after the Great War, when the meetings had grown to such proportions that he asked to be relieved of it, and the late Mr J C Clarkson was appointed birdcage steward for the NZMTC. After working hard to bring about these reforms it was natural he should express strong views on them in later years in order to maintain them.

Mr Rattray did not always confine himself to secretarial work. In addition, he did handicapping for several years, and at odd times acted as timekepper and starter. I well remember as a youth assisting him to start at a Canterbury Park meeting at Sockburn, when the starter, Mr H Reynolds, was unable to attend, my job being, at a signal from him, to pull out the lever to set the starting clock in motion.

An incident which I vividly recall, happened during the running of a meeting by the Christchurch Racing Club. The third race had just been run when the news arrived of the death of King Edward VII. The stewards met and decided to abandon the meeting out of respect to such a great sportsman. The outside crowd and others from inside then swarmed into the secretary's office and demanded the return of their three and six pence (35c) entrance money (many had only paid 1/- (10c)). I can see Mr Rattray now, stretching himself up behind the small table, which was his desk, and defying the menacing crowd and telling them they would not get it. It was necessary to wait some time before we could leave the course with our cash.

Mr Rattray had tremendous faith in the future of trotting and backed it up in every way. At one stage, when the Addington grounds were being laid out the club had spent all their available cash and had not sufficient to pay the men working there. For some time this was paid by Mr Rattray himself, who visited the grounds every Saturday afternoon for that purpose. On another occasion, when he wanted a job done better than the committee intended to do it, because of lack of funds, he offered, anonymously, a loan of the necessary amount, free of interest, and this was accepted.

He was an indefatigable worker. Hours meant nothing to him. Originally nominations and acceptances closed at 11pm. This was altered to 10pm about the time I joined him, and the day for taking nominations was always Saturday. When the big alterations took place at the course in 1910 he spent hours there with Mr Syd Luttrel superintending them, and also with Mr Alf Luttrell in the office going through plans, etc.

I think one of his greatest virtues was his loyalty. He was intensly loyal to his clubs, and was always out to create such a standard for them in dignity and prestige that anything which did not measure up 100% in his opinion was scorned. Again, he was always loyal to his staff, particularly those who played the game. I remember an incident some years ago where a steward of one of the clubs had come without his ticket and the gateman refused to pass him in. An infuriated official then demanded of Mr Rattray that the gateman be sacked. The reply he got was "that man is carrying out his instructions; if he goes, I go."

When I went into camp in World War I, he told me he would not allow anyone to replace me, and for the three years I was away he carried on alone - an action I deeply appreciated. He was a stern disciplinarian, but beneath his brusqueness was a kindly heart and a geniality which won him great respect. His memory will live for a long time.

Credit: Pillars of Harness Horsedom: Karl Scott


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1 1/2 miles 1904: Not Run 1905: 2 miles 1906: 1 3/4 miles 1907: 2 miles 1908-34
Handicap Pace run 1904-1934
Year: 1905

Race History
WINNER Not Run  

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1904-1972 Two Miles: From 1929 to 1931 run as two Heats and a Final: From 1973 3200m stand. 2008 Free-For-All
GROUP 1: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER L Robertson DRIVER D J Price TIME 5 17 3/5
HANDICAP 7 Sec STAKE 310 sovereigns DATE 10/11/1905
BREEDING 5 g Birchwood - Marks Maid
OWNER Allendale Stock Farm Co
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 38 4/5

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Standing Start. 1904-17 1 mile: 1918-19 1 1/4 miles: 1920-21 1 mile.
Run from 1904 to 1921 inclusive when changed to Sprinters Hcp
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER L Robertson TIME 2 39 2/5
HANDICAP 6 sec STAKE 130 sovs DATE 10/11/1905
BREEDING 7g Chieftain(Fields)-unknown dam
OWNER Allandale Stock Farm Co

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Standing Start. 1903 2miles; 1904-5 1 1/2 miles; 1906 2miles; 1907 1 1/2 miles; 1908-33 2miles; 1934-40 1 1/2 miles; 1941-46 1mile 5furlongs; 1947-50 1 1/4 miles stand FFA.
1903-1946: 1947-1950 Run as Sockburn FFA Trot
Year: 1905

Race History
WINNER Dan Patch  
HANDICAP 16 sec STAKE 110 sovs DATE 9/11/1905
BREEDING 3c Rothschild-Ruahine
OWNER R D Petrie

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Standing Start: 1903-1911 race open to pacers & trotters: 1911 in saddle. 2m 1902-3: 1 1/2m 1904: 2m 1905: 1 1/2m 1906-7: 2m 1908-30: 1 1/2m 1931-3: 2m 1934-38: 1 1/2m 1939: 2m 1940. Final running 1940
Year: 1905

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HANDICAP 12 sec STAKE 120 sovs DATE 7/11/1905
BREEDING 5g Coolgardie-Batileen
OWNER J Brankin

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2 miles 1901-4: 1 1/2 miles 1905-23: Not Run 1906: 2 miles 1924-36: 1 1/4 miles 1937-39: 1m 5f 1940: 2 miles 1941-42: 1 1/4 miles 1943: 1m 5f 1944-45: 1 1/4 miles 1946-63: 1m 5f 1964. From 1943 to 1963 restricted to 3&4yos: 1964 4yos only: Last run 1964
Handicap Pace: Run from 1901 to 1964: Open to 1942: For 3 & 4 yos 1943-63: 4 yos only 1964
Year: 1905

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HANDICAP 7 secs STAKE 230 sovs DATE 7/11/1905
BREEDING 3c Rothschild-Judah
OWNER J Cooper

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2 miles 1902-31: 1 1/4 miles 1932: 2 miles 1933-38: 9 1/2 furlongs 1939: Not Run 1940-47: 2 miles 1948-57: 1 1/2 miles 1958: 2 miles 1959-60: 1 1/2 miles 1961-62
Handicap Pace: Run between 1902 & 1962
Year: 1905

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HANDICAP 12 secs STAKE 130 sovs DATE 11/10/1905
BREEDING 6h Electioneer-Tracey Bell
OWNER Dr Thacker

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1904-40 2 mile Std: 1941 1m Std: 1942-50 2m Std: 1951-56 1m 5furlong Std: 1957 2m Std: 1958-59 1m5f Std: 1960-61 2m Std: 1962-72 1m5f Std: 1973-81 2600mtrs Std: 1982 Race Discontinued
Handicap Pace. Last run 1981
Year: 1905

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HANDICAP 14 secs STAKE 210 sovs DATE 18/08/1905
BREEDING 5g Birchwood-Marks Maid
OWNER Allendale Stock Farm Co.

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Standing Start: 1mile 1904-18; 1 1/2miles 1919; 1mile 1920-31; 1 1/2miles 1932-36; 1 1/4miles 1937; 1 1/2miles 1938-40; 2miles 1941; Not run 1942; 1 1/4miles 1943-61; 9 1/2furlongs 1962; 1 1/4miles 1963-72; Not run 1973&4; 2000metres 1975-82. In saddle 1904, 1909-11, 1920-31. Run as FFA 1947, 52, 59, 62, 63 & 1965
From 1904 to 1982
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER L Robertson TIME 2 25 2/5
HANDICAP 8 sec STAKE 120 sovs DATE 18/08/1905
BREEDING 4m Birchwood-Vera Capel
OWNER J B Zander

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1904-06 1 Mile: 1907-33 2 Miles: 1917-18 Not Run: 1934-36 1 1/2 Miles: 1937 2 Miles: 1938 1 1/4 Miles: 1939-40 1 1/2 Miles: 1941-44 2 Miles: 1942 & 1943 Not Run: 1945-49 1 1/4 Miles.
Run from 1904 to 1949
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP 10 secs STAKE 75 sovs DATE 16/08/1905
BREEDING 6g Electioneer-Virginia

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2 Miles: 1904-11 CHAMPION HCP: 1912-20 Renamed METROPOLITAN HCP
2 Miles Handicap Run from 1904 to 1920
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER L Robertson TIME 4 43 3/5
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 29/04/1905
BREEDING 8g Vancleve-Stella S
OWNER Allendale Stock Farm Co
Last 800 Last 400 MileRate 2 21 4/5

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1 1/4 Miles Handicap: 1905 Called GRAND FREE-FOR-ALL STAKES
1 1/4 Miles Handicap Run from 1905 to 1916
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP Front STAKE 125 sovs DATE 29/04/1905
BREEDING 6m Charles Derby-Naulahka
OWNER J Pettie

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2yo Trot(1986 - 1899; 2yo Pace (1901 - 1905): 1 mile standing start: Run between 1896 & 1905
2yo Mile Trot 1896-1899 (Pace 1901 - 1905)
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP Front STAKE 70 sovs DATE 29/04/1905
BREEDING f Rothschild - Jessie
OWNER Mrs R O Duncan

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1901-05 2 miles: 1906-11 1 1/2 miles: 1912-18 1 mile: 1919-33 1 1/4 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1901 to 1933
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP Front STAKE 100 sovs DATE 29/04/1905
BREEDING 8m Vancleve-Mollie Pitcher
OWNER J A Buckland

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1904 2 miles: 1905 1 1/2 miles: 1906-10 2 miles: 1911 1 1/2 miles: 1912-40 2 miles: 1938 & 1942-45 & 1948-49 & 1951 Not Run: 1941-47 1 5/8 miles: 1950-54 2 miles: 1955-63 1 5/8 miles: 1964-65 1 1/4 miles: 1966-68 1 5/8 miles.
Handicap Pace. Run from 1904 to 1968
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP Front STAKE 80 sovs DATE 27/04/1905
BREEDING 6g Rothschild-Georgina

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Prior to 1939 Easter Hcp Two Miles: 1918 & 1938 Not Run: 1940 1 1/2 miles: 1942-1946 Two Miles: 1947 & 48 Easter Stakes FFA One Mile & Half: 1949-50 Easter Hcp: 1951 Not Run: 1952-1970 One Mile & Five Furlongs: 1972-1973 Two Miles: From 1974 3200 Metres Stand. 1983 GROUP 2; Group 1 1985; Last run 2021.
GROUP 1: Pace: 3200 Metres: Standing Start
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER A Butterfield TIME 4 58 1/5
HANDICAP 14 secs STAKE 110 sovs DATE 27/04/1905
BREEDING 9m Rothschild-unknown(NZ)
OWNER J Deyell

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1901-05 2 miles: 1906-08 1 1/2 miles: 1909-11 2 miles. Race discontinued 1912
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP 3 sec STAKE 100 sovs DATE 26/04/1905
BREEDING 7m Kentucky-Harolds Rest

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1904-09 2 Miles: 1910-11 1 1/2 Miles Re-named Brooklyn Hcp: 1912-28 2 Miles: 1929-35 Not Run: 1936-38 1 1/2 Miles: 1939-44 Not Run: 1945 2 Miles: 1946 1 5/8 Miles: 1947-49 2 Miles: Race Discontinued 1950
Raced between 1904 and 1949
Year: 1905

Race History
HANDICAP 13 secs STAKE 95 sovs DATE 25/03/1905
BREEDING 8m Vancleve-Mollie Pitcher
OWNER J A Buckland

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2 miles: Stand: Race discontinued 1912
2 miles
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER M Edwards TIME 4 47 1/5
HANDICAP 6 secs STAKE 200 sovs DATE 18/02/1905
BREEDING ?m Specification-unknown dam
OWNER J Smithers

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Two Miles: Standing Start: First run 1905: Finally run 1917
Year: 1905

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER B Edwards TIME 4 53 4/5
HANDICAP 9 sec STAKE 175 sovs DATE 16/02/1905
BREEDING 7g Rothschild-Dexter mare
OWNER B Edwards

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