March 26 - Brunner Mining Disaster. 65 miners were killed when an incorrectly set charge ignited coal dust causing a series of explosions. Those killed numbered almost half the underground work force.

April 13 - The National Council of Women of New Zealand was established in Christchurch by women who had been active in the suffrage campaign. Their aim was to secure reforms to improve the status and conditions of women.

November 7 - First commercial screening of "Edison's Cinematograph".

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A deputation of members of the Canterbury and Wellington Metropolitan Trotting Associations and others interested in trotting, waited upon the Premier this morning. Messrs W. W. Collins and J. M'Lachlan, M.H.R/s, were present, the former introducing the deputation, which included Messrs C. S. Howell (chairman Canterbury Metropolitan Trotting Association), V. Harris, (Lancaster Park Amateur Trotting Club). W. Tonks (Canterbury Trotting Club), F. Beverley (Plumpton Park Racing and Trotting Club), J. A. Connell (Wellington Trotting Association) and others, Mr Connell stated the object of the deputation was to bring under the notice of the Premier the injustice to which Trotting Clubs had been subjected by their being deprived of a greater proportion of licenses to use the totalisator compared with racing clubs. In answer to a question in the House, the Premier had said the Act was intended to apply fairly all round, but the matter was still in an unsatisfactory position, and the racing clubs had seized a number of licenses which rightly belonged to trotting clubs. All the deputation asked was that the fair proportion of licenses— two-thirds of the number granted to them in 1892-93 — be granted to trotting clubs. Mr Harris pointed out that trotting had gone ahead more than racing. The Canterbury Trotting Association, of which most of the deputation were members, had with the assistance of the present Government, wiped out the proprietary clubs which formerly pocketed the profits of trotting meetings, and now the money went in stakes and improvements, valuable stakes being given. Many valuable horses had also been imported for breeding purposes. The clubs had entered into obligations which they could not carry out if so many licenses were withdrawn. Mr Howell showed that the trotter was a useful horse for many trades, and deserved encouragement. He would like to show the Premier some of the grounds used for trotting purposes. The Premier saw great difficulties in the position, the racing clubs having already allotted most of the licenses in question. It was clear the trotting clubs had an injustice, and he would enquire into the whole matter. Mr Tonks urged the necessity for an early reply, and mentioned that the Canterbury Trotting Club -had established classic races for 1896 and 1897. The Premier undertook that licenses should be granted for those two events. The Colonial Secretary had adopted the recommendations of the Racing Conference, but the law was superior to the conference and would be interpreted fairly, and clubs which had entered into engagements would have every consideration. The trotting clubs appeared to have been rather slow in making their claims. Mr Harris explained that the claims had been made and pressed by the former chairman of the Association. Several members urged the importance of immediate action, and suggested that a Bill on the lines of one introduced by Sir W. B. Perceval when a member of the Ministry should be passed, and the question settled. The Premier again pointed out the difficulty of the position, but would go into the whole matter with the new Colonial Secretary. Mr Howell thanked the hon gentleman and the hon members present, and the deputation retired.

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In 1895-6 the club made a profit of £212 and listed its assets at £433/1/4.

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2yo Trot(1986 - 1899; 2yo Pace (1901 - 1905): 1 mile standing start: Run between 1896 & 1905
2yo Mile Trot 1896-1899 (Pace 1901 - 1905)
Year: 1896

Race History
TRAINER DRIVER M Edwards TIME 3 05 1/2
HANDICAP Front STAKE 170 sovs DATE 25/05/1896
BREEDING c Imperious-Nellie
OWNER F Williams

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