Nursing school established at Christchurch Hospital.

City's first electric lighting in the store of J. Ballantyne and Co.

The Land and Income Tax Assessment Act sets up the forerunner of the Inland Revenue Department and introduces the first income tax

Bob Fitzsimmons from Timaru wins the world middleweight boxing title in San Francisco. He went on to become boxing's first triple world champion.

The Sumner Borough is formed.

Credit: Ch-Ch City Libraries



Judge Mr R Brown. Starter Mr Rattray.

The Lower Heathcote Racing Club's annual March trotting meeting was held yesterday in fine weather. The attendance, however, was small, and speculation limited.

The course was in fair order, and freer from dust than usual. The fields were very good, and some of the competitors shaped very well. Inferno, the winner of the principal race in saddle, was made a better favourite than anything else, and performed fairly, though Primrose displayed a good turn of foot, and her second was meritorious. Kitty also went well.

In the handicap maiden trot Victory got home by a couple of lengths from Stranger, Wakanui also being handy. In the three mile harness trot Young Irvington once more demonstrated his ability to travel in harness, and Mr Free's useful horse stalled off the challenges of Richmond, and won comfortably.

Sunlight had a lucky victory over Primrose in the two mile harness race, in which Primrose went lame.

The following are the results:-

MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 15 sovs for horses that have never started in any Trotting Race. One mile.

Mr P Moorhouse's b m See-saw, 5yrs (Owner) 1.
Mr J Campbell's b g Ashton, aged, (Owner) 2.
Mr T Webb's b g Master George, 4yrs (Henry) 3.

Billy, Invalid and Little Benny also started.

See-saw led throughout and won easily, though at five furlongs Master George was on level terms, when he mixed his paces and broke, and was passed by Ashton in the straight. Time 3min 26sec. Dividend - 2 6s

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in harness) of 15 sovs; height 1 1/2h 1 in or under, to be measured before starting. Two miles.

Mr F Hill's b h Whisper, aged, 30sec (J Jardin) 1.
Mr A McRae's b m Farewell, aged, 20sec (Owner) 2.
Mr J Dewey's blk g Sambo, aged, 20sec (Owner) 3.

Taradale 20sec, Minnie 25sec, Dorothy 33sec, Meg 42sec and Daybreak 45sec also started.

Whisper was in front at the end of half a mile, and going on, won very easily by about 100yds from Farewell, Sambo a poor third. Time 7mins. Dividend - 7 16s.

HEATHCOTE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 45sovs; 5 sovs from the stake for second horse. Two miles.

Mr H Mace's b g Inferno, aged, 37sec (J Wright) 1.
Mr J Smith'sg m Primrose, aged, scr (H Murfit) 2.
Mr T D Manton's b m Kitty, aged, 2sec (Owner) 3.

Inferno drew away from Maid of Orleans, was never headed, and finally won, after breaking several times, by about 100yds, Primrose being thirty yards ahead of Kitty, most of the others pulling up. Time, 6min 6sec. Dividend - 3 18s.

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. One mile and a half.

Mr J Hill's r m Victory, aged, 8sec (Owner) 1.
Mr P J McGregor's g g Stranger, aged, 12sec (W Kerr) 2.
Mr C Harrold's b m Wakanui, aged, scr (Owner) 3.

Rebecca, Balance, Adam, Fermanagh, Pastime, Fairchild, Kitt II, Cass, Lord Lynn 8sec each, Starling 10sec.

Victory passed Stranger before they had gone far, and led until well into the straight, when Stranger came again, and Wakanui, also made up ground, and a close finish was witnessed, Victory winning by a length and a half, Wakanui the same distance away third. Time, 4min 37sec. Dividend 2 5s.

HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 40 sovs, 5sovs for second. Three miles.

Mr T Free's br h Young Irvington, aged, 40sec (Owner) 1.
Mr D Barnes' ch g Richmond, aged, 37sec (Owner) 2.

Potatau scr, Berlin Boy 22sec, Cygnet 30sec, Maud 48sec, Bedale 50sec also started.

Young Irvington got to the front early, and always maintained his advantage over Richmond, whom he beat by three lengths. No others finished. Time, 9min 8sec. Dividend - 8 0s 6d.

HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 25 sovs; 5 sovs for second. One mile.

Mr O Burgess' b m Kitt II, aged, 17sec (E Price) 1.
Mr W Hamilton's br g Pan-Kan-Che, 4yrs, 7sec (Harvey) 2.
Mr H Mace's b g Inferno, aged, 12sec (Wright) 3.

Darkie 5sec, The Maid 12sec, Apology 15sec, Fermanagh 17sec, Tom 22sec.

The leading horses kept breaking, and when Pan-Kan-Che had reached Kitt II, he broke badly, and could not get up again. Time, 3min 6sec. Dividend - 6 10s 6d.

A protest was entered against Kitt II on the ground she had not tried in the Maiden Handicap, but it was dismissed

HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 35 sovs; 5sovs for second horse. Two miles.

Mr H Mace's b g Sunlight, 10sec (Wright) 1.
Mr J Smith's g m Primrose, 4sec, (Murfit) 2.
Mr J Farrar's b g Burwood, aged, 20sec (Owner) 3.

Butterfly 15sec, Home Rule 15sec, Farewell 18sec, Pan-Kan-Che 18sec, Silverstream 18sec, Breadalbane 23sec, Violet 25sec, Lord Lyons 23sec Madge 30sec, Kangaroo 32sec.

Pan-Kan-Che got to the head of affairs early, but broke, and gave place to Burwood, who led to the last half mile, where Primrose and Sunlight got on terms, and the latter, trotting very freely, won eventually by four lengths from Primrose, who was ten lengths in front of Burwood. Time, 6min 13sec. Dividend - 20 2s.

HANDICAP PONY TROT (in saddle) of 15 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Robertson's b m May, 5yrs, 25sec (W Kerr) 1.
Mr J Dewey's blk g Sambo, aged, scr (Owner) 2.

Parnell 11sec, Fedora 17sec, Bobby Burns 25sec also started.

Won easily, all but Sambo pulling up. Time, 6min 50sec. Dividend - 4 14s 6d.

Credit: The Press 18 Mar 1891



President - Mr H McIlraith. Vice-President - Mr W Boag. Stewards - Mr H McIlraith, G W McRae, A L Myers, C Amyes, J S Williams, W Boag, W Tonks, G King, Jas. Jackson, Jos. Perkins, E Blake, MHR. Judge - Mr W Boag. Hon. Treasurer - Mr Geo. King. Time-Keeper - Mr D Barns. Starter - Mr H J Derrett. Clerk of the Course - Mr F Mulholland. Clerk of the Scales - Mr J Kerr. Secretary - Mr F Mills. Handicapper - Mr J Heslop.

A heavy mist hung over the Show grounds yesterday till the day was well advanced, but it cleared, and by the time the first race started the sun was shining, and though a cold wind was blowing during the afternoon, and some little inconvenience was experienced thereby, the afternoon's sport was so really good that visitiors were sent home highly pleased.

The attendance was the largest we have seen on the Show Grounds at any of the Canterbury Trotting Club's meetings, and speculation was very brisk, no less a sum than 2647 being put through the totalisators by Messrs Hobbs and Goodwin.

The fields were large, and the trotting on the whole of a most interesting character, and few more exciting races have been witnessed than that for the Association Ground's Cup, in which Kentucky, the standard bred son of Berlin and Jenny Tracey, covered himself with glory by lowering the New Zealand record for four miles in harness from 11min 17sec to 10min 57sec. This was not a winning record, but the actual time made by this brilliant young horse, and great was the enthusiasm of the spectators, who cheered him lustily as he came back to the judge's box. To be beaten a half length by a horse to which he was conceding a minute and thirty-three seconds start was no disgrace, when it is taken into account too that one of the tires of the sulky he was driven in came off in the early part of the race.

The concluding event of the day, unfortunately, was not brought off so satisfactorily as could have been desired. Director won the race, but Bedale and Billy were coming very fast at the finish, and Bedale was certainly interfered with by the crowd, and to an extent that he probably lost the race through it. The Stewards were appealed to, but after giving due consideration to the appeal they decided to award the stake to Director, at the same time expressing their sympathy with Mr Mace in his misfortune, a misfortune that could not have happened had the advice tendered in these columns to the Club to keep the crowd back from the running track been adopted. With this exception everything passed off pleasantly enough.


MAIDEN STAKES HANDICAP (in saddle)of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr J Brake's gr m Polly, 6yrs, 34sec (Owner) 1.
Mr T Webb's br m Victoria II, 6yrs, 30sec (E Price) 2.
Mr F Whitehead's b g Fairchild, 3yrs, 34sec (Owner) 3.

Ruth 20sec, Shrewsbury 26sec, Stable Boy 28sec and Pansy, aged, 28sec(coupled), Juno 28sec and Skipper 28sec(coupled), Little Fred 28sec, Hassan 28sec, Graham 28sec, Turk 28sec, Haricot 28sec, Kitty O'Shea 34sec, Ashton 38sec, Ribbonwood 38sec, Maxey Cob 38sec, Connemara 38sec and Balance 38sec also ran.

Polly assumed the lead at the start, and getting further ahead every round was nearly a round ahead of Victoria II at the finish. Time, 6min 5sec. Dividend - 2 18 6d.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr Jas Johnston's b g Waterbury, aged, 45sec (Owner) 1.
Mr E Price's b m Minnie, aged, 26sec (Owner) 2.

Silverstream 26sec, Sir Robert 26sec, Dorothy 30sec, Mountain Maid 36sec, Dick Turpin 36sec also started.

All except the two placed horses pulled up before half the distance was completed. In the two rounds Minnie rapidly overhauled Waterbury, but was not able to get quite up, a couple of lengths separating them at the finish. Time 6min 40sec. Dividend - 8 18s. The winner was sold for 13 10s for the owner. Johnston was fined 1 for disobedience.

ADDINGTON PLATE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 70 sovs; second horse 10 sovs and third 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles. (Handicap limited to 40sec)

Mr P Howard's blk g Shamrock, by Berlin, 6yrs, 40sec (Hamill) 1.
Mr H Mace's b g Inferno, aged, 40sec (Wright) 2.
Mr C Kerr's blk m Cygnet, aged, 40sec (Kerr) 3.

Victor scr, Joe 18sec, Butcher Boy 39sec, Pan-kan-che 40sec, Captain Russell 40sec, Medjidie 40sec also started.

Inferno was the quickest to get into his stride, and was at the head of affairs for the first round, but after going some distance broke and was passed by Cygnet and Shamrock. The latter, trotting in fine form, soon established a long lead, and won very easily by fifty yards. A poor third Cygnet close to Victor fourth. Time 5min 35sec. Dividend - 15 5s.

PONY HANDICAP TROT of 20 sovs; second horse 3 sovs from the stake; height 14.1 or under. Two miles.

Mr T Stewart's rn g Vanity, aged, 10sec (C Kerr) 1.
Mr A McRae's b m Farewell, aged, scr (Owner) 2.
Mr P White's b m Little Beauty, aged 50sec (Owner) 3.

Sambo 15sec, Eulalie 20sec, Cockney 20sec, Cliquot 20sec, Tamborine 35sec, Bobby Burns 35sec, Little Duck 40sec also started.

Little Beauty led for three rounds, when Vanity, who trotted well from the start, got in front, defeating Farewell, who passed Little Beauty in the last lap, by five lengths. Time 6min 36 1/2sec. Dividend - 18 1s 6d.

ASSOCIATION GROUNDS CUP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second horse 10 sovs, third 5 sovs. Four miles.

Mr A Goslin's b m Diplomacy, aged, 95sec (D Manton) 1.
Messrs Jardine and Sunderland's b h Kentucky, 5yrs, scr (Farrar) 2.
Mr A Duncan's blk g Black Hawk, 3yrs, 33sec (Owner) 3
Mr S Goodman's b g Joe, aged, scr
Mr H Mace's b g Sunlight, aged, 11sec
Mr W Hamilton's blk g Pan-Kan-Cha, 4yrs, 48sec
Mr McDonnell's b g Springfield, aged,70sec
Mr A Nicholas's br m HRH, 6yrs, 100sec.

HRH led off, but before completing a circuit was passed by Diplomacy, who had gone more than one lap before Kentucky and Joe were let off their marks. Kentucky soon passed Sunlight, travelling at a very rapid pace, and fairly surprising the spectators. In the second or third round one of the tires of the sulky came off, and this appeared to hamper the son of Berlin, who, however, passed his opponents one by one, and raised the hopes of his backers to the highest pitch as he sped on his way. Black Hawk was seen to be going well also, and in the fifth round there were only three horses left on the track. Diplomacy had a slight lead of Black Hawk, who was closing up, and Kentucky was as yet some distance away, but going well. The excitement ran high as the horses closed up, and on turning for home it looked doubtful what would win. Here Brown Hawk tripped, and Kentucky flew past him, and in a few more strides was up sides with Diplomacy, who amidst the greatest excitement got home by a half length, Brown Hawk between two and three lengths away third. Time, 12min 29sec: Kentucky's time 10min 57sec. Dividend - 6 8s 6d.

ELECTRIC STAKES HANDICAP (in saddle) of 20 sovs. One mile.

Mr Jos. Hicks' b h Miss Purau, 6yrs, 42sec (Lynskey) 1.
Mr P Howard's blk g Shamrock, 33sec (Owner) 2.
Mr J Brake's g h Polly, 6yrs, 37sec (Owner) 3.

Rebel 38sec, Tommy II 42sec, Timbuc 44sec, Parnell 44sec, Fairchild 44sec, Maxey 44sec, Fermanagh 46sec.

Miss Purau got to the front early, but Shamrock, after decreasing the distance, broke and after this the race was never in doubt, and though Shamrock and Polly both showed a good turn of speed, Miss Purau won by fifty yards. Dividend - 2 16s.

LINCOLN PLATE HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs; second 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr R Brown's b g Director by Berlin, aged, 44sec (Moorhouse) 1.
Mr H Mace's b g Bedale, aged, 26sec (Wright) 2.
Mr J Farrar's b g Billy, aged, 22sec (Owner) 3.

Berlin Boy 17sec, Ellen 22sec, Capt Russell 32sec, Pan-kan-che 32sec, Stableboy 36sec, Nilreb 36sec, Ada II 38sec, Diplomacy 38sec, Ribbonwood 50sec also started.

Director was soon in front and was never headed, but Bedale, who went in places at a very fast rate, but who broke many times, came with a great run, and Billy also came fast at the same rate, and were close to the winner when the post was reached, and it is probable that but for the crowd having pressed in on the track Bedale would have won. Time, 6min 24sec. Dividend - 5 1s 6d.

Credit: The Press 15 August 1891



President - Mr H McIlraith. Vice-President - Mr W Boag. Stewards - Mr H McIlraith, G W McRae, A L Myers, C Amyes, J S Williams, W Boag, W Tonks, G King, Jas. Jackson, Jos. Perkins, E Blake, MHR. Judge - Mr W Boag. Hon. Treasurer - Mr Geo. King. Starter - Mr H J Derrett. Clerk of the Course - Mr F Mulholland. Clerk of the Scales - Mr J Kerr. Secretary - Mr F Mills. Handicapper - Mr W White.

The above meeting was held yesterday under exceptionally good circumstances. The weather was splendid, and the attendance good. Amongst the spectators were a large number of ladies. The course was in good condition, the new half-mile track being used. A considerable portion of the straight was protected by a picket fence, the remainder being roped off.

The racing was good and there were several close and exciting finishes. The form shown by Cygnet in both the races which she won was capital, and Zealandia, Bedale and Primrose also exhibited speed in the events in which they contested. The sum of 1713 was passed through the machines.

The following are the results:-

MAIDEN STAKES HANDICAP (in saddle) of 20 sovs. two miles.

Mr J Hill's b g Bobby Burns, aged, 15sec (Owner) 1.
Messrs J & J Murray's br m Lady Jane, 5yrs (J Murray) 2.

Victoria II scr(Butler), Granny 8sec(Shaw), Lena 8sec(Douglas), Jenny II 10sec(McGregor), Nellie III 10sec(Hammill), The Major 10sec(Rosson), Nilreb 10sec(W Kerr), Sultan 13sec(Clegg), Exile 13sec(J Campbell), Ballance 15sec(R F Ranger), Kitty O'Shea 15sec(F Needham), and Pansey 15sec(D Needham) also started.

Bobby Burns led all the way, and won by about twenty yards from Lady Jane, the rest nowhere. Time, 6min 4sec. Dividend - 1 14s.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. The winner to be sold and all proceeds to go to the funds of the Club. Two miles.

Mr J Goodger's blk m Apology, 6yrs, 25sec (Owner) 1.
Mr A Williams'g g King Billy, aged, 37sec (Owner) 2.
Mr E Bowes' c g Bobtail, aged, 40sec (Owner) 3.

Shamrock II 20sec(W Fox), Vanity 30sec(C Kerr), Logie 30sec(H Brown), Mountain Maid 35sec(Douglas) also started.King Billy went off at a good pace and led for two rounds, the rest constantly changing places. in the last round Apology went off to the front and won by about a lengths and a half. Time, 6min 24sec. Dividend 3 4s.

ADDINGTON PLATE (in saddle) of 60 sovs. Two miles.

Mr C Kerr's br m Cygnet, aged, 15sec (Owner) 1.
Mr J W Horner's b m Wanda, aged, 17sec (Owner) 2.

Primrose scr(Murfitt), Mount Joy 5sec(Butler), Farewell 23sec(Douglas), The Duke 25sec(Wright), Fragment 30sec(Moorhouse), Regina 33sec(Munro), JM 33sec(Harold), Fairchild 35sec(Whitehead), Shrewsbury 40sec(Hammill), Biddy 45sec(Price) also started.

Shrewsbury broke early when in the lead, and Regina got to the front, and led nearly three rounds. Wanda then caught and passed her, and Cygnet got up almost on terms when she broke. Wanda then led, Regina being second. Cygnet gaining ground again passed Regina, and went after Wanda, and inch by inch got up, and, pressing her closely, Wanda broke a few yards from the post, and Cygnet won a fast race by half a length, the others pulling up. Time, 5min 25sec. Dividend - 8 9s.

MAIDEN STAKES HANDICAP of 25 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr H Mace's b g Berlin Abdallah, 4yrs, 4sec (Wright) 1.
Mr H Nankeville's b g Ragamuffin, aged, 10sec (Owner) 2.
Mr C Rosson's b g Logic, aged, 8sec (Brown) 3.

Oddfellow 4sec(Holmes), Spec 4sec(Hamilton), The Joker 6sec(Marsh) and Clearwell 8sec(Horner) also started.

Ragamuffin led for nearly a mile, when Berlin Abdallah, trotting in grand style, got in front, and the race was never afterwards in doubt. Time, 6min 44sec. Dividend - 1 7s.

ASSOCIATION GROUNDS CUP (in harness) of 75 sovs; second horse 10 sovs, third 5 sovs. Four miles.

Mr H Mace's b g Bedale by Blackwood Abdallah, aged, 27sec (Wright) 1.
Mr C Adcock's blk m Hippias, aged, 80sec (Hammond) 2.
Mr Barns'b m Zealandia, aged, 30sec (Owner) 3.

Primrose scr(Murfitt), HRH 55sec(Munro), The Major 55sec(Brown), Springfield 57sec(Hammill) also started.

Hippias led till the second to last round, when Bedale got to the head of affairs and won cleverly by 100 yards. Zealandia, who had given Bedale all his work to pass her in the first three rounds of the journey was eased up, finishing third. Time, 11min 44 1/2sec. Dividend 2 5s.

ELECTRIC STAKES HANDICAP (in saddle) of 25 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. One mile.

Mr C Kerr's blk m Cygnet, aged, 3sec behind scr (Owner) 1.
Mr W O'Neill's b m Annie Laurie, 6yrs, 19sec (Moorhouse) 2.

Connemara 6sec(Priest), Victoria II 7sec(Devane), Pan-kon-che 8sec(Hamilton), Ada II 8sec(Merson), Regina 10sec(Munro), Maori 12sec(W Kerr), Lady Jane 12sec(Murray), Shrewsbury 13sec(Hamill), Biddy 15sec(G Harold), Blackberry 15sec(Bowes) also started.

Annie Laurie led till entering the straught, when Cygnet, who broke once, caught her and won by twenty yards. Time, 2min 47 1/2sec. Dividend - 5 6s.

PONY HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs; second 3 sovs from the stake. Height, 14h 1in or under. Two miles.

Mr J Hill's br g Bobby Burns, aged, 30sec (J Hill) 1.
Mr T Waddington's b m May, aged, 50sec (Owner) 2.
Mr W J Gilmour's b m Norah, 6yrs, 50sec (Owner) 3.

Sambo 30sec(Dewey), Molloy 30sec(R Hill), Maybud 30sec(J Wright), Dick 50sec(Mariton) also started.

Bobby Burns led at the end of a mile and a quarter, and from thence out came right away from his field and won easily. Time, 6min 16sec. Dividend - 1 5s 6d.

LINCOLN PLATE HANDICAP (in harness) of 30 sovs, second 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr F Vaile's b m Berlin Maid, 5yrs, 26sec (C Kerr) 1.
Mr J Dixon's b m Butterfly, aged, 6sec (Owner) 2.
Mr H Jones' b g Timbuc, aged, 30sec (Owner) 3.

Oddfellow 25sec, JM 28sec(Gaskin), Strathallan 35sec(Rowe), Waterbury 35sec(Johnston), Colonial 35sec(Barns) also started.

Berlin Maid got to the front early, and was never caught, though Butterfly was within a length and a half at the post. Time, 6min 12sec. Dividend 2 13s 6d. A protest was entered that the judge had left the box before the race finished, but was dismissed.

Credit: The Press 24 Oct 1891


Then on July 9, 1891, the CANTERBURY TIMES carried an advertisment for a Plumpton Park Steeplchase meeting to be run on August 1.

The Club was granted a "conditional permit" by the Canterbury Jockey Club to run four steeplechase events and, at the time of advertising, still did not have a totalisator licence.

Stewards of the Club were given as: D O'Brien (also the judge), E W Roper, F Beverley, J A Holmes, C S Howell, J B Hill, T Quill, A S Clarkson (also hon. secretary), A Loughrey and R J Mason.

It was known officially as the Metropolitan Plumpton Park Company.

The CANTERBURY TIMES commented on the return of a Plumpton Park Club, recalling the debacle of 1888 and claimed there was "no known club racing at Plumpton Park".

The steeplechase meeting was moderately successful. The CANTERBURY TIMES on August 6, noted the club had now changed its name to the Plumpton Park Racing and Trotting Club and this is confirmed in a report from the New Zealand Trotting Association.

On October 8 1891, the CANTERBURY TIMES advertised the "inaugural meeting" of the Plumpton Park Racing & Trotting Club to be held on November 12.

It was to be the club's first full trotting meeting with eight races. Stewards were listed, the same as for the meeting on August 1, but the treasurer was Mr C S Howell, the secretary, J A Connell, and the starter, H J Derrett.

Nominations were taken at the Scotch Stores Hotel.

The meeting was a great success, the totalisator handling 2,409, and the honour of winning the first race went to Mr J Gaskin's grey mare J.M., which also won the last race.

Credit: CPTC: Centennial History



Stewards - Messrs A Longhrey, J A Holmes, F Beverley, R J Mason, T Quill, E W Roper, C S Howell, F B Hill, A S Clarkson, D O'Brien. Judge - Mr O'Brien. Clerk of the Scales - Mr F Beverley. Timekeeper - Mr R J Mason. Treasurer - Mr C S Howell, Handicappers - The Committee. Starter - Mr E Derrett. Secretary - Mr J A Connell.

Fine weather, a large attendance, and keen speculation helped to make the inaugural trotting meeting of the Plumpton Park Trotting Club financially successful, but the majority of the horses that competed were below the average in the matter of class, and, with one or two exceptions, the contests were not very interesting. The mile course is in capital order, far better than the most sanguine had expected to find it.

The Maiden Trotting Race, in saddle, proved a good thing for IM, but Seawood broke repeatedly, and spoilt any chance he possessed. The Metropolitan Handicap, over three miles, was won very easily by Sapphire, but Tommy, the Timaru gelding, misbehaved himself frequently, or the result might have been altered.

The Selling Trot was a most uninteresting event, and Diplomacy, the favourite, and Windsor, the second favourite, trotted like commoners throughout. The respective drivers of this pair were had up before the Stewards, but they gave satisfactory explanations. Windsor is evidently of little account, and Diplomacy was not on her best behaviour.

Ringwood was made a big favourite for the Plumpton Park Handicap, which he won in good time, but Star of Honour put up a rattling good performance by getting within fifty yards at the finish. The Maiden Harness Race was a tame affair as Colonial went away from score and won easily. The Riccarton Plate Handicap produced a surprise, old Darkie just getting home after a good set-to with Fragment.

The following are the results:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT RACE (in saddle) of 20 sovs; second horse 5 sovs from the stake. For all horses that have never won a trotting race, private matches excepted. Two miles.

Mr J Gaskin's gr g IM, 6yrs, 10sec (C Harrold) 1.
Mr T Honeybone's ch g Seawood, aged, 23sec (Munro) 2.
Mr W S Martin's ch m Queen of the Isles, aged, 23sec (G Robertson) 3.

Old Maid 16sec(Angus), Exile 23sec(Campbell) and Spinaway 23sec(Butterworth) also started.

IM caught Seawood after going a mile and a quarter, and won easily, a hundred yards separating second and third. Time 6min 9sec. Dividend - 2 18s.

METROPOLITAN HANDICAP (in harness) of 40 sovs; second horse to receive 5 sovs from the atake. Three miles.

Mr H Paul's b m Sapphire, aged, 48sec (Munro) 1.
Mr J Dinnicombe's b g Tommy (Timaru), aged, 57sec (Thomas) 2.
Mr T Walker's b m Elsie Gay, aged, 30sec (Owner) 3.

Marion 35sec(Bowes), Jubilee II 35sec(Hammond), Humbug 60sec(Harrold) and Colonial 65sec(Barnes) also started.

Tommy led for a long way, when he broke, and breaking repeatedly afterwards, Sapphire went to the front, and was never headed, and in the last mile assumed a long lead, winning pulling up by fifty yards; a bad third. Time 9min 26sec. Dividend - 3 14s 6d.

HANDICAP SELLING TROT (in harness) of 25 sovs. Two miles.

Mr W Lerhart's g g Davey, aged, 44sec(Owner) 1.
Mr W O'Neill's (ns) blk g Sangano, aged, 46sec(Hayward) 2.
Mr A Gaskin's br m Diplomacy, aged, 29sec(Gosling) 3.

Windsor 49sec(Sexton) also started.

The grey forged ahead, and won easily. Time, 7min 10sec. Dividend - 5 19s 6d.

PLUMPTON PARK HANDICAP (in saddle) of 35 sovs; second horse 5 sovs. Two miles.

Mr W Kerr's b g Ringwood, aged, 28sec(W Kerr) 1.
Mr J P Henley's blk g Star of Honor, aged, 12sec(Harrold) 2.
Mr C Horner's b m Lady Agnes, 34sec(Bowes) 3.

Vivian Grey 15sec(Robertson), Tom 24sec(McKerrin), Darkie 30sec(Duncan), The Major 30sec(Mayze). Spinaway 40sec(Hay), Maid of Ulster 40sec(Owner) also started.

Ringwood caught Lady Agnes in the first round, and, trotting nicely all the way, won by fifty yards from Star of Honor, who went in good style. Time, 5min 48sec. Dividend - 1 17s.

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs; second horse 3 sovs from the stake. Two miles.

Mr D Barns' ch g Colonial, aged, 27sec(Owner) 1.
Mr G M Tevendale's b g Charlie, aged, 21sec(Owner) 2.
Mr R Hull's r m Violet, aged, 15sec(Duncan) 3.

Oddfellow 15sec(Manton), VBQ 21sec(Moorehouse), Sombre 21sec(Hayward) also started.

Colonial led all the way and finally won by twenty yards from Charlie and Violet, who finished side by side. Time, 6min 57sec. Dividend - 2 3s.

RICCARTON PLATE HANDICAP (in saddle) of 30 sovs; 5 sovs from the stake for the second. Two miles.

Mr A Duncan's blk g Darkie, aged, 60sec(Owner) 1.
Mr R Dick's g m Fragment, 6yrs, 48sec(Moorehouse) 2.
Mr W Kerr's b g Ringwood, aged, 48sec(W Kerr) 3.

Connemara 25sec(Price), Tommy(Timaru) 40sec(McKinn), Fairchild 52sec(Whitehead), Maid of Ulster 55sec(Gascombe), Queen of the Isles 55sec(Robertson) also started.

This was a very interesting and exciting race. Fairchild led for over three-quarteres of a mile, when Fragment caught him, Darkie being third, Fairchild, however, led again when they were passing the winning post, Darkie being second and Ringwood and Fragment close together. At the turn out of the straight Ringwood broke and Darkie passed Fragment and led down the back, and went to the head of affairs leading by fully fifty yards, but at the turn into the straight Darkie broke and the grey mare then got the lead, and it looked any odds she would win, but Darkie came again, and after a most interesting contest just succeeded in catching her at the post, Ringwood a fair third. Time, 6min 1sec. Dividend - 24 14s

PONY HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) of 15 sovs; 2 sovs from the stake for second place. One and a half miles.

Mr C Horne's (ns) ch g Bobtail, aged, 15sec(Bowes) 1.
Mr R McDonald's b m Iona, aged, 15sec(Farrar) 2.

Taffy scr, May 15sec, Chic 15sec, Dick 20sec also started.

Bobtail started off very fast from score and was ten seconds in advance of Iona at the end of half a mile, and he went on increasing his lead to the end of a mile when he broke and Iona gained on him, in the straight Bobtail broke again, and Iona, who appeared to be mixing her pace - if not actually galloping - just before reaching the home turn, still further improved her position. Bobtail shirked his work unmistakeably again and again, and finally broke a few yards from the post, actually winning in a canter by half a length. Time, 4min 47sec. Dividend - 2 9s 6d.
A protest was lodged, but disallowed.

TELEGRAPH HANDICAP (in saddle) of 10 sovs. One mile.

Mr J Gaskin's g g IM, 6yrs(Harrold) 1.
Mr A Duncan's br g Darkie, aged, 15sec(Owner) 2.

Cygnet scr(C Kerr), The Major 20sec(Mayze), Humbug 21sec(Butler), Sly Fox 26sec(Moorehouse), Dick Turpin 28sec(Wallbank), Biddy 28sec(McFarlane), Vixen 28sec(Fraser) also started.

IM soon forged ahead, and won by twenty yards from Darkie, The Major and Cygnet close up. Time, 3min 3sec. Dividend - 4 2s 6d.

The sum of 2409 passed through the machines.

Credit: The Press 13 Nov 1891



Omn Monday evening a change took place in the weather, rain commencing to fall at the conclusion of the CJC races. The rain continued throughout the night, and in consequence the cinder track at Lancaster Park was in some places covered with surface water, and it was decided by the Stewards to postpone the races until Friday, the 13th inst. This decision was greatly influenced by the custodian, who pointed out the fact that the track would be seriously cut up. A large number of people made their way to the Park, and were disappointed that the meeting was not to be held, though everyone was of the opinion that the decision was judicious.


Stewards - Messrs S P Andrews, H J Derrett, J S Williams, W Tonks, A Bullock, T Marr, H Hearfield, J P Calvert. Handicapper, Mr W White; Starter, Mr H J Derrett; Secretary - Mr Rattray.

The Lancaster Park Trotting Club were fortunate in getting a fine day for their meeting yesterday, and though the Show was a counter-attraction still the public turned out in strong force, and the attendance was probably the best we have seen at the Park at a trotting meeting.

The fields were good, if not altogether high-class, and some very interesting contests resulted. Speculation was good throughout, and the sum of 3761 was passed through the totalisators, which is a record in Canterbury. The Club charged 11 1/2% to the public.

The first race ended in quite a surprise, the winner, Countess II, retuned a dividend of 35. Pansy, who was second, would also have paid a nice dividend and would probably have won had her rider not made the mistake of supposing that he had another round to go. Sultan showed what a good pony he is by covering the two miles in the Pony Saddle race in 6min 2sec, and this clearly proved that he had not run up to his form in the first race. The owner of the second pony was late in putting in a protest against Sultan for inconsistent running.

Butterfly put up a good time in the Class Trot, covering the two miles in 5min 36sec, Star of Honor failed to show the form he did at the Plumpton on Thursday. Farewell, who was second, has seldom shown to better advantage. Lilly beat a poor field in the Maiden Harness, though Blue Bell will make a useful mare in time. The Major can go fast, but he was not driven any too well. Iona went in good style, as also did Little Duck in the harness race for ponies and galloways, and the former, who was favourite, won.

The Carnival Trot resulted in an easy win for Hippias, who went to the front and was never headed. Rith and Berlin Abdallah were made strong favourites in the machines, but the latter did not warm to his work until he had gone three of four rounds, and Ruth - well Ruth showed very poor form from start to finish, and her driver was hooted and had up before the Stewards on suspicion of having pulled the mare. J Wright was put up by the Club to drive Ruth against the watch, and she covered a mile in three minutes ten seconds, going fast in patched but breaking frequently. She did not break, however, during the race, in which she failed to show anything like the same speed. The decision of the Stewards in the matter will be made known on Tuesday.

The following are the results:-

HANDICAP MAIDEN TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr A Wright's b m Countess II, 5yrs, 12sec (Owner) 1.
Mr F Needham's b m Pansy, aged, 12sec (Owner) 2.

Iolanthe scr, Mungo Maid 7sec, Bridal Rose 7sec, Baker's Maid 7sec, The Duchess 7sec, Success 7sec, The Frog 7sec, Ida II 8sec, Mecca 10sec, Sultan 10sec, Queen of the Isles 12sec, Biddy 12sec, Ballance 14sec(coupled with Pansy), Kitty O'Shea and Apprentice (coupled) each 14sec also started.

Countess II led all the way and won by a couple of lengths, the rider of Pansy making a mistake, supposing it to be another round. No third placing, but Kitty O'Shea was in that position. Time 6min 2sec. Dividend 35

HANDICAP PONY OR GALLOWAY TROT (in saddle) of 20 sovs. Two miles.

Mr A Clegg's b g Sultan, 4yrs, 27sec (Owner) 1.
Mr T D Manton's b g Dick, aged, 47sec (Owner) 2.
Mr J Dewey's blk g Sambo, aged, 27sec (Owner) 3.

Bobby Burns 7sec(J Hill), Pan-kon-che 9sec(Johnston), Miss Sligo 13sec(Holmes), Humbug 18sec(Owner), Tuesday 22sec(C Kerr), Exile 30sec(Owner), Iona 37sec(Farrar), Little Duck 38sec(Bowes), Thislixum 40sec(Turton), Bloxwich 40sec(Owner), May 42sec(Owner), Bobtail 45sec also started.

In the third round Thislixum broke and let up Dick, but Sultan came fast and got to the head of affairs in the last round winning comfortably from Dick, Sambo a fair third and Humbug well up fourth. Time 6min 2sec. Dividend 9 19s 6d.

LANCASTER PARK HANDICAP CLASS TROT (in saddle) of 50sovs; second horse to receive 5 sovs from stake. Open to horses that can do 6min 10sec or under. Two miles.

Mr J Dixon's b m Butterfly, aged, 20sec (Owner) 1.
Mr A Douglas' b m Farewell, aged, 33sec (J Douglas) 2.

Inferno, aged, 12sec(Wright), Connemara, aged, 20sec(Gaskin), Energy, aged, 20sec(Walker), Marion, aged, 25sec(Bowes), Star of Honor, aged, 27sec(Harrold), Snowball, aged, 27sec(Homer), Vivian Grey, aged, 27sec(Martin), Nelly, aged, 30sec(Parish), Fragment, aged, 30sec(Moorehouse), Fairchild, 4yrs 36sec(Whitehead), Tennessee, aged, 36sec(Mills), Lugnaqulla 38sec(Butler) also started.

Butterfly led at the end of the fifth round, and beat Farewell by 30 yds. Nellie trotted well for rhtee-fourths of the journey. Time 5min 37sec. Dividend 4 4s 6d.

HANDICAP PONY OR GALLOWAY TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. Catch weights. Two miles.

Mr J Sutherland's br m Lilly, 5yrs, 14sec (Price) 1.
Mr H Mace's b m Blue Belle, 5yrs, 12sev (Milne) 2.

The Major, 10sec(Rowan), Governor, 12sec(Gallagher), Biddy 14sec(Harrold), Spec 14sec(Hamilton), Killinchy, 20sec(Munro), Salamanca, 20sec(Duncan) also started.

Lilly got to the front early, and won easily. Time, 6min 33sec. Dividend - coupled with Pansy coupled with Pansy 2 8s.

CARNIVAL HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 50 sovs; 5sovs from the stake for second horse. Two miles.

Mr J Adcock's blk m Hippias, aged, 30sec(Hammond) 1.
Mr H Mace's blk h Berlin Abdallah, 4yrs, 16sec(Wright) 2.

Elsie Gay, scr(Walker), Berlin Maid 10sec(C Kerr), Maud 13sec(Owner), Farewell 13sec(Douglas), Maid of Lusky 20sec(Owner), Ruth 22sec(Farrar), La Grippe 25sec(Bowes) also started.

Hippias did not encounter any serious opposition from those behind her, but La Grippe and Berlin Abdallah were two that certainly appeared to try and overhaul her, but the former was eased up after Berlin Abdallah passed him and several others pulled off the track. Time, 6min 8sec. Dividend - 31 15s.

FLYING HANDICAP TROT (in saddle) 20 sovs. One mile.

Mr W Kerr's Ringwood, aged, 17sec(Owner) 1.
Mr J Goodger's (ns) blk h Apology, aged, 24sec (Owner) 2.
Mr J Tomlinson's b m Mecca, 6yrs, 22sec(J Hill) 3.

Energy 10sec, Star of Honor 13sec, Nelly 15sec, Home Rule 16sec, Fairchild 18sec, Success 18sec, The Major 20sec, Biddy 22sec, Pansy 22sec, Kitty O'Shea 24sec also started.

Ringwood caught Mecca early in the second round, and passed Apology at the end of the same round, and then went on and won comfortably by ten lengths. Time, 2min 48 1/2sec. Dividend 2 15s 6d.

PRESIDENT'S HANDICAP TROT (in harness) of 20 sovs. One mile.

Mr W Kerr's br g Ringwood, aged, 6sec (Owner) 1.
Mr J Goodger's blk m Apology, 6yrs, 14sec (Owner) 2.
Mr M Paget's b m Maud, aged, 7sec (Owner) 3.

Elsie Gay scr, Tommy 5sec, IM 3sec, Jubilee 8sec also started.

Ringwood caught Maud, Jubilee and Apolgy, early, and won cleverly by six lengths. Time, 3min 4sec. Dividend - 2 19s.

Credit: The Press 11 & 14 Nov 1891


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