Thomas Edison builds the world's first electric power station in New York.

George Eastman invents roll film for cameras.


Because of the continuing economic depression, unemployed workers demonstrate in Auckland and some emigrate to Australia and the United States.

July 24 - YMCA building opens on the site of the present Ch-Ch Central Police Station.

First overseas tour by a NZ Rugby team, to New South Wales.

The first farm cream separator arrives from Denmark.

Credit: Ch-Ch City Libraries


The Canterbury Park Trotting Club traces its origins to the Plumpton Park Club, which raced on a 74 acre course at Sockburn centred on the present Air Force Museum. The early history of the club was fairly chequered and, for three seasons, it went into recess.

On Feb 2, 1884 the CANTERBURY TIMES advertised the "inaugural" meeting of the Plumpton Park Racing Club would be held on March 11, 1884.

Seven races were held including one Trot. The totalisator, operated by Hobbs and Goodwin, handled 1,300.

Club stewards for that first meeting were: B J Hall, E R Deacon, J B Hill, W Attwood, A McDonald, S Bailey, W H Porter, T H Ranger, T Acland & Captain Bell. The treasurer was W G Judge (also the chairman of the directors of the Coursing Club in 1886) and the Secretary was Mr E S B Bell.

The trot was won by the mare, Formosa, which was also owned by Mr E S B Bell, who is shown in the bookmakers' settling lists a few days later as being paid 28.

The trot also revealed a rather amateurish ring-in attempt. The CANTERBURY TIMES recorded thus:

"The handicapper having no knowledge of a brown mare called Kathleen, put her on 55 secs. But it became known that the mare resembled strongly a grey mare called Peggy, which had won the Dunedin Trot in 1882.
During the day the mare sweated and white patches on her tail became apparent. A steward ran his hand through her tail and it covered in a brown, sticky substance.
The horse was quickly removed from the course. She holds nominations at New Brighton and Lancaster Park meetings, but is unlikely to be seen again on a Canterbury racecourse."

The Club ran five meetings in the 1884-5 season, all with the same format.

Credit: CPTC: Centennial History


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